The Office’s David Rogers directs The Mindy Project

Here’s a note I received from The Office editor/producer/director David Rogers:

I joined The Mindy Project at the start of this season as a Supervising Producer/Director/Editor and this Tuesday night’s episode is the first I’ve directed since coming on board and the first TV show I’ve directed since A.A.R.M. It’s a really great episode and FOX actually moved it up on the schedule since it’s so much fun to see her out of her element and joining the gang as they go to an amateur Mixed Martial Arts fight.

Guest stars include Ben Feldman (“Mad Men”), Kendra Wilkinson (“The Girls Next Door”), Josh Peck (“Drake and Josh”) and UFC President Dana White.

Watch The Mindy Project episode “Bro Club For Dudes” this Tuesday, October 22 9:30pm on FOX!


  1. Great news! I’m really enjoying Mindy’s new show – and she’s certainly getting some interesting guests recently. Happy to be a cheerleader for all our Office alumni in their new endeavours!

  2. I really love the Mindy project this season. Any thoughts on a MindyTally or Brooklyn99Tally??? I’m really liking the Fox comedies this year.

  3. Congratulations to David! A spectacular (Emmy award-winning) guy! I’m looking forward to watching tonight’s episode of The Mindy Project, even more so than I normally am!

  4. I have never really watched The Mindy Project before but I did tune in last night. Great directing job by Dave Rogers and I kind of liked the show. Still loved The Office more but I must say Mindy’s show has a good cast and Mindy is a good comdienne and talented writer.

  5. I noticed David’s name as well as a few other recognizable ones. Looking forward to watching more episodes in the future!

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