The Office: The Surplus, 5.10

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The Office The Surplus

Writers: Lee Eisenberg & Gene Stupnitsky, Director: Paul Feig

Summary (NBC): Oscar informs Michael that the office must spend a $4300 surplus or lose it in next year’s budget. Dwight takes Angela and Andy to Schrute Farms to work on wedding plans.

The Office The Surplus rating

In a poll conducted Dec. 4-8, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.42/10

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The Office The Surplus quotes

Michael: There’s the “X-Axix.”

Michael: Why don’t you explain this to me like I’m five.

Oscar: Next summer …
Michael: … I’ll be six.

Pam: Oscar, no. This is not the time for one of your principled stands.

Michael: You are the silent killer. Go back to the annex.

Creed: The balls on you, man.

Michael: I swallowed all your ideas. I’m going to digest them and see what comes out the other end.

Andy: “Walk until you hear the beehive.”

Dwight: We’ll dig a trench. As long as it’s downhill from the well, we should be fine.

Angela: Nana Mimi cannot squat over some trench.

Andy: I am not losing another deposit.

Pam: But I really think you should reconsider.

Pam: I’m not threatening you. I love you.

Angela: Do you have to slaughter on our wedding day?

Andy: If we pay extra, could you slaughter the entrees the day before?

Pam: It is on! It is SO on.

Pam: How is it possible that in five years, I’ve had two engagement rings and only one chair?

Jim: I got you some tiramisu. No hard feelings.

Michael: Check out these pants. $9. The boys department.

Pam: See ya later … Hot Tie Guy.

Dwight: Cats don’t make butter.

Andy: Damn, why is that in the kitchen?

Pam: There’s that ass! Aww, don’t take it away!

Dwight: Although born just minutes from here, he speaks only German. Closed society.

Hank: You know I hustled up the stairs.

Angela: I made a mistake picking Andy.

Michael: Some of the chocolate powder just went down my throat.

Michael: I love Burlington Coat Factory.

Michael: It is erkel-nomically correct.

Michael: They sit on big piles of garbage.

Michael: We throw out perfectly good tiramisu because it has a little tiny hair on it.

Michael: Mother …

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  1. Good episode. Not my favorite but Jim and Oscar asking Michael to go out for lunch was hilarious. Pretty wall to wall great, middle part was a little lacking but it was good enough.

  2. Best moment: Andy stepping in manure (well not exactly manure) in the middle of Dwight’s kitchen.

  3. Okay Episode. I liked when Pam and Jim fought. Angela is funny. I wish there was more Angela – Phyllis contact but we’ll probably see that in Moroccan Christmas. HOLLY should come back!

  4. Wow this was such a good episode, the best this season for sure!! And i am so glad that Mose and the security guard(he’s so funny) were back on.

  5. A threat is best delivered with a kiss … Go Pam!

    Michael choking on Pam’s salvaged tiramisu bribe was hilarious!

  6. Will Dwight ever get the girl?

    Very funny episode. Seeing Michael Scott in a fur coat was pretty hysterical. Andy is the most clueless person ever…particularly for a Cornell grad.

  7. This episode had a very big season 4 feel to it. It was very fast paced and had each of the characters acting a bit different. Pam was definitely not Pam. And I thought Dwight marrying Angela was way over the top. But it did have a lot of great laughs.

  8. Agree with Jim, best episode of the season. But WHY are the writers torturing us with the Angela Dwight thing?

  9. Hilarious episode. I loved it. My favorite part was at the end when Jim got back at Pam. The look on her face was priceless. Michael in his fur coat was awesome. I was glad to see Mose back. I enjoyed him throwing the football at Andy’s face.

    Overall another awesome episode. Funny from start to finish.

  10. AHH, Pam and Jim!? That was just playing around right?? Gave me anxiety watching them tonight

  11. Michael being sucked up to by every employee while traveling to his office, only to conclude his walk by shaking his butt in his $9.00 pants, was one of the all time greatest things I have ever witnessed. Hilarious.

    Steve’s face is amazing. He makes that little boy-I’m-so-happy-people-like-me-and-I-have-a-lot-of-friends-and-they-want-to-spend-time-with-me!! gleeful expression entirely too well.

  12. Dwight and Angela is really good storyline. I thought i was going to fall down and just keep laughing for the rest of the night! Toby, Stanley, Phyllis, and Toby should have more time. I would give this episode a 9.6.

  13. Definitely one of the better episodes of this season. I loved it! I totally saw the Dwight and Angela thing, I was like “Dwight’s planning something” haha.

    I loved Pam’s “It’s on. It is so on.”

    The ending with Jim and Pam was hysterical, her facial expression was priceless when he pulled the same act she did.

    Over all, awesome episode!

  14. Another Season 2-esqe episode. Great acting, great comedy. The Creed comment to Jim about standing up to Pam made me spit pop out on the coffee table. 10/10 for me.

  15. LOVED this episode…VERY good writing!! I LOVED Oscar/Jim vs. Pam “plot”…Jim and Pam are amazing!!! :) I DO wish they would talk more about a wedding DATE!!!!

  16. that was hilarious!!! I kind of agree with #13, though. I feel like Pam was a bit too brazen. I’m really interested to see how this marriage thing works out!

  17. I thought this episode was O.K. Pam’s interaction with Michael seemed a little out of character though.

    I heard that NBC is going to start putting way more product placement into their shows to combat DVR commercial skippers. I don’t know if that’s what they did tonight, but well played if so. The T.J. Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory references were really funny. It seemed totally fitting that an office manager in Scranton would be excited to find a $4.00 tie at T.J. Maxx.

  18. great episode, much better than frame toby. was michael pouring sugar into his soda? there were some ridiculously great lines. loved it

  19. tacky_sharks: “But WHY are the writers torturing us with the Angela Dwight thing?”

    I don’t know! But it needs to stop soon, I can’t take it anymore! I hope something happens in next week’s episode to give us Dwangela fans some more hope…

  20. Dwangela???? oh my! that is funny hehe!!! I never thought that this couple would have a nickname! I love them both for sure, but still!

  21. I love this show.

    Even though Pam was a little out of character, I still laughed. So there are worse things that could happen.

  22. An okay episode. Far from classic, but still re-watchable.

    Pam was acting pretty weird though. I’ve defended her character evolvement in the past, but this was weird… both her normal self interacting with Oscar & Jim, and her put-on personality to win Michael’s favor. Even as a stunt, it felt excessive.

  23. That was a fantastic episode, felt so much like season 2!

    3rd best episode of the season for me, behind Customer Survey and Weight Loss.

    I loved Jim and Pam’s competition. And I loved Creed’s balls line.

  24. Poor Dwight! They better be together by the end of this season! I miss them together. I almost started crying during the rehearsal.

  25. Yes!! Michael was totally pouring sugar into his Diet WPOP(Wegmans brand soda!)

  26. I’m sorry, but I was not a fan of this episode. Pam seemed to be a different person, the whole Dwangela marraige wasn’t funny and felt rushed. I thought the whole style of the show felt over the top. There were some good tidbits (Michael and his Burlington Coat Factory runner), but overall I though this was a weak week.

