1. good god… i keep rewinding it to the part where she’s putting the ring on his finger… while tears stream down my face. god i’m such a girl.

    i loved the dance… so wonderfully cheesy, and so them… and strangely sweet. i love the looks they give each other… like “yep. this is our life. and it’s good.”

  2. Okay, so I’m just going to watch this clip over and over! This song has already been my ringtone for the last month or so, now it will make me even happier when I hear it. (Sigh!) Amazing!

  3. The first time I watched this, I hadn’t noticed that it was Michael who had first cued the music! How did he keep that one a secret?

  4. I really can’t stop tearing up…I read over the EW article today, and the end about Michael Scott crying with you, I knew would be true, but that was probably the sweetest ending they could have used. It was soooo classic. It mixes the emotion everyone has with the humor that can NEVER be separated from the show. :)

  5. I’ve watched the episode twice now (with many more re-watches to come) and I just can’t get over the ‘office workers’ boogying down the aisle. Everyone played their character so perfectly, and it just showed that as much as they are all stuck in there ways, not so happy that Pam is the new sales person, and that Jim is co-manager…this is the wedding of two people that they all genuinely care about. And they are happy. We don’t see enough genuine happiness on this show.

  6. I think that was executed just perfectly. So much awesome! Oscar bringing over the dancing skills from when he did the “The Proposal” lol.

  7. Oh my! I can’t watch this and NOT have an ear to ear smile! I still get teary-eyed when they get married on the boat. Such a beautiful episode! Bravo writers! Bravo!

  8. I didn’t think I would cry! I mean, I’m not a sentimental person, I’m practical.

    I cried so hard, I had to go outside so my husband wouldn’t be embarrassed. I don’t know how the writers and actors and cinematographers managed it, but I was IN SLOPPY TEARS before the show was over!

    I love them.. Jim and Pam and everyone else, everyone who brings the Office to us.. what a gift we’ve been given!


  9. So what’s the name and artists for the tune which was played for dancing down the aisle?

  10. Absolutely perfect. That scene managed to make me both cry with joy for these two characters we love so much, and laugh absolutely hysterically at everyone else.

    Just … perfect. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagined their wedding episode to be as incredible-beyond-words as “Niagara” was.

    Major, MAJOR props to the cast, writers, directors – EVERYONE involved!

  11. I can’t stop playing this video.

    Thank you, Office, for this wonderful episode.

    And thank you, Tanster, for this wonderful site.

  12. Wow….just wow. What an amazing eppy. I laughed, I cried, I squirmed at the inappropriate acts from the characters that I love. It was perfect! Guess I’d been living under a rock, but I hadn’t heard about the original wedding aisle dance that a couple had on youtube earlier this summer. So I went and found that and watched it a couple of times. It is very sweet. Boy, do the writers have their fingers on the pulse of what is current or what? (Like the 3 wolf moon shirt – OMG! LOL) God bless ’em! And for anyone interested, the song is called “Forever” by Chris Brown. I already downloaded it on itunes and I bet I won’t be the only one.

  13. OK. i’m a sap. i’ve watched this video quite a few times and i still tear up..EVERY TIME. this episode will be on my DVR until season 6 comes out on dvd, it’s the BEST!

  14. This episode could not have been any more perfect!! I was a little skeptical about Jim and Pam getting married, thinking it might be a little too predictable. Boy, was I wrong. I loved the dance and the marriage on the boat….the editing of all of it was superb….made you laugh and cry at the same time.

    I imagine the cast had an absolute blast doing this scene…wonderful!!

  15. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this dance on my first viewing, but the more I watch it the more I absolutely love it. It’s just so full of pure happiness and joy. Every time I watch I catch new little details, like the little excited look that Jim gives the camera as they’re boarding the boat. Awesome!

  16. Cried, cried, cried! The wedding on the boat, the dancing down the aisle – brilliant and moving! Oscar’s serious “vogue” was hilarious! And ooops! Erin flashed the crowd while she was dancing. (Slightly pixelated on TV, more obvious on the iTunes download.) I love how all the significant moments with Jim and Pam have been played out on screen without audible dialogue – the proposal at the rest stop, finding out they were pregnant, and then reciting their vows on the boat. Will be watching this episode over and over. Please pass the Kleenex!

  17. I thought this was really a sweet part, especially how it cut in/out with them on the boat, which was SO romantic. OMG. The onnnnnnnlllllyyyyy thing I wish they would have included was Pam dancing down the aisle. With how much fun it looked, would have been nice to see that. And we never saw the kiss where he dipped her either!! Great episode though, so sweet.

  18. I loved it- a little part of me wanted to see them show Pam smile, shurg and dance down the aisle to Jim.. but wow, so sweet!! :D

  19. Wait, i just went through the photo gallery on the wedding site and they DID dance down the aisle. Kind of wish the producers would have left that in!! Maybe we’ll see it in a deleted scene.

