Rainn Wilson hosts Microsoft’s annual meeting

Rainn Wilson Microsoft

From the Seattle Times:

‘About 23,000 Microsoft employees have registered to attend the annual company meeting today at Safeco Field, where Rainn Wilson, star of “The Office,” will serve as emcee.

Microsoft is expecting one of the largest crowds in recent years for the event which is closed to the public perhaps because of Wilson’s appearance: The actor went to Shorecrest High School and received a drama degree from University of Washington in 1986.’

Link: Rainn Wilson to emcee Microsoft’s annual meeting

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  1. Hmmm, Microsoft must have a lot of Office fans…they got Ricky Gervais to do training videos as David Brent, and now they get Rainn to emcee their big meeting.

  2. I was there today. Rainn seemed to have a lot of fun with it. He definitely fit into the nerd element and the crowd (20,000+) liked him a lot.

    Jam Flan, I was really disappointed that he did not pull out the Mussolini speech, but he was still very funny.

  3. He came out as Master Chief for you Halo fans and did a fabulous Yoga skit – and got us to set a new paper airplane world record – he was super funny! It would have been hilarious if he’d done the Mussolini speech! I came with my Dwight bobblehead in hopes of getting it signed, but no luck. I hope he comes back to Kelso this year like he did last year for a fund raiser.

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