  27. Pam was definitely a little out of character, but i really did like the episode. I laughed out loud quite a few times.

  28. That was a GREAT episode! I loved when Andy stepped into the poop in the house. And i don’t think it was out of character for Pam to suck up to Michael. She did it in season 2 a few times on Halloween about his costume, and in Performance Review when she was talking to him about Jan’s message.

  29. This episode = BRILLZ (short for “brilliant”)

    I know, I know… you’re all jeal that I speak in abbrevs. lol.

  30. I thought Pam was just awesome in this episode; feisty Pam is so much fun. She wasn’t out of character at all in my opinion. She and Jim have always been competitive. Creed delivered the most hilarious line of the episode and I love seeing Oscar more involved in the main plots.

    Dwight/Angela/Andy- no kind words on that plot. That storyline is ready to be put out of its misery.

  31. Though there were some funny moments in this episode, it was not my favorite. I agree with a lot of the other posters that Pam was just weird and out of character. I think that if she plays hardball like that when they’re married, she’ll find herself in divorce court. Dwight secretly marrying him and Angela was hilarious as well as when Angela kissed Andy and he had a bite of tunafish sandwich in his mouth.

  32. Loved so much about this episode:

    ~The competition
    ~Jim’s little twitchy talking head
    ~Mose hitting Andy with whatever that was
    ~Phyllis reading MTT
    ~Andy stepping in crap
    ~Pam snorting
    ~”You are the silent killer”

    That’s all I can pull off the top of my head after one viewing, but I just laughed so much during this episode.

  33. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I didn’t like fiesty Pam. The whole interaction with Michael just felt uncomfortable and the a$$ comment when he was going into his office – I dunno. Weird.

    Not a bad episode – best line was “You are the silent killer” Classic! 5/10

  34. OH, plus Pam trashing her tira missu (sp?) and Jim telling her she looked really pretty. Dawesome.

  35. Oh man, finally my German studies are coming in handy! Wir sind hier gesammelt = we are gathered here today. Hee! I had to pause so I could laugh. Oh, Dwigt.

  36. Peggy — Totally agree about not enjoying the feisty Pam. She’s not even Fancy New Beesley, she’s like Crazy New Beesley. Very out of character for my Pam.

  37. “Why don’t you explain it to me like I’m five?” – got me laughing, and I didn’t stop.

  38. I got a strange dissatisfied feeling with the episode, and though Mike was funny throughout, the way Jenna played feisty Pam was annoying and unbelievable.

    Also, the Hank bit seemed incredibly forced.

    However, Paul Lieberstein and Steve Carell are what keeps the show alive even when the episode slips. That bit where Michael is having a great time and then walks past Toby in the break room and just makes this murmur of disapproval. Beauty.

  39. Well, I really, REALLY liked this episode. I was laughing a lot and the main plot was such a great, normal, everyday office happening.

    Well done Gene and Lee!

  40. I loved this episode!

    –Jim getting back at Pam at the end
    –Michael saying “Thank you, my dear” to Kevin
    –Mose hitting Andy in the head
    –anything with David Wallace

    And sign me up for Team Andy! I would like to smack Dwight up side his pointy little head.

  41. Awesome episode. Although I thought that everything Pam said and did was really funny, it still seemed out of character for her. I think they’re taking this “new Pam” a little too far. She is suddenly so opinionated, and makes sure everyone knows it, first with the microwave mess, and now with the chairs. I miss the days of a quietly mumbled “Please don’t throw garbage at me.”

    And Dwight! Every time he gets close to Angela, he does something stupid and pushes her away…to Andy. First with killing her cat, and now secretly marrying her. Why can’t he get it right?!

  42. Is anyone else as sick of flip-floppy Angela? That plot is getting RE-DIC-U-LOUS.

  43. I loved this episode, and I don’t think Pam was out of character at all. If you remember, ever since the end of season 3, she has purposely tried to assert herself more. And on top of that, Jim in her life is exactly what has freed her to be more fun, feisty, and assertive. Their playful banter shows what a great couple they really are.

    Bravo on a hilarious episode. I was not disappointed in the least!

  44. Ok that’s the Office I’ve been waiting for. I have to agree with the previous commentor that I miss the “Don’t throw garbage at me” Pam. Best episode of the season.

  45. I loved the back and forth kisses…

    And I’m sick of the capricious Angela too!

    This was a great episode–I bursted out laughing with Mose’s funny gesture.

  46. 394 times 5,912 = 2,329,328

    Damn, when I first heard the numbers in the episode, I thought I heard 2 four digit numbers, so I thought it was going to be like 69 million or something. :( As Kevin would say, what a waste.

  47. Also, I loved this episode and it redeemed my faith in The Office. Best episode since Crime Aid, and a great episode from Gene and Lee. I was talking to my fellow Office-loving friend last week, and we both agreed that all we wanted for Christmas was an Office episode that took place only in the office (well, Schrute Farms is different, it isn’t like, The Office goes to Canada). Looks like Christmas came early!

  48. Good episode, not great.
    Pam is somewhat out of character, but good nonetheless.
    Love Toby and Michael interaction.
    Andy is always hilarious (Heyo!)but he does not belong with Angela. She should stop being with Andy because of spite and Dwight should not do things to earn her spite.
    love the Jim/ Pam dynamic this episode.
    Well done Gene and Lee.

  49. Loved this episode! Gene And Lee should write every episode! I love how Andy stepped in crap in the kitchen, so unexpected.

  50. I absolutely loved this episode. I love the progression of Pam’s character from Season 1 to Season 5 and yeah, she has purposefully tried to assert herself since her art show. I’m loving it. Jenna was hilarious!

  51. Great episode; absolutely LOVED everybody sucking up to Michael. Surprised this hasn’t really been utilized much before (of course, now that I say this someone will correct me ;) )

  52. This episode probably had the most laugh-out-loud moments of this season so far, for me at least. I really loved the beginning and the middle, but then the laughs started to fade by the end. But Michael’s fur coat was pretty funny.
    I feel like Pam has changed so much in the past few episodes. I like ‘fancy new Beesly’, but it seems like the change is way too abrupt. Like, all of a sudden in Frame Toby she was really different. Maybe it’s because we didn’t see enough of her while she was at art school.

  53. What has happened to The Office? The show used to be realistic but now there is poop in the house like some type of cartoon gag and Angela is making out with people? This show should just stop using talking heads they’ve already given up on being a mockumentary.

  54. You know, I’m getting kind of tired of the A-D-A love triangle… it’s getting way too weird for me!

    I did love Oscar in this episode though.

    And the quote of the night: “You’re a silent killer. Go back to the Annex.”

  55. this was one of my fav michael episodes. i love when he gets all excited about having friends and discount clothing stores. I really miss humble pam but her scenes with michael were great. i especially died when michael shook his butt for her. so funny.

  56. I loved this episode. Between this one and the last one, the season is really starting to pick up and go in the right direction. Michael’s “Mother ____” line killed me. And for once, I was happy with the Jim/Pam interaction. I have been growing tired of the super serious relationship drama between those two… definitely a lot better when they are just goofing around together.

