The Thursday Tally

scranton summers cartoon dwight schrute the officeItems of note today:

• Check out the debut of the cartoon series “Scranton Summers” over at GMMR!

The Break Room is interviewing Angela Kinsey today, and has set up a phone number for questions. (It’s not confirmed that Angela will be taking voicemail questions, but you can leave one just in case.) The number is 214-3299-TBR (827).

• B.J. Novak and Craig Robinson (“Darryl”) perform at The Improv, West Hollywood, tonight.

• Tonight’s episodes are Christmas Party and The Injury. Don’t forget to check out the Tidbits sections at the bottom of each episode page!


  1. Unless I missed it, BJ’s tour never came within 1,000 miles of NYC. What’s up with that? Vancouver but not Manhattan? I’d have dragged my little women into town for that show.

    A JAM cartoon would be a keeper.

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