The Office: Viewing Party, 7.08

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The Office Viewing Party

Writer: Jon Vitti, Director: Ken Whittingham

Summary (NBC): Erin and Gabe invite the office over for a “Glee” viewing party. Michael deals poorly with hearing people call Gabe his boss. Meanwhile, Andy grows more and more jealous of Gabe’s relationship with Erin.

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In a poll conducted November 11-15, 2010, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.37/10

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The Office Viewing Party Quotes

Kevin: They should do that thing where they play the really good music to get him to come out.

Dwight: Ugh, they shouldn’t televise any of this. It just encourages copycats.
Angela: Just say “copies.” Why do you have to drag cats into this.

Gabe: What if it’s another Waco?
Erin: It’s pronounced “wacko.”

Jim: Some events are so newsworthy, so historic, that you have to stop everything to watch. Balloon boy, Michael Jackson’s funeral, uh, things that if you didn’t see them live, you wouldn’t really care that you didn’t see them at all.

Andy: I bet he’s wishing he had a hybrid, right?

Kevin: I bet he’s wishing he was strangling someone.

Michael: You go sell these and buy yourself a nice spaceship.

Michael: What is ‘Glee’? Some sort of television program?

Michael: I’m kidding around. I’m not actually angry.

Michael: I know what Glee is. I am a total Gleek.

Michael: You know who my favorite character is? The invalid.

Erin: Take Gabe, take Michael, you make Gay-Mike. Best friends.

Kelly: First they say that Mr. Schue doesn’t know anything about choreography. And then, like three episodes later, he’s this fantastic choreographer? Pick a lane, people. And what was with Jesse’s sudden turn on Rachel? Between Dream on and Funk? Where the heck did that come from? Honestly that show, it’s just, it’s irresponsible.

Dwight: Thirst. Now that’s a show I’d watch.
Angela: I would watch that.

Dwight: Tonight might be a convenient night for us to have some intercourse.

Erin: Those posters used to be real French ads.

Michael: Gabe likes to entertain a lot. And he cooks in an oven. And all that jazz. I just have a different lifestyle.

Gabe: You don’t really toss the dough.

Gabe: I like to create soundscapes.

Phyllis: Which one’s Glee?
Kelly: You have to stop.

Kelly: Is this a Glee watching party or a Glee pausing party?

Michael: I want you to shoot me like a hundred times in the groin until I’m dead, okay?

Ryan: What is this, samurai woodcuts?

Dwight: Are you going to quiet that baby or do I have to?

Dwight: I’ve been raising children since I was a baby.

Darryl: I wonder if there’s a guy in China right now looking at a bunch of our stuff.

Darryl: If I was a girl and I had to choose between a tall dude who loved Asia, and a you-looking dude who loved sweaters and wearing sweaters, I’d choose you.
Andy: That’s really nice, thank you.
Darryl: And I’d blow your mind.

Dwight: You know, it’s not really necessary for me to sit here holding her all night. Just go to Gabe’s refrigerator, get a lump of suet, or any kind of congealed animal fat will do, really, tie a piece of string to it, tie the other end to her toe, pop the suet in her mouth, she’ll be happy for hours.

Andy: Is that White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor?
Phyllis: You know your perfumes.
Andy: My nanny used to wear that.

Andy: I just ate an entire seahorse.

Andy: I feel exactly like a seahorse.

Erin: What’s the longest thing you’ve ever seen?

Gabe: Michael, you’re making this harder than it has to be.
Michael: That’s what she said.

Pam: I know what you have to do. Please stay with Cece.

Pam: Remember your concussion?
Dwight: I do. But you married my worst enemy.
Pam: I know.
Jim: Well, I think enemy’s a strong word, ’cause I think we have a really charming back and forth.

Jim: What kind of pizza would you like?
Dwight: Surprise me. No. Pepperoni.

Andy: Hey, Creed. Do you read Chinese?
Creed: Better than English.

Pam: Jim, just don’t think of it as degrading.

Dwight: Beer me, Jim.

Dwight: Can we stop the fake prissy act? Join the real world. Sex contracts exist, okay?