  57. Gregory: “Am I the only one that wants Angela to marry Andy and not be with Dwight?”


  58. Great episode! Ah, it’s good to have Toby back, if only for the comments Michael makes! “You are the silent killer.” Bwah!

    I was not so sure about some of Pam’s tactics. It seemed she went over a certain line when everyone was trying to butter up Michael, which made the closing scene sweet (and worth a rewind and another viewing!) for me. Go Jim! (I would have been equally happy with Pam getting the final victory if Jim had been the one being a putz throughout.)

    As soon as I saw the minister and learned he did not speak English, I knew what was going to happen. Poor Andy — his heart’s really in the right place. But really, it is *so* something Dwight would cook up. And Mose is great, even when he’s out of focus. ;-)

    All in all, loved it!

  59. This one is at the top for me with Crime Aid and Weight Loss. Really fun stuff. If I wasn’t laughing I was smiling through the whole thing. Best line: “YOU are the silent killer.” LOVED the opening with Oscar explaining the lemonade stand.
    And I liked feisty JAM because they’ve always been competitive like that with each other. It was nice to see that side of them again.
    Pam HAS been a little more aggressive than usual, but I’ll buy it considering her journey the last two years. I thought it was fun to watch her flirt with Michael so blatantly. I DID think her throwing the tirimisu in the trash was a little harsh though, (ouch!)- but Jim can take it. Him getting the last dig was beautiful! :o)

  60. #70 You never know what Mose might have been doing to have the poop end up in the house! :) I for one loved the episode. And Pam was fine. Characters grow and change; it happens.

  61. I’m kind of half-and-half on “new” Pam.
    – I liked how she challenged Jim and especially loved when he got her back in the end. I think they’ve always had a playful competitive side and I like that as a compliment to more serious romantic stuff.
    – I agree that the way she acted with Michael seemed forced and weird – not in line with normal Pam behavior. Plus when she just assumed Jim was on her side with the chairs kind of annoyed me because she did that with the microwave too – he’s allowed to have a different opinion.

    I also agree on the D-A-A triangle going a step too far. I knew what was happening as soon as Dwight said who would be “playing” who and wished it wasn’t. Either keep Angela with Andy and move on or put her with Dwight and move on.

    That being said this was a good episode. Especially because it finally stayed put in the office (at least for the most part).

  62. Okay, whether you think this episode was overall good or bad, I think everyone has to agree that the Jim/Pam interaction was HOT, right?

  63. Gene and Lee are amazing! I can’t wait to watch the deleted scenes. I love how they write Jim and Pam. Remember in Dinner Party when Jim was trying to get out of dinner and was willing to leave Pam there? Same thing with this episode. Soooo good!

    Question: I thought Andy had a tent and Angela wanted the tent on a hand-plowed field? No more tent?

    Loved it!

  64. SO happy to see The Office back on tonight after last week’s break. Solid episode, but Customer Survey & Crime Aid still tops.

    Some highlights:
    -“YOU are the silent killer.” Oh Toby….
    -Michael saying he’ll be 6 next summer
    -MOSE! esp. when he threw the ball at Andy’s head ha!
    -Michael’s fur coat
    -Stanley’s look to the camera – love how his face can say so much lol.

    Was Andy humming Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Christmas Canon?” If so, awesome!

  65. My second favorite episode maybe even since season 3 (after Customer Survey). I just didn’t like the out of place Pam stuff. I don’t like the direction her character seems to be heading in compared to even season 3. I liked her best in season 2, but she was still really likable in season 3 and, to a lesser extent, season 4.

  66. Loved this episode – Jim/Pam stuff was great. Yay for an un-sappy story line.

    Oh, and I’m with those who liked the old Pam better. Bummer that people would think she’s regressing if she became more like her old self. The writers are in a bind there.

  67. Great episode. The only unecessary parts were Hank and the scene where Dwight tells Angela they’re married. Would have preferred more interaction from the rest of the cast…but overall it was really quite funny.

    “You…are the silent killer.”

  68. Oh, I also forgot to mention the complaint about the Pam and Michael scenes seeming “forced”. Of course it was a bit forced! She’s forcing herself to get on Michael’s good side by saying anything she thinks he might want to hear… What is so awful or “weird” about that? She’s doing whatever it takes to get what she wants. Isn’t Jim, and everyone else for that matter, doing the same? Why is it so out of character for HER to do these things and not out of character for anynone else to do them? I just don’t get it…

    Sorry…I’m very passionate about Pam.

  69. Oh! and I loved everyone sucking up to Michael and how excited and happy he was about it, high fiving everyone and what not. haha.

  70. I thought Michael’s quote about Pam’s chair was that it was “Urkel-nomically correct”. I’d like to believe that Michael has all the Family Matters episodes on VHS tape somewhere.

  71. “Yes!! Michael was totally pouring sugar into his Diet WPOP”

    I’m so glad someone else caught that and found it hilarious.

  72. Number 84, Andy was humming Pachelbel’s Canon.

    Great episode,but definitely not the funniest.

  73. I adore Steve Carell, but I really, really dislike Michael. Every once in a while I find the character amusing but most of the time he’s just annoying to me. Love the rest of the office though, I really liked that they brought Hank in haha.

  74. Such a brilliant episode. This is one of the episodes that had the most laugh-out-loud moments for me.

    Angela and Dwight getting married because she and Andy don’t understand German was positively hilarious. I was super impressed with the German knowledge of the actor that played the pastor. I don’t think he was really German but his accent was REALLY good, technically he could’ve been. On most other shows, when they have “native German speakers” on, they’re just ridiculously bad. I know people don’t care about that because German just sounds hilarious (which I realize, it really must), but to me it’s just annoying, I mean, they’ve got to have a few German speaking actors in the US, right? haha

    The Jim/Pam stuff was genius, I laughed so much it’s crazy!

  75. Favorite bits:
    -How is it possible that in 5 years I’ve had two engagement rings, and only one chair?
    -You.. are the silent killer.
    -Andy stepping in the.. thing. Twice!
    -When Michael, Jim and Oscar came back to the office, laughing their heads off. It made me laugh because Michael is seriously laughing but it’s very obvious the other two are just playing along. And he doesn’t realize that!
    -The whole Jim/Pam story. One of their better plots yet!

    Overall, I enjoyed this episode!

  76. “Okay, whether you think this episode was overall good or bad, I think everyone has to agree that the Jim/Pam interaction was HOT, right?”

    i’m glad someone else thought that. i thought i was just weird. the interaction was sexy.

  77. I agree with you Allie. Pam definitely had to force herself to put up with Michael. I mean, right before she goes into his office (after he comes back from lunch) she makes her Oh-God face and you can hear her take a deep breath as she is walking to his office. She didn’t want to do it, she just really wanted those chairs.

  78. I agree with #70– This show’s feeling more and more like a sitcom. Everybody’s got a bit of business to do. They’re *all* funny in their own sassy ways, and playing to the camera left and right. Pam is waaay too glam. The fast pace and film look amber glows that make the show look like every other show in the NBC line-up are mind-boggling. And more than anything, I hate that all the silence has been noisened up. What was once an excitingly different show has become more of the same, punctuated by a few great Carrell moments per ep.

