The Office wins two TCA awards!

The TCA (Television Critics Association) bestowed The Office with two awards tonight in Pasadena:

  • Outstanding Achievement in Comedy
  • Individual Achievement in Comedy, Steve Carell

Congratulations to the Office cast and staff! And it looks like almost the entire cast was in attendance, which must have made for some serious festivities …

For the full scoop, click here. (Link no longer available)

Update, 7/27:

  • Here is an audio clip of Steve’s hilarious acceptance speech. Thanks to GMMR for the find!
  • GMMR’s posted a few pics from the event!
  • More TCA pics here, here, and here. (Thanks, Jill!)
  • More pics courtesy of txvoodoo at LiveJournal.
  • The Kansas City Star has more about Steve Carell’s and Greg Daniel’s funny acceptance speeches. (The scathing review that Steve reads is real.)
  • The San Francisco Chronicle’s Tim Goodman reports on the night’s events, including news on a possible guest spot on The Office?


  1. Looks like Jenna, Creed, and Mindy weren’t there to share the fun. :-(

  2. PWJ, Mindy was there — you need to scroll down a bit to find her name (she’s not listed with The Office group).

  3. I saw on your calendar that the winners would be announced today and I’ve been looking for them all day. Finally here they are! YAY! I just hope there are some pictures surfacing in the next few days. ;)

  4. Congratulations to all! Squee!

    The awards will probably make their first day of work today a lot of fun.

  5. Mindy and Paul Lieberstein (Toby) are listed under “NBC Universal Group” near the end. :)

  6. Thats exciting. (I’m back!)

    I definitely pulled a Jim a minute ago, where I emailed a girl asking her when shes coming home from camp and telling her when I am, and I told her I’d call when I got back, then I called her and did the exact same thing. Yikes.

  7. Steve’s acceptance speeches are so good, and he is very funny in interviews…wouldn’t he make a fabulous host of Emmys, or better yet, Oscars? Hard to tell, Dave sorta tanked, but I can’t imagine Steve being anything short of brilliant.

  8. Thanks for this great information, Tanster! I guess it was an evening event after all! Told you that wasn’t my area of expertise! :-)

  9. So, J, does this mean you’re buying us ALL Cokes?

    Round of Cokes for all – put it on J’s tab!

  10. Wow, John looks more polished than I believe I have seen him before. “Dapper” and “dashing” come to mind. Is he still filming his movie?

  11. Thanks for the info-packed post!

    I’d like to get a look at “Over the Top” just to see how bad it was, especially after this line… “Much in the way that young Adolf had his Heinrich Himmler, Tim Curry has his Steve Carell.” Ouch! Carrell is way funnier than Himmler.

  12. Wow almost the entire cast was there!! Thanks for the post and all the info added on! I can’t believe David got so much better looking! Not to say he was bad looking before.

  13. Um David Denman is looking mighty fine! I might have to switch to the Ram camp if he’s sporting that look next season!

  14. Hey, i hope you get this before anyone else gives you the scoop, but I think there may be a REAL office romance blooming. I read this on Chat With Kristin:

    From officefanatic: More hints on The Office romances!
Well, one of the romances was clearly very real. The other, I’m not so sure. The former was Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski, who went in for some serious kissing and gropage on the NBC party red carpet (more on that–and the video clip—-coming to a computer screen near you this Friday!). They were, as usual, hilarious and adorable and homoerotic. As for the second couple, I could be way off base here, but I was picking up some real-life lovey-dovey vibes from two of the castmembers. Here’s a hint: One starred in 40-Year-Old Virgin and the other one started the fire. (It was always burning, since the world was turning.)

    From cassie: The intern and his girlfriend? B.J. Novack and Mindy Kalin?
    Was she on 40-Year-Old Virgin and did he start the fire? Maybe.

    Here is the link:

  15. Chloe,

    It’s Jenna (hey, 3-4 seconds on the side of the screen counts as starring, right?). She’s deciding that she’s done with James Gunn and realizes that she wants to be dating someone with talent.

    That’s right, I went there. (Kidding, kidding… I know not enough of Gunn’s work to make such a judgment).

  16. “She’s deciding that she’s done with James Gunn and realizes that she wants to be dating someone with talent.”

    That is harsh, Plain White Jim. I noticed the other day that he wrote and produced the second Scooby Doo movie. Perhaps not high art by some standards, but certainly one of the ONLY things that will capture my kids’ attention for 10 minutes so I can unload the dishwasher (all cartoons and 99% of other shows have failed at this). On behalf of frazzled moms of crazy wild children everywhere, I’d like to thank him. Some people think painting the Mona Lisa took talent. I think being able to create a movie that allows me a few minutes of peace during an otherwise chaotic day qualifies as well. I’m sure Jenna is lucky to have James Gunn, and vice versa. They’re both talented.

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