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What’s new at ‘The Office’ official website at NBC:

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Sept. 16

  • Caption contest: submit a caption for a brand new photo from next week’s Season 5 premiere episode!
  • New look: check out The Office and don’t forget to click the Refresh button.
  • Press release of upcoming features: ” … the site will include a new Meredith blog, Angela and Andy’s wedding planning micro-site, a Serenity by Jan micro-site, ongoing updates to fan favorite the Quotes game and Office trivia, weekly deleted scenes and the second installment of webisodes slated for November.” Source
  • New blog: Meredith’s Sex and the Electric City. Warning, it’s a bit racy! I’m also told that Meredith’s blog has “episodic foreshadowing.” Hmmm, you mean spoilers?


  1. My goodness! This is interesting… I think we’ll be seeing more of Meredith this season.

  2. I really wasn’t such a fan of that. Kind of one note and gratuitous.

    I’m guessing this is like Creed Thoughts and Kate Flannery isn’t actually writing the blog?

  3. I might be in the minority…but I thought it was pretty funny! I see what people mean by it being a bit gratuitous but I don’t think they’ll all be like that. That would get old pretty quickly.

  4. I agree with those that say that I think we see enough Meredith. And even with my Spoiler Specs 3000, I can’t find ANYTHING in there that’s even close to a spoiler. She’s gonna tramp it up a lot more in this season? Is that picture of Meredith from the SP with her face all weird and red like that time Samantha tried to get a chemical peel on SatC? time will tell…

  5. Regarding the blog having some possible spoilers…first of all we all know Pam has been in the big city, and Meredith starts out talking all about Sex and the City which took place in NYC. The only other thing that rang a bell for me was when she mentioned the Juicy sweatpants, reminds me of what Kelly said about visiting Ryan in prison. I guess we’ll find out!

  6. I don’t like the idea of anything relating to Angela-Andy. I think Andy would have more fun with Kelly… or maybe Jan :-)

    If they drag out the on-off Dwight/Angela relationship then it will get too like Jim/Pam and that was always the thing that set the former apart from the latter. Jim/Pam had all the complications and Dwight/Angela were just falling in love under the radar.

  7. “Angela and Andy’s wedding planning micro-site”

    NOOOOO!!! WTH?!
    I. am. NOT. pleased.

    …this can’t be happening :( :( :( :(

  8. the angela and andy wedding planning micro-site….
    although i share the popular opinion that dwight and angela are destined to be together, i think the planning of the andy/angela wedding is going to make for some very very funny television.

  9. As a major Dwangela fan, the phrase “Angela and Andy’s wedding planning” makes my stomach turn. I admit, though, that it has the potential to be absolutely hilarious!

    And YAY for mid-season webisodes!

  10. boo! No Andela wedding!! Dwangela! Dwangela! Dwangela! It’s JAM angst all over again…just funnier.

  11. I, for one, can’t wait to see this Angela/Andy wedding planning part of the website. And yes, I’m a Dwangela fan, and I know they’re meant to be together just like JAM. It’ll just be funny in the meantime, because we know that wedding’s not going to actually happen (A/A)…

  12. Yay! More Meredith! And please, more Meredith on the show! She really doesn’t get enough scenes if you ask me. Kate’s so funny, so hopefully this will be the season for her to have some of the limelight.

  13. I think the website is cool but I think they should show more characters. Also all of their hands look odd and I don’t know if they are even their hands.

  14. I keep hitting “refresh” on that new Office page, but all I see is Jim looking creepily at me…….

  15. I wonder why when I refresh it, I see pictures of all the “main” characters except Dwight? Why no Dwight? Right now I’m staring at a picture of Ryan. Not that I’m complaining ;).

  16. Umm, is that Hunter on Jan’s candle page? If not, he certainly looks Hunter-ish. Oh, and speaking of Hunter, be sure to read the description for her Hunter Green candle.

  17. Hunter Green! Omg!! He’s tooootally the father! All of the testimonials and descriptions are hilarious! Can’t wait for the Angela/Andy wedding site!

  18. I was going to buy Bonfire, James Bonfire until I saw it’s just hazelnut. I want to BELIEVE it’s bonfire!

  19. I KNEW Hunter was the father! I just KNEW it! “Hunter Green” just further proves my theory.

  20. Anyone else noticed that Karen is married? Did we know this? On the Serenity by Jan page, 3rd page of the testimonials there is an entrance by Karen F. Of course that could be anybody, but I’d like to pretend it’s our Karen. ;)

  21. I love how it says, “Stockpict” on the guys chest on Jan’s website. I guess Jan is too much in debt to actually buy the photo. LOL!

    [from tanster: i thought that was the funniest part! :) ]

  22. 41,
    Other than the first page, I think the testimonials can be written by any random moron with nothing better to do.
    (*Writes testimonial.*)

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