  79. I agree with Allie. Everyone was forcing themselves to suck up to Michael, it wasn’t just Pam. Of course, she was out of character. It was a competition and she was doing what she had to win. When have we ever seen that much lipstick on Pam? When has Oscar, Jim, or anyone else ever wanted to go to lunch with Michael? Just like Oscar and Jim were using friendship, Pam was using her saucy good looks. And how could you not enjoy, “Awww don’t take it away!”

    Sorry, as a red blooded heterosexual male, I am passionate about Pam too.

  80. Loved the episode. Laughed from beginning to end. Thought the JAM interaction was great. Either Pam goes back to Season 2 (then what was the point of NY) or she develops her character. Fun to have some playful tension between the two without going the Ross/Rachel way. I though the ADA triangle was great, even though I too saw it coming. Great Oscar moments too.

  81. I laughed a lot at this episode, but I was very troubled by Pam’s RADICAL character mutation. It was mostly funny, but it started to become unrealistic. Then when she said “There’s that ass!”, it was finally just too much for me. It was almost like Jenna was playing a different character altogether instead of playing a conniving, manipulative Pam. Maybe I’m a purist to a fault, and maybe I was just as irked at Jim was at her demeanor, I dunno… Anyway, I still enjoyed the episode, Pam just…scared me.

  82. Loved the episode. I guess I’m in the minority in liking the sassy Pam. She’s learned to stick up for herself more and become more outgoing. It made sense for her to “play the game”. Remember, she teamed up with Jim before to play pranks on Dwight and Andy and even held her ground with Jim when they ‘jinxed’ and he had to buy her a coke. She was just in the background more than now.

  83. Wow! This episode was great fun…and a little spicy.
    Favorites: Michael’s expression when he was outed over the bonus $.
    Both of the Jim and Pam “close talk” moments.
    Wish Dwight had not tricked Angela…but such a Dwight move. I can’t believe I like him with Angela when Andy and Angela do actually make a nice couple.
    But by far the best thing was keeping the show to two plots. Both played out well and were not rushed. (Previous shows this season would have ranked higher had they done this.) I am pleased to have ranked this as my favorite of the season.

  84. This is only my second post, but this episode forces me to comment . . . because I ABSOFRUITLY LOVED IT! Finally we got back to a story line about stupid office stuff. And I LOVED the interaction between Jim and Pam–it wasn’t so storybook romance; it was real. AND IT WAS FUNNY! I LOVED it. (Can you tell?)

  85. This episode, in my opinion, was the best of the season, by far.

    Between Oscar & Jim coming back from lunch fake laughing at a bad joke, Andy stepping in manure (indoors) and Jim’s “truce” on Pam of making copies, was the funniest office interaction I’ve seen in too long.

    Plus, this episode reminded me of the pranks and ridiculous conflicts of Season 2 :)

  86. I loved this episode; I think that some Jim/Pam disagreement was needed. Pam’s character reminded me a lot of the Drug Testing episode from season 2 when she Jinxed Jim. She was pushing him that whole episode, she just has more to work with this episode. However, my favorite part was when Jim got back at her, it is about time.
    The Dwight/ Angela saga, well if I were Angela I would have been mad too. Nevertheless, one of the best lines was when Dwight said he had told her to learn German. I was about to pass out laughing. Great Episode 10/10

  87. I really miss seasons 1 and 2 Pam. I’m tired of seeing her all glammed up. My annoyance with that was amplified by how completely out of character she was tonight. The Dwight-Angela-Andy thing absolutely must end. I hope they haven’t written themselves into a corner with that because, frankly, I can’t see how they can end that believably.

    I thought the idea of how to spend the office surplus was a great “normal” plot. But, as usual anymore, they ruined it by adding in wackiness.

  88. Michael pouring sugar into his soda…I almost missed it, then practically spit out my food from laughter.

    I too agree that the Angela/Dwight thing is going too far, and I really loved seeing Jim/Pam being the way they used to be. I believe Pam even said “suck it” which she had said in an episode seasons ago to Jim…

  89. In my opinion, it was a great episode. It felt kind of like season 2 or three except for pam’s attitude. I thought it was really cute though. The “you are the silent killer” line had me rolling.

  90. Why do people prefer old doormat Pam? Maybe she should just give up art and wear frumpy washed out sweaters and go back to Roy while she’s at it.

  91. #89, Pam is NOT everyone else, so… yeah.

    Nothing about Pam sucking up is inherently out of character, but the way it was written/acted just seemed off, I don’t know why. I just couldn’t picture her being able to pull that off as well as she did — Pam isn’t a master actress, Jenna Fischer is. And then outside that, the stuff about the chairs just didn’t seem like her, I don’t know. It’s cool that she’s willing to fight for stuff now, but in the past her competitiveness seemed a bit more… playful?

  92. I appreciate the fact that Dwight has always been a bit “out there” but tricking Angela to marry him is just bananas.
    It seemed like such a ‘stunt’ and that’s never been what The Office is about.

  93. I agree about Pam just doing the same thing everyone else is doing – trying to get Michael on her side. It reminded me of the Halloween episode when her reaction to Michael’s costume changed on a dime when he told her that he had to fire someone that day. No one knows how to manipulate Michael better than Pam – and she uses that power to save him as often as she uses it for her own purposes. I loved her in this episode.

    And, like most fans, I saw the “real” wedding vows a mile away. But these writers often let us in on the joke early – it allows us to watch the characters reactions as an “insider”. That’s what makes this show so great.

    As far as I’m concerned, this was the 2nd “Classic” Office episode of the season – right after “Customer Survey”.

  94. I thought the BFF Oscar/Jim/Michael scenes were HILARIOUS. And as someone who has had the great misfortune of being a receptionist with a very uncomfortable chair… yeah, I’d (fake) hit on Michael if it got me a new chair too! You gotta do what you gotta do!

  95. I totally loved it! From start to finish, it was amazing. The competition between Jim and Pam was hilarious (esp. the end when he got her back, my husband was like, “YES!!!”). Poor Andy. How does he have no clue? It will be interesting to see how Mrs. Schrute gets out of her marriage. Everyone was awesome in this episode. It is easily in my top three this season.

  96. And #89 Allie, I totally agree with you. Sure, Pam was a little more bold than usual but we have to keep in mind that her character has started to grow since S3. Remember her post-coal walk speech? She said most of the people in the office acted like she didn’t even exist? I don’t think she is trying to come off as a jerk. I feel like when something comes up that is important to her, she must remember what it feels like to sit quietly and have the decision made FOR her, so she makes her opinion known. She was in an unhealthy relationship where her fiance was quick to shoot down every dream she had. Now, she is happy with Jim and he encourages her and believes in her, which has to help make her more confident. That is just how I interpret things. I get very defensive of Pam, too, because (even though it is a TV character) her growth is very realistically written and I can relate from my own experiences.

  97. Old Pam was insecure and too shy and not confident enough to tell people what she wanted and what she thought. I liked old Pam but new Pam is so much better. Now she is empowered and confident and willing to fight for what she wants no matter who is against her (even Jim). I think it’s fantastic to see Pam, especially in this episode, becoming an empowered confident woman! She isn’t submissive like she was to Roy anymore, she’s her own woman and I absolutely loved it. Last night’s episode was my favorite, ever, hands down.

