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This week’s notable items have very little to do with The Office. Hope they’re interesting anyway!

  • Reuters reports that Rainn Wilson’s next project is “Bonzai Shadowlands,” “in which he will star as a once-great ninja who is now living a life of mediocrity.” Read “Office” fascist Dwight dons ninja suit for film.
  • Business 2.0 magazine features Michael Scott and his thoughts on employee motivation. An excerpt: “The three keys to motivating your staff are love (positive reinforcement), fear (negative reinforcement), and chocolate (chocolate reinforcement).” See full scans of the magazine article and cover here.
  • Here’s Rashida Jones (“Karen”) in an impossibly cute music video for “Be Gentle With Me” by The Boy Least Likely To. Thanks Sydney!
  • For you Ricky Gervais fans, he’s released the second of three free “Podfather” podcasts, courtesy of Guardian Unlimited. The podcasts star Ricky, Stephen Merchant, and Karl Pilkington.
  • What has Karly Rothenberg (“Madge” from the warehouse) been up to? How about voice work in the latest California Cows commercial? Karly writes, “I am the cow that comments on how it was fun while it lasted, and then I suggest a rousing game of dodge ball! How cool to be a California Cow!” Watch the commercial here.
  • Okay, one 100% directly-related Office item — check out proudgirl’s latest fanvid creation, “Dance Inside,” in the Office Fan Video Playlist. Sniff, sniff …


  1. Oh man, the fact that Rashida is in a Boy Least Likely To video makes me love her even more.

    I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before.

  2. Awww…that was a cute video, it made me smile! :) Ok, Rashida is definitely growing on me! She’s too cute.

  3. Holy crap, Boy Least Likely To is one of my favorite bands! I have seen this video before; how could I have not noticed her!

  4. I am in the group that has to give props to Rashida Jones for being in a video for The Boy Least Likely To…they are awesome and so is she, even if we still want Jim with Pam! :-)

  5. OMG how cute is Rashida? Is it OK if I want Jim and Karen togheter? It would just be for a little bit though, this would help Pam see the error on her way and then Jim and Pam will live happily ever after…

  6. I love Boy least likely too. I’ve been listening to Be Gentle With Me none stop for the last 2 months. This makes me like Rashida a lot!

  7. I personally thought that was a lame video. If I had heard the music first I might have liked it better since the music was good, but Rashida looked exactly like she does in The Office and the whole concept didn’t do much for me.

  8. Of course Rashida looks the same as she does in the Office. It’s the same person. They hired her for the video because she’s cute and a good actress; the point wasn’t to make her look different.

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