1. I’m going to guess “Office Olympics” from season 2, only because I remember there being a boom mic person visible in one of the shots when they’re “lighting the olympic candle”.

  2. I’m going to guess “The Convention” as one of the booth operators, or one of the episodes at a Chili’s

  3. I was just watching the blooper reel for Season 7, and Steve is throwing pizza in the air in “Viewing Party”, and it gets caught on the fan and thrown into the boom mic. And the camera pans to the mic and the person holding it, and Steve says “Sorry, Brian”.

    [ from tanster: correct! :) ]

  4. was it “the fire” when Ryan starts a fire? I remember seeing a boom guy while they were standing out in the parking lot.

  5. Company picnic, volleyball dude on Buffalo’s team (I think) who said “These are expensive Ray-Bans dumb***!”

  6. Okay, now I’m going to have to watch Company Picnic. Bummer. (Like I really needed an excuse!)

  7. It’s not an official scene, but I know he appears in the season 7 bloopers. When Steve Carell is flipping the pizza dough, it hits the fan, and then lands on the boom mic that Brian is holding. Steve says “Thank you, Brian.” when he returns the pizza dough to him.

    [ from tanster: correct! :) ]

  8. Christening? Season 7 at Jim and Pam’s Christening of Cece- Brian has a son also being Christened.

  9. I’m going to guess one of the episodes in which the boom operator was visible because Brian is my brother and this was his first time as a character!!

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