The Office: Frame Toby, 5.09

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The Office Frame Toby

Writer: Mindy Kaling, Director: Jason Reitman

Summary (NBC): A mysterious person in the office has made a huge mess in the microwave and will not clean it up. Michael comes to terms with the fact that there have been certain personnel changes in his staff without his knowing.

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  • Jenna Fischer talks about the clown painting in her MySpace blog.

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In a poll conducted Nov. 20-24, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.59/10

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The Office Frame Toby quotes

Angela: Are you swallowing them whole? You’re eating them so fast, are they even touching your tongue?

Dwight: Pastry cubes made of sugar and fat?

Michael: No, God, please, no! Nooooo!

Michael: Look at him. With his stupid face. Stupid … tan.

David: Do you know what 911 means?

Michael: That’s true. People say it’s icky.

Michael: I have cause. It is because I hate him.

Andy: I got peepers of an eagle.

Kevin: So Jim, you’re going to live in the same house that you used to pee the bed in?

Andy: You’re in for a spanking, my friend. Myself and my lady? — no secrets.

Creed: We should hang out by the quarry and throw things down there.

Andy: The note is way more obnoxious than the mess.

Meredith: Get off your high horse, Richie.

Michael: Well, Mr. Kurt Russell, you are about to be served.

Michael: Nice beaches? Pristine beaches?

Michael: That is like trying to be friends with an evil … snail.

Michael: I feel like Neve Campbell in “Scream II.”

Dwight: I love catching people in the act. That’s why I always whip open doors.

Dwight: Men find me desirable.

Dwight: It’s a good day, too. I’m wearing my mustard shirt.

Pam: Are you inching away from me?

Pam: “Please hug and kiss me, no matter how hard I struggle. I’m too shy to tell you that I love you.”

Kelly: Punch him, Toby!

Dwight: It’s illegal, but … everything they do on ‘The Shield’ is illegal.

Dwight: I framed a raccoon for opening a Christmas present. And I framed a bear for eating out of the garbage.

Michael: Sometimes the ends justify the mean.

Leo: What makes you think we’d have weed?

Pam: I guess that’s why we have a temp, huh?

Dwight: My name is Andy Bernard. Andrew Bernard, that’s my name. See you soon.

Creed: Just pretend like we’re talking until the cops leave.

Toby: I didn’t put caprese salad in my drawer, Michael. Did you?

Michael: You think I framed you, and you’re worried about the taxpayer?

Michael: Welcome back, jerky jerk face.

Ryan: Let’s have sex one more time. And if you have any extra cash, that would be amazing.

Pam: You bought me a house!

Pam: Do we have to sleep in your parents’ bedroom?

Dwight: No, I go for the chandelier. It’s priceless.

Dwight: It’s her father’s business. She’s Tiffany.

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  1. I was so scared that Pam wouldn’t like the house. But it was SO CUTE at the end. And the art studio was so thoughtful and adorable.

  2. Wow, did not know Ryan and Dwight could reach such levels of, how you say? ass-ishness. Not cool.

    But Jim was pretty suave with the art studio though. Cute!

  3. That was a very good episode compared to the rest of Season 5. Best scenes: Creed scared of the cops and Dwight at the end. Worst scene: sappy new house scene between the now cliched, sitcom-y Jim and Pam.

  4. WOW!!!

    i was nervous Pam wasn’t gonna like the house
    but i had the biggest smile across my face when she said she did :)

  5. Hilarious cold open. I really thought Pam was going to be upset over the house but her reaction was the total opposite which was great!

  6. Did anyone else notice the boom mic’s cable coming into the top of the frame when Jim was talking to Pam in the garage/art studio? I doubt it was intentional, but I also find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t spot it when editing.

    “That seems mean…but sometimes the ends justify the mean.” Hilarious and smart line! Very nice episode, yay Mindy and Jason!

  7. I love how the writers keep trying to fool JAM fans into thinking that there might be trouble brewing, only to reveal to our delight that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about! Jim and Pam are perfect together and are completely on the same page. They are both small town people at heart (I lived in New York for three years and Boston for two but was thrilled to move back to Michigan to be with my fiance) and they have the same dreams. Love it!

  8. Best episode this season. I was rolling on the floor laughing with my wife. The Office is back in fine Season 2 form! Not too serious, with some amazing jokes.

    -Michael’s discovery of Toby
    -Racoon who opened a Christmas present
    -Are you inching away from me?
    -I’ve got peepers of an eagle
    -Friends from high school. Well, a high school.

    Writers, Mindy Kaling, hats off. Keep this up you guys!!

  9. Good episode, not the best, but good. My favorite part was when Jim was giving the tour of the house at the beginning (to the cameraman)

  10. I’m in love with this season; it’s just getting better and better…

    $500 ‘weed’ with mozzarella mixed in;
    Dwight saying, “I am wearing a mustard shirt”;
    Pam giving it back to Ryan, the temp;
    JAM (’nuff said);

    Best line of the night, Creed hands down with (something like) “Let’s act like we’re talking until the cops leave”. Loved how he put his hands behind his head when the cops walked by. :)

    Poor Toby…

  11. I could hardly breathe when Jim was showing Pam the house – my heart was hurting for him, I thought she didn’t like it!!!! Michael was so funny in the cold open – that was awesome.

    seriously, toby looked a little…dead. he needs a tan!!

  12. #10: Actually, Matty, I think that was a cord attached to the garage door. At first I thought it could be the mike but at closer inspection it looked like a handle to pull the door down. :)

  13. Not a great episode, but certainly not bad. I have to admit I was hoping for something a little better for Toby’s return episode. More character interaction. “Toby’s back” is enough of a plot for a great Office episode, without the whole frame angle. But I won’t complain, it was still pretty funny.

  14. #19: Going back and watching that JenJenMo, I think you’re right. The editors and DPs know what they’re doing :[].

  15. In my opinion, this was the most lackluster episode so far. Badly written (the microwave thing, and what about Toby breaking his neck?). The last scene with Dwight wasn’t funny and Ryan’s character is extremely tiring and not interesting. Last week’s was so good, but this week was totally different.

  16. Great episode…although I was hoping for an ending to the microwave plot line. And I’m glad Pam liked the house, I was scared for a second!

