1. If Packer gets Dwight’s desk? Oh boy, Jim and Pam are going to be in hell. This situation better not last for more than one episode.

  2. Todd Packer is my least favorite character on this show! I hope this isn’t the start of more frequent appearances for him!

  3. I agree with SmallTown…. I really do hope Packer rubs Jim the wrong way and he has to put his foot down or something! I love Jim when he’s out of his element.

  4. @SmallTown – I’m wondering if he’ll harrass Holly and Michael will finally see him in a different, realistic light.

  5. Am I the only one who genuinely dislikes Todd Packer? I’ve never found him even remotely funny, just annoying. Would really like to see him leave for good.

  6. Sorry, but I love Todd Packer. Koechner brings pitch perfect jackassery. I will be bummed if Holly comes between Michael and another source of fun for him.

    [from tanster: pitch perfect jackassery. nicely said!]

  7. Todd Packer is someone I never have a desire to see again. I’d rather see Karen back around on a regular basis than see much of Packer in any way, shape or form.

  8. Packer isn’t my favorite, but he makes for funny situations with the cast as a whole.

    “We can’t just sit around waiting for Creed to die.”

  9. Who has two thumbs and LOVES Todd Packer?
    I DO!
    I am really excited that he is going to be back. Everything he says and does makes me laugh. I hope he ends up staying for awhile.

  10. I also agree with Small Town and Glasses, Jim has been kind of pathetic lately so it would be nice redemption to see him tell off Packer. Not only would he defend Pam, but he’d defend himself for the years of crap Todd Packer has given him.

  11. #8 Tiffany I totally agree with you. Packer brings the perfect blend of douchebaggery and Jackassery. I love how uncomfortable he makes Jim. Like Charles Miner, he has the ability to unsettle Jim to hilarious effect.
    I hope he becomes a regular, and creates chaos wherever he goes:)

  12. Agree with Tiffany @8.

    What makes Packer so great, is he has no filter, like Michael Scott. However, Packer’s lines are more hardcore, which I love.

    The writers have always come up with amazing lines for Packer to say and Koechner delivers them so well.

    Sooooooooo looking forward to this episode.

  13. I’m beginning to wonder if this might be the end of Packer’s run on the show. Think about it: Michael is beginning (in some ways) to mature. He’s realizing things he hadn’t previously. If Packer begins rubbing people like Holly the wrong way, Michael might wake up to the fact that “he’s a jerk.” Will he get fired/let go? Who knows?

    Also looking forward to how the rest of the office reacts to his presence (i.e. Jim an Pam).

  14. Oh gosh I’m glad I’m not the only one who HATES Todd Packer. He is not funny at all.. I mean yeah he has his moments, but honestly, he’s more annoying than funny. This better be a one-episode thing and I hope they get rid of him for good.

  15. The payoff for this new seating arrangement could be great. Especially if it involves Jim standing up for himself and Pam in a much stronger way. Plus, it is hilarious when they’re all so uncomfortable. I’m in.

  16. I love that Holly hates him! and I’m sooo hoping that he hits on her so Michael can finally learn to hate him too! But I predict this episode will be great! Koechner will bring the awesome, and he will bring the EPIC!

  17. Not a huge Todd Packer fan, but I will say he was in arguably, one of the funniest moments from the office. When he gives Michael the nod to say “that’s what she said” right after Michael had sworn of that’s what she said jokes. My favorite Michael Scott laugh by far!

  18. How can you hate Todd Packer? In 7 seasons, he’s probably had less than 10 minutes screentime. I hope he replaces Michael.

  19. What someone mentioned before, this is probably the episode where Michael stands up to Packer and puts him in his place, just like how David Brent tells Chris Finch off in the British Office.

    Called it!

  20. Packer is an ass, a douche, and just downright annoying and offensive. As a person, I don’t like him. But as a character, I think he’s great! I’ve met people just like him. He brings a unique element to the office. I don’t think I’d like to see him on the show all the time, but it is fun when he comes and shakes things up. This looks like a fun episode and/or arc.

  21. What’s genius about Packer is that his character is the perfect jackass. He was created to be offensive and unlikeable and he portrays those aspects perfectly. The fact that people don’t like him means that he’s doing his job. This is what I like about him, personally. He makes every scene so uncomfortable. I only hope this episode can match or top “Sexual Harassment.”

  22. I wonder if they brought Packer back just so Michael can say “f*ck off” to him once before he leaves, just like David Brent did to Chris Finch in the original show.

  23. @16 – Yeah, my gut feeling is he’s going to get thrown under the bus this time out to “grow” Michael some more for his exit. He’s gonna cross a line with Holly (or maybe Erin?), and Michael’s gonna bounce him. More’s the pity, because this character’s the perfect irritant, and things definitely get interesting when he’s around. He’s that grain of sand that annoys the oyster enough to generate a pearl. Anyway, I hope it doesn’t happen, but the way things are lately, I could see it going down like that.