Dwight: You’ve been with a blonde before? It’s the big leagues.

Dwight: She’s in heat. She’ll eat your face off.

Pam: The reverse cycling ends tonight!

Dwight: A single piece of pepperoni, please.

Kevin: I wanted to eat a pig in a blanket… in a blanket.

Kevin: Please, Michael. Just make the Glee happen!

Phyllis: Bob and I took our time. The first time we saw each other naked, we didn’t even make love. We just stared at each other until we fell asleep. It was magical.

Michael: He’s a weird little skeevy guy with no waist.

Erin: I’ll raise it all I want. I’ll raise the roof!

Michael: If you break that girl’s heart, I will kill you. It’s just a figure of speech. But seriously, if you break that girl’s heart, I will literally kill you and your entire family.

Michael: That girl’s going to turn my hair gray.

Andy: I accidentally ate some seahorses.

Gabe: This one’s called “Earthrise on the Moon.”
Andy: That’s so beautiful.

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  1. Wow, Jon Vitti! He wrote, hands down, some of the funniest episodes of “The Simpsons”. Also, he’s back with Greg Daniels. Should be interesting.

  2. Yeah, the premise seems uninteresting but Jon Vitti has such a good track record that I’m excited for this! I’m interested to see how he writes for this show…

  3. I actually think this episode sounds fun. I love when they do stuff outside of the office.

  4. When I saw the episode title, my first guess was a viewing of some completed segment of the Dunder Mifflin documentary, and I was thrilled! A ‘Glee’ party is sort of disappointing, but I do look forward to another visit to an officemate’s home. Will it be Gabe’s or Erin’s?

  5. Look, if there’s someone to console Andy about being jealous of Erin and Gabe, those would be Michael and Pam, they both used to set Andy up with Erin, and Michael caused their separation.

  6. WOW I loved it. Best of the season for me. The Jim/Pam/Dwight interaction was awesome.

    The moment at the end I was confused for a second then I remembered Erin was an orphan and I was all like :)

    Great episode. I lost it when Jim was feeding Dwight.

  7. WOW! Such a great episode this week, especially compared to last week’s! I’m a huge JAM fan, but they’re so much better with Dwight in the mix!

    Erin and Michael’s moment at the end was great. She seemed a little more toned down this episode, I don’t like it when they make her so stupid.

  8. “Who is Glee?”

    Honestly, one of the funniest episodes in a long time. I lost it when the pizza hit the fan. The Dwight/ JAM thing was… sketchy. But, other than that, I loved this episode. I can’t think of the last episode during which I laughed this hard.

  9. This season has been above average so far. This episode might be the best in the season.

    The Michael/Erin bit at the end was unexpected but it was really great and acted as a good bookend to the opening scene. Almost everyone got a relevant an funny role this week: Phyllis, Kevin, Gabe, Oscar, Kelly. This reminded me a lot of when Jim had a BBQ in Season 2.

  10. I liked this episode much more than I expected to! Classic Jim/Pam/Dwight interaction, and great small moments for everyone from Creed to Kevin to Angela. I love the understated moment between Erin and Michael; it made you think for a minute rather than stating it obviously. I laughed the loudest when Michael tossed the pizza into the fan, and when he named his favorite Glee character…you know, the one played by that guy who played a pizza delivery guy on some other show…?

  11. Great episode! For the first time ever, I actually liked Erin, especially the moments with Michael and Erin at the end.
    Loved the Dwight/Jim/Pam stuff, of course Dwight would be great with kids! Overall awesome episode. Interesting to see what Gabe was like too (soundscapes!?).

  12. “it’s pronounced wacko” that made me laugh so hard… i’m from texas (austin), and sometimes we call waco “wacko”.
    totally random… did anyone have a wendy’s commercial during the show? and if you did… did you think the baby in the commercial looked exactly like the baby (babies?) that played cece in last week’s episode?

  13. This was was all over place for me. Kelly was really funny and of course Creed was brillant. The Jim/Dwight/Pam stuff was the best part of the show. I didn’t need to see Andy getting sick in bed.

