The Office: Todd Packer, 7.18

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The Office: Todd Packer

Writer: Amelie Gillette, Director: Randall Einhorn

Summary (NBC): After many years and motel rooms, Dunder Mifflin traveling salesman Todd Packer is ready to leave the road behind and take a desk job in the office. However, it remains to be seen if Jim, Dwight, Holly, and the rest of the office are ready for Todd. Elsewhere, after his computer freezes for the millionth time, Andy battles office administrator Pam for a new computer. Guest stars: Amy Ryan, David Koechner.

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In a poll conducted February 24-28, 2011, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.21/10

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The Office Todd Packer quotes

Kevin: You’re eating eight year old tomatoes.

Dwight: I ignore your cries and do not let you in. You want to know why?
Jim: Because of the sign that says, “No pounding, no begging.”

Dwight: Kevin will be eaten. Pam will be taken slave. Jim will be made a warlord’s jester. Meredith will do okay.

Jim: 494 months.
Dwight: I could see that happening.
Jim: 495 months.

Packer: Truth is, I got a couple of love bumps on my ding dong.

Michael: It was the best of times, it was the awesomest of times.

Packer: I thought we were meeting Holly today, not Jennifer Aniston.

Michael: Yes! The Pack is back.

Michael: I would like to introduce you to a man who needs no introduction. Probably because most of you have done it with him. Just kidding. He wouldn’t be interested in any of you.

Packer: It’s great to be among friends. Until then, you suckers will do.

Kevin: Nice. We got burned.

Kevin: What don’t you understand about the word “approved”?

Kevin: I have very little patience for stupidity.

Pam: I don’t want to say the other one was old, but its IP number was 1.

Michael: We have been thinking about where Packer should sit, and we can’t just sit around waiting for Creed to die.

Carved under Dwight’s (and Packer’s) desk: Packer was here and so was your mom.

Dwight: Whose dirt box is this?
Holly: That’s our zen garden.
Dwight: What do you grow in here, bullcrap?

Andy: Hey you guys! The Yarmouth Regatta video is up.

Andy: This is a sick computer! Gwen Stefani has this computer!

Andy: If you donated my computer to Africa, it would become famous as the slowest computer in Africa.

Stanley: So something good happening to Stanley is crazy now.

Andy: What, are you gonna play Mahjong faster?

Packer: Three Muske-Queers!

Packer: Since when did you learn how to read?

Dwight: Kevin, in sumo culture, you’d be considered a promising up-and-comer.

Andy: Please make sure nobody is humping me.

Erin: I think the ants are waking up. They need to start farming soon.

Michael: So I’m less funny than not funny at all?

Erin: I think the ants are starting to eat each other!

Holly: Bill Cosby, Steve Martin, Charlie Bit My Finger, Michael Scott. Then all the way down here, Todd Packer.

Packer: The only hot chocolate I’m into is Vivica A. Fox.

Jim: You know you can’t actually poison him.

Dwight: Does Edgar Allan Poe know about that one? So sinister!

Jim: Call Froggy 101, say that we’re the tour manager for Justin Bieber and we’re giving away free tickets. We give them a number to call for the tickets, and it’s his number.
Dwight: Who is Justice Beaver?
Jim: It’s a crime fighting beaver.

Andy: Pretty sneaky, sis.

Ryan: Hey cats, we got a jam session in mods 6, 9, and 12.

Dwight: Number three, “eat a frog.” Number four, “eat a dog.”

Andy: Allow all cookies. Why certainly. Pop-ups? Yes please. Bit torrent streaming from a Somalian music website? Yeah, why not.

Andy (in computer voice): Why are you doing this to me, Andy?
Andy: Because I hate your broke ass!

Michael: You’ve been an outdoor cat. And now you have to be an indoor cat. So you can’t be peein’ all over the walls.

Packer: Michael, can I open the kimono with you?

Packer: Kevin, I am so sorry. You are skinny and you’re a genius.

Michael: Angela loves pussy cats, Packer loves… I was going to say dogs!

Michael: Packer’s going to be here until the day he dies. Just like the rest of us.

Packer: I’m a huge alligator nerd. I can name you every genus, every subspecies. Also, I’m a huge boob nerd.

Andy: Thank you for my garbage computer.

Packer: I’m going to put the ass in Tallahassee.

Darryl: Maybe you can go back down there and see if you can find me some extra sick days.

Pam: I’m full-on corrupt.

