1. Hahahaha
    seems kind of odd that they’re airing the Thanksgiving episode and the Christmas episode one week apart, I kinda wish there had been a bit more spacing in between, but whatever!

  2. Are you sure The Target is a Thanksgiving episode? It’s not mentioned in the episode description.

  3. @Bob Vance, that’s a deleted scene. Because there have been a few schedule changes since the season began, I’m not sure which episode was supposed to air this week, but I read that there was going to be a Thanksgiving episode, and when the schedule changed they had to cut all the Thanksgiving bits out of it. It was either last week’s or next week’s.

  4. @BobVance: There is no Thanksgiving episode; this was left on the cutting room floor after NBC changed the schedule after Sandy. I presume this would have been the opening for The Target otherwise.

  5. I’d have thought there would have been one more episode between The Target and Dwight Christmas, which is before Sandy came along.

  6. @7, I also thought so too! Perhaps that episode was “The Farm”, the one Rainn mentioned before
    Probably got cut after the show got nixed, still wish we could see it though :(

  7. @ 8. Tallanasty

    I believe “The Farm” episode is still to air in early 2013, per Wikipedia.

    “The new series was planned for a premiere in early 2013, which would have caused Wilson to leave The Office.But, in October 2012, NBC passed on the pilot, not going forward with a series. The backdoor pilot episode will air as part of the ninth and final season of The Office in early 2013.”

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