  14. I really enjoyed this episode. It wasn’t over the top funny but it was just very enjoyable. I can’t get over how sweet Michael and Erin’s scene at the end was. That was the sweetest thing he’s ever done! I loved Kevin’s line “I wanted to eat pigs in a blanket, in a blanket”.

  15. I liked this episode a lot more than I thought I would. So many great moments: Darryl telling Andy he’d blow his mind, Kelly screaming when the TV went out, pizza hitting the fan, Andy throwing up while gabe plays his soundscapes, pigs in a blanket…in a blanket. Phyllis sure was filling her glass, btw. LOL

  16. Also, I have a feeling that Mindy Kaling would get mad like she did over missing a part of Glee.

  17. Is it just me, or do JAM not feel very… JAMmy… lately?

    Anyway, some good moments. Certainly better than most of the recent episodes.

  18. @15 Why? Worst of the series?! C’mon making a statement like that about this episode I gotta ask your reasoning.

    From my perspective this was the 2nd classic episode this season (along with Andy’s Play) because of the old school feel of it. There were shades of Email Surveillance and some great callbacks! A finely crafted episode 10/10

  19. #24, that was hilarious when Daryl said that to Andy. I loved what he said about Andy’s sweaters! That whole scene was great.

  20. The cold open was meh. But after that I laughed out loud more than once. Loved Pam’s pleading with Dwight to end CeCe’s “reverse cycling.” – “Remember your concussion?” (Which is my all time fave Office ep) “But then you married my worst enemy.”

    Also thought Andy getting sick on the bed and hiding it under a pillow was priceless.

  21. Hmmm…don’t know what to think. Better than last week, but having a black screen for 22 minutes would have been better than last week.

    I really liked the cold open – “Buy yourself a nice spaceship” was hilarious. Up until the party itself, I was pleased with the episode.

    The party simply had too much going on for me to like it. Of course, there were individually funny lines (including a rare and priceless “That’s what she said”) but as a whole the party was too chaotic.

    The Andy story was particularly odd. The writers cannot seem to decide what to do with them; Andy seems to be going to increasingly ridiculous lengths to impress a girl who seems completely uninterested in him. And I really didn’t need to see him vomiting.

    JAM was boring. As in, I did not really care about their story line. Michael…I didn’t really get him. It seemed very sitcom-y for him to sneak down and mess with the cable; I was half-expecting a laugh track. I understand Michael wanting to remain the boss, but not at the expect of his believability.

    All in all, not a terrible episode (as last week’s was), just…eh.

  22. I enjoyed it. I laughed out loud when Michael threw the dough in the fan, when Andy threw up on the bed, when Kevin wanted to eat in bed, the Dwight/Pam/Jim scenes, when Creed put that thing in his pocket (if I saw that right) and when Gabe showed off his soundscapes, haha! That fit his character nicely. Dwight was great.

    Something needs to happen with Erin and Andy. The whole Michael and Erin scene near the end could’ve been better, but I am glad other people liked it. i like Erin. I crave longer character interaction. The office should be an hour! But I understand why it is not and it would lose fans if it was an hour long.

    I give this an 8.10.

  23. This episode was much better than last week! It was great! Loved the serious “that’s what she said” and loved when Phyllis was trying to get information out of Erin. Glad they used the Dwight/Phyllis dynamic again – they are so funny together!

  24. I’m so mad.. a football game took over NBC at 8 so I couldn’t watch it…
    Can’t wait til tomorrow seems like it was really good!!

  25. VIEWING PARTY was great except for the cold opening. I didn’t think that Scranton Strangler bit was funny. Now, if the show took the Stanley being oblivious to the world and used that as tonight’s cold opening, then VIEWING PARTY would have been close to perfect. As it stands, it’s already much, much better than CHRISTENING.

    Funny enough, there was one scene on Tuesday’s GLEE that completely caught me by surprise, and similarly in tonight’s episode, the Erin and Michael moments toward the ending really caught me off guard with all the pathos that Ellie Kemper and Steve Carell conveyed. I kinda got choked up.

    The Jim/Pam/Dwight/CeCe stuff was hilarious as were the bits with Andy and Phyllis. Kelly’s observations about GLEE were spot on: I share the same complaints she has about the show.

