1. As a latina woman with a big can, I found that line to be TOTALLY hilarious! Oh, man… I love Gene and Lee…and Dwight. ;)

  2. I love that Dwight is a Matthew McConaghey fan…so random! Obviously Mose was not quite as impressed.

  3. I have to say, what made me laugh the most was Mose’s hand wave indicating that the Wedding Planner was only so-so.

  4. As someone who is planning her own wedding, this deleted scene made my LIFE. Oh, to have Dwight Schrute helping to plan th biggest day of a girl’s life… Amazing.

    “Just shut up and be delicious” I really, REALLY wish they had kept in the show haha

  5. Dwight looks like he was trying so hard not to break through the entire Mose-J.Lo bit, haha.

  6. I LOVED this scene! I think it should have been in the episode…the Dwight and Angela interaction would have provided more of a set up to the wedding at the end, and it wouldn’t have felt that random.

  7. Was someone watching Angela and Dwight in the parking lot? I thought I saw a figure in the corner.

  8. Ohhh this should have been in! just for the “just shut up and be delicious!” also, Mose. he is awesome.

    dwight is a mcconaughey fan?!

  9. I honestly think this should have made it in if only for Angela’s way of saying, “Listen to you! ‘Destroy the Mayflower’?!”

  10. Loved it!!! And Dwight made up for what he did in the actual episode with his line about Matthew!!!

  11. “Half my family came over on a u-boat that could have DESTROYED the Mayflower.”

    Hysterical. Dwight makes my life whole.

  12. I loved Dwight’s analogy about the beets that constantly complained. And his line “…just shut up and be delicious” is one of the funniest lines EVER!

  13. I liked that deleted scene much more than I liked the full episode. “Enormous can” is just genius. And more Mose, please.

  14. It’s just not how I pictured it, you know?…There’s just *&^% everywhere.

    Oh, Andrew Bernard. You are priceless :-)

  15. I can’t help but lose it laughing when I see the cast members try to hide their breaks. Angela was trying so hard not to show her laugh when Andy stepped in the kitchen poo.
    Should have made the cut, both of them.

  16. I definitely saw Angela break there when she covered her face with her hands…love it! I bet there’s a ton of outtakes for those scenes. Sooo funny!

  17. The one with “The Wedding Planner” was absolutely hilarious, but the one with Andy crying was pointless!

  18. This just happened to me this morning! Slightly smaller animal it came from though…

  19. I love how Dwight always plays up his family’s ties to Nazism, he’s such a fool!

  20. I definitely think Angela was laughing when she covered her face in the second clip.

    Again, I say to anyone who will listen, “How do these people even say these lines? How is it possible that they actually say them without completely losing it and with a straight enough face that it is good enough to air on television?”

    The writers must have it out for the actors!

  21. The third one was genius, I would have preferred it to the Hank bit. Funniest deleted since since the gems from Customer Survey (JFK dwight anyone?).

  22. At the end of the third deleted scene, Pam pursed her lips in a way that reminded me of Jim. It’s amusing to see how she imitates Jim’s expressions in an almost unconscious way since the beginning of the fourth season. Probably not even intentional on Jenna Fischer’s part…

  23. First off, did Michael say “I’ll be back in a non?” What increment of time does “anon” stand for in Michael’s world? Michael and ye olde English just don’t mix.

    And Michael in glasses!?! I thought Brick Tamland was sitting on the table for a moment.

  24. wow. michael said anon. i didn’t think he knew what that meant. but he used it perfectly. go michael.

  25. I think Steve Carell looks cute in glasses! Great scene, especially Creed, “Does it need to be clean?” Hilarious!

  26. I love Michael with the glasses in the 3rd Deleted Scene. I hope we will see him with his glasses on more!

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