Kristin Chenoweth, here is The Office role for you

Kristin Chenoweth on The Office

When Kristin Chenoweth won the Emmy last night for best supporting actress in a comedy, from the now-canceled ‘Pushing Daisies,’ she mentioned in her must-watch acceptance speech that “I’m now unemployed … so I’d like to be on ‘Mad Men.’ I also like ‘The Office’ and ’24.'”

Then Tallyhead “Casual Monday” suggested the idea of Kristin playing Angela Martin’s estranged sister.

(In Season 3’s ‘A Benihana Christmas,’ Angela says: “I don’t back down. My sister and I used to be best friends, and we haven’t talked in 16 years. Over some disagreement I don’t even remember.”)

So there you go, Office producers. Both feisty, blonde, and tiny. Sparks would fly!

Credit: another fantastic graphic by Matt Collins


  1. YES! I am all for this. that would be absolutely hilarious, and a great opportunity for another guest star!

  2. Oh my gosh! I thought I said this EXACT same thing to my mom when she said that! She would be perfect as Angela’s sister. Gracious, Cheno on The Office… and I thought that this show couldn’t get any better…

  3. I think it’s a great idea!! However, she has to play the complete opposite of Angela and be super perky!! She has to be Kristin!! :)

  4. And what’s EVEN BETTER…not only do they have similar features, they are both ~5 feet tall!

    [from tanster: lol. true, they are both TINY.]

  5. I am all for this, I love Kristin Chenoweth! And she and Angela look remarkably similar too, I could totally see them passing as sisters!

  6. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I want to see her on the show so bad! It will be the best thing to happen to The Office since Holly and World War II.

  7. OMG YES!!! I would LOVE to see her on The Office and playing as Angela’s sister would be perfect! I’m on board with that! Come on Office writers!!! =)

  8. While I dig the idea and LUVED her on Pushing Daisies, how long are we talking here? There really wouldn’t be the need for a sibling of an employee to appear regularly, would there? One episode, maybe two, would be great, but I don’t see series regular in Kristin’s future (at least as Angela’s sister).

  9. Can follow on the “I haven’t talked to my sister in years” (or something like that) talking head of Angela’s

  10. Brilliant idea! She’s tiny, blonde, looks a little like Angela, and she showed on Pushing Daisies that she’s great at playing an opinionated, but strong woman. Furthermore, she’s not too famous to appear on the show either. Come on, Office producers, make it happen!

  11. I’m sure a good portion of the early season is written but I’m sure they could squeeze that story in for a late season episode…..

  12. yes. please make this happen, pretty please with sugar on the rim and 8 marashchino cherries :) <3

  13. That is a perfect idea! I really hope the writers jump on this… She would bring some zing to the show, for sure! I’d love to see her with Angela.

  14. I think it would be a great idea. Maybe have her and Dwight have a little flirting going on, with him not realizing that’s her sister or him realizing it and that’s why he’s doing it. To kinda get back at her for the whole ‘Andy’ thing.

  15. That would be PERFECT!
    I loved Kristin in Bewitched, it would be awesome if she had that kind of bubbly role in the office too (total opposite of Angela)…

  16. If not Angela’s sister, then I vote for Dwight’s new girlfriend. I’d loove to see Angela react to Dwight dating someone who looks like her!

  17. Please make this happen! Kristen Chenoweth is so sweet and talented. I loved her on Pushing Daisies. One of the few times the person I voted for actually won an Emmy. Can’t even imagine this actress unemployed. It’s a crime against humanity.

  18. As I twittered, this would be a fantastic storyline. Made even better if Andy started hitting on KChen. We all know he’s desperate, and she’s adorable. And just think of the fabulous musical numbers that would ensue!

  19. I loved when Kristin gave a shout out to The Office by saying it’s one of her faves and she’s looking for work! I agree – it would be fabulous to have her on for a one-episode guest stint as Angela’s sister. We know Angela and her sister haven’t talked, and the writers have free reign to come up with any storyline they want since Angela said “over some disagreement I don’t even remember.” The writers could run wild with that! A rough idea to flesh out would be a clash of morals – the sister could be opposite from Angela, which fits in with Kristin’s perky, bubbly personality! Maybe the sister “took the slow train to Philly” and Angela resents her for it and that’s why they haven’t spoken. Oh what fun!