    The Gabe character does nothing for me. Time to put Andy and Erin back together methinks.

    Overall, a great eppy. Here’s hoping next week is just as good and that we don’t get another CHRISTENING.

  26. Enjoyed the episode. Would like to finally get a wrap on the Scranton Strangler though (C’mon, it’s gotta be Creed!)

    Starting to really like anytime Steve and Ellie do scenes together. They’re hilarious when they’re playing off each other.

    Dwight/Jim/Pam story was hilarious as well. Loved the part, “I think enemy is a strong word.”

    Also, I can’t stand Gabe. He’s just kind of…there. He just kind of annoys me.

  27. Thought this was a pretty good episode. I really enjoyed the Michael/Erin interactions at the end. Is it just me or was Erin in this episode a completely different Erin than we’ve seen before? Certainly not even close to the borderline creepiness on display with the foster brother in last season’s St. Patrick’s day episode when Andy showed up.

    The cold open was meh. But I suppose it was necessary to have the Scranton Strangler caught at some point to set up Toby for jury duty and Holly returning.

    LOL’ed at Dwight’s “Beer me Jim” and Dwight being fantastic with Cece. Reminded me of Dwight re-doing Pam and Jim’s kitchen in Delivery. Dwight’s random acts of kindness are always kind of touching.

    One thing however: second straight episode entirely out of the office. Please let us return to Scranton Business Park and not leave again for a while! It’s hard to do “classic office” out of the office!

  28. That was one of the better episodes of the season. I laughed loud and often. And it featured cringeworthy moments we love like we often saw in seasons 1-4.

  29. I thought it was awesome! Very funny. The Dwight/Jim/Pam interaction was hilarious and very well played. Loved absolutely everything Kelly said. As well as Andy puking, both times. And the Michael/Erin moments were actually really sweet. Very solid episode.

    Need a conclusion to the Scranton Strangler for sure. And the call back to Dwight’s concussion and the Pam/Dwight friendship was fantastic.

  30. Seems like I’m in the minority, but I was not a fan of this episode. I actually rank it lower than Christening. There are too many dead-in-the-water storylines that have no clear direction but keep being rehashed (ex. Michael’s dissatisfaction with life, Andy and Erin, Dwangela).

    There were some good moments and I loved the callback to “The Injury”.

    P.S. Where was Toby tonight? Maybe he’s the Strangler and that’s why God’s mad at him.

  31. Can’t believe i forgot to mention how happy i was to see “that’s what she said” make an appearance!

  32. I really enjoyed this episode too, though I don’t get why people think that Erin/Michael’s scene at the end was sweet. I felt that it was a bit…odd. Not exactly creepy, but it felt off. I know she was a foster kid, but I don’t feel like there was any precedence for Erin thinking of Michael as her father figure. Weird.

  33. Ellie really does shine when she shares the screen with Steve Carell (it should be more often). They compliment each other so well. Erin not only adores Michael, but she cares what he thinks. With Pam she is sort oh his second mom who looks at him like a liability. It really makes sense that of the two it will be Erin who connects better with him. Good Episode.

  34. I guess I’m mixed. I kind-of wish Erin hadn’t become quite so dumb because this episode is one of those that makes me think she’s one of the most likable and curiously admirable characters on the show right now. She has every reason to be miserable and cranky, but she’s not. Her reaction to “what am I your father?”, and Michael (somewhat unusually for him, I suppose) picking up on why she had that reaction, was touching. I think the weird banter after was maybe to avoid it getting too painful.

    And Darryl’s a hoot. Not sure on the rest of it.

  35. Wow! What a great episode. I loved the interaction between all the characters, and the “that’s what she said” moment. So awesome.

  36. Thought it was great to hear “that’s what she said” again and the callbacks were awesome. Enjoyed parts of the episode but thought it fizzled in the end.

  37. Was that the first “that’s what she said” of the season? Anyway, tonight’s episode was an upgrade over last week’s, which still feels strange to me. Creed & Chinese? Never gets old! And Michael talking about his grandchildren when he doesn’t even have children? Classic.

