Fan report: Craig Robinson at CMU

Tallyhead “Thedutchkelly” filed this report from Craig Robinson’s Central Michigan University show.

I just got back from Craig Robinson’s show at Central Michigan University. His performance capped off our 56-8 win on Homecoming so the audience was a little rowdy, but I had a great