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  1. Oh my God. How did I not think about that? Todd Packer would be probably the most perfect pick ever. And that EW article said there was a possibility none of us were thinking of. Veryy interesting….

  2. I think Jim said it best: “What has two thumbs and hates Todd Packer? This guy!”

    I might just skip this episode.

  3. I loved Todd Packer in classic, emmy-worthy office (seasons 2 through kinda-sorta 4). The inappropriate travelling saleman who shows up now and again to a mix of delight and chagrin! Perfect…

    But…his character is like alcohol. A little bit here and there is fun, but have too much, and you’ll end up hung over. I hope this episode is hilarious but not a bridge to a permanent series role. That would be a mistake. They use him correctly now and they’ve already taken great characters and made them devoid of their original hilarity.

  4. What’s up ma nerds?

    Who is going to enjoy this episode of the Office?

    Would love for Packer to take over for Michael

  5. I would keel over if Todd Packer took over– like, I don’t know if I could watch– but I’m bubbling with excitement over the funny that this episode could bring.

  6. To all the Packers haters… The point of Todd Packer is that he is an obnoxious character. Ricky Gervais has stated that in the original version, there were two people we shouldn’t like, Neil (who’s David Brent’s boss in series 2) and Chris “Finchy” Finch, the base for Todd Packer.
    “Finch is a bully, he’s one of those people who comes into a room and takes a piss out of someone else, and you laugh, but really you know it’s your turn next.”

    Finch was very prominent in the original version (he’s featured in half the episodes) and his character brought almost as many uncomfortable laughters as David Brent. But the humor of the character would never test well on an American network (especially if you have to bleep most of his lines) and unfortunately (?), Todd Packer is a watered down version that was much less importance to the situations and that didn’t even appear in an episode between 2007 and 2010. Can they redefine Packer and make him the new boss? I have no idea.
    Incidentally, the interview I quote comes from the Onion AV Club, which was the previous gig of episode writer Amelie Gillette.

  7. I hate Todd Packer and I’m always upset when I see David Koechner (Whammy!) in good movies. His comedy is so…fart-jokey. I almost don’t want to watch this episode.

  8. Finally!!!!! We have a real Packer episode here!!!!! And for the first time, we’re gonna have my real favorite characters, Pam and Andy, mano a mano!!!!!

  9. @ #10 Ramy: HAHA! What?! I don’t get that comparison (are you saying Todd Packer is ageless?), but I like it.

  10. He’s a recurring character who we don’t know too much about, and now in the final season (Well not really but pretty much), we get an episode devoted to him a la “Ab Aeterno”.

  11. I actually hope he stays for a few episodes, at least until Will Ferrell shows up – then all we’ll need is Paul Rudd and life will be perfect!

  12. ‎”Halpert! Tall, queer, handsome as ever. Hey everyone look I’m Jim!” Haha gotta love Packer.

  13. I always found everyone’s reactions to Packer much funnier than the actual character. Their chagrin at having him work with them is going to be good, but I’m not sure a whole episode dedicated to him will be my thing. As Angie (#12) said, small doses are best.

  14. Yes Tiffany, it is, because we would be seeing so much Todd Packer. I may watch this episode, yet it is unlikely.

  15. I just don’t want him to take-over Michael’s position, that will be the greatest mistake ever. To me, he isn’t that funny without Michael around

  16. I empathise with those who are wary of too much Todd. Or any Todd at all for that matter. Yeah, he may be better in small doses.

    Having said that, I wouldn’t mind him taking over from Michael. Remember, the show has said that whoever is the next boss will not have the same starring role as Michael did. He’ll just be another character. And with Michael going, they need someone with some of that manic energy and shock value that Mike will take with him. There’s an overflow of straight/normal characters right now with the addition of Gabe, and the prominence of Darryl. Todd vs Jim, Pam, Angela, Erin, Andy etc. would have great dramatic and comedic potential.

  17. I cannot STAND Todd Packer. I love crass humor but he is so annoying – and not good annoying as some other characters are.

  18. @21 – Todd is such a complete irritant, I love when he swings by because you know it’s going to shake things up. Todd/Angela would be nuts. LOL

    I haven’t been thrilled with this season to date, so I’m hoping he gives it the good swift kick in the rear it needs. I don’t need him to be a regular, but dig what he brings to the party.

  19. I really, really hope they have Paul Rudd show up, it would be soooo perfect. Kind of like Ricky Gervais showing up secretly..just have Paul Rudd show up with the other 3. Afternoon delight!!

