Photos from ‘The Negotiation’

SPOILER WARNING! Photos and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

Here is a photo from ‘The Negotiation,’ scheduled to air April 5th.

The Office The Negotiation

See more photos from The Negotiation here (medium/large) and here (super-large).


  1. first comment! OMG!!!! pams gonna negotiate with roy to not kill jim!!!! hmmm…neither of them look happy in this pic

  2. hm. i wonder where they are.
    AH! this looks like pam negotiating with Roy…
    their episode titles always have more than one meaning.

  3. um… I hope she’s breaking things off with Roy… But ne1 else thing that he looks freakin hot in this pic?

  4. Uggh! in the other ones of pam and roy, they look so happy. i’m with the rest of you. I’m thinking they are making a negotiation, not fun.

    jan looks of so happy=P

  5. Pam = work clothes
    Roy = street clothes

    Doesnt look like Roy is still at DM

  6. Please tell me I’m freaking out for no good reason! **Deep breath — Calmer head** It looks like they are having a serious discussion. I agree with abby, Pam looks like she’s trying to let Roy down easy. Roy looks a little worried and even a little upset as he’s listening. He might be trying to get her back and Pam isn’t biting. The JAM optimist in me has to believe this!

  7. I am always up for a nice double entendre – The Negotiation, indeed. Also, thanks to the monster format on Sparklies, we know that there are NO substitutions allowed on the Hungry Fox’s breakfast special! Now, how can we overanalyze THAT detail?

  8. I’m thinking that the happy ones are of the actors, not the characters. Judging by the fact that they are looking at the photographer, I’m guessing they were just posing for pictures in between takes or something.

  9. I was hoping they’d never speak to each other again. We all know that JAM will never happen. The mere fact Roy and Pam are talking is too much. *gulp*

  10. Michael and Toby sitting next to each other… that NEVER happens. Something is majorly up.

  11. Apart from the JAM, did anybody notice that Michael and the woman sitting with him on the couch are wearing the same suit?

  12. This really isn’t fair. I lost all sense of rationality and thought that all my questions would be answered tomorrow…*longing*

  13. Tanster, you saw this episode filming! PLEASE tell me that this isn’t a Roy/Pam reconciliation!

  14. Anyone also think Steve Carell looks very Brick Tamlinesque in that one pic where he’s sitting next to the woman in the same suit?

  15. ROS, no, this isn’t the episode I saw being filmed during my set visit. That one is coming up later. :)

    ‘The Negotiation’ is what was previewed at Paley Fest — see my post of that for more information about this episode.

  16. I agree with Cara (#12): the smiling into the camera pictures are surely posed. Actually all of them probably are, including the ones that look more “in character.”

    Keep the faith.

  17. Hmm.. well, we have to rememer what happened with Phyllis’s wedding. They showed some pictures of characters that were obviously taken for advertisment (i.e. the one of pam with roay and angela in the background) and some pictures of stills from the episode (the ones of jim looking at the aisle.. that ws him looking at phyllis’s dad right?)

    so i think that the ones of pam and roy smiling are all advertisment. but, i think the ones of them talking are from the show.

  18. I agree KC2. I’m a Jam fan and think Roy is a jerk…but David Denham does look really cute there!

  19. Nooo, this has to be all posed. They really should be breaking up…I thought NBC was setting up a sweet ending to the season for the sweeps.


  20. I think I might be in the minority here, but I assumed the pictures of Pam are Roy were of her trying to convince him not to kill Jim. The second “negotiation” of the episode, if you will.

  21. OMG that picture of Michael and the woman wearing the same suit had me LOL I almost choked I was NOT expecting that. On the RAM note. Barf I hope she’s telling him to take a hike.

  22. okay, there is absolutely NO WAY pam would go back to roy after that scene in the bar. no way. i mean, pam just has to respect herself way more than that. i don’t have an explanation for that picture, but it’s just…not that.


  23. roy is just trying to get more info on the kiss. pam has already given up on him ( i hope. )

  24. I don’t think there is any chance in hell that Pam takes Roy back.

    I’m not even the slightest bit worried. She’s not going to forget what went down at Poor Richards.

    Forgive? Absolutely. That’s just in her nature. Pam’s got a great heart.