  20. OMG..i can’t believe i cried again re-watching this video…last night episode was GREAT!! i laughed and cried the entire time…i love JAM :0)

  21. Even more than the fact that their office mates took over the processional and danced down the aisle, I love, love, LOVE that Jim and Pam ran off to get married under the falls. That’s the moment that brings tears to my eyes. LOVE it! :-D

  22. very very good episode. going off and getting eloped was a great idea. hahaha i love how not one single bad thing has ever happened in jim and pam’s relationship. it really makes you feel better about a lot of things, even if it is just a tv show

  23. Jessica, #25-

    I agree! I think they should have shown Pam dancing down the aisle as well. It would have been the icing on the cake! Overall, EXCELLENT way for Jam to get married. I’ve watched this scene over and over, and I still cry. What a wonderful episode.

  24. I have to say that this is one of THE best episodes EVER for any sort of television wedding. I, too, had been a little skeptical, but no- this was awesome!

  25. All the years, all the roiling emotions, all the yearning and the meaningful glances, all the waiting — wouldn’t trade one second of it. The look on Jim’s face when the entire office comes bopping down the aisle says it all.

    It was worth the wait. What a fitting beginning to this epic love story.

  26. Oh I love it. I got goosebumps and tears in my eyes.

    Thanks to NBC, the writers, the cast, the crew, and everyone involved in The Office.

    Thanks Tanster for all of your work. And thanks to my fellow fans!

  27. The goofy and innocent look on Michael’s face totally made this sequence for me personally. It reminds me of how much I have emotionally invested into this show and I almost lose it every time the whole cast goes down the aisle together. Says sooooo much about the concept of the show.

  28. The one thing I really love about this scene is that it shows that despite of all the intra-office politics and squabbles, these guys really are a family. :)

  29. Best TV wedding ever! I didn’t think I was going to laugh as hard as I did. Even during the dance when Dwight kicked the bridesmaid and Andy was dancing with a walker I couldn’t stop laughing. I had to watch it again to catch everything I missed.

  30. #26 I saw Erin’s little underwear slip too! I wanted to see if anyone else noticed, haha.

    Oscar’s dance was my favorite. I love him.

    I lost it when Michael smiled at the end of the wedding. I love this show!!

  31. Every time I watch this (which has been too many to admit) I get all emotional. I’m a writer and I can’t even put it into words. It was just so beautifully done. As someone invested since the beginning, no matter the naysayers out there, this was the PERFECT way for them to do this. A critic I read today pointed out something interesting. How they kept the silent camera going for all of JAM’s most important moments since getting together: the first kiss of them in a car together when it’s revealed their dating, The proposal, the pregnancy reveal, and now the vows. So awesome. Who needs words when the looks on their faces says everything.

  32. The whole scene just makes me squee in delight, but the last scene with the whole office dancing down the aisle really gets me. I feel like I’m emotionally invested in this show and it was great to see all the characters get so involved in Jim and Pam’s day. JAM 4EVERRRR! =)

  33. For those of you wondering whether or not Jim and Pam joined in on the fun during the dance scene, go look at the gallery on their wedding site!! :D :D :D

  34. Every time I watch this, and Jim’s talking to the camera at the end, I start crying! I have followed these characters since almost the very beginning of the series so it feels a bit like they are friends. So well done, funny and touching. Just adorable. But I have to say I’m relieved they are finally married since the writers decided (wrongly, IMO) to have Pam get pregnant. Anyway, PB&J 4-ever!

  35. This is just amazing! Absolutely the best tv wedding I’ve ever seen. THere’s just something so amazing about this show and its characters. I cry like a baby every time I see it. I love you Office!

  36. I would have LOVED to see Jim & Pam join in on the dance! Looks like they did from that photo on NBC.com. Maybe a deleted/extended scene? Pretty please!

    This scene just makes me so happy.

  37. My day was off to a rough start yesterday and then I remembered that the Jim and Pam wedding was going to happen that night and it’s crazy how much better my day was! :) And the wait was so worth it! It was the perfect Jim/Pam wedding. They needed to have their actual wedding elsewhere… :)

  38. I really want to see the FULL version – Jim and Pam’s wedding site has photos of them dancing down the aisle…and I would love to see that. Maybe on the DVD?

  39. Hands down, my fave part in the entire episode. And it was a very strong episode as it was!

    I’m right there with ChooseToBe (#42). The part where the whole cast is dancing down the aisle gets me, too. It’s one of those moments where you just sit back and admire all the people involved with this show and it’s at that moment where you realize more and more just how proud you are to call yourself a fan of The Office. I love little moments like that, and that scene was no exception.

    I also loved the looks Jim and Pam gave each other as well as the explanation of where they ran off to. Them getting married in a private ceremony was smart and I’m glad the writers went that route.