  17. Awesome episode! Creed being scared of the cops was perfection, the cold open was high-larious (did ya catch what I did there? Did ya? Marijuana/ caprese salad… high…? I’m ridiculously witty) sugary JAM moments with a sprinkle of nervousness… All I missed was a good TWSS…

  18. Hey what was the deal with not finishing what Darryl did after Kelly broke up with him?

    Oh and there hasn’t been any that’s what she saids in TWO episodes? why aren’t the writers putting them in, it’s my favorite part!

  19. When I saw that Mindy wrote the episode, I knew it would be an A or an A+, but I completely forgot that there is an A++.

    Well done, Mindy! I loved it! The best line HAD to be Creed’s “We’re just going to pretend we’re talking till the cops leave.”

    Oh, and can I just say again that I am completely and utterly in love with Jim Halpert! The last scene was honest and beautiful!

  20. Finally, after seasons of Lee and Gene’s scenes getting cut from the episode, they finally made it! Definitely the high point for me.

    I also loved the note on the microwave, especially since I’ve gotten really addicted to

  21. I really think the writers missed a great story line with the microwave. What could have been a huge office conspiracy turned into nothing by the end. Disappointing. Toby’s return could have been more of an impact for the staff as well. Great season so far and great story line, but I guess they could have used two episodes instead of cramming two into one.

  22. like Dwight’s twin, the Office should resorb 30 Rock and claim the 9 o clock time slot. I imagine that so many scenes were edited so that the show could meet the 22 minute restriction. i felt like I watched a trailer for the episode. Great episode though.

  23. @ Andy:

    What about Toby’s neck? He said he broke it when he first got to Costa Rica (which was a WHILE ago). It healed up.

  24. Too many reaches, and I don’t remember laughing. The way the framing went down was neither believable nor funny, and you’ve got to pick at least one.

  25. Worst episode of the season. Very disappointed in the Toby scenes and I thought that the Jim/Pam house storyline fell kind of flat. I give it a 5 out of 10.

  26. I am rarely disappointed with The Office but I was disappointed tonight. I thought Toby’s return had so much potential. I thought Michael buying “weed” was over the top, even for The Office. The lack of resolution for the microwave mess plot was disappointing also. I did enjoy the JAM moments. There were some great talking heads in this episode also (Michael, Dwight, Creed).

  27. Tonight’s episode was hilarious. I was glad to see Toby back in the office and Michael trying to frame him. Any time Michael and Dwight work together, you know it’s going to be brilliant.

    The JAM stuff was sweet as usual. I would like see if they are able to remove the clown picture from the wall.

    I loved Meredith’s line about the microwave and Creed’s reaction to the police arriving.

    Great job Mindy and Jason.

  28. #10 and #19, even if it was a boom mic, this is the one show that can get away with it, since they are supposed to have a camera crew following them around and making a documentary.

  29. ahh! that was SUCH a good episode! not as good as the last few weeks, but still…. I almost started to cry when Pam was like “I can’t believe you bought me a house!” I agree with what some other people said about Toby’s return having a greater impact on the people in the office. oh well.

  30. Another good episode of The Office! I would probably put it in my top 3 of the season. I didn’t really understand the point to the microwave storyline but still a very funny episode. Dwight explaining his perfect crime was classic.

  31. some of you said that Toby coming back should have had a greater impact on the other office members. He had already been back a week and I don’t remember much interaction between him and the other people before he left. Usually it was someone trying to engage him, then Toby doing something to make the situation awkward…or Michael hating on him. Also, I didn’t think Michael trying to buy weed was unrealistic…not for him. If someone didn’t have much of a filter, what might they do with someone they disliked? Bad grammar aside, I still really miss Holly. Last thing, Dwight had a reason to hate Toby too–he lied about the special file in NY, so he’s not an as*

  32. 5 of out 10 for this one. Just didn’t laugh and the whole drug thing with Toby was just stupid. What happened with the whole microwave story? What was the purpose of it – just so Pam could have the exchange with Ryan? I dunno – it just fell kinda flat tonight.

  33. I liked tonight’s episode. I enjoyed the indirect references to Drug Testing with the guys from Vance Refrigeration. I did find the microwave story to be a little slow and partial. I loved how Jim was converting the garage into an art studio. That was sweet. But Pam did seem a little unconvincing that she really liked the house. I would like to see more wedding plans for her and Jim in the future.

  34. Honestly, it wasn’t my favorite episode. I thought the weed stuff and almost getting Toby arrested went a little too far. It’s hard to see how Michael could not have serious consequences result from that. Plus the microwave mess just suddenly dropped out of the episode, and I didn’t like Pam at all in this until the very end. I found it irritating that she was suddenly anal and didn’t fit in with the office at all – she used to be the one that knew everyone the best! I especially didn’t like how psycho she got at Jim when he wasn’t reacting like she wanted over the whole microwave stuff.
    But the episode did have its good points. I loved Creed and I loved the beginning when Michael found Toby. And the JAM/House seen was very excellent. So I don’t think it was the worst, but it definitely wasn’t the best.

  35. I really liked this episode. It wasn’t a total laugh out loud kind of episode but I realize that not every episode will have me rolling on the floor laughing.
    And I know that many people are getting sick and tired of the Jim and Pam storyline but…. thank goodness that I am not one of them because I LOVED where the writers are taking this. Like someone else said, they wanted to make us think that something bad was in the future for Jim and Pam but I saw none of that today.
    I loved how Jim admitted that he was in the wrong by not including her in the decision in buying the house but Pam knows that every thing Jim does he always has her in his mind. And the whole garage/studio for her was pretty smooth too.
    Amazing job Mindy, Jason and Co.

  36. I just love the fact of how much Michael hates Toby. It is one of my favorite parts of the show. I loved, loved, loved Holly, but the hatefulness and the spite that goes between Michael and Toby is just drug reference made me think of drug testing of season two and i was maybe hoping for some urine in this episode. Does that make me sound weird?

  37. I thought it was a great episode!! All the haters are cracking me up, because they have no real reason to hate it!! I have loved the 5th season in full, and can’t wait for the next episode! No comparing this season to past seasons for me.

    10/10 :)

  38. This episode had its moments, but…this season (overall, with the exception of certain moments–and Holly) is just so eh. It doesn’t feel like the same show sometimes.

