“Toast to JAM” Contest: Winners

4. MathIsHard

From MathIsHard: This is such a huge honor, especially to be a finalist in the company of such amazingly talented people. I’ve loved The Office for years and the chance to write a musical toast for Jim and Pam was something that I couldn’t pass up. The video went through three different drafts – one in my pajamas, one with me in the suit playing the guitar and the final one that got submitted. Also, I really just enjoyed the challenge of getting “Flonkerton” to rhyme in a couplet. Congrats to everyone, every single video was so amazing!


He saw you sitting at reception typing 90 WPM
You captured his heart when you invented flonkerton
He loved you during every sales call
But he loved you from afar

She laughed at your pranks and she played along
When you both started swaying to that iPod song
She loved you during every phone call
But she loved you from afar

But now you’re together
Yes now you’re engaged
And you’ll be together the rest of your days
You’ve got the kind of love everyone understands
Congratulations Jim and Pam

At your reception you’ll be dancing like it was Cafe Disco
And when you met for lunch that day how could she know
He would get down on one knee
And ask for her hand

He knows you love Mixed Berry you know he loves pranks
And now that you’re together we’ll all be giving thanks
That she walked through the fire to tell you how she felt

But now it’s your wedding
And no one misspoke
And nobody’s upset that the copier broke
You’ll be the happiest couple in all of the land
Congratulations because

You’re getting married
And you’ll be around
You’ll live in the house with that picture of a clown
Let’s all raise a glass while Michael thinks he’s best man
Congratulations Jim and Pam

6. Mindy(mindysfavshow)

19. Emily L


  1. I really liked all of them, but I voted for Bill Buttlicker cause he thought of those original talking heads that were actually pretty funny and seemed like things the characters would say.

    “I have 20 kids, I name them all Michael, but I give them code names. Like, Michael….. and Mike….. and 18 others”

  2. Those were great but 3 definitely stuck out. Can “Ampay” get some sort of honorable mention gift. That was awesome. It would have been in my top 3 for sure.

  3. Wow! What awesome videos! I wish I would have done one, but I don’t think I could have come up with anything nearly as wonderful as my favorites from Bill Buttlicker, Colleen, Delegate from Iceland and lastly the one my vote goes to, JMJ! She was super great, really made me laugh.

  4. What a tough decision!! I really wish we could vote for more than one. I absolutely love the abundance of musical tributes – 2 hot guys writing and singing songs about Jim and Pam? Yes please!!

  5. Andrea, Bill Buttlicker, JMJ! Way to go everybody. So much creativity–these were funny & enjoyable to see. Hope the cast gets a big kick out of them. Tanster, I’m also campaigning for some kinda somethin’ for Ampay, she was HI-LARIOUS and would’ve had one of my votes for sure. :)

  6. Good job, everyone! I really loved the musical tributes and the many references to specific events and episodes from most of the entries. I went with Andrea (adorable kids, nice costumes and good references) and the great in-character offerings from Bill Buttlicker and Colleen. Good luck to the contestants, and I hope everyone enjoys the show on Thursday night!

  7. These were all wonderful and so much fun to watch! I really admire everyone’s creativity (and wish I had some)! Special shout out to Ampay—that was hilarious!

  8. Great job, guys! These were all wonderful but I especially enjoyed Junior and Delegate from Iceland. Congrats to you all!

  9. Mindy’s made me want to cry, and Andrea’s was hilarious– when the little boy raises up his hands to match the high notes– haha! ALL of you guys did such a good job! Thanks for representing us Tallyheads so beautifully!

    [from tanster: nicely said, brigette! i completely agree.]

  10. “Some things were meant to be, they’re special like a ham!”????!!!??!? I am still laughing! Was that a line from an episode that I just somehow don’t remember or is that kid just a genius? And Andrea – your kids, and your singing computer – AMAZING! and the character impersonations….all done by the same butt-licker…..wow. I …wow. There are no words.
    THANKS for this, Tanster! I can’t wait for Thursday!

    [from tanster: yes, “special like a ham” refers to a line from the show! tallyheads, which episode is it from and in what context? :) ]

  11. I think it was Valentine’s Day…Dwight asking Pam about what he should get his girlfriend for V-day!
    She says it should be something special to let her know you care…
    So Dwight asks, “Like a ham?”
    And Pam responds, “No…not like a ham…”

    [from tanster: that’s it! :) i don’t know, if someone gave me a ham, i’d feel pretty special.]

  12. Definitely Delegate from Iceland. And I have no idea what Andrea’s kids are saying but they are pretty cute. Delegate from Iceland is the clear front runner for me- very funny and creative.

  13. Andrea’s was the best, hands down. Those kids are so cute! “Now you are arried-may, and it is awesome day!”

  14. Please don’t judge me when I now admit here that MathIsHard’s video made me well up a bit. I also got chills. That was fabulous!

  15. Wow, I’m super excited to be a finalist but it’s a little scary to now have it so people are actually going to see my video. Congrats to all the other finalists. They are all really good.

  16. Bill Buttlicker, JMJ, and Andrea
    Although Delegate from Iceland, you did come close, simply for that line “Some things are meant to be, they’re special like a ham, congratulations Jim and Pam” :)

  17. All fun to watch! Good job, everyone. My votes will go to Andrea, JMJ, and Mathishard.

  18. special like a ham” is that in s2 Valentine’s day episode where Pam is trying to give advise to Dwight about what to give Angela????

  19. I know I don’t have a chance against all the awesomely creative videos. I was seriously so excited to be a top 12 finalist (that’s prize enough for me, haha) Congrats all!

  20. Great work to all entrants! Hilarious, heartfelt, and very clever videos. :) Congrats on the final product (obvious that lots of work went into them). I have to say that using children as characters from the show is hard to beat. Good luck to you all!

  21. to Jam! Great job everyone! I really loved Andrea’s though, those little tunas were too cute!

  22. These were awesome guys! Bravo I picked Andrea, Junior, and Bill Butlicker those were the best!

  23. Congrats! The three winners are the three that I voted for – Man, I’m good. MathIsHard – I am so impressed by everything about your song. The lyrics are wonderful, it’s a really good melody and you have a great voice. Awesome! My family thinks I’m a little nuts because I’m so obsessed with everything related to The Office, then I come on here, and I am home. :D

    [from tanster: awwwwww!]

  24. Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who made one of these videos. What a great idea for a contest. These were so awesome that I watched them all twice. I love the lyrics, MathIsHard!

  25. Oh my gosh these are so good! Congratulations everyone! I really love the song by MathIsHard — so great — a well deserved win!

  26. Congrats guys! Especially Bill Buttlicker, yours was hilarious. And wow an autographed cast mug? Coooooool…

  27. Congrats for MathIsHard it was awesome

    and Bill Buttlicker, your expressions were hilarious, especially Andy’s one. “Angela tha ice queen” ha!

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