  20. Hey, remember Michael’s reaction when Toby came back from Costa Rica?

    That’s my reaction to Todd Packer coming back… -.-

  21. Todd Packer is the most annoying character in the show, but is cool. Everyone will love to hate him.

  22. For Michael, Packer’s a good friend, his best friend. For the rest of the office, a real pain in the ass.

  23. Ughh, seriously? Packer? Whenever he has been on the show, I felt just as annoyed as everyone else in the office. I’ll hope for the best though.

  24. I was worried about this episode because I’m not a Packer fan, however this episode didn’t disappoint. Loved Jim/Dwight, a couple of Jim/Pam moments for us romantics and everyone involved in this episode. They just keep getting better….

  25. I feel like I say this week after week this season but this is one of my favorite episodes of the season. It’s also a highlight for the series. I was nervous because I don’t like Todd Packer but the ep was the total opposite of everything I was afraid of. Very funny and the character interactions were great. Love Dwight/Jim and Pam helping Andy out. Way to go Michael for giving Todd what he deserves!!! Love “full-on-corrupt” Pam!

  26. Not the best of the season, but a solid and overall enjoyable episode. I liked Jim teaching Dwight how to prank someone; nice new dynamic in that relationship.

  27. The Jim/Dwight phone prank saved that episode for me! I was expecting so much more. Oh well, can’t love them all.

  28. Pretty good episode. I loved the drawer prank Jim pulled on Dwight. Oh, and the end where Michael comes to his senses at last about Packer was great – yet another advancement in his maturity/self-awareness.

  29. Best episode in a LONG time, really reminded me why I love this show. Lots of hilarious one-liners all around and I loved seeing Pam in season 2 clothes and hair again, for some reason. Also, Dwight making Kevin feel better about being fat was kind of heart warming in his weird way.

  30. Who’s Justice Beaver? lol

    Another very good episode. I like that this season is ending on a strong note. Hope it lasts after Steve leaves. The Office is good again!

  31. The episode was going well until the end. There’s no way Michael lets his best friend get duped (pretty cruelly) into going to Florida like an idiot just because Holly says he’s a jerk.

    I’m not digging the way they’re doing Michael’s departure. I get the fact that they’re making him “grow up” before he leaves, but it’s not happening naturally when it’s just episode after episode of “Michael and Holly don’t see eye-to-eye, Michael gets mad at Holly because he’s immature, Michael finally sees the error of his ways, Michael and Holly are perfect, Michael grows up.”

    In my opinion, they’re just having him grow up too quickly. What were they doing the past two seasons when they were obviously out of ideas? Michael growing up could have been a great arc if these storylines were more spread out and given time to breathe, but now it just seems like an obvious attempt to wrap up his storyline in the least amount of episodes possible.

  32. i thought the cold open looked familiar… it was filmed last season. there are outtakes from it in the season 6 gag reel!

    all-in-all, a mediocre episode. yeah, i laughed. eh… 6/10.

  33. They actually seem to be adjusting Dwight’s character back to his origins lately, in a great way. In my opinion, he had become too psychotic and erratic recently, but the past handful of episodes have made him more of his old dorky yet self-righteous self that I liked.

    Overall, this episode didn’t go over-the-top with Packer’s crudeness, which I enjoyed. Overall, the story itself didn’t stand out too much, but the humor and one-liners really shined tonight.

  34. @j12: It wasn’t just that Holly said he was a jerk. He tried to persuade Michael to actually ditch the woman he loved with all his heart so they both could play the field and hook up with other (probably slutty) girls in another state. That was clearly more than enough to show Michael that his so called ‘friend’ was nothing more than just an uncaring, heartless, and simple-minded ass.

  35. For a moment, I thought this would be a set-up to make Todd Packer take over as the new boss, in that like Michael Scott, Todd would start to do whatever crazy antics to make people like him.

    But giving him the eff off to Tallahassee is good too!

    Would they attempt to make Timothy Olyphant a permanent salesman too?

  36. #41 – They weren’t given much time for Michael’s exit, so it’s not like they wanted to squeeze everything in.

    Imo, I think the writers have handled Michael just fine and it was just another solid episode. Hopefully the writers keep up the good work and end on a high note.

  37. What was up with the cold open? I swear I’ve seen it in the season six bloopers when Dwight tells Creed “Your skull will be made a soup bowl.” And Pam had season six hair in it too. Anyway, I thought the episode was pretty good. I liked it when Hank smiled haha

  38. Incredibly satisfying to see Michael stick up for Holly! And the Jim/Dwight pranks bring back such memories!

  39. I love when Michael called Kevin Sweetie, how Dwight and Jim were playing a prank together, and the Andy and Pam banter. Solid episode.

