Dwight Bobblehead Gallery

I just received a shipping confirmation for my Dwight Bobblehead order!

This means they are shipping on schedule, as initially announced. (If you order one now, however, the estimated shipping date is July 20th.)

Have you received your shipping confirmation or bobblehead yet?

When you do, send me a photo and I’ll add it to our bobblehead gallery. :)


1. Jennie

Who has two plastic thumbs and loves OfficeTally? This guy!


2. Chris


3. Marty


4. Vicki


5. Patrick


6. Art


7. Lori


8. Denise


9. Joolie


10. Lindsay


11. Jenn


12. Anna Johns/TV Squad

Read the unfortunate story here.


13. Jay


14. Sara


15. Brian

Dwight Schrute and Ryan Howard!


  1. My bobblehead arrived yesterday! It’s hilarious! My dog tried to pull the head off, so now Dwight always looks like his head is cocked a little to the right!

  2. Please send .jpg files to tanster @ officetally.com. Note that I will resize the pics to probably 150 pixels wide to display here at OfficeTally, but I can link to a bigger picture if you host it and provide a URL. :)

  3. Got mine yesterday. Photo will be coming soon. Dwight nods in agreement.

  4. Mine arrived today, along with my new flash. Dwight makes an excellent model, if only he would stop shaking his head.

  5. Got my confirmation yesterday! Should have it by next Tuesday! I am bubbling with glee! Yeaaaaah! (as Dwight would say)

  6. the nbc shop doesn’t ship overseas does it?? i tried to find info on where they shipped and i didn’t have much luck.

  7. Andi, that information is in the store’s FAQ:

    Do you ship internationally?
    No, we do not currently ship to countries outside the United States. We ship to the 50 US states (including Military APO/FPO addresses and P.O. Boxes).

  8. Hoorrray for May 23!!! iTs National Dwight Shrute Bobbleheaed DAy!!!!! Lets make it national holiday for us lucky few.

  9. Yeah what’s with the poster in the background of #4?
    I think I’ve seen that before, what’s it from?

  10. Denise (# 8) or Anyone Else,

    Where can I get that awesome stapler-in-Jello t-shirt? Please don’t say “England”…

  11. Emily, The ‘Stapler in Jello’ shirts were made by Glarkware (www.glarkware.com), but I think they have sold out and are no longer making them. You might want to check, though. What do I know?

  12. Yup, Lori, you’re right — the stapler in Jell-o shirt was a limited edition item over at the TWOP store, and it is no longer being sold.

  13. I ordered one for my sister for her birthday, she got it on Friday the 9th but it was broken. The head had fallen off. She sent it back and is getting a new one, but we were both upset that this one had to be returned.

  14. Woohoo! My boyfriend totally rocked the house and had a Dwight Bobblehead delivered to my office today as a surprise!

    If I had any doubts that he was the one, they are gone now. Unless John Krasinski shows up at my door. Then, well… all bets are off.

  15. For those of you who said NBC doesn’t ship internationally, they now do! Unfortunatly they want $22.95 to ship a doll for me which is a lot more than the doll itself cost :(

  16. Question….Will the Dwight bobblehead action figure display martial arts techniques necessary to render other bobbleheads useless?
    Question….Does it come with beets or a crossbow?

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