1. Have me goosebumps and made me cry. Man I’m going to miss them all so much. I feel like I know them all. ;)

    [ from tanster: me too. sorry for springing this on you guys on a friday afternoon, when everyone’s supposed to be happy about the weekend starting. i teared up and now i’m just sad. :( ]

  2. Wow… thanks, tanster (still love you but OUCH). Made me cry… wow. Wow. I’m sort of in shock about how, when I haven’t had time for The Office in over three weeks (and that is a long time without any rewatchings!), I still managed to sob over five minutes.
    Now I’ll just go cry about how we won’t have a new episode soon… no season premiere… This was really not okay xD

  3. I am watching seasons 1-8 again before I dive into the last one. I can’t imagine ever loving another television show the way I love The Office. This is the first time since I watched the finale three times the night it first aired that I have seen any of the scenes again. And now I am crying again. Thanks, tanster. And I mean that sincerely!

  4. Please forgive me for asking this if it’s been addressed before, but I’m a little confused. In one series of deleted scenes from an earlier season, Erin accidentally ruins Pam’s picture of Dunder Mifflin while cleaning it. But then the DM picture returns. Is that just one of the few deleted storylines that’s considered non-canon? Or did Pam make another picture? Thank you!

  5. Missing The Office so much! So glad you’re helping to keep its memory alive, OfficeTally! So many wonderful memories. Hugs and high-fives to all serious Office fans out there.

  6. Thanks for this trip down memory lane. It’s hard to believe that it was only a few months ago that TO ended… and now we prepare for a Fall without new episodes for the first time in many years. I’ll miss these people so.

  7. Tanster, you really need to put up a disclaimer saying that you should not watch this at the beginning of a work day – when your mascara needs to last another 8 hours!

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