1. Yes! my fiance and i were totally excited because we were trying to figure out where this scene was in season 6. I’m so glad that we finally got to see it!

    @steven: that’s our favorite line! :)

  2. Brilliant!!! So excited when I saw this!!! But they shouldn’t have edited out Creed’s line. It was definitely the best!

  3. So happy to finally see this. The season 6 bloopers are my fave, i’ve watched them a lot so this was instantly recognizable. I wonder why it wasn’t used till now though.

  4. You can also tell because Jenna’s hair looks how it does in the majority of Season 6. In Season 7 her hair looks almost like it did in the first 3 seasons.

  5. @Angie I’m sure the Office films some separate cold opens regardless of the plot of that episode

    @Chris you’re right. She’s wearing more cardigans this year as opposed to the blazers in season 6. But her season 7 hair is more wavy straight compared to seasons 1-3’s straight hair top with curly bottom.

  6. That’s so funny! What a great way to get edited-out material into the show. The deleted scenes are always just as amazing as what makes it in.

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