    Anybody watch “Breaking Bad”? Because the pizza dough hitting the ceiling fan reminded me of when Walt threw the pizza in anger & it happened to fly out of the box & land on the roof. LOL at both!

  38. Wasn’t this the first TWSS of season 7?

    I love a good TWSS as much as any big fan of the show, but it felt kind of forced, almost as if the writers were just determined to get a TWSS into the season some eight episodes in.

  39. I thought it was good. The episode was strong overall because people acted in character, there was a strong sense of continuity, and the the callbacks were exactly the ones we’ve been craving.

    I loved every second of the JAM/Dwight stuff, especially Pam and Dwight’s back and forth because they’ve always had this really cool chemistry thing even when Dwight and Jim were feuding. It would have been hilarious if Dwight had insinuated to Jim that he was Cece’s real father lol.

    Loved the Michael and Erin scene at the end. It made me recall ‘Secretary’s Day’ where I thought Erin was slightly out of character, but this provided a nice context for it. Erin has been very funny recently. She’s not dumb (Kevin is dumb), but she’s naive. She’s better in a supporting role, rather than front and centre a la season 6.

    Also, lately we’ve been feeling like the show isn’t moving forward, but suddenly, and unexpectedly, Dwight and Michael are showing off their parenting skills. Nice.

    The only weak point was Andy’s storyline. And Michael’s sad sack thing is getting a little bit much.

  40. I did find the party was chaotic but in a good way: in a party there’s always several discussions at once, some people mingling together and some not, some people even move the party to other rooms… It did seem realistic in that way.

  41. Very funny episode. If only this was made in say, Season 4, I’m sure it would have been better. The show is getting stale. Erin last night=gold. Erin when over the top=terrible. I’m sick of Andy. I’m happy the cast is getting used more and Pam and Jim were cute. This comment is all over the place, but overall it was a quite good episode for a show in its 7th season.

  42. A big improvement over last week, but it felt overcrowded with stories. I could have done without more of the Andy/Erin stuff which has been hanging around now for almost a year with nothing interesting happening. More time spent on why Michael hates Gabe or the Jim/Pam/Dwight relationship would have been nice. The scene with Michael and Erin at the end was well played.

  43. I definitely loved the call back to The Injury. Dwight with a baby is just awesome in general. Also “She’s in heat. She will bite your face off.”

  44. Loved this episode! TWSS makes its long awaited comeback, and I really love the Erin/Michael scene at the end. It has that characteristic quirky sweetness that The Office does so well. Pam pleading with Dwight to stay with CeCe was the highlight of the episode…”But you married my worst enemy”, “I know”. Haha.

  45. Guess I’m in the minority but I didn’t like it at all. The writers have made Michael unbearable this season. He just overreacts to everything and acts like a jerk in every episode.

  46. I can’t believe people thought this was better than Christening. I love Christening. It’s going down hill when they revolve the episode around a current tv show…

  47. Oh, and what have the writers done to Angela the past few seasons? Really? Naked in her car?

  48. YAY! “That’s what she said!”

    I liked the episode, although I could have done without the vomit.

  49. I really liked this episode all around. Kevin getting into the bed and saying he always wanted to eat pigs in a blanket, in a blanket, cracked me up. I liked the cold opening – it reminded me of times when people at work gathered around the TV (or computer) to watch something together (but then I’m old enough to remember watching the whole OJ thing play out on TV).

  50. I loved this episode!!!!! I like Andy’s reaction to Erin & Gabe dating and him being consoled by Phyllis. I also like the Jim/Pam/Dwight scene, specially when Dwight was able to keep CeCe quiet. And of course Jim & Pam always knew about Dwight & Angela. Michael is always and always will be everybody’s boss.

  51. I liked this ep, but jeez, give Andy less air time, I really don’t care for him as much this season and it felt like too much of this episode was dedicated to him and the stupid seahorse thing which didn’t really get a laugh from me.

    I love Erin, agree what some people have said here and elsewhere, they should stick to her being cute and naive rather than just plain dumb, because I’ve always felt that she is such a great addition to show.