  20. @phyllis*farm: What if she shows up as an employee at…oh, I don’t know, VANCE REFRIGERATION? Then she might not be in every episode, but we could see her pretty often.

    I too love this idea! G-sittin’ on O!

  21. That would be some INSPIRED casting! Loved Kristin on Pushing Daisies and I would love to see her on The Office!

  22. 31, NotABadDay-

    Then you’re stretching believability even further. We’ve already got half the branch sleeping with each other, now an estranged sister of almost 19 years just happens to get a job in the same building? Unless they expressly state she took the job to try and rebuild things with her Angela.

    The problem is I don’t see her becoming a regular and when you see guest stars it’s usually semi-starring and for a block of shows, a la Amy Ryan and Idris Elba.

  23. I would have to say that Tallyhead Casual Monday is a genius.

    PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Tanster, you have pull right? lol

    [from tanster: lol, little to none. more to the none.]

  24. Like I mentioned on Twitter “I think Chenoweth’s character and Kelly Kapoor would get along fabulously. Their voices together would make ears bleed, though.”


    I would die of excitement if she were on the office! My all-time favorite TV show and my all-time favorite person all at once? heaven.

  26. Yeah, my head would definitely explode from the amazingness…I was just so incredibly happy from both things in that statement: First of all, that she likes the Office, and that she half-kidding, half-serious wanted to be a guest star!

    Because I find Kristin’s singing simply fabulous and Andy’s only pretty funny, I really wouldn’t want them to do a duet, but if her and Dwight could have a fling and start up a flicker of jealousy in Angela, it would be lovely.

    And while I adore both TO and PD, they’re just SO different that a collision of any kind would be hilarious!

  27. This is such a great idea.
    Chenoweth has great comedic skills and she’s blonde and tiny like Angela. And they could sing Christmas songs together.

  28. Just want to add my support of this FABULOUS idea!!! She couldn’t be a regular DM employee, though. Just a guest star role or something would be SO FUN!!! As someone else said already- she’s not too famous- it’d be a good fit for The Office without feeling like stunt casting at all. Make it happen, producers! Please???

  29. I love the comment about Cheno being too Hollywood…she’s a highly respected Broadway star who’s only been “Hollywood” for a few years. And she’s freakishly talented and would be amazing as Angela’s chirpy and lovely sister.

  30. Too Hollywood????? OMG just look at the pictures of Angela and Jenna at the emmys… You don’t get MORE Hollywood than that.

  31. YES! My life would be complete. It’s seriously THE GREATEST idea. I know that you’re on pretty close terms with Angela, any way that you could get her to mention this to the writers? I absolutely love it and I hope it happens (REALLY SOON)!

  32. I completely agree! The role would fit, they’re both petite, feisty, and blonde, can’t wait till this happens!

  33. The Office = Grade A.
    Cheno = Grade A.
    Why not?!

    I must say, I wouldn’t want her to be a regular, I don’t think. For a now and again character, though? Most definitely.

  34. I could not agree more that it’s a perfect casting.

    I have an idea of a perfect way to realistically bring her onto the show.
    Angela spirals into serious depression because of all the terrible things that have happened to her. She has absolutely no friends in the office or outside the office, so she calls her sister. Angela visits her sister, they make up. Angela suddenly becomes a very happy person (like Cheno) and has Cheno visit the office one day. Everyone loves her sister (and the new Angela)… then something happens – they fight again – and Angela goes back to her old grouchy self.

  35. Been said many times over but add me to the yes column. Genius idea. Also luv that Cheno has good taste in tv!

  36. I. Love. Kristin. Chenoweth.

    This would be AMAZING.

    After Pushing Daisies was cancelled, I was so sad. Glee sort of fills that role now, but I miss Kristin!

    Her playing Angela’s estranged sister would be PERFECT.