    But she’s not going to make that mistake again. This season has been all about Fancy New Beesley’s journey. She had her set back, she hit rock bottom and now she’s going to climb back up. I have faith in her :)

  25. what I think is that pam is telling roy how she felt about jim and why she kisse him, It’s most likly making her want jim more.

  26. I definitely realize the Office isn’t all about Jim and Pam, but if Pam goes back to Roy for good, I’m not sure how I can stomach watching the rest of the show. :/ Just trying not to fret too much yet.

  27. Karen and Jim are probably talking too. One of those five hour chats about their awfu1 relationship. If Jim is still alive.

    Roy is hott, but there’s no way they would have Pam get back with him.

    No matter how sexy his beard might be.

    New rule. Only Dwight and Angela can date each other. The rest of you make me sick.

  28. RAM better not be back in action. I doubt they would do that to us (twice), and I have a sneaking suspicion that these pics were released to evoke precisely the reaction they are getting: the pics will make people talk up the show! Gotta get the ball rolling (though frankly a pic of Jim and Pam making out in some obscure hamlet in the office would be far more buzzworthy, but I’ll take what I get). I tell myself that she finishes talking to Roy, pours his coke in his face, and runs across the street to shove Karen in front of a bus so she can claim Jim as her own (extreme, yes, but it would get ratings).

  29. Poor Richard: “I think I might be in the minority here, but I assumed the pictures of Pam are Roy were of her trying to convince him not to kill Jim. The second “negotiation” of the episode, if you will.”

    I’m with ya Poor Richard… that makes MUCH more sense!

  30. If it was Jim in all the pictures, we’d all be getting excited and it’d blatantly end up as a huge let down. Gah.

  31. What’s that certificate-type thing in the background. It almost looks like they’re in a hospital or something. Or rehab…

  32. That certificate just shows the lunch specials, must be some kind of old school cafe.

  33. the certificate? If you look at in the super-large pictures, it sys Breakfast Specials.

  34. looks like this episode title has another double meaning.

    1) negotiation with Jan and Michael.
    2) negotiation with Pam and Roy.

  35. Michael doesnt look so happy in the pics with Jan, I hope they are ok. I like their weird relationship, plus Michael is SO in love with her!

  36. I honestly think this is what will happen.

    1) Michael signed a form for Dunder Mifflin and I bet it was saying that if Jan and his relationship continued then he would quit, because they both could not work there. So, I bet they are negotiating their relationship and how to keep both of them there.

    2) I bet Pam and Roy are saying their final good-byes. Talking about how they can be friends without their being any problems. I bet Pam confesses openly about her feeling for Jim (her continued feelings) and Roy confesses his love for someone else–or that he knew their relationship would not work.

  37. Pam is only talking to Roy to stop him from “killing” Jim, maybe negotiating a peace agreement. There might even be more negotiation if Karen finds out what really happened between Pam and Jim.

    It’s already been stated why Toby and Prison Mike are at corporate, Daryl wants a raise.

  38. do you seriously think that they would let this pictures out if it was a huge part of the plot? these mean nothing. I’m not worried.

  39. It’s funny to read your speculation because I read the all the spoilers available for this episode.

  40. P.S. I meant speculation about Jan and Michael. I’m not sure if anybody knows what’s happening with Jim and Pam for the next five seasons.

  41. My new theory is that Roy quit Dunder Mifflin and wanted Pam to know. I bet there’s going to be some happening with Jam even if it is small.

    as for Michael and Jan, I heard that Michael is refussing to have sex unless Jan gives him a raise. lol!.

  42. I’m not sure what negotiation could occur between Pam and Roy. If the next morning Roy still wanted to ‘kill’ Jim, he’s going to confront him ASAP. Isn’t that just the kind of person Roy is? And say they’re there to possibly get back together (I sure hope this isn’t the case), what negotiation would there be exactly? They would either end up together or not.

    I think that once Pam and Roy are done for good Roy won’t be on the show. Maybe that’s what’s happening. Then there’s only Karen in the way.

  43. I think since Roy works in the warehouse and probably ships paper out, he will try to sabatouge Jim. Maybe Jim made a big sale and Roy decides to screw it up for Jim to get him fired. There is a paper on the table in the promo picture. Maybe Pam is trying to convince Roy to fix something, hence “Negotiations”.

