1. Amazing comparison! Roger Sterling does kinda have that dark sense of humor we see sometimes in Michael… and as soon as I read the title, I knew that they would compare Oscar with Sal, haha!

  2. G-E-N-I-U-S!!! My two favorite shows and it never occurred to me the uncanny resemblance – LOL!

  3. Well, the snarkiness of Pete certainly reminds me of the snarkiness of Dwight! Although, I do think even Dwight would draw the line at some of the places Pete seems to easily step across. :0)

  4. I thought of another good comparison: Bert Cooper and Creed Bratton. They’re both kinda (in Creed’s case, very) strange, and they’ve both tried to blackmail a coworker!

  5. Ha! I just started watching Mad Men, so this is very interesting. Some of these seem like a stretch, but many are great! Fun article, regardless. :)

  6. I agree with one of the comments left on the article that Joan more aligns with Angela than Kelly, in that both like to have power over their departments and get the upper hand if someone’s ruffled their feathers.

  7. This was cute, but a bit of a stretch. Especially Jim and Don. Don is just too much of a womanizer.

  8. Love both shows but some of the comparisons were a bit of a stretch. I can’t think of a character more unlike Don than Jim (apart from the fact they are both dreamy). The Halperts are pretty much the antithesis of The Drapers! Same with Joan and Kelly (Love Kelly but Joan is a 100x cooler),and Ken and Ryan (Ken’s a sweetheart and Ryan’s a douchebag)

    The Duck and Meredith comparison made me laugh though! Roger/Michael (Though I actually think Michael is the more competetent boss out of the two of them!) and Dwight/Pete and Sal/Oscar are pretty apt comparisons though.

  9. OMG. I have been thinking to myself for months that there are a lot of comparisons between The Office and Mad Men, but I was thinking of specific plot lines more than actual character comparisons. I think that some of these are a bit of a stretch, but overall it’s not a terrible matchup (except for Joan-Kelly…that one totally does not work!).

    Like others have said, I do think it’s hilarious that they left out the one actor who actually did have a part on both shows. :P

    Anyway, very cool! My two favorite shows! <3 ^___^

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