  37. Kristin as Angela’s sister? Best idea ever! That would be hilarious, I love her SO much!
    She’s the best, and I miss Pushing Daisies…

  38. yeah i remember that Kristin said that in her speech! i thought it was really cool that she just put that out there, smart move. any chance the office producers/writers etc took notice and would take your suggestion to heart? it’s actually a really great idea, sounds plausible and they do look like they could be bitchy sisters ;-)

  39. I have always been somewhat annoyed with Kristin Chenoweth. HOWEVER (before some of you get Dwight to sick Mose on me), I think this is a BRILLIANT idea.

  40. @57 Glee totally fills my Pushing Daisies void too! But this would be so much better. And I LOVE the pageant idea. Anything that gets KChen in with the Office boys would be amazing – can you imagine Kevin? Or Creed?

  41. I love Kristin and Pushing Daisies, and this would be AMAZing! Even though the Office peeps don’t like stunt casting, I think we can bend the rules for this!! Kristin can be the happy sister. :)

  42. Yes, Yes, yes!!! Maybe they started fighting when they were competing in the pageant circuit???

    I LOVE Cheno!

    [from tanster: omg, that is an awesome idea!]

  43. Wow talk about a wildfire!

    And to those that think Ms. Chenoweth is too hollywood/famous/to big a name…Amy Ryan was nominated for an Oscar before she became Holly Flax. Ed Helms was on the Daily Show, Amy Adams was hitting the big time around the same time she hit our little show. Chenoweth is a big time Broadway star sure, but the only movie I remember seeing her in was Stranger than Fiction for about 30 seconds. And it’s not like it would turn into a full time character. It’d probably end up something like Cousin Mose…we’ve seen him, what, 4 times in 101 episodes?

  44. AND Kristin Chenoweth should date Andy. That would really get Angela’s goat. Plus, there were would be a lot of harmonizing involved. Loves!

  45. So much potential!

    Reasons for big fight: Angela stole her sister’s boyfriend, Angela’s sister is a dog person, Angela is the liberal one. Love love love the idea of Andy and the sister *harmonizing*

    Is it stunt casting if KChen basically begged for work? Usually stunt casts are being begged- not the other way around.

  46. @ Casual Monday

    I kind of agree…yeah, Cheno’s a famous stage and screen actress, but somehow she doesn’t strike me as a huge, red carpet star in the way that Jessica Alba and Jack Black were. I mean, she hasn’t starred in her own movies.

    Oh, what if in the “Office universe,” she WAS some kind of singing star that Andy idolized and wanted to do a duet with? Just thoughts…and I. Want. To. See. Her. Next. To. Jim/John. I love size gags, for some reason…I shipped Ned/Chuck, but every time she held his hand it cracked me up.

    Can Michael make an Angela 6.0 joke?

  47. Kristin was my favorite on Pushing Daisies (so sad it got canceled). I would love to see her play Angela’s sister. Hilarious!

  48. I like this idea a lot, I’m thinking the dispute with Angela should be religious based. She should be either Mormon, Amish or a Scientologist. Any of them could be a comic gold mine.

    Hook her up Office peeps! ASAP as possible!

  49. That would pretty much make my life. I’ve been a fan since I was 12 and saw her in ‘you’re a good man Charlie brown’. She is amazing in every way!

    Maybe they could do a duet of little drummer boy

  50. wow, this is a great pic. i could totally see them as sisters, and if kristen chenowith is out of work there’s no reason she shouldn’t have a guest gig on the office. that would be great, and i agree with everyone else’s ideas!

  51. Oops, my now 1st concern about Kristin on “The Office”, Kristin was in “West Wing”, which Jim and Pam watched while Pam was at school. Hmmmmm

  52. YES!
    Alike enough to be sisters, but where Kristen is so bubbly, that could only add to their estrangement.


  53. Meg wrote- “Oh, what if in the “Office universe,” she WAS some kind of singing star that Andy idolized and wanted to do a duet with?”

    That plot point was just used on Glee with Kristen! Too funny. Hehe.

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