  44. Why didn’t someone hit me in the head with a frying pan today and remind me that the Office Marathon is NEXT week… not this week. What a letdown… sheesh.

    I can’t believe I’m this sucked into a TV show, but it’s awesome. I love reading everyone’s posts, as it makes me almost feel normal for being so addicted.

    Does anyone know if Andy is coming back before the end of this season?

  45. Did anyone notice theres a Save the Date in the window of one of the pictures?

  46. This is getting ridiculous. I love Pam to death but we all know she cares what everyone thinks about her, and EVERYONE saw Roy’s blow up at the bar. Pam’s not going to get back with Roy. I don’t think she can… So enough of this nonsense. Don’t just think about what the writers would do, think about what the CHARACTERS would do. That’s how the writers put it.

  47. Here’s my prediction for this episode. Pam gets away from work a little bit to discuss what happened with Roy at the bar, and forgives him but they will not date. If they do, I don’t think I could bare it. Honestly.

  48. These pictures are so confusing, I thought Pam and Roy are done but in one of these pics Roy is smiling. So therefore, in my opinion I believe those are there to confuse the fans or make them start double guessing (like we are!).

    Also, the negotiation isnt between Pam & roy or Jan & Michael. I thought thats what the episode is called because Michael is going up to Jan to get a raise. Anyways, I cant wait!

    P.s. I also dont want Michael and Jan to break up.

  49. Oh, and the Save the Date poster behind Pam’s head in the 7th pic is probably just a sign outside the cafe. I dont think it has anything to do with them. It says 25th Anniversary Save the Date on it. So, no worries my friends. :)

  50. Obvious what happens after watching that YouTube video. Michael is already out of the office when Roy starts throwing punches at Jim. Pam says to Roy “Come on Roy let’s go, we can talk about this somewhere else!” So Roy finally gets up, and Pam takes him out and talks to him. Pam and Roy are NOT getting back together, it’s obvious. I will completely dislike Pam if they do get back together, and I don’t think the writers would want us to dislike the characters at all. Therefore, no worries.

    In other news: When Michael goes to talk to Jan in New York, they probably have little spats because Michael acts like an idiot. Then, when all hope is lost, Michael probably does something mature (or goofy) and turns Jan on. Then, they make up at the end.

  51. I don’t see that at all. To me, from the YouTube video, Michael is still at the office when Roy/Jim confrontation occurs. Maybe he’ll break it up. Him and Dwight probably. HR Toby no doubt calls Jan and then Jan calls Michael. Since Andy got sent to anger management for punching a hole in the wall, Roy might get the same (which wouldn’t seem likely from a writer’s POV) but he might also get fired.

    I think it’s crazy timing for Daryl to be asking for warehouse raises considering how much the company is downsizing.

  52. I don’t think Roy would wait for an opportunity for the authority figures to be out of the room to “kill Jim”. He’s pretty one-track. He probably thought about it all night and it’s the first thing on his mind in the morning and he won’t stop until he gets his hands on Jim. You’ll note he didn’t even pause for Pam.

  53. Did anyone notice that Pam is wearing different clothes in these pictures than she is in the YouTube video? *sniffs* I smell a flashback…

  54. yeah youre right. flashback. theyve only done that once.. in gay witch hunt.
    for some reason it kind of makes me mad when they flash back.

  55. How much of a flashback could it be??? Remember Roy looks totally different now than from before. He just recently lost the weight & etc.

  56. I don’t get why it couldn’t be the next day? In The Client they showed two days. Jan and Michael at Chili’s, Jan and Michael aftermath the next day. In Performance Review the end bit is Dwight arriving at work late the next day.
    Who knows, maybe everyone involved is told to take the day off and this is just later. I don’t think it’ll be a flashback.

  57. In the picture of Michael sitting beside the woman with the identical suit, the look on Michael’s face is priceless.

  58. I say it’s just one more week. It would work any way, as a flashback, when it just goes to the next day, or if it is in the same day. Just trust the writers and directors, they are most likly the best on TV! If you want to debate about it, thant’s fine, I know office detox is the worst thing ever, but just trust it ethier way.

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