  98. Started to write out what I loved about this episode and realized it was pretty much everything. So there you have it. Everything.

  99. LOVED this episode. I haven’t laughed so hard since season 2. I really needed that episode as I haven’t felt very much excitement over this show for some time now. And that was making me very sad, because I LOVE this show.

    As for Pam, I was laughing at everything she did. Too funny! She wasn’t acting weird- she was acting like any girlfriend who really wants something and needs her boyfriends vote. I didn’t feel like it was mean or crazy….it felt very playful to me.

    10 out of 10… doubt.

  100. Not sure if anyone has brought up this point yet, but…

    In “Halloween” Pam goes into Michael’s office, humoring his ridiculous behavior as usual while he talks about having to fire someone.
    Michael: Who do you think deserves to be fired? Who would that be?
    Pam: I just answer the phones.
    Michael: And sometimes, you just let it go to voicemail.
    Now Pam is scared that SHE could possibly be the one getting fired. And she does a complete 180 and compliments Michael’s costume and giggles as he shakes his paper maiche head around.

    Yes, it was weird seeing Pam so outspoken and forward in “The Surplus”. But this certainly is part of Pam’s personality that we’ve seen even before she became Fancy New Beesly.

  101. Not a bad episode. I don’t agree with the “people acted out of character” comments; how many of us act the same all the time? We know Pam’s wanted a new chair since Chair Model, and she herself claims to have wanted it for far longer (promised one when she was hired if we’re to believe her). Of course she’s going to fight for it.

    That aside, I enjoyed it. Not a favorite, even of the season, but definitely good stuff. Hank rules all (“I know what a surplus is”), Pam’s “There’s that ass…aww, don’t take it away!” had me crying, and the tag was capital-P Perfect.

    The tuna kiss was gross, though. I don’t care if it was Natalie Portman herself, if she’s just taken a huge bite of tuna sandwich I’m passing.

    Best line: “What’s fifteen percent of two hundred? Exactly.” When Oscar gets the chance to shine it is bloody radiant.

    Best little moment: Michael pouring sugar into (what I now know is) his diet soda. Brilliant.

    Bring on Moroccan Christmas. Sleigh bells ring, are ya listening? In the land of Dunder Mifflin.

  102. I can’t wait to see what happens to Dwight and Angela now that they’re married. And if I know sitcoms (which I do) getting a marriage annulled is easier said than done. And I’m guessing it’s going to be ten times more difficult when Dwight is involved.

  103. Loved it, loved it, loved it! This was seriously an episode where not a line or a reaction went by that wasn’t funny. Every little thing had some kind of comedy behind it, and it was glorious.

    Yeah Pam was out of character. So was Jim and Oscar. They were sucking up to Michael, which is completely out of character for everyone. And also, completely believable and HILARIOUS. PB&J were amazing.

  104. Pam may have been over the top & out of character this episode. She may be like a lot of people making changes to parts of themselves: she goes too far sometimes, for a while. As long as Pam goes back to Original Pam w/ more confidence, rather than staying as she’s been and being a different person. I want her to grow and make changes, but not to change who she is.
    As for Pam’s flirting with / sucking up to Michael: she did it all in front of Jim, clearly joking, no sneaking around or serious eroticism… I liked it. She was playful, not skanky or anything bad. If Pam finds a middle ground, I think these last 2 episodes are great outbursts for her. If she never brings back more Original Pam… :(

  105. One of my favorite parts was when Michael was sitting in Pam’s chair addressing the office, and every time the camera went back to him, he was sinking lower and lower behind the desk! My old office chair did that too! haha

  106. 111, Cathy-

    Yes! I forgot about that when posting this morning, but that was incredible. Wayyyyyyy under the radar, and definitely one of the subtlest jokes on the show ever. THAT is my little moment of the ep.

  107. I usually stick to lurking and don’t post comments, but with all the “New Pam” comments lately, I wanted to take a moment and come to her defense. One of the reasons we collectively love this show is the pure reality of it. Well, in real life people evolve and change; especially when there are significant life events going on. I would say that travelling to art school, starting a functional, loving relationship that leads to engagement, and getting in touch with the person you are inside are significant life events. Personally, I welcome the change. It’s nice to see the evolution of the characters over the seasons and I haven’t seen anything that is too over the top or out of character. I know that I don’t come into my office as the same person every day and after what I’ve seen from the writers and actors over the past 4 seasons, I don’t expect anything different from this show. You don’t have to like it, but I certainly appreciate the reality the changes bring and it’s the reason I’m still watching.

  108. On a lighter note, I absolutely enjoyed the Season 2 feeling to the Michael storyline and his character’s reaction (“explain it to me like I’m 5”), the inclusion of Mose (Mose hitting Andy in the head was HILARIOUS!), Hank, and David Wallace (“Is that why you’re calling me?”), and the tag was definitely PERFECT!! I watched that about 3 times! And I love that Jim and Pam can be on opposite sides without it becoming personal (the tiramisu thing was awesome!!). Case and point: “You look very pretty” “Thank you…Hey, Michael!”

    The writers are completely redeeming themselves this season! I don’t think there’s been an episode this season that I’ve completely disliked! And I can’t WAIT for our Christmas episode!!!

    “You know, I just hustled up the stairs.”

  109. I think some people are way too analytical over this. Stop trying to read too much into a character and just enjoy the comedy for what it was…HILARIOUS!!! It’s a 10 for me! Best of season 5 so far.

  110. Season 5 just keeps on getting better! I am SO glad Toby’s back..the silent killer who is still fighting for the air filters, and the only one not sucking up to Michael. That was hilarious! Stanley opening the door: “There he is!!”

  111. I loved the episode. I don’t think that Pam’s desire to get a new chair or the lengths she took were at all unrealistic. She wants what she wants, and she knows that Michael is attracted to her and she used it to her advantage. Big deal. It would be boring if Pam stayed a doormat. Besides, I loved the way it showed her and Jim trying to out-do each other. So funny!

    I’m not sure I’m on board with the Dwight/Angela marriage thing, but if anyone says this is unrealistic, remember that Dwight killed Angela’s cat last season… Clearly, we have seen Dwight do some ridiculous things. Just like that, he didn’t think through the consequences of his behavior.

    8/10. Good show, Lee and Gene.

  112. Oh! I also wanted to mention that I really was comparing this episode to Health Care in season 1, but rather than in that episode, which ends on such a sour note of Michael refusing to do the right thing for his employees, they look at his indecisive/selfishness and do what they want. I kind of liked seeing Michael getting the short end rather than the whole office.

  113. #44 – “Phyllis reading MTT”

    I thought so too! Went back and checked and YES, she’s totally there! TOO funny. :)

    I loved this episode!! I’m thrilled that Dwangela is married now. :) So Dwight. And “I’m gonna need four” was SRSLY HOT. Oscar kills every time he has lines, and killed tonight! I really really loved this one. :)

  114. I LOVED this episode! My husband busted out laughing when he saw Michael pouring sugar into the diet Coke.

    I loved Mose’s cameo appearance too, I was hoping he would show up somewhere on the farm.

