1. WOW! I love watching Rainn Wilson being serious and talking about very heavy stuff. It makes me appreciate his acting as Dwight even more.

  2. Really compelling and thoughtful interview. I have so much appreciation for his desire to get people to think about and express their feelings about philosophy, creativity and spirituality not in one specific or narrow way but in whatever way it is meaningful to them. It’s great how he can incorporate spirituality into his life and instead of being preachy or judgmental, share it with humor and an open mind. (Also must add: Love his house! It looks so warm and cozy!)

  3. Actors often use their hiatus to make films, (nothing wrong with that) Rainn used his to go to Haiti.

    I love that he gives himself. The most valuable gift you can give, is your time.

  4. I love how down-to-earth he is. Such a cool, well-spoken, appealing guy.

    @what’s the dealio? – I totally agree, love his house! The chic & homey fusion is so awesome and fitting!

  5. it’s actually through rainn and soulpancake.com that i discovered baha’i. and i’m so glad i did, because it really encompasses everything i believe.

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