1. This comes right after the announcement that NBC isn’t going forward with The Farm. Does all of this come down to The Office’s ratings this year? What’s up with positioning The Voice in this time slot right in the middle of developing story lines on The Office?

    It feels like a shake up and decisions have just been made. NBC just added a few more episodes of Up At Night for the season (changing from single camera to multi-camera). That show will take a hiatus for about a month before the newly formatted show appears. Will it still be on Thursday nights? Isn’t 30 Rock ending mid-season?

    The question for me, then, is whether the rest of the season of The Office is in jeopardy. It feels like we haven’t heard the final news on this. What a horrible way to end a great show if NBC cancels it or cuts the season in half. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out – maybe I’m seeing way too much in all of this.

  2. You people do realize that this is because of a ratings drop from power outages in the northeast, right?

  3. Of course, preempting The Office could simply be because NBC aired coverage of the hurricane on Monday night. Still, the timing of all of this is weird.

  4. I think that NBC would gladly move all of their Thursday night shows to air on the NBC Sports Network if they could get away with it.

  5. What?!?! That sounds absolutely terrible. I would be less worried if it were for the hurricane, or election season, or something. But a re-run of the Voice? That just makes me scared. I really, really, really hope that they don’t cut the season or cancel the show… They wouldn’t do that, right? RIGHT? Because I would absolutely die…
    Not to mention I’ll actually have time to watch this week. And they postpone my show.
    Has that ever happened before? I don’t remember it, if it has…

  6. FFS.

    First of all, half the people without power aren’t going to have it back by Thursday anyway. Mine keeps going out over and over, and the projections for the towns completely in the dark around me (Connecticut) are that they aren’t going to be back on for a few days. NYC, where the real ratings are, will take even longer. And even if it’s back on by Thursday, they’ll obviously still be doing storm coverage. So why Thursday? Why not run it Friday, the night on which NBC is even deader than usual anyway?

    Second, the results of the episode have already been spoiled over and over on-line, so it’s not like anyone’s going to be missing out on anything. If “The Voice” had never run, I could see it. But to preempt a first-run show to show a re-run? This makes no sense to me.

    “The Office” is the signature show for NBC, so they’re not going to fudge with the rest of the season too much, but still, this is annoying.

  7. Dislike! It’s the Office’s last season and this is going on? Can’t they do this for some no name contestants next year instead?

  8. I am a huge fan of The Office — and I don’t watch The Voice — so I’m very disappointed in this decision. The show that gets the most viewers wins — I get it — but I don’t have to like it

  9. I wonder if it’s because part of the episode is asea. Maybe there’s something that they thought might be in poor taste? Fox pushed back 24 because it was going to start right after 9/11 and it began with terrorists on an airplane. Drama and comedy are very different animals I’ll concede. But it does seem at least possible to me.

  10. Huh. This is odd.

    As of this posting SNL is still on for Saturday — and they need to be working all week to get a semi-decent episode out. Most people will probably still be powerless on Saturday, too, not to mention the difficulty of getting an audience for that show when half the damn city’s become Atlantis. So why is The Office down on Thursday?

    I’d proceed with caution with assumptions, but this is kind-of odd.

  11. This is horrendous! And now my cable guide shows Thursday night football instead of the Office on 11/8!! This is November sweeps time – I want the Office every week!

  12. @Ashley “First of all, half the people without power aren’t going to have it back by Thursday anyway” … “But to preempt a first-run show to show a re-run? This makes no sense to me.”

    Well that’s probably why they moved the Office and replaced it with a re-run…

  13. I hope they show “The Target” on Thanksgiving Day – I need something to watch to get away from the relatives.

  14. OK, The Voice is really getting on my nerves! NBC cancels “The Singoff” a show that I absolutely loved and kept the The Voice on air, even though the winners of the Singoff tripled The Voice winner in record sales. NOW IT’S INVADING MY OFFICE TIME! grrrr NBC

  15. BOOOOOO!!!!! I’d like to know who to complain to at NBC. My week revolves around The Office! I hope this doesn’t conflict with any upcoming episodes of The Office..such as their Christmas episode!?!

  16. This is starting to make me a little worried about something that could happen to the rest of the season. Will it be cut in half? Why are they airing a RE-RUN of a show to take up the time-slot for FOUR new comedy episodes?

    It pisses me off that television is all about the ratings. I understand it, but it pisses me off. “Bleep My Dad Says” had more viewers on its pilot than this brilliant show has had for one of its episodes in years. That’s jacked up.

  17. I’m seriously disappointed (and seriously holding back rage at this point). I would appreciate an NBC e-mail address where I can direct a complaint. Thanks.

  18. @17 Robert…. Yes 24 has done that and comedy and drama are different but I’ll remind you that after 9/11 Friends also completely altered one of its episodes (the original version of which is not even being released until two weeks) so it is likely that this could be. Remember The Office has done this before when people complained about Michael hanging himself…

  19. I can’t believe I am saying this but I’m happy that The Office is not showing this week. I was told we would not have power until Friday at the very earliest. Remember guys, many of us in the northeast still do not have power. :-(

  20. What is the voice?

    I am very disappointed. The Office is the *only* TV show I watch. But so far I think I like Season 8 a little bit better.

  21. Let’s face the fact that NBC has realized that The Office is merely a shadow of its former self and this is the first step in making the show disappear completely.

  22. Just another stupid NBC decision. Let’s air part 1 of a two part episode where part 2 has already aired instead of airing all new comedy. Brilliant!

    On a side note, you can watch Adam Levine get stabbed a bunch in the first episode or two of American Horror Story this season – certainly more enjoyable than watching a singing show.

  23. This has nothing to do with the Office or the subject matter of this episode. Anyway, all of the Thursday comedies are being bumped, not just the Office. It’s just that the Voice is one of NBC’s highest rated shows, and it was preempted in some markets because of the hurricane, so NBC is rerunning the episode to get all the ratings they can. The Thursday comedies don’t get great ratings, the Voice does. I get that it’s a money-making situation, but that doesn’t mean I’m not really angry about it. I think it’s a dumb decision, and that NBC doesn’t respect its Thursday shows and their fans. I spend my whole week counting down to Thursday for Parks and the Office, so I’m pretty bummed about this…but I don’t think anyone has to worry about the season being cut short or anything like that.

  24. oh come on… this really ruined my week!!! Why are they wasting so much time like this?? It’s bad enough that we had to wait one week without it, but i mean seriously this is THE last year for the Office. Give them their time, our time to enjoy this great show before we have to move on. I am so fussy now.

  25. As someone who is still without power due to the hurricane, I’m glad they’re not airing a new episode tonight. Yes, I could watch it online but I’m so backed with my life right now that next week, when I hopefully have power, will just make my life easier. So, for once, thank you NBC.

  26. Guys, I don’t think The Office is getting cancelled. This has EVERYTHING to do with the hurricane (although I’m still confused re: why SNL is going through with their episode).

    NBC wouldn’t have done S9 and would have nailed it on the spot after S8 if they wanted to cancel the show — didn’t S8 have crappy ratings, too? They’re not gonna air a few episodes — which cost money to make — and then try to make it go away. Waste of time. They’re not known for their awesome decisions over yonder, but it’s Sandy that’s doing this, not some conspiracy.

  27. Holy moly people. Overreaction much? Every NBC comedy is cancelled this week….why in the world would that indicate that they are cutting The Office’s season early?!

  28. Okay, all of this just makes me think that it’s time to bring back characters that we loved (or hated): David Wallace, Todd Packer, and Jan. Am I missing anyone? The season is moving along fast – time to bring them back for a last visit!

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