  24. Finchy was a much bigger jerk than Packer. If this show still has to lift storylines from the UK version, it’s in worse shape than I thought.

  25. Is this a move to do something similar to the UK version? Michael has always been a more sympathetic character than David Brent, but his realisation that Packer is not the kind of person he should be friends with could have a redemptive power like it did with David and Finch. Just seems to me that this is more setup for Steve’s exit than anything else.

  26. @Tiffany #28, I hope that he crosses the line with Pam and that makes Jim upset then he does something to Erin which causes Michael to get really mad. Since Erin is like his daughter.

  27. I hope that if Packer says anything about Erin, Michael fires him. The Father-Daughter relationship they have developed is fun to watch and I am a huge fan of it. Also hope Jim punches PAcker if he insults JAM.

  28. I absolutely LOVE Todd Packer. He brings such a perfect, awkward inappropriateness to The Office. Can’t wait for this.

  29. @34 – Because I think he’s a terrific character. Like him or not, he brings the action. I’d like to see him come back to visit the office even after Michael leaves, and I’d like him to remain friends with Michael. Despite his jackassery, or perhaps because of it, he and Michael have a funny relationship and Michael has always seemed to enjoy it. Michael is no stranger to jackassery himself, no matter how much we all love him.

  30. @Tiffany: are Packer and Michael really ‘true’ friends though? I mean, it seems to me that Packer has usually just used Michael as the butt of his crass jokes. and of course Michael has always been so desperate for friendship that he either doesn’t realize this or doesn’t care. it’s the same thing with Chris Finch and David Brent.

  31. @35 yes exactly! I really hope this happens! It will definitely be my favorite episode so far if there is some serious and stern michael and some tough jim(: can’t wait!

  32. @38 – I don’t think there’s any comparison with Chris Finch. The character was watered down considerably for our consumption. Finch was a predatory bastard and Packer (to date) has just been an obnoxious jerk. Michael’s been an obnoxious jerk himself, so maybe they bring out the worst in each other. At any rate, it’s hard to judge their friendship based on what little we’ve seen, but Michael certainly relishes Packer’s friendship. Bottom line for me is, he’s a dynamo of a character who never fails to stir the pot and every show needs a kick-in-the-pants type to come around and do just that.

  33. This should definitely be an interesting episode, especially coming off of the end of Threat Level Midnight with Michael’s seemingly new look on life.

  34. @TheOfficeROCKS I would love for all of that to happen. I’m a huge fan of protective/angry Jim and love Michael when he defends and supports his workers. Even Dwight usually tolerates him because of Michael, but this seat change might make him an enemy as well.

  35. Not a Packer fan, so I’m not sure about how I feel about this episode. I don’t think any episode can top PDA for me. That was the best of the season for sure — so far.

  36. I gotta agree with @Tiffany. There really is little comparison between Chris Finch and Todd Packer in terms of their relationship to David/Michael. Finch was completely dismissive of Brent and David’s continual fawning regardless of his treatment told us a lot about his character. Todd Packer has been more of a comic relief and barely present since mid-Season 3 so Michael suddenly telling him off here is going to be somewhat manufactured.

  37. Todd Packer is The Office’s “Court Jester”(CJ).
    Michael is King, and the office staff are the Court.
    The role of the CJ was satirist and insult comic.
    The CJ could talk about anything in the King’s presence. He was the only commoner allowed to address the King and Nobles directly without being given permission. CJ’s rarely attacked the King directly, though they were merciless in insulting the Nobles in the Court, much to the King’s amusement.

    Myth says that when some CJ’s angered the King, they lost their heads. Not true, but some who hit too close too home were retired. Most CJ’s were actors, and when they lost their Court gig, they went back to acting.

    Expect Todd Packer’s storyline to follow that of a Court Jester. Favored by King Michael, he moves into the Office Court. For a while, the King is amused, while most of his Court are repulsed.
    Until Todd Jester says/does something unforgivably annoying to the King.
    Then, it’s “off with his head!”…goodbye Todd.

  38. Saw the new promo! Damn right Steve owns “that’s what she said.” Tina knows where it’s at.

    And i LOVE team Jim/Dwight. Bring that on.

  39. Steve Carell does own “That’s what she said”. I’m so glad Tina Fey made that clear to the world.

  40. AHAHA!! You go Tina Fey!!! oh, see, I love all NBC shows, I watch 30 Rock, but I am DEFINITELY watching this one just to hear the words “Steve Carell”!! ;P that’s just awesome that Tina would say that!

  41. @ Matt (52) – that’s erin hugging pam. she’s hugging her over the receptionist desk.

  42. I loved the “Steve Carell owns That’s What she Said, He owns it!” Tina Fey is awesome.

    I’m not particularly looking forward to the Todd Packer part of this episode, even though that’s what the name is. Packer bugs me. David Koechner is a funny guy, but every character he plays is so obnoxious

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