  40. I thought it was mostly very good. I didn’t quite understand why Pam was gleefully happy about being corrupt though. But Pam looked amazing this episode so not complaining too much. :)

  41. Someone said on one comment that Michael let Packer believe the prank and leave to Florida just because Holly complained about him. That was not the case. He was about to alert Packer about the prank when Todd said that Holly was ‘uptight’ and tried to convince Michael to leave her and go partying to Tallahassee with him. That was when Michael finally realized what kind of mean guy Packer really is and let the prank go on, as a revenge…I think it was a good way to solve the situation.

  42. Ok who else recognized the cold open from the season 6 bloopers? Finally we got to see that footage. And it was awesome!

    This episode was not only a highlight of the season, but a definite highlight of the series. Felt incredibly old school in every way. Just wow. I don’t know what i was quite expecting, but it wasn’t THAT. Whenever Jim and Dwight team up it is absolute gold. And they were definitely my favorite part of the episode. Pam was wonderful. So many laughs.

    “a crime fighting beaver.”

  43. Great, solid episode! Loved the Jim and Dwight collaboration, as well as Jim’s “drawer prank”. Loved it.

  44. I love that hug between Michael and Holly at the end. He had the choice between love or childish buffoonery which used to be appealing to him. Glad he chose love.

  45. @Dadaist – me too! throughout this whole season, it seems like michael’s really growing up!! :) so cute to see! and holly’s really helping him do that! the hug at the end was so cute!!

  46. This felt very simple but very genuine. Love Pam! She’s still sweet but no longer backs down. Jim/Dwight were great. I’ve missed them like that so much. I agree with Tyler#43, i much prefer egotistical, dorky Dwight who falls for Jim’s pranks. I’ve also realized that whenever a Jim prank makes an appearance it’s a highlight of the episode.

    Thought Packer was handled well and what Michael did felt real. He never told Packer off to his face, but he did open his eyes to the situation on his own. All in all, very good episode.

  47. In many ways I think this was one of the best ones in some time. I like Jim and Dwight working against a common foe, but not being friends or anything. (They’ve been firm in not having them ever become friends, which I think works) Also Dwight being nice to Kevin was kind of sweet.

    For some reason the ending struck me as a bit anticlimactic or something. I get that he’s mad because Packer insulted Holly to him, but to calmly go along with the prank just seemed a bit too quiet of a resolution for me. (Michael is not exactly known for cool and calm) I even felt slightly bad for Packer, which I never do, as at times I got the sense he did want to change.

  48. Great episode! Loved Pam, and the Jim/Dwight dynamic! However, I felt actually really bad for Packer, he seemed like he wanted to change towards the end there, and they just completely screwed him. And I don’t even like his character at all, but the talking head with him talking about the alligators actually broke my heart a little.
    Oh, and I love the fact that Justice Beaver has been treading on twitter.

  49. Wow, it did not take long for Justice Beaver to start trending on Twitter. Best response i saw: “what’s this justice beaver all about? oh..justice for beavers! i love beavers they’re so cute!”

    Great, great episode. Jim and Dwight, obviously. Also loved Andy’s “because i hate your broke ass!” Perfect delivery. I really enjoy how they can have Dwight team up with Jim from time to time but will never make them friends. Great balance.

  50. Excellent episode!!!!! I loved the whole Packer story. Specially when Jim and Dwight have their own strategy to get back at him. The Andy/Pam thing is even better. I always wanted to see them confronting each other like this. Because they’re my favorite characters of the show. Pretty awesome. Amazing.

  51. I don’t know if this has been mentioned, but this is probably the last of Todd Packer, no? Unfortunate :/

  52. I agree with whoever said this felt like an “old school” episode. I didn’t like TLM, but this one was pretty great. Jim teaming up with Dwight is always gold.

  53. Pam bought an iMac for Erin? How is that appropriate in an office full of old PC’s? Of course everyone is going to want one too. Sounds like a move that’s going to come back to hurt Pam later. Someone at Sabre is going to examine the office spending, see the computer that cost at least $1100, and start asking questions, such as, when did we create this office administrator position??? And how did Pam get this job? Oh yeah, she invented it for herself!