  39. For some reason, I was thinking Michael was going to try to frame Toby for the microwave mess, but that’s not over-the-top enough for Michael! Still, no resolution. I was thinking it was Kevin.

  40. By far the best episode of the season! Michael vs. Toby is classic stuff and for once, the show wasn’t centered around all of the relationship drama (this is a comedy, after all!). I can deal with a little Pam and Jim every now and then… but some of the episodes this season have been heavy on the drama side, light on the comedy side. This show was the one I’ve been waiting for…

  41. I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode this season, I even loved Ben Franklin back in season 3. That being said, this episode just did not gel well. With everyone back in the office (Ryan, Pam, Toby) it should have felt like the family was back, whatever shift in dynamic is there, it should have gelled. It felt like a BAD rehash of Drug Testing. And Michael is off and it isn’t playing into the story.

  42. The best part was the Jam moments…Michael went too far with Toby this time..

    However, the funniest part was when Creed said to Jim that maybe they should go to the quarry and throw stuff in it lol I could soooo picture Creed doing that!!

  43. People seem to really have a problem with the microwave storyline, and I don’t see why. Everyone’s been constantly saying that the show should stop being so relationship oriented, and have more office antics. This is exactly what that was. And the best part is that it is so realistic. I can totally see one person getting peeved at his or her co-workers for something as simple as that. I like seeing everyday happenings in the office. It doesn’t always have to be so dynamic, because that’s just unrealistic.

  44. Favorite moments:

    Michael saying, “I feel just like Neve Campbell in Scream 2” –his movie references are always pitch-perfect left-field pathetic-ness;

    Angela being the one who “liked” Pam’s note

    Kelly saying, “Ok”, to Ryan as he dumps her but asks for cash and sex one more time!

  45. Michael was too mean to Toby. Usually Michael is redeemed, but not tonight. The JAM was great! I thought that Pam wouldn’t like the house, it was a much appreciated surprise. Creed was great…I always had a suspicion that he was a drug dealer…

  46. I felt like this was kind of like holding the pizza boy hostage last season. Michael figured out way too late in the game that he was out of line. He is simply blinded by his hate for Toby. Also, wouldn’t faking a drug tip have serious consequences?

    This is the second week in a row when I have not been into the Michael storyline. Loved Ryan and Kelly, loved Jim and Pam, loved Dwight. I wish there was more resolution to the microwave thing (though I imagine it’s in the deleted scenes), I don’t think it’s out of character for Pam to want the mess cleaned up. As a former employee of a place that often had a disgusting microwave, I was always frustrated that people couldn’t clean up after themselves, and I’m not the cleanest person around all the time.

  47. Sorry if this has been posted already, but were the “drug dealers” the “pull your pud” guys from the Valentine’s Day episode, from Season 2 I think?

    [from tanster: yes. also known as Office writers extraordinaire Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky.]

  48. I thought it was the worst episode of the season. That said, still PHENOMENAL! How does something as serious as a frame attempt just go away like that? A lot of disconnections and dropped balls

  49. By far, the best/funniest part of the show was Dwight at the end with his “prefect crime!” What a return to classic Dwight. “Her name was Tiffany.” I could not stop laughing.

  50. #61oogabooga – i had the same problem. I think he says, “Yeah, I can’t. Really can’t move him.”
    I kept waiting for him to show her the terrace! Is there a terrace?!

  51. I loved the open when he was just yelling, the fact that they cut him off in the middle of a scream was hilarious. Also when he tried to act like he was happy to see Toby but just couldn’t quite get it. Priceless. Loved the house stuff too.

  52. I’ve been pretty critical of the show lately (until just recently), but I have to confess: I LOVED this episode. Soooooo very different from the show I knew and loved in Season 2, but still excellent and funny in its own way. The cold opening was amazing. Actually, anytime Steve screams it is hilarious.

    My favorite parts were the little lines that came and went and were weaved throughout the conversations. I’d have to rewatch it to remember them all, but my favorite one was from Dwight: “I framed a raccoon for opening a present, once. I framed a bear for eating from the trash.” (or something along those lines). Brilliant. Creed was great too. And the editing was top notch, but I’m not sure if that had more to do with the director (great job, Jason!). I enjoyed Jim a lot more this episode. He wasn’t nearly as smug as past episodes this season. He reminded me a lot more of Tim from the original series (Tim lived with his parents). I liked seeing that softer side more than the knight in shining armor we’ve seen from him the past few seasons.

    I don’t know exactly what nailed this episode for me, but it is definitely my favorite episode in a long time. Great job, guys!

  53. I think Pam’s face during the “you bought me a house” segment was the most believably happy I’ve ever seen any actress. It was from the inside out. Good job, Jenna!

  54. If I had been having a drink of water when Andy said he and Angela have no secrets, I would have spit it out onto my TV screen! Bwah! If only Andy knew!!

    I was all ready for Pam to hate the house, so it was just neat when she actually loved it. And I like how she, like Jim, was uncomfortable with sleeping in what was his parents’ bedroom. It was sweet in a dorky sort of way.

    And Michael trying to be nice to Toby but almost losing it completely was priceless! And Creed! “Just make it look like we’re talking until the cops are gone.” Classic Creed, I say. ;-)

  55. This episode just reminds me of how much Ryan needs to go… Keep writing BJ, but Ryan can go to Antarctica for all I care.

  56. #61 & #68

    Jim: Yeah, I am really sorry about this. I tried to move it, but he is really nailed in there. Worried about art theft, I guess. A lot of art thieves in this neighborhood.

  57. disappointed in the episode. season 5 overall has been much funnier.. I agree with the others who said the microwave plot fell flat, and I really wasn’t feeling the Jim/Pam house scene, either. it felt really forced at the end.

  58. I enjoyed it except for the Jim/Pam stuff, as has been my theme of the season. Really Jim? Buying a house without her knowing? I did NOT agree with Phyllis that is was romantic. Yikes. And really Pam? Just accepting it? As a 20-some woman, I’d be extremely upset even if I liked the house. I just didn’t like that Pam was okay with the fact that she had no input on a HUGE decision in their lives. It reminded me of her in her “Roy days.”

    I was glad to see the Michael-Toby hate again. That never gets old to me. I love whenever Michael pretends to like Toby and he just can’t get through it.

