Acting and writing for The Office

The Los Angeles Times has an interesting article about The Office cast members who both write for and act on the show, notably Paul Lieberstein (“Toby”) and Mindy Kaling (“Kelly”).

An excerpt:

… [Paul] Lieberstein has discovered a near-existential loneliness when it comes to acting. “The parts of it that have been hard are finding out what an incredible black hole acting can be. You’re out there and nobody talks to you, and you have no idea how you’re doing.” When he watches himself in dailies, “everything I see, I want to cut in the editing room.”

[Mindy’s] personality and background have helped develop Kelly into a popular supporting character and the sometime love interest of a reluctant Ryan. Her quirks have quickly been injected into Kelly’s persona. That includes “the online shopping, the talking really fast and the elements of boy craziness too, unfortunately,” she said.

Read They gave at ‘The Office’ — twice. (You may need to register with to access the article.)


  1. If you don’t have an LAtimes account, you can click on my name to get to the bug me not website, which has user accounts and passwords, so that you don’t have to needlessly register. :D

  2. Interesting. Just proves the creative process for this show is more than skin deep. Greg Daniels is a genius.

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