  54. Loved this episode – especially the Jim-Dwight and Andy-Pam interaction – but for one thing. Why didn’t Holly apologize or accept responsibility for her actions here? She displayed relatively poor judgment of character in hiring Packer on only a brief meeting with him and Michael’s approval, despite vehement warnings from all her co-workers which she ignored (I would think she’d take them more seriously, being the HR rep and all), and then when it turned out those co-workers were right, she didn’t own up to her mistake in hiring him in the first place. It was as if he appeared in the office by magic and she was begging Michael to get rid of him. I can’t pinpoint why I’m having problems with Holly this season, but maybe this is part of the reason – she’s always portrayed as being in the right, even when she obviously isn’t.

  55. I loved the Andy/Pam dynamic too! The “Pretty sneaky, Sis” line was sweet – they clearly like each other a lot. And I think Pam was happy about being corrupt because she needs a little excitement in her life. She has some power and is not afraid to abuse it.

    I loved that Michael finally saw the light with Packer. I think he is having epiphanies (or epipheries, as he would say) about his life, and is improving accordingly. There was a lot going on in this episode and it was great!

  56. I was laughing uncontrollably when Andy says “Pretty sneaky, sis.”

    I’ve seen that old Connect 4 commercial so many times and he said it just perfectly.

  57. good episode. I can tell right now that this is one of the episodes that will get better over time. The one lines were great. Jim and Dwight were great. Michael calling Kevin Sweetie…hilarious.

    I thought it was kinda lame the way Michael turned on Packer on a dime at the end there.

    The writers are definitely all over the place this season.

  58. RE: #68. Tyler “I was laughing uncontrollably when Andy says ‘Pretty sneaky, sis.’ I’ve seen that old Connect 4 commercial so many times and he said it just perfectly.”

    THAT’S what it’s from – the Connect 4 commercial! I knew that phrase rang a bell for me, but it escaped me as to what I remembered it from. Cool!

  59. Was worried about this episode since it was called ‘Todd Packer’ since he is guaranteed to ruin any episode. But I actually really liked this episode. After a horrible first half of the season, The Office has really turned things around:-)

  60. Yes! “Charlie Bit My Finger”!! I’ve watched that on Youtube a million times. lol

    Todd Packer is not my favorite character, but what a great way to bring in the whole cast. Loved Jim and Dwight. Loved Pam and Andy. Loved Jim and Pam.

  61. There were a lot of great quotes and some nice moments. I think this is one of Pam’s better episodes, I loved the end where she said she’s corrupt now haha.

  62. Unlike last season where I begged and prayed for good episodes, this season they seem to be steadily great. Keep up the good work, main creative staff!

  63. Ok, how has no one mentioned Andy’s desktop wallpaper after he switched computers with Erin? Hilarious!

  64. A fun assortment in this episode. I liked Erin worrying about Dwight’s ant farm behind Michael’s and Holly’s discussion about how funny (or not) Packer is. Just one of the little things that makes The Office such a good show. Other little things: Jim’s looks at the camera. Pam’s assertion of herself.

    And speaking of those two, I liked the whipsaw nature of how Pam felt great about getting the computer for Erin, then sort of flattened poor Jim when he brought up doing a 4 AM cleanup of their daughter. Husbands never get the credit they deserve from their wives. Even when their wives are as great as Pam is. Sheesh!

  65. @Megan: The others didn’t screw him, Packer screwed himself, as always.
    …that’s what she said.

  66. Loved “Todd Packer!” It’s a great departure from “Threat Level Midnight” because the show always works best when it’s focused on realistic workplace-centric shenanigans and situations.

    The scenes with Michael and Holly were golden. They highlighted Michael’s growth as a person from “Sexual Harassment” but also signals that the end of Michael Scott Era at Dunder Mifflin Scranton is nigh. :o(

  67. Pretty good overall, and I guess I’m one of the few who love to hate Todd Packer in all of his cringe-worthy moments. Especially now, since the producers have comically castrated Michael Scott in their quest to have him mature and become happily married to Holly. Jim and Pam particularly shined in this episode, and I enjoyed Andy as well. As usual, felt fingernails dragging on a chalkboard during the Michael/Holly silly voices at the end.

  68. What does Pam say after Jim asks her, “why are you nodding?” When she nods after Meredith says Packer being nice is just how he gets you to take off your panties?

  69. It’s clear I’m in the minority again. I have not liked any of the last few episodes. And it all goes back to Pam. The Pam I love would never get drunk and come back to work for a tryst with Jim. She would never walk back in with him afterwards in full view of the office. She would never tell Andy to break his computer nor would she buy off Darryl with sick days. And she definitely wouldn’t gleefully declare herself full-on corrupt. Where has my lovely Pam Beesly gone? Sadly for me she’s gone forever. Did like Jim though. Nice to see him for more than one minute in an episode again.