  59. #61 & #68

    Jim: Yeah, I am really sorry about this. I tried to move it, but he is really nailed in there. Worried about art theft, I guess. A lot of art thieves in this neighborhood.

    Nevermind! I forgot about that last exchange, too excited that Pam loved the house!

  60. Loved this episode. The microwave plot was hysterical. At my office, people always get far more ticked off about the passive aggressive scolding note left for whoever committed the kitchen “crime” that they do about the crime itself!
    I thought Jim buying a house for Pam was sweet and seemed in line for him–he’s made big, spontaneous, romantic gestures in the past(Casino Night; proposal at the rest stop). Pam is young and broke and I can see why she is so happy that her boyfriend bought her a house, even if it isn’t fancy. Jenna’s acting was superb. Great realistic and funny prop work on Jim’s parents house too! (It totally reminded me of the first cruddy lil’ house my husband and I bought! Except our shag carpet was lime green!)

  61. ” l framed a racoon for opening a Christmas present”:
    this show has superior genes.

    Toby Flenderson!

  62. Oh! and l forgot to tell that 2 days ago l discovered this website called -passive aggressive notes- it’s just hysterical, and l think l saw Pam’s note there too;-).
    Haha that idea is brilliant because everybody can trully relate to that situation.

  63. Crime Aid & Customer Survey are still my faves of this season, but this was a solid episode.
    1) Cold open – hilarious how Michael thought Jim was pranking him, then he turns around & sees Toby; Michael’s facial expression is just priceless.
    2) Jim turning the garage into an art studio for Pam
    3) Creed! ’nuff said.
    4) Michael looking out his office blinds at Toby – just like the time he & Dwight looked out at Holly. Only Michael will never come around to liking Toby haha.
    5) Pam’s zinger at Ryan

  64. Great episode!! I am normally not a Toby fan but the Michael/Toby talking head was HILARIOUS!! :) And how can anyone NOT like the JAM scene…it was SO SWEET and romantic!! He made her an art studio and everything! I LOVED it!! And I LOVE that Pam LOVED IT!! :) GREAT JOB!!

  65. Does anyone else think that Jim/John looked unbelievably amazing when he did the audience tour through the house. That man should seriously only ever wear a gray t-shirt. Wow!

  66. I like watching The Office because it is slightly uncomfortable and yet humorous. This episode….not so much. The microwave scenes fell flat (with the exception of the Ryan and Pam discussion.) Toby’s return was just odd and not at all funny (with the exception of Michael’s NO! NO!) Love Jim and Pam or hate them, they saved the day on this episode. Their new house scenes were slightly uncomfortable and yet funny.

  67. FINALLY!

    This was the episode I have been waiting for all season! Call me old fashioned, but I like my office IN the office. Things just feel right when everyone is back where they should be (Toby and Pam). Good job Mindy! Excellent episode. As of last week I was debating giving up on this show.

  68. Wow…lots of different opinions on this episode; all over the map. I for one, loved it!

    However. Has anyone addressed the Michael’s money situation? Last season he was flat broke/almost bankrupt. Now, he’s got 2K to take to Canada (deleted scene) and at least 500 bucks in his wallet on a day to day basis. Are we to assume that it was just Jan who was causing the money issues?

  69. I like this episode. It seemed a bit choppy in areas, but on the whole, it progressed and ended on a happy note. JAM isn’t my favourite part of the show, but I like it specifically for the fact that their relationship is so real, unlike the make up and break up plot lines for the core relationship of a show.

    I like that The Office is able to keep a couple happy while still keeping the tension between them alive in other ways: ie. Pam at art school, Jim buying the house.

    Their relationship is very real.

  70. Another good episode. Not quite as good as the last two episodes, but it was still really good. And besides, anytime Lee and Gene make it into an episode, it’s comedy gold. 9/10 for me.

  71. I was crying I was laughing so hard when Michael compared himself to Neve Campbell in Scream 2!!!

  72. Not a bad episode, but easily my least-favorite of the season. Some of the Toby stuff just didn’t do it for me. Who knows, maybe it was the inconsistencies that drew me out. Michael not noticing Toby coming and going and working for a week?! Creed doing a talking head about the police when we see the cameras on them their entire visit? Oh well. I think I’ll like it better with time and as part of a whole as I’ve done with previous episodes (Phyllis’ Wedding, four hour-long’s to start Season Four).

    Loved the ending bit as I, just before seeing the garage door open, thought, “he’s set it up already because he’s that awesome.” Good stuff.

    Best line: Dwight’s Perfect Crime. So reminiscent of his Perfect Woman and Perfect Date speeches, and so Dwight.

    Best little moment: Michael’s barely-paying-attention “Me too,” after Dwight mentions already whipping open doors. Steve Carell continues to impress.

    Two week break now. Ugh.

  73. 62/cebbitt – I was thinking exactly the same thing! Creed was fantastic in this episode. And the microwave thing did make me laugh because stuff like that happens all the time in our breakroom. Right now there is an empty milk jug that I am refusing to fill… P.S. Absolutely loved Pam’s slam of Ryan – you go girl!

  74. Am I the only one who is BEYOND ready for Ryan to leave the show? In Season One he was a halfway decent character who had some awkward funny moments, then he devolved into a smug, arrogant jerk with no redeeming qualities. (The exception? The bruised humanity he showed in “Night Out.”) And his “relationship” with Kelly makes him look like an even bigger jerk and her look like a simpering wet rag. No offense to BJ Novak, but Ryan’s worn out his welcome.

  75. what was Pam heating up in the microwave? It looked like pineapple juice.

    I loved the microwave storyline because it’s so typical of any office, just like messing with the thermostat, writing on the bathroom wall, using another microwave because your normal one smells like popcorn, getting upset when they take your favorite snack out of the vending machine, getting annoyed when your coworker’s stuff floats over the line onto your desk, etc….it’s all classic and I love when they “go there”….I was just disappointed that there was no ending to this storyline. It would have been SO EASY to have a 15 second ending with Creed putting something gross in the microwave, watching it explode, then exiting the room stealthily.

  76. Another great, funny, wonderful episode. And Gene and Lee made an appearance! It’s always great to see them.

    The cold open was hilarious. Kudos to the editors who cut off one of Michael’s “noooo’s” and went straight into the opening titles. (Was that Paul cracking up when Steve freaked out?) Jim and Pam forever tug at my heartstrings with their lovely sweet story. Another generation of Halpert will grow up in that house. What those walls will see.