    And the small part at the end when Michael’s shown smiling and in tears – kills me every time! Awwwww!

    Oh, and I like Dwight’s little “spin move” when the guys and gals turn to the side in the group dance.

    Kevin and Oscar! Phyllis and Bob! LOL!

    That entire segment was perfection from beginning to end!

  40. Oh my God. I’m tearing up just watching this video. It’s so….. just….. oh my GOD!

  41. @56 I think there will probably be multiple versions of this episode (or a whole bunch of deleted scenes) on the DVD. From the pictures, they left out the big dramatic kiss, and JAM dancing down the aisle, and it looks like they recorded the audio for both services. At least, I’m hoping there are a bunch of different ways to watch this wedding =D

  42. And, also, I wanted to see a reception so badly! The first dance, the cake being smooshed upon faces, even more flirtatiousness and love making with Dwight, etc.
    I’ll just imagine it….
    Wait… Wait…

  43. All I have to say is that if this doesn’t make you smile at the very least, then your soul is as dark as the night.

  44. They could have showed just this scene as the episode and I would have been happy. I love this so much.

  45. I totally agree with everyone…OMG, this episode is absolutely amazing. I have gotten so emotional about this, and I attribute that to such incredible talent of the writers, actors, and everyone else involved with production of this show. I can honestly say I am so proud of the work they have done. Even though I don’t know these people, they have touched me beyond words can describe. I think the reason they go into the business is to make a real impression and they have succeeded brilliantly.

  46. So I can’t decide what I like more: all the looks between Jim and Pam or Michael’s genuine happiness for them at the very end.

    The only complaint I have for the episode is that we didn’t get to hear Jim and Pam say ‘Absolutely, I do’ but I can get over that for the awesomeness of the dance and boat ride.

  47. Beautifully written, directed and edited. I cry every time I watch it. I love the juxtaposition of the simple boat service and the dancing down the aisle. Really great!

  48. This scene might beat Casino Night for me…just to see how much has changed when you look at Jim pouring his heart out to Pam in Casino Night to them finally being happily married in Niagara. It makes me all teary eyed, wow. Just an amazing scene!

  49. so i noticed that when erin does her first leap, her skirt flies up. she’s wearing light pink underwear. just sayin’!

    there had better be john/jenna commentary for this episode on the dvds, or i will NOT be happy!

  50. This wedding scene has salvaged my otherwise meaningless existence. I was considering self-imposed exile, after nearly fifteen years of debilitating social anxiety and eczema, leading to the the retraction of all my academic papers and the death of my parakeet. Now, after seeing these paid professional actors, my friends, dancing in a church, I think–NAY, I know I will wake up tomorrow with a deep abiding contentment. I was crying and defecating my pants like a baby! I am 89 years old.

  51. It’s taken me awhile to comment because well… I can’t tear myself away from the video.

    How awesome to have the writers of THE BEST SHOW EVER copy YOUR wedding dance from Youtube.

    Time for me to dig out that old video of me making out with John Krasinski. I’m just saying…..

  52. I LOVEEEE this scene!!! Probably the best scene in the whole entire episode =) I was crying during the whole montage thing, it was so cute and romantic!!!

    I hope when the season 6 dvd comes out there’s deleted scenes and commentary from john and jenna and all that from this episode

  53. I love how we’ve come full circle as far as Jim and Pam on a boat; from Booze Cruise, where Jim wanted to tell Pam how he felt, to them exchanging vows on the Maid of the Mist! Can I say “perfection” enough?

  54. I have seen the episode three times already (thank God for DVR). I cannot help but tear up every time I see this scene! The writers of “The Office” have clearly created multi-faceted characters who resonate with audiences in real ways, and that is why this show is so amazing. Thank you to the writers, producers, actors, actresses, and everyone else who is affiliated with this show.

  55. You know you have a good cast and crew when you can make anyone cry after 3 minutes of a video.

  56. I keep watching it over and over. Makes me cry each time.. then I laugh at the kick in the face. Best show on TV hands down!!

  57. If this episode doesn’t win an Emmy there is a major problem….This is the most well written, well acted episode of a sitcom ever. I cannot stop watching it and I tear up and crack up every time. There will never be another show this good…EVER!

  58. Can I just say that, 3 weeks later, I still get a big, goofy grin on my face and tears in my eyes when I watch this? Apparently I need to remind myself that it’s fiction, because I am WAY too invested in these characters! :-D

  59. Loved it all. Missed Jim’s epilogue in this clip, where he states his 3 point plan after seeing the Utube version of the wedding march. Absolute perfection, and in line w/ the character!! The final “dogs” scene had me tearing in laughter (and I’ll never ingest public ice chest ice again!), oh, and I thought the hair piece looked amazingly good!

  60. I just watched this again as it is being shown tonight as a rerun….still crying…..best scene ever in a TV show…sharred with my co-worker Erin…she is crying also………

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