  70. @82 – We are on the exact same page. I’ve been really disappointed at how the role Holly’s played in Michael’s departure/switch flip. I’m all for growth, but he’s just not the guy I loved anymore, and it feels too sudden and inorganic for me to get behind. And all for Holly? Sorry, the character doesn’t deserve this big a part. Without Michael, she is wholly uninteresting. There, I’ve said it. Plus, I still don’t like the whole AJ thing and how she rolled out of and back into Scranton. I’m sad enough about him leaving, and this lame change Michael arc is a long slow slide of a bummer. Again, boo.

  71. So funny – I loved Andy “please make sure no one is humping me” and Jim saying to Pam “why are you nodding” and of course the whole Justice Beaver scene was totally hilarious. Felt like old times

  72. I didn’t particularly care for “Todd Packer.” Maybe it’s because I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention, but it wasn’t all that great. It was really toned down and I liked the traditional office, but there was just something that made me say “It’s not the best.”
    The Jim-Dwight/Pam-Andy storylines were awesome! I loved how Pam and Andy were just completely on each others’ sides and destroying the old computer! Very awesome blossom.
    Holly didn’t seem all that great. Her neglect against Todd really brought it down when Michael tried to raise spirits on why Todd was good. But she’s still awesome, so I’m ok with it. And Todd leaving for Florida was great. So funny Jim and Dwight! And then Michael calls the last shot.
    I say 7/10

  73. Writers are slightly inconsistent with Packer’s knowledge of Jim and Pam being married. In Costume Contest, Packer asks Jim, “Halpert, you lookin’ for someone to bang your wife?” (Jim replies “Nope”). However, in this episode, he asks them something according to the lines of “So you guys are married now?”, alluding that he did not know.

    Not a big deal, but it was something I noticed.

  74. I really enjoyed this episode! I was expecting Packer to be a little more outrageous than he was, but I’m glad he wasn’t. I loved how Jim and Dwight worked together to get rid of him. The justice beaver line was so funny! I loved the Pam and Andy scenes. Erin’s concern over Dwight’s ants was hilarious. It was nice seeing Michael realize that Packer wasn’t a good friend. He must not be a very good friend if he wanted him to leave the woman he loves just so he could go have “fun” with him. I think this was the real reason why Michael went along with the prank. I don’t think it was because he called her uptight. I know he was offended by that, but I think he clearly saw that his best friend didn’t care much about his happiness. The hug between Michael and Holly was very sweet and Michael looked very happy even though he lost a friend. It was also great to hear them speak in silly voices again. I love it when they do that. Those scenes are my favorites!

  75. LOVED the episode!

    I really like how all the characters have gone through so much growth since the start of the show. True character development, especially with Michael, Pam, Jim, Dwight and Darryl.

    “I’m full-on corrupt” was freaking ADORABLE.

  76. Packer has never been a friend to Michael, no matter how much Michael has desperately wanted to believe that he is. It took Packer’s utter disregard for Michael’s undying love for Holly to finally make him see the light.

    But I’m a bit confused about the ending. How does convincing Packer that he’s been invited by Corporate to go to Tallahassee solve the problem of his working in the Scranton office? Won’t he be returning when he gets to Florida and finds out it was all just a prank?

    Or is it that Jim/Dwight/Michael/etc assumes that he’ll be fired after he jumps Jo’s fence and swims in her pool without permission? If that’s the case, Michael could have told Packer to go back onto the road where he belongs. But of course, as many commenters have mentioned, too much growth all at once would be asking too much.

  77. I have the same ? as 92. Isn’t Packer just going to come back once he figures out he’s been had? Maybe he’ll quit, due to the humiliation?

  78. i can’t believe this episode has ranked so low on the season rankings.. i thought it was great. really reminded me of older episodes with the inclusion of todd packer and all the jim/dwight scenes.

  79. I also can’t believe the rating on this one. I thought it was so funny and also reminded me of earlier Office episodes. I gave it a solid 9 and even questioned if that was too low.

  80. I forgot how hilarious Packer’s love of alligators was until I saw the icon.

  81. Agreed, Can’t understand the low rating for this episode.. Also has anyone mentioned the similarity of the how the Michael/Packer and David Brent/Finchy relationship have ended (i.e with both finally realizing their “friend’s” true colors)

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