    Speaking of walls, I’ve created my own backstory about the clown picture. Either Mr. Halpert loved it so much and got tired of Mrs. Halpert taking it down, that he superglued and nailed it to the wall. Or – a big time clown picture prank was played by the Halpert brothers against Mom. Either one – that clown picture was not a deliberate interior design choice. I’m guessing the original Mrs. Halpert despaired over it as much as the future Mrs. Halpert did when she walked up and took an eyeful of that…thing.

  77. I thought this was an ok episode overall (6/10). I thought Oscar’s reaction to the note on the microwave was out of character for him. I was also anticipating that FNB would not be happy with Jim buying a house without consulting her first. It does seem to harken back to the old Pam of season’s 1-2 where Roy called the shots and she let him. In no way do I think Jim’s intent is to control her, but to give her what he thinks she wants and what will make her happy. Apparently Jim’s instincts were right (and mine were wrong!) because she did seem to be happy about it.

    I wish the episode would have included more information about Toby’s return (like, why did he get rehired at DM, how could he be back without Michael knowing, how did everyone else in the office react when he returned?)

    And, having no resolution to the whole microwave plotline was weird.

  78. I think that was some sort of egg substitute that she was going to heat up.

    Second best episode this season, behind the sales review episode from two weeks ago.

  79. I thought it was great! Michael’s freak out in the cold open, the Scream 2 reference, buying weed from the Vance Refrigeration guys was hysterical. How Dwight also framed Andy in a way, and Creed getting nervous when he saw the cops. And I can’t stand Ryan. I feel bad for Kelly. And I’m so happy Pam totally shot Ryan down with the temp comment haha.

    I LOVE JAM so so much! I’m really happy she was happy about the house. I thought for a moment she was gonna break up with him toward the end there. Aw!!! :D

  80. I think that Steve should submit this episode for his Emmy nod. He was classic. The episode wasn’t my favorite, and I think that the writers are getting a little crazy with the Jim/Pam stuff, but it still had some great moments. God, Steve really deserves an Emmy, even if they usually go to ‘straight up funny, with no dimension’ characters, this was priceless!

  81. Jim said his parents’ house was on Linden, but in an earlier episode, when they were listing emergency contacts, didn’t he give a totally different address for Larissa Halpert?

  82. Loved this episode – definitely my favorite of the season so far. It was great to see where Jim grew up and I was so happy that Pam was happy! I love the episodes that focus on the office. I feel like this episode was a return to the realism that characterized the british office and the first two seasons of the american office. I love how much Michael hates Toby, seemingly for no reason. Great job!

  83. I loved this episode! I’m really surprised to see so much criticism. But that’s ok…

    I can totally relate to Pam’s problem with microwave mess. I am totally that person who leaves notes telling people not to be so gross.

    “We should hang out by the quarry and throw things down there.” -My favorite thing Creed has ever said.

  84. Oh, man, The Office has been on fire lately. I have loved every single episode this season, and it just keeps getting better and better. Ryan! Such a little conman. And Jim and Pam continue to be the cutest couple ever, even with creepy clown paintings in their new house. I loved the microwave plot. Totally something that’s happened in my office. And hurrah for Toby being back!

  85. Why…were they eating brownies in the first place? It seemed like there was some reason they were all in the conference room together.

  86. I really did NOT like the episode because I thought that it was absurd. The reason why I like the office is because it really reflects on issues that happen often in a office and even though I did like the whole plot about leaving the microwave dirty (something that always happens at an office LOL) I did not like Michael´s reaction to Toby being back. I liked it better when his hatred would peek through and not be so obvious and illegal (wouldn´t Michael get in trouble for trying to frame someone for pot). I am a BIG Michael fan, but the whole show was sooo unrealistic.

  87. #109: I’m sure it was the PPC’s welcome back for Toby.

    Great Episode! I still wanna know who did the microwave. I don’t think it was Phyllis, she was eating a salad.

    And the house is cute! Can’t wait to see how they fix it up.

  88. Yeah, I laughed but I thought there was a lot missing from this episode. Why the brownies? What happened to the microwave? How *could* Michael not see Toby for a week? I mean it was all funny, I just felt like there were a lot of stories we didn’t see here.

  89. The only part i liked in this episode was michael’s reaction to seeing toby and him trying to get Wallace to fire him

  90. Ok… Dwight’s quote “I love catching people in the act. That’s why I always whip open doors” was probably the funniest thing I’ve heard all season. I almost died laughing, really.

  91. I agree with the thought that on one hand, I loved the microwave and house story lines that were more grounded in reality. The whole Michael/Toby storyline was ridiculous, though. I get that Michael will forever irrationally hate Toby but I don’t know… Just over the top for my tastes.

    Side note: Did anyone else notice on the NBC website that under the Season 5 highlights, the clip of Jim and Pam touring their house from this episode, the caption right now says “Jesus has a surprise for Pam.”? I laughed hysterically reading that one! I mean, I love Jim Halpert as much as the next girl but Jesus? I thought the clip was going to be some deleted scene where Angela left Pam a note about how Jesus doesn’t appreciate something she had been up to… Haha.

  92. I’m totally fine with them not “resolving” the microwave subplot, as in finding out who did it, because that’s more realistic (not that I would’ve complained if they did find out who did it). It’s believable that no one would bother finding out who did it, and it’s also believable that the cameramen wouldn’t somehow manage to catch it. However, I do think the “Pam’s letter” aspect of the subplot kind of went nowhere. It’s hard to say what needs more time and what doesn’t on this show, but maybe that did. Of course, there’s a producer’s cut coming up…

    As for Ryan, I think he’s always been despicable, but we (and/or the cameramen) just didn’t notice. He was pretty much always stringing Kelly along, and he always showed signs of being selfish and trying to get ahead without thinking about anyone else. It’s more obvious when you go back and watch the first 3 seasons after seeing what happened in season 4.

  93. Another fantastic episode proving that The Office is still the greatest show on TV! It’s great having Toby back! And I will definitely miss Ryan, but I know we haven’t seen the last of him. Fave line: “I need to purchase something.”.. “A fridge?” LOVE the Vance boys, wish we could see them more often!! Kudos to Mindy!