  52. I didn’t like the fact that the entire episode was revolved around Glee, because I hate that show, but it was a pretty good episode. I really liked the ending with Erin and Michael. It seems like it kinda came out of nowhere, but it was a nice moment. I hope they expand on that a little bit more and give Erin some actual emotions instead of just being stupid all the time.

  53. Also, something I was just thinking about, what happened to Danny? Are we just to assume he’s out on the road doing his salesman thing?

  54. Maybe I would have liked this episode if I actually liked ‘Glee’.

    Also, can The Office move back into the office?

  55. I’m ok with the Glee thing because it seems like something a number of these characters would watch.

    Where was Bob Vance? It’s not often we get Phyllis in a social setting without Bob. Not a complaint, just an observation.

  56. What was it that Dwight was telling Pam to give to Cece that would keep her quiet for hours? I just re-watched on Hulu and couldn’t make it out.

    Sounded like it would be some random part of an dead animal.

    Anyone catch it?

  57. I didn’t expect to like this episode, but it was actually really enjoyable (LOVED the cold opening). And a lot of people expected it to just be filler, while it definitely wasn’t.

  58. @70:

    I was wondering why Bob wasn’t there too. But I can’t imagine Bob Vance would want to watch a television show called Glee though. Phyllis didn’t know what it was, so I doubt Bob would either. He was probably at home watching the game Jim flipped to during the commercial.

    Would have loved to see Packer there though. Can’t imagine how funny this episode could’ve been with Packer mocking Glee and the other Office characters for being Gleeks. Would have been golden!

  59. I liked the cold open! Especially Angela’s “copycat” line. I thought the episode itself was kind of strange, but funny at the same time. I especially loved Kelly knowing everything about Glee, Creed speaking Chinese, and Michael and Erin’s scene together at the end!

  60. What a turnaround from last week!!!!!!! This episode was excellent all around. I loved the opening – it was exactly what people in real offices would do. And the Michael/Erin moment was so sweet. Laughed out loud many times, just a great overall episode.

  61. Did anyone else notice that they pause the show (and Kelly complains about it) but then when they miss part of it after Jim checks the game Erin says she’s not recording it?

  62. @71 They were talking about suet, an animal fat. Particularly the fat around the kidneys of a cow. It’s rarely seen outside of farmers’ kitchens and gourmet restaurants!

    I was “meh” about this episode until the end. Loved how foster child Erin sees Michael as a father, and how good-natured Gabe took care of a grateful Andy.

  63. @76 You can pause a show you are watching live on DVR. Doesn’t have anything to do with recording it.

    This episode had a few good moments, but overall…meh. I sincerely hope they get back to form next week.

  64. Not bad, a little wacky for my taste, but it was kept in check for the most part. I’m a sucker for any time Dwight gets the upper-hand on Jim, so that helped a lot.

    Those scenes related to Cece sleeping and the sex contract were vintage office for me. It also had an improv feel (Dwight in particular), I wonder if that was the case?

  65. Much better than last week. But enough of the Andy pining. It’s time to move on. I thought the Erin/Michael scene was sweet and well played. Reminded me a little of “Scott’s Tots”. Good episode overall.

  66. WOW! They mentioned Waco, my hometown. Just found out that Angela Kinsey graduated from Baylor in ’93 which was around the time the standoff in Waco happened.

  67. It was kind of glossed over, but when Michael mentioned having a loaded gun in his desk it hit me with foreboding. He is getting more delusional it seems lately, almost going to Mexico on a whim etc. Considering the shift in power being played out here, with Gabe and Saber, he is a pretty emotionally volatile guy to have a loaded gun around, assuming the gun was real.

  68. How fun! This is one of my favorite episodes! The whole cast was really featured and said so many characteristic things. Although I was a little surprised by Darryl’s “I’d blow your mind”– it made me laugh so hard!

  69. I thought it was funny when Kevin said that he wanted to eat the pigs in blanket in a blanket. I agree that The Office should mostly take place in the office which the last two episodes haven’t. Overall I thought that this episode was a step up from last week’s and I am excited for the Christmas episode which are always great.

  70. 60:

    Angela thought it was appropriate to have sex with Dwight in Jim’s back yard in season 2, so I don’t see how the last episode was really any different.

  71. I liked it. It doesn’t matter to me if the episode takes place out of the “office”, as long as the character’s storyline flows out of their “office” dynamic. Remember Booze Cruise, and Beach Games.
    On the positive side to this episode, we had a great interaction with Jim/Pam/Dwight/adorable CeCe. Kelly had some funny lines. Pam hit the mark with Angela in the car scene at the end. Maybe Angela needs the number of Jan’s sperm bank.
    On the negative side, Andy’s pining after Erin is not funny at all. In fact, they have nothing in common. Erin is not dumb, but she is so uneducated and naive I fail to see what either Gabe or Andy sees in her. Oh, and Michael was in classic immature form, but had a redeeming moment with Erin at the end, which made this episode memorable. The childless man acting the part of a father to an orphan who was backtalking him was well done.

  72. I loved that Pam mentioned Dwight’s concussion and how they were friends. It was a very fitting callback. This moment was so perfect that I’m willing to overlook any of the minor complaints that could be made about the episode.

  73. Am I the only one who thinks Erin might be in love with Michael? I don’t know why, it just… I might be completely wrong, but that was the first thing that came to my mind when Erin said she only cared about what Michael thought.

  74. Great episode but the whole Andy/Erin thing is so boring. Usually I find Erin annoying, but when she had her little moment with Michael, I was glad to see another side of her. I had no idea she thought of Michael as a father figure. It’s those kind of serious moments, along with the humor, that make the show awesome.

  75. Another beautiful episode. Definitely not filler, to the people who say that it is.

    I love when the characters are put in situations outside of the office – it creates circumstances that allow us to learn more about each character. One of my favorite parts of this episode was the Erin-Michael moment outside of Gabe’s apartment building. Michael without children & Erin without parents… it’s like a puzzle – the pieces just fit. That little scene was really powerful – not only to us, but to the development of those two characters!

    I cherish these thoughtful moments in The Office. (and also the hilarious ones – and there were plenty in this episode!)

  76. I really enjoyed this episode, especially the little moment between Erin and Michael. Since Erin grew up in foster care, I guess she latched onto Michael as a father-figure and that shot of her face when he said he wasn’t her father almost made me cry. Erin should definitely not be with Andy.
    I can also safely say that I have never loved Dwight more. I hope he and Angela have a baby next season.

  77. Sweet episode. Nicely played writers. I love everything- but Jim. I am the only one who is finding Jim less and less likable? Blah, whatever.

    The whole Erin/Gabe thing, it has to stop, okay? Andy deserves her, not Gabe. He’s so weird and awkward. Totally not manly.

  78. All of Andy’s pining is making me miss pre-anger management Andy. At the start of this season, I was hoping this Gabe/Erin thing would push him back to the dark side. Still hoping…


    The backyard of someone’s house is one thing, but I agree that car sex parked on the street is probably unbelievable for Angela. Then again, love makes you do crazy things…

  79. Just OK ep. Agree somewhat with 58 that Michael is being over-played, but this is by design I think as we come to the end of his tenure. Worst part about eps like this is the Gabe, Andy and Erin thread. Not just the story but the characters themselves. Only Andy is truly interesting but they’ve made him much less so last 2 years. Erin, and especially Gabe, are expendable to the show IMO. So many other ways to go, other (better) characters to get into storylines. Too bad. I’m confident the show will redeem itself for the end of this season but Gabe+Erin as focal points in Season 8 without Michael Scott around may be unbearable (for me at least!).

  80. @93 You’re not the only one. Jim is so unfriendly and unfunny this season. And his hair is the worst.

  81. @73 – I hadn’t considered it, but you’re totally right – this would’ve been a great Packer episode.

    This actually would’ve been a great chance to have Packer or Cordray in a social setting. We’ve seen Packer in laid-back office settings, but a full outside-the-office epi would be great. Would also have been a good way to meet the new guy, as someone pointed out.

    @82 – I see what you mean but I can’t believe it was meant to be as dark as it came off to be. I can’t even see The Office going into that territory. I think the darkest we’ll see Michael is him contemplating jumping off of the office building because he’s “depressed”.

  82. Solid Episode. Enjoyed the many callbacks to past episodes, and the “full” use of the ensemble cast. But I thought Andy’s storyline was the least enjoyable to watch.

    Also, I never bothered to watch Glee until after watching Viewing Party, and have found that I kind of like it.

  83. And about the whole Cece thing, apologies to whoever’s daughter Cece was in the past episodes, but I find this episode’s cuter.

  84. RE: the michael/erin scene from the end, erin’s pregnant pause after michael says, “i’m not your father” actually made me gasp. it would blow my mind, but looking back it feels possible that the writers will make erin michael’s long-lost daughter. ellie kemper looks young enough that she could be michael’s daughter even if she was conceived when he lost his virginity at age 23. erin is sweet and painfully naive, just like michael. i think ellie and steve even resemble each other enough for it to be believable!

    i haven’t been able to shake the idea since watching the ep.

  85. Kelly: You know what, I’m so confused. Is this a ‘Glee’ watching party. Or a ‘Glee’ pausing party? Because we keep stopping it to get a history lesson about television when some of us just…

  86. @95 todd, I mentioned that, but it was way back @19…I’m so glad someone else noticed that! Also, Tanster posted a great photo compilation about it in the tidbits section. Artie is one of the only reasons I watch Glee (him and Sue…and Kristin Chenoweth, when she’s on).

  87. @87:

    Dwight, Andy, and Gabe have all had a thing for Erin. She may be naive and uneducated, but she’s pretty attractive. Guys aren’t all that complicated when it comes down to it. I don’t think any of them are/were trying to marry her.

    As Dwight would probably say, she one’s of the plain, hearty women that make Scranton great.

  88. @93:

    Gabe’s not very manly, I would agree. But Andy’s definitely not very manly either. Dwight’s probably the most manly character on the show–and he’s done pretty well with women–maybe we’ll see Erin with him in Season 8. He was interested in her when she first arrived. Now that would be better stuff than any of this Gabe/Andy rivalry, plus it would give Angela fits. With Erin’s interactions with Michael, it’s almost as if she’s pining for a strong man in her life she’s never had before. That’s why I don’t think either Andy or Gabe are right for her long term.

  89. @103
    I beg to differ. Actually, Andy does want very badly to get married and raise his litter of NardPups. At the moment, Erin is part of the plan. She is attractive, but very limited intellectually. If it weren’t so icky, Erin is best suited romantically to be with Michael. I can only hope she’s not his long lost daughter. That’s way too soap opera-ish for a mockumentary comedy.

  90. I thought this was a pretty good episode, but I am a fan of Glee so maybe that’s why. It was fun to see most of the cast involved in the show and I did think the moment between Erin and Michael at the end was cute — until the weird back and forth banter. My favorite line was Kevin’s “I bet he’s wishing he was strangling someone!” Ha, ha, just the sort-of smart-mouth thing I’d say…

  91. @105:

    I agree with you that it would be awful and way over the top if Erin turned out to be Michael’s long lost daughter. It would be awful in the same way if Astrid turned out to be his daughter as someone alluded to on another thread. I just can’t envision the writers doing either. Erin’s an orphan, right? I don’t think we know how she became orphaned. But there’s nothing in Michael’s past that we know of that would suggest even if he became a parent at a young age that he would relinquish his custodial rights to his daughter. I just think she see Michael as a largely responsible, strong, and good hearted adult male she’s never had in her life and she finds that comforting.

  92. They’ve shown that Erin looks up to Michael several times and also mentioned the foster home thing several times. She looks at him like a father figure…that’s it. She isn’t his long lost daughter, and she isn’t in love with him.

  93. It’s impossible for Michael to be Erin’s real father. First, Michael lost his virginity at 28, and he’s now 46. Erin would have to be in her teens. Second, that would be way too melodramatic if they went that route. Erin has a special type of love for Michael. Is not a romantic love, it’s a tender love. She loves him for the guidance that he is bestowing on her, and how they connect like family. And it shows, who else other than Erin has such a positive view of the man?

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