The Office nominated for 4 Emmys

The Office has been nominated for four 2013 Emmys!

Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series

  • Finale. Greg Daniels, Writer.

Outstanding Single Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series

  • Finale. David Rogers and Claire Scanlon, Editors. WON!

Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy Series

  • Finale. Ben Patrick, Production Mixer, John W. Cook and Rob Carr, Re-Recording Mixers. LOST

Outstanding Special Class Programs

Congratulations to everybody!

The Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony airs Sunday, September 22, on CBS.


  1. While I would have loved there to be more nominations – I particularly thought Jenna deserved one this year – I am really glad that there is one for writing and I would be thrilled to see Greg Daniels win!

  2. Such a shame that none of the cast got nominated even in their final season. There were countless performances worthy of an Emmy nomination by so many cast members. I thought for sure Jenna and John would be nominated. Disappointing. But some nominations are better than none!

  3. Well, Steve Carell never got an emmy, so that shows you how much of a joke they are. Jenna at the very least should have got one. She had some scenes that were super powerful for a comedy.

  4. Like the other posters, I’m disappointed that the Emmy’s continued to ignore the brilliance we all know the Office to have. Maybe they are just afraid of how much they love it. :o)

  5. What, no Jenna even? She was amazing this year! (Not that she isn’t always amazing.) I believe I said I would do something… ah, lose all faith in the Emmy’s. Yep, done. Hopefully we do win though! I’m especially cheering for Greg Daniels and that writing Emmy for Finale! He most definitely deserves it — not just for Finale, but for the entire season. What a wonderful farewell it was.

  6. The Emmys are a joke. The Office has repeatedly not gotten the nominations and awards it deserved. And Parks only getting an acting nomination for Poehler??? Are you kidding me?? The Emmys must be all about Hollywood politics or something because they sure are not about quality.

  7. Given the fact Steve never won is proof enough they don’t know what they are doing. I am very sad that John, Jenna or Rainn were left out. I thought they gave the best performances of the series this year. They were given material to really shine is new ways.

    This award show seems to be determined to keep with the same ol’, same ol’ every year. I guess it’s easier for them to just nominate the same people and shows rather than to examine each one submitted.

    Well we know the show was fantastic this year and each actors gave us what we all wanted and loved.:)

  8. Really disappointed that Jenna didn’t get one. She was great all season.

  9. congratulations to Greg Daniels and John Krasinski and the crew on their Emmy Noms but very disappointed on no acting Nominations. The actors deserved better. Still remains one of my favorites shows ever.

  10. Not even Rainn effin Wilson!? I’m sick and tired of Modern Family having a monopoly on the supporting actor category!!

  11. Congrats to all! The nominations for Greg Daniels and Rogers/Scanlon seemed (rightfully) like sure things, but the sound editing and special class nominations are great. I had completely overlooked the “Farewells” submission, so that pleasantly surprised me.

    The writing for the last two “30 Rock” episodes was outstanding, but as much as I would like to see Carlock finally win a writing Emmy for the show, I would still put Daniels’ writing above his, and anyone else’s for that matter. He’s the best writer out there and has been for so many years. He deserves a second win for this show. Thank you again, Greg! Many Dundies to you.

  12. @travisspazz I have never understood what it is with the Emmy’s and Modern Family. I do not find that show funny in the least (no offense to fans; just my personal opinion).

  13. All my fingers and toes are crossed for four Office wins! Each of the four Office nominations are well-deserved, to say the least. Part of a phenomenal team!

  14. Who cares about these awards….they are all rigged.

    I’d rather have another Dundies!

    Congrats to all…..well deserved


  15. Well, it looks like the final season of The Office is coming away with at least one Emmy!

    Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Comedy Series
    The Office • Finale • NBC • Deedle-Dee Productions and Reveille, LLC in association with Universal Television
    David Rogers, Editor
    Claire Scanlon, Editor

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