  94. I found this episode a little uneven — but loved Michael’s reactions, Michael and Dwight scheming, and especially loved that Pam loved Jim’s house — Jim knows his fiance so well!

  95. I didn’t love the episode. I do think one reason Pam loved the house is because when she was with Roy, he wouldn’t so much as set a wedding date after being engaged for so long and now Jim is ready to make steps for the future. Yay, JAM! I didn’t know why Toby was so paranoid when the cops showed up to search his desk. Also, I was thinking maybe Jim was responsible for the microwave mess and that’s why he gave the camera a look and “inched away” from Pam.

  96. The creepy clown picture was possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen. That combined with Dwight’s announcement that men find him desirable made it an awesome episode to me!

  97. I totally thought Michael had made the mess in the microwave. I fully expected the cameras to follow him in to the kitchen and for us to see him putting the brownies he saved for later in the microwave for too long…

    That would have explained both the mess & the microwave… but NOOO..

  98. I LOVED the episode. Best one of the season so far. If you want realistic, go work in a real office, which, believe me, isn’t nearly as entertaining.

  99. Too choppy & a tad flat for me. Coming off of last week’s episode, this one didn’t measure up in my book. Business Trip had me laughing out loud the entire episode. This one, not so much.

    That said, even a bad episode of The Office is a good episode of The Office to me!

    Wanted WAY more from Toby’s return…especially after how amazing Goodbye Toby was!

  100. I was having a look at the two minute replay. When it came to the part where Jim is pulling the “Sold” sticker on the “For Sale” sign, I froze the frame and noticed that there are fake deer in the front yard of Chez Halpert. Add the clown picture and I have to wonder if Jim’s Mom liked yard sales.

  101. i like that they didn’t resolve the microwave issue. i think that is the kind of thing that makes the office feel more realistic and more like a documentary instead of a typical sitcom where they wrap everything up in a nice, neat little package every week. life isn’t like that, tensions flare and then fizzle. people make a big deal out of something and then it never gets resolved. i actually commend the writers and director for dealing with it the way they did.
    i thought this episode was so great, some of the funniest lines and mindy always writes the best pop culture references. also, the cops don’t care. it was a waste of time and they aren’t going to waste even MORE time pursuing it.

  102. 125, Liz-

    That interchange was one of the greatest in the show’s history. Who hasn’t used the “I’d only make things worse” line to get out of doing something? And then to see Pam shoot his excuse down with nothing but simple logic was brilliant.

  103. I loved the episode. It wasn’t as good as Customer Survey or Crime Aid, but I thought there were some classic lines such as “the ends justify the mean.” For those of you who are upset about the lack of resolution in the microwave plot-line, keep in mind the show has done this before without complaints. We never found out who wrote about Michael on the bathroom wall in The Dundies, and we didn’t find out who left the joint in the parking lot in Drug Testing (although it was revealed in the deleted scenes.)

  104. oh also, i love how at the end of the whole thing with framing toby we get this amazing insight into how deeply michael just doesn’t understand toby and how irritating he finds him to his very core. i love that after all that toby talks about wasting the cops time and michael is just flabbergasted. he just does not get toby and he doesn’t know how to deal. in a weird way it also makes me get why michael can’t stand him. i think they balance toby as irritating and sympathetic really well. i just thought that moment was the perfect end to what transpired. it totally diffused the situation and was sort of a non sequitur but in a weird way it wrapped everything up between them.

  105. By far the best episode of the season, maybe the best ever. Especially the last scene with Dwight: priceless.

  106. Best episode of the season so far, and much better than most of Season 4. The opening was hilarious and I was crying from laughing so hard. Just brilliant.

  107. #29: “We never found out who wrote about Michael on the bathroom wall in The Dundies,…”

    Pretty sure we did…. watch the end scene again with Jim & Pam, where they’re sitting on the bench….

  108. thought this was the worst episode so far… just dragged on. i thought pam’s reaction was cute, and i love love love them and want them to be happy, but i was almost disappointed that the fact jim did not ask pam before making a huge decision didn’t have any consequences.

  109. Has anyone at all been able to make out what Jim says in reference to Pam asking about the clown picture? I’ve rewatched it but can’t figure it out. Maybe that he can’t get rid of it yet?

    On another note, I like the episode. I don’t think it was the strongest of the season but it had its moments. Loved the opener and the tag. And Ryan is such a tool… :)

  110. #134 – He says “Yeah… I really can’t move that”.

    Funny. LOVE Jim. Pictured his home life as being a little different though – it seemed more modest and old-school than what I would have expected. It makes me think his parents are really old.

  111. I was a bit weirded out that Jim bought his parent’s house. We have never met Jim’s parents, however, I think that if I purchased my parent’s house, that it would be a touchy situation to want to so quickly overhaul the place, because there is sentimentality. There is a clown on the wall, and it seemed like a kid art project – did one of his brothers do that? It just didn’t seem like he had any sentimentality towards that house. I like that he bought a house for them, but I wish it wouldn’t have been his parent’s –too much history.

    Other than that, the Dwight talking head at the very end was one of the best Dwight moments ever. I <3 Dwight.

  112. I felt like the microwave storyline was resolved. That was the whole Pam/Ryan scene. It’s exactly like Ryan said: It doesn’t matter who made the mess (no one’s going to fess up). And if you leave a note, or send an email, or whatever, at some point-someone’s going to just have to clean it up. That’s how it truly is in a real office. I think the whole point of that incident wasn’t “Who did it?” but rather “What happens in these situations?”

    Anyways….best part of the episode was Dwight’s dream at the end….he’s suck a dork! : )

  113. #136 – just because it belonged to his parents doesn’t mean he grew up there. i don’t remember – did they say whether or not he did?

  114. Hmmm with Toby back I thought this would be a great episode. Michael and Toby have had some hilarious interactions in the past, but this whole episode was just dull. Seems like they’re looking too deep into storylines rather than comedy. I’m really starting to cringe everytime there’s a Jim/Pam scene. They were better when they weren’t together. More Creed/Kevin/Stanley!

  115. #135: Jim’s brothers seems much older than he is (especially the bald one), so it seems pretty plausible that his parents are older than you’d expect. I loved how ugly-retro the house was and that his parents clearly hadn’t changed anything since he was a kid. Totally reminded me of what my family’s house looked like when we first moved there.

  116. I never realized until now how much “work” Toby and Pam give Michael to do. After “Business Trip” I was ready to see a show that is mostly or entirely within the office itself. I also love it when Michael and Dwight cook up a scheme of some sort. They really can act like 2 knuckleheads when they’re together. Michael has been a little more serious this season, but last night he more or less reverted to his old ways. Overall, a fun time.

  117. I thought the whole scene with the cops was a little too far fetched. I mean…who would really mistake basil for weed? Kinda lame.

    Also…I hate Ryan. Should have written him off and kept B.J. on as a writer.

    I’m glad Toby is back, but I hope Holly can be in a few more episodes. She was really fantastic!

  118. good ears receptionitis29. now did you hear what ryan is saying to kelly while they are making out in the annex before toby walks up? i am quoting the episode for office quotes and i just cannot make it out!

    this episode had the best cold open and tag. steve played the opening so so well and the dwight ending was classic. i love that he has spent time coming up with these things; his perfect woman, perfect date, perfect crime. i crack up imagining him thinking about these things in case he ever needs to know or finds himself in that situation or something. also the line about whipping open doors to catch people in the act and michael’s weird distracted response was a really great moment.

  119. I didn’t notice this at first but the house is supposedly in a bad neighborhood so I guess Jim’s family didn’t have a lot of money when he was growing up. I thought that was interesting.

  120. When Jim is showing Pam the master bedroom and he says something like “we’re really not allowed in there,” is he joking? Where are his parents living now?

  121. loved the episode! best parts: the cold opening, Michael buying salad from Leo, when he’s SURE that it’s weed, and Dwight’s speech at the end. priceless.
    The jim and pam scene at the end was really cute, I was sure that she would hate the house. I just hope that Jim will build the terrace upstairs :)

  122. I think the clown picture is a metaphor for where their relationship is headed. I think Pam really wants to like the house and be content with living there with Jim, but there is something holding her back, something out of place. Her love of art and pursuing her dream is going to make a quaint life difficult to swallow.

  123. I’m really not feeling this season, I don’t find the show funny anymore.

    Plot line with Jim and Pam is just being milked for cuteness….which isn’t present anymore. Used to love Jim, now, he’s eh.

    Love Ryan and Kelly. She’s so nutso!

  124. Sigh. I didn’t want to admit it at first, but Jim and Pam together is so boring. There is still chemistry but are they ever going to have a fight? I know they’re finally happy to be together but come ON.

    I want to see more Dwight/Angela/Andy triangle. This beet farm wedding set up is brilliant, but where is it all going? It’s obvious why Angela is dating Andy, but how far will she take it? Some great potential there.

    Toby is creepy genius. Ryan needs a kick in the crotch and Kelly needs to do it.

  125. Very good episode. Michael and Jim were both in top form. I didn’t like the microwave part, just because I do not like aggressive, irritated Pam. Confident, assertive Pam is NOT the same. The temp line was great, but otherwise sniping with her colleagues just isn’t in her character. They need to take her back to end of season 3 style…honest, but still playful.

    But the house thing was awesome. I don’t think there’s any doubt Pam DID love the house. Her expression, especially right before kissing Jim, was not one of faking it. I think her reaction at first was just complete surprise, unsure of how to take this. But when he showed her all he did for her, she realized…what’s not to love?

  126. #96- Completely echo your sentiments. No offense to BJ- I’m so sick of Ryan not having ANY redeeming qualities. That’s why I yelled, “You tell him, Pam!” at the TV when she told him off.
    Fun episode! “Neve Campbell/Scream 2” line. Brilliant.

    The house scene was SO good. I was holding my breath afraid Pam wouldn’t like it. Superb acting on Jenna & John’s part.
    People had issues with Jim buying the house without telling Pam. It boils down to two types of people. Some would feel offended they weren’t “included” but I myself, think it was super-romantic of him. And I’m not what you would call a passive woman. In fact I’m quite picky. I mean, c’mon! He bought her a house! His motives came from the heart: to provide a proper home for his wife-to-be, make her feel taken care of, have their own little nest to build together. He was being thoughtful- right down to the art studio. SO sweet. I’m sure it’s the most extravagant thing anyone has ever done for Pam!

    They may run into some problems in the kitchen… I suspect it was Mr. Halpert who made the mess in the microwave!

  127. I love this episode so much. I watched it three times. I don’t think i’ve watched an episode three times since season two.

  128. This was not a good episode. It almost seems like there are different writers each week w/no continuity. For example, what was the point of having Pam fail art school? Adding Holly? and last night’s episode did not make a lot of sense — the microwave subplot did not really go anywhere and neither did the michael/toby subplot. I love the show, but I dunno.

  129. Question: if Toby was in a halo, stuck in the hospital since his first few days in Costa Rica, how did he end up with all those pictures of him boogie boarding and stuff? He said he never saw the ocean…. maybe he just did all that stuff once he got out of the hospital?

    Also, I found it interesting that he didn’t mention to his co-workers that he was laid up in the hospital for months.

  130. I loved this episode, I’ve just watched it 2 times.

    #150, I have a feeling that the beet farm wedding will be the last episode of the season and that all heck will break loose on it.

  131. Call me a sap, but I like seeing Pam and Jim happy. Don’t you guys find yourselves watching old episodes and your gut wrenches for Jim (and then Pam in S3) and then you feel so glad that they are together now?

    I thought Frame Toby presented underlying conflict between them because, now that I think about it, I would bet that Jim made the mess in the microwave. That was on a much smaller scale than the fact that he made a huge decision for their lives without including her and I was nervous for him. How is that boring? Granted, I loved this episode…full of Steve and Rainn in top form, creepy creepy Creed moments and more but I spent the entire episode thinking of how pissed Pam was going to be. I love how she reacted, though. I’m sure he got bonus points for the art studio.

    Anyway, I laughed my butt of and I love happy JAM (with realistic conflict, of course). Something tells me Jim and Pam might have a tiff during The Surplus.

  132. how has no one mentioned “pam-town lady sing this song, doo-dah, doo-dah”?!
    i am so glad pam is back but not because of the pam/jim dynamic. don’t get me wrong, it was really nice to see them together again but i’d also liked seeing forlorn jim again – for old times sake. i really missed pam’s dynamic with the whole office and in particular, michael. michael probably loves pam almost as much as jim, in his own way. and the terrible plays-on-word with her name are the best. i am so glad to have the interactions of michael going up to pam at reception again. and i would be a liar if i said i wasn’t looking forward to a pam and jim prank on dwight soon!

  133. gosh, i haven’t commented this much in a while. i guess i really like this episode!
    i think the microwave story was interesting because, especially after you watch the deleted scene, there may be a little resentment towards pam for leaving. i could see that – in the british office a big part of the characters and the show was this idea that they are sort of stuck in these lives. it’s part of what made the original office darker but i do think there is an element of that in this show. especially this episode. they try to break out but they are all stuck a little in this comfort zone and sort of content with that but also not. so they might resent pam for leaving. it is what makes angela go for andy, this same resigned nature. that is why toby, ryan, pam and jim have all ended up coming back.

  134. #160 SSE: YES! I feel the same way! Those episodes are heartbreaking! I LOVE seeing them happy. If I wanted to watch something with tons of relationship conflict or zero passion, I’d watch a different show. People argue that relationships (especially JAM) shouldn’t be a focus concerning this show, but re-watch the pilot. That element has been there heavily since DAY ONE.
    As for JAM being boring together, they’re SUPPOSED to be ordinary- isn’t that the whole premise of the show? To find the humor in the mundane? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing them have realistic relationship bumps- especially when they’re funny. But I don’t need the “on-again/off-again, will they, won’t they?” drama. And I don’t think it makes sense for them to break up. Both scenarios are just not suiting to their characters. I’m not sure what more people want from Jim & Pam. ??? If they broke up- then what? Two 30-somethings of marrying age who share such history and love just plug away at the office until maybe a third party catches one or the other’s attention? BORING. I like a little romance in my cup of humor!

  135. Absolutely superb episode–packed with so many funny lines I was continually stopping the Tivo to laugh!

  136. RE: Toby’s trip… I am seriously wondering if he photoshopped those pictures to make it look like he had more fun than he actually did. If he’s not going to tell them he was in the hospital, it’s not that far-fetched that he’d make up pictures also… “I hired a local guy to take them.”

  137. Someone might have mentioned this already but after watching the episode a second time I noticed that when Michael came up to the Vance Refrigeration men to buy the ‘grass weed’, I think it was Lee Eisenberg’s character (forget his name), but I saw that he was putting the poppers or whatever they’re called (the things you throw on the ground and they explode) inside the tennis ball. I found that quite an interesting take on what goes inside his mind. Makes you wonder what his intentions were?

  138. i thought this was a terrible episode. i hate toby, but what michael did to him was not cool. mike went way overboard. just a terrible episode.

  139. the evil snail line was my favorite, and of course everything creed..for a while i was completely bummed they outed toby so i’m really glad he’s back

    this was a very good episode :]

  140. I have a NEW theory. I know most of you, as I felt the microwave story kind of fizzled. No resolution. 1) that’s the way it goes in the real world, someone else just gets in there and cleans it up. Hopefully the TEMP. 2) and I just made this up, If it HAD been resolved, Pam would have been more chipper leaving work, reponded to Jim faster about the house. As it was, she was still wrapped up in her bad day, and took a little bit to respond and thus the reveal scene.

  141. 173. Schticky: Great comment/analysis. I like when fans really get into the show. Sure it’s fiction, but fiction can show us a lot about reality. Entertainment can be a good teaching tool, not just a mindless emotional anesthetic or roller coaster. It’s no substitute for studying or life experience, but it can be a nice supplement.

  142. I really thought Pam would hate the house and they’d get into a big fight or something and I was totally dreading that moment, but I knew it was okay when he showed her the garage with the ‘art studio’. That was sweet and I knew she wouldn’t hate it. Anyway, for some reason I’ve learned to appreciate this episode way more after reading everybody’s comments on here. I already liked it, but with other people’s insight it becomes even better. Gotta love Officetally!

  143. Actually, Josh (#159), the wedding site lists the wedding date as Thanksgiving 2009.

    So, I am going to take a leap here and predict NO WEDDINGS in season five.

  144. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this, but it struck me as so funny during Michael and Toby’s TH when Michael said something like, “You said you were leaving and you came back and made huge liars out of all of us.” I thought it was a subtle way of teasing Paul L., because didn’t he say that he was leaving as a character but remaining on the writing/producing part of the show? And then he came back hahaha. Anyway, I found it funny and I am also glad everyone is back at DM :)

  145. You know, guys, there is such a thing as overanalyzing.
    It’s a show. Appreciate it for what it is, because the writers are gonna do what they want. And that’s a good thing. Writers should be having fun with what they do…that’s how we get the funny episodes.

  146. 179. chevy: Fans can have fun analyzing and overanalyzing… this is a site for commenting and getting really into the show. I doubt it bothers the writers.

  147. #97-I was also wondering what Pam is supposed to be heating up! I have watched that part 3 times and I can’t figure it out. It looks like the watery stuff that is at the top of fruit on the bottom yogurt when you open it up…but I don’t know. It does look like pineapple juice too. but why would she be heating any of those things up? Weird.

    I loved this episode, I thought it was great. Michael’s hatred of Toby is one of my favorite parts of the show. Is it ever explained why he hates him so much? Or is it just because Toby is HR and always bugging him?

  148. I know I’m about two years too late to make a comment,but I just rewatched this episode, and I love it.
    @154, I know! I love that Jim and Pam finally are happy together. Season 2 and 3 are so great, but I hated seing them unhappy constantly. Casino Night stands as my all time favourite episode, but the tension is just too much to handle, so after re-watching it, I always have to go to season 4 or 5, just to see that everything works out in the end.
    I love how Jim bought her a house. I love the clown. I love seing them happy. And I love Frame Toby.

  149. This episode is one of my favorites! I love the Michael vs Toby rivalry…it cracks me up everytime, and this was the rivalry at its height I think. Toby = Evil Snail! Love it! LOL

    My favorite part was when Michael threw Toby’s pictures down and tried to get Toby to punch him. CLASSIC!!!

  150. Guys are not really picky about where they live. Girls are. NEVER EVER buy a house without telling your significant other. And, I have NEVER seen a garage with good light. Just sayin.

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