    I am excited about where the Dwight/Angela/Andy storyline goes. That “wedding scene” was very sweet.

  115. I’m getting too technical here but…how much does a new copier cost? Couldn’t they have bought a decent copier that doesn’t cost so much and then buy new chairs for the people who wanted them? I should work in the office! lol

  116. Definitely the funniest episode of the season. The show has been heavy on the drama lately, with Jim and Pam and Angela/Dwight/Andy, it’s nice to sit down and laugh.

    It was also cool when Pam brought up the fact that Michael promised her his old chair when he got a new one, but he never got it. A reference to the episode where he chased after the catalog chair model.

  117. A pretty solid performance for me. It was refreshing to have an episode that took place mostly in the office. Comedy from the seemingly mundane office situations was what hooked me on the show in the first place. I thought the opening dragged though. Michael is a manager and doesn’t know what a surplus is? I agree with the comments about the Andy, Dwight, Angela triangle losing its appeal. That storyline is so out there.

  118. wow I really enjoyed this episode. It was hilarious! It was interesting to see a different dynamic between Jim and Pam. Usually they are on the same side of the office squabbles, which I do enjoy more, but it is realistic they they would occasionally disagree and it was played out very nicely.
    I knew what Dwight was up to as soon as Andy started walking her down the aisle. Andy’s obliviousness is awesome. I also loved how Mose took out his anger on Andy :)

  119. Great episode. Quick, sharp, funny, quirky, refreshing. A nice break from a season that I felt was getting a little too bogged down by serious relationship issues. Last night was the most I’ve liked Pam in a LONG time.

  120. Buying chairs and a copier isn’t feasible; office equipment can get pretty expensive, especially if you want good stuff.

    I think my favorite part about the whole thing was that it was a real, honest-to-goodness workplace storyline. It’s so great to see The Office actually about the office and not Jan’s craziness or Pam at art school (storylines I still love, btw). I don’t think Pam was OOC; I love that she tried to girlfriend-manipulate Jim.

    [from tanster: “girlfriend-manipulate” — lol!]

  121. And is it just me or has Oscar practically become a main character this season? I’m pretty sure he’s had more facetime than Ryan. Makes me wonder if it’s leading up to something major involving him…

  122. I’ve been really disappointed with Pam back. Why is she all uptight now? First with the microwave, now with the chairs. I know she has become more open and confident dating Jim, but her antics are driving me crazy. I don’t fancy the new, crazy beesley.

    As for the episode – I thought Steve did a GREAT job with Michael! His excitement with the lunch invitation…choking on the tiramisu…asking Hank what to do…his love for BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY! Hilarious. 6/10

  123. Quote: “And is it just me or has Oscar practically become a main character this season? Makes me wonder if it’s leading up to something major involving him…”

    This is just speculation, but I think when Andy finally gets smashed by Angela he’s going to discover his deep and abiding attraction to Oscar. Mark my words, people.

  124. This episode made me laugh in the season 2 way. It filled my Always Sunny In Philadelphia thursday night void.

  125. Hmmm… I’m torn with this episode. Some people bring up great points. The Fancy New Beesley is quite the change. I can’t believe the changes that Jenna’s character has endured since season 1. I’m loving the comedic gold of these scripts, but I hope that we see the warehouse again soon. I’m missing Bob Vance, Darryl, and Madge. Loved when Hank came to give his 2 cents about the problem…. Good episode. Not great. But good.

  126. Michael to Kelly (a woman) who opens the door for him: “I guess chivalry’s not dead after all.”


  127. i really liked this episode. i love how well jim and pam know michael and his weaknesses and how easily they can manipulate him. i just loved watching pam flirt – she knew just what to say and how to say it. it reminded me of few past episodes where she made attempts to flirt with michael or jim. seeing them face off for michael’s affection was pretty great. i also love how dwight can be so overly practical to the point of being absurd. it just made total sense to him that he should have them married; he would never consider why that is not appropriate.

  128. It wasn’t bad, but at the end of the night I almost always do a Kath and Kim/The Office/30 Rock comparison and The Office always wins in my mind… but tonight I had to go with 30 Rock. Before, I refused to believe that Pam’s character had changed, but this episode was just weird with regards to her. She is changing too rapidly, and makes JAM less intriguing and cute than it used to be.

  129. Wow, the review on had nothing good to say about this episode- and the comments are, for the most part, not in agreement with her review.

  130. I’m not any closer to figuring out exactly what I didn’t like about Pam in this episode, but I think I am figuring out better ways of wording it. Basically, I always identify more with the “loser” characters, the ones who feel like they don’t belong. And I felt like maybe in this episode Pam “belonged” a little too well. Unrealistic? Out of character? It’s hard to say for sure. The real question is, does it help or hurt the show?

    Answer: There is no way to see inside a writer’s head. We don’t have the technology.

  131. fun and ridiculous! just like the office is supposed to be! it’s nice to have an episode now and then about something inane. =)

  132. I think some people are getting a little too caught up in the characterization of Pam and missing the humor in the situation. I thought that storyline was funny BECAUSE she was acting over the top/out of character. And the interaction with Jim was spot on. I also have to give her credit for one of the best lines: “how is it possible that in five years I have had two engagement rings and only one chair?”
    Aside from that I loved almost all of the dialogue with Angela, Andy and Dwight at Schrute Farms. Also, is anyone else hoping there is a deleted scene showing the discussion among the Office-mates, while Michael was doing his talking head in the break room?!?! I am so curious to see if the Pam/chair camp actually won the vote or if there was some bribery/coercion involved hehe.

  133. Thoroughly enjoyed this episode! A few comments on JAM…I liked the shift of the balance of power between Pam and Jim moving Jim further away from lovesick boyfriend to the next natural stage of a relationship. Also, I took Pam’s awkward, vaguely cringworthy flirting as a sign of her inexperience. She is clever enough to know that flirting with Michael could get her the chairs, but heavy handed in her approach-anyone other than Michael would have found it too obvious! So I thought it was deliberate by the writers to make the flirting uncomfortable and out of character rather than a new aspect of fancy new beesley.

  134. This episode had a lot of good solid parts. I almost died of laughter when Mose hits Andy in the head with the football! I’m a little confused at why B.J. Novak is still in the opening titles.

  135. I would have to agree. I don’t think this is some “new” character trait of FNB. Remember how when she would try and flirt with Jim in Season 3, it always ended up awkward? Pam’s flirting with Michael was just over the top because Pam’s not used to having to flirt loudly (the way she flirts with Jim is more subtle in a teasing manner).

    I thought this episode was fantastic, I loved Jim and Pam going back and forth and I loved the one liner about Toby. However, I do think that the Dwight/Angela thing was a little over the top.

  136. #161 pop1013…agreed. I hope we get a deleted scene, too! I would be curious to find out how they came to an agreement.

  137. This was definitely my favorite episode so far this year! I thought it was hilarious! Lots of LOL moments. It’s great to have Toby back – everything Michael says to him is funny.

    However, I’m with some others in that I wish the Dwight-Andy-Angela love triangle would go away. It’s getting old.

    Other than that, awesome episode!

  138. Awesome Episode !!

    At least for a day, Pam has forgotten about her New York troubles, and has gotten back into the world, and back to the people she knows so well… I think she enjoyed her day.

    When Andy commented on the “smells” and Dwight replied that he had to be more specific…Well, that was classic…

  139. such a great episode! especially loved the part when Michael sat in Pam’s chair and it just got lower and lower.

    It’s the subtle things that are so great about this show!
    One of the best, if not the best episode of the season!!

  140. 162. Pat & 164. Jules: Great comments! I had not thought about Pam and her flirtations like that, but you’re spot on: this and other episodes show just how unflirtatious she is.

  141. Here is why they chose the CHAIRS! “This here is a run out the clock situation” They rationalized that they would rather be comfortable at their boring jobs. The copier isn’t that important to them. I found it extremely realistic how they(the writers) so bluntly went with the employees just telling Michael they were going with the chairs. The entire episode was about the copier vs. the chairs, they don’t need to show anymore on that.

    Agree with the people who disagree with the people that think FNB was too OOC. I loved this episode!

    Oh, and Pam still says “suck it”!!! ROFL

  142. First off, I thought last night’s episode was one of the best ever! How everything tied together at the end with Jim no longer feeling bad about asking Pam for copies was almost seinfeld-ish. Also, I thought it was very clever how Oscar found out that Michael knew about the bonus and hilarious when Kevin thinks that Michael’s a math genius. Lots of funny.

    To pop: I was wondering what happened in the conference room myself and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t so much a “vote” as it was Pam saying “I’m not budging so it’s either new chairs, or Michael gets $600”. Hence Oscar saying “We decided on new chairs, I’d rather have a new chair than nothing.”

    Overall great episode!

  143. 115 Sir Lemming : “Pam isn’t a master actress”
    i disagree. in fact that was one of the real moments in season 3 where i felt so confident that karen was not the right girl for jim – when she did such a terrible job acting in the vampire prank. pam is a great actress, she has always worked well off the cuff and playing off jim or the situation. remember the alliance? or pretending it was friday? she has on so many occasions played along or pretended for michael and this wasn’t any more skilled or deceptive. why is everyone so harsh and unforgiving when it comes to pam? no one is this critical of the other characters, she is not allowed to show any strength or confidence before everyone jumps on her and calls her bossy and out of character. i’m glad people don’t hold me to those standards and judge my behavior that much. and i don’t understand why people would think that pam dating someone like roy wouldn’t carry herself differently than pam dating someone like jim.

  144. Does anyone else think this is an episode Jenna Fischer would consider to use for an Emmy nom.
    it wasn’t as good as her role in the Job, (she got robbed) but i think she was great in this episode.
    Best Pam this Season!

  145. Last night’s “The Surplus” really lifted my mood since I had been suffering with a sore throat all day and was so tired. Today, I miraculously feel better!

    I really enjoyed last night’s show. Except for the Schrute Farm scenes, the episode mainly took place in the office and seemed more like an ensemble type show rather than just focusing on a few characters in a remote location. However, Michael was still the center of attention which is fine with me anytime.

    As for the Andy/Dwight/Angela triangle, it doesn’t bother me, yet I would not miss it if it were removed from the plotline.

    Afterwards, I put in my Season 2 DVD and watched “The Injury” and “Employee Performance.” Watching this show is kind of like chocolate. It’s hard to eat just one piece.

  146. 169: i also think another thing to think about is that she is flirting in a way that MICHAEL would go for. she is not trying to flirt in a way that is natural to her or that she would actually use to get some guy’s attention. just like jim wouldn’t really react to a joke in that way or go around high-fiving someone every 5 seconds. did some people just miss the fact that they were both purposely acting in ways that they know appeal to michael and play off his weaknesses and did what he is always looking for from them? of course pam isn’t the type of person who is going to ask her boss to shake his butt but michael is the type of person who would LOVE it if pam asked him to shake his butt so that is why she did it: to play up to him and get on his good side. it seems so obvious.

  147. I have to say, this episode was in my opinion definitely Season 5’s worst. None of the characters were in character. Michael was one of the salesmen at this company, and yet he has NO IDEA what a surplus is? Andy stepping in manure in the house? Straight out of a cartoon. Not funny, not at all real. Come on, Office writers, try to have some realism!

  148. I’ve always loved Pam, but in this episode I think we really got a chance to love Jenna.

  149. I did not enjoy this at all. It was not funny and completely unrealistic. I found both pam and jim incredibly unlikeable, for the first time. And the manure gag? Come on.

  150. I don’t think Pam was OOC acting the way she was in last night’s episode. I don’t think anyone involved with the show was wrong in how they wrote it or acted it out — I mean, c’mon! These people are seriously trying to butter Michael up so they can get what they want. Desperate times call for desperate (and hilarious) measures.

    Initially it did seem to me Pam went too far with it though, but I was probably looking at it more from how *I* would act and, well, I’m not FNB! ;-) I did, however, enjoy Jim’s closing scenes with her — beautifully played, Mr. Halpert! (And wonderfully written!)

  151. I thought this was a great episode. I found it hilarious how Michael bought into Pam’s terrible flirtations. It just goes to show how much he loves being complimented no matter how obvious it is that the one delivering the compliment is just trying to get something out of it. I think that it adds great depth of character for both Pam and Michael.

  152. I absolutely loved this episode. Why? Because it’s been one of the few good ones this year period. I was happy just to enjoy an episode like I used to for the first time in awhile.

  153. I JUST realized something.

    Does anyone else think that Toby probably went from a neutral position to picking the chairs just to agree with Pam??

    I wonder….

  154. I for one found the manure gag awesome!!! Andy’s reactions were right on target. You can almost see those anger management classes starting to waver a bit! And really, where ELSE would you find a big pile of manure in the kitchen other than the Schrute household!!! Priceless!

  155. Best ep since Customer Survey. The writing was true to every character and I cannot get enough of Shrute farms. Love to see a camera outside Shrute Farms on where you can check at any hour of the day of what’s going on there.

  156. I wonder what’s worse: Toby as the silent killer, or Toby as the plague? Haha, Michael-Toby never gets old…

    Also, did Michael say is-sues again like he did in a previous episode or did I hear wrong?

  157. Why are some of you freaking out about people being out of character? I thought that was what made last night’s episode so refreshing and entertaining… Think you might be taking the show a tad bit too seriously?

  158. Jeez, guys. Pam was only acting that way to get what she wanted from Michael. Of course she was acting out of character. Ol’ Pammy is getting what she wants and she knows how to get it. Michael commented on her looks in the pilot, loved her hair down and mentioned her boobs in “The Secret,” commented on them again in “Michael’s Birthday” and tried to kiss her in “Diwali.” She knows what she’s doing. I thought it was great to see that manipulative side of Pam. This episode is up there with “Crime Aid” as one of the best of the season.

  159. I understand why Pam flirted with Michael the way she did; I just don’t think that even FNB would be willing to act that way. I guess I am frustrated with the tone the Jim/Pam relationship is taking…it seems to have lost its golden feel?

  160. This could be my most favorite Jim-and-Pam interaction of all time.

    Way to keep it real, writers!

    Also, I have been bugged for SEASONS about what the red-checkered coffee mug says (Jim uses it, Pam has used it) and I think it was the ultimate tease in this episode…I can ALMOST read it when Pam threaten-kisses Jim. But not quite. Ack!

  161. This episode, along with the majority of the other episodes have had a bit of a dramatic, mean-spirited undertone. It is this undertone which has made me wish for the days when this show was a comedy rather than a Drama-dy.
    One example of this dramatic, mean-spirited undertone that I spoke of in this episode is when Dwight deceived Andy and Angela, He married her without Andy and Angela’s prior knowledge, in somewhat of a dramatic twist. Also, the last scene where Jim asks Pam to make those copies started out as a joke, but very abruptly ended on a mildly serious note.

  162. Even though this episode was nearly pure comedy, I have to admit that I liked it. I was just missing the awkward silent moments that made this show so unique.
    I just wonder why Pam looked so seriously into the camera at the ending. It seemed like she didn’t get or didn’t like Jim’s joke.

  163. I think Pam’s expression at the end was supposed to be shock… Jim not only turned her threat-kiss against her, he turned her victory into her defeat… brilliant, I’m sure they laughed when they got home. :)

  164. Put me in the camp of absolutely LOVING this episode. I like seeing Pam’s feisty side and thought her flirting was hilarious. “Yeah there’s that ass! No, don’t take it away!”

  165. Amen #173

    I totally agree with you and how people have seemed to be quite critical of Pam. If you think about it though, she dated Roy in high school and because he was a pretty controlling guy, I don’t think Pam really had a chance to grow up and find her voice. Now that she has I think she’s blossomed into a confident, happy, competitive, funny woman and I absolutely love it!

  166. Pam isn’t going to stay the same over 5 years. She’s changed a lot,but isn’t that expected?

    a few things I think is necessary to say was amazing:
    1) Michael can’t say issue correctly lol
    2) When will Dwight get it right? I was loving that moment.
    3) Mose is great. I love andy and him in the back.
    4) hahah I felt so bad about Andy stepping in that poop.
    5) “You are the silent killer.”
    6) Pam saying “it is so on.”
    7) All of the lines related to Burlington
    8) [Looking at watch]”Oh god. That’s my phone.”

  167. Jenna Fischer should submit this episode as her best for next season’s award shows, SAG, Emmy’s, etc. She killed it.

  168. After careful consideration, I’m going to have to agree that Pam was not acting out of character. When I first saw this episode, she seemed to be a bit off, but now I understand that she just knows exactly what Michael needs to hear from her. It feels awkward because it is awkward and Michael still believes it. Everyone else had their own tactics. Jim’s 4 copies at the end was perfection.

    Other awesomeness:
    1) Michael: You are the silent killer. Go back to the annex.
    2) Kevin thinks Michael is a math genius after everyone else knows what is going on.
    3) Hank, Mose, and David Wallace
    4) Oscar when Michael tries to demonstrate that they don’t need a new copier: That’s the original
    5) Creed: The balls on you man. (Jim just shakes his head)
    6) Dwight’s directions to Schrute Frams

  169. I totally agree with you #66. I might not tune into the show next week after this episode, and I’ve been a die-hard “Office” fan for years. It’s just not the show I fell in love with anymore. And where oh where has my beloved Pam gone? It’s like Jenna Fischer is guest-starring as Jenna Fischer each week instead of playing Pam.

  170. Thought this was more like the well-written shows of the past. The manure in the kitchen joke was perfect. Interaction of the characters seemed right on target. I can see how people are not happy with Pam’s character. Personally, I think the show should have kept the secret love of Jim for Pam throughout the show, that was the most interesting part of that plot line.

  171. Pam’s not really a bitch guys…her and Jim used to do this kind of stuff all the time just messing around with Michael and their stupid competitions.
    This was a great episode because it reminded me of all the old episodes…focused in the office (except something on Schrute Farms), Michael just wanting to be loved, Stanley with his looks, Creed being weird…all amazing!

  172. Not a strong episode for me. It was the first time since “Branch Wars” that I actually longed for it to be over. I know I’m in the minority so I won’t go into details. The recap at echoed many of my frustrations.

    I just watched the first deleted scene and it was brilliant. If the others are as well, maybe it will change my thoughts about this episode. Here’s hoping…

  173. I DVR’d the show and watched it over the weekend. It was shown full screen, was it not? Bugged me at several points because people were half in the frame. I tried to figure out if I had done something to my remote, but all my saved episodes were fine. Anybody else notice this?

  174. All I can say about Pam is — Damn, she needs a new hairstyle!! Those ridiculous, tight bologna curls hitting her in the face every time her head moves is very distracting. It’s sooooo frumpy and unflattering!! Definitely time for a makeover before the wedding!

  175. I loved this episode. I rated it a ten. The dynamic between Pam and Jim was fun to watch.

    Jim getting chills from Pam’s threat
    Michael choking on the tiramisu twice

  176. I’m surprised no one has mentioned Jim returning from lunch and being so obviously fake laughing at Mike’s joke. They were obviously pushing the limit in the little competition they had going. Just a little one ups manship.

    Oh and John and Jenna, watch out, if the writers give you more little kisses like those two, you two will be in trouble. Those look WAY harder to fake than the big wrap around kisses.

  177. Ok, so Pam was joking when she threatened Jim? I’ve always loved Pam, but I didn’t like that side of her. I thought it was out of character. But if she was joking, then it was totally in character and I’m fine with it! And I loved how Jim got back at her with the copies.

  178. Smudgy- It was a little bit of both.
    she was joking, but she meant it, in a way, too. Anyhoo, that part was great. Literally one of the best scenes of the season!

  179. great episode, i wish andy dwight and angela were at the office instead of schrute farm, they could have contributed greatly to the shenanigans that were going on in the office, enough with that love triangle already, so stale. pam seemed out of character in this episode as well. other than that, a great great episode.

  180. I love the office but ever since the strike the episodes were not as good as season 2 and 3. This episode brought me back to season 2 quality it was the best by far in the last 2 seasons.

  181. Does anyone know what pam said when she was making copies and the copier is not working right? She pushes down on the top and mumbles something. What was it??

  182. I feel that Pam changing a lot and Pam completely altering at a finger-snap are two different things.

    It’s an objective, founded criticism.

  183. They should have kept Dwight, Andy and Angela in the office, that subplot was useless looking back. With it gone they could have had an episode that involved the entire episode with one story, we haven’t seen that for a long time. I liked that but the Schrute farm stuff ruined it for me. Plus with the third deleted scene in this would have been a great episode.

  184. I absolutely disliked this episode so much and seriously, when I watched it, I was beginning to question the show after a slightly less horrible, ‘Frame Toby’. The Dwight-Angela-Andy subplot was pointless, Pam was OOC, and even the A plot was really not that incredible. The best line was definitely, “You are the silent killer. Go back to the annex.” Otherwise, very disappointing episode.


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