1. Flippin’ brilliant. Whoever came up with the idea of creating new credits for MSPC is a genius.

  2. It’s sort of ridiculous how happy the new opening credits make me… just like the superbowl ones.

  3. Even though I love the opening theme song, I usually fast forward through the opening credits to get to the show as quickly as possible.

    I had to back up when I noticed the opening credits were different. They were d’awesome!! As rspad said above, “flippin’ brilliant!”

  4. Amazing opening credits. Love the part where Dwight mistakes their office for the bathroom. Awesome.

  5. I went back and watched the credits again because I was confused the first time around. Genius idea! Even better than the Super Bowl credits. Especially loved the bits with John’s photo and Dwight heading to the bathroom.

  6. I agree with #1, rspad – whoever came up with this idea is a genius. I sorta flipped out a little when I saw these last night. So, so funny.

  7. I guess I’m in the minimum, but the opening credits are sacrosanct to me. It seems like just one more thing sacrificed for a quick cheap laugh.

  8. Man I totally missed this, I must have been on my netbook while the credits were going.

  9. This was so unexpected… which is what makes it so brilliant! Fantastic way to start the MSPC episode.

  10. I loved them. But it made me confused about what the show is going to be about now. I really can’t wait to see where the show is going to go with all those changes.

  11. I absolutely loved the new opening credits. But at the very end, I don’t know why, I was expecting it to say something other than “The Office”. There was just this weird feeling inside of me, I don’t know what I was expecting it to say, but needless to say, I was relieved when I saw “The Office”.

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