The Office’s Andy Bernard in Atlanta

Creative Loafing Atlanta talks to Ed Helms:

Do you have any stories of things going wrong, or funny things happening on the set?

The Christmas episode was a fun shoot because we did it at a real Benihana with a real Benihana hibachi grill … Jim throws a shrimp at Dwight, who was about 8 feet away, and it bounced off Dwight’s glasses and went right into the cup of water he was about to drink from. It was a one-in-a-million shot that pretty much shut down the set for five or 10 minutes of applause. But we didn’t use it because Harold Ramis, the director that week, thought it would look fake, even though it wasn’t.

Link: Ed Helms: ‘The Office’s’ Andy Bernard returns to Atlanta

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  1. Oh man that would have been HILARIOUS had they included that shenanigan! I hope they put that in the deleted scenes or outtakes because I would love to see it.

  2. I seriously hope they put that in deleted scenes.

    I probably would have doubted it being real if I saw it in the episode…so it’s probably a good idea they kept it out of the episode.

  3. Yay for Ed. He went to my high school so I remember who Nick Chew is, too. Does this make me cool? Not really. But I feel like I am.

    SO glad Andy’s coming back.

  4. I can’t wait for Andy to return! He was my favorite Stamford-ite until he went psycho, so hopefully they can maintain a happy albeit kooky medium for him.

  5. Andy Bernard livin’ it up in HOT-lanta!
    He cracks me up! I am so excited for him to come back to our Office.
    BTW, very cute picture of him from The Daily Show. I had never seen that before. Maybe Andy will need glasses…

  6. I love Ed Helms! He’s such a funny guy, and I love all the special pieces he did for the Daily Show. He needs to hurry up with the name repetition and personality mirroring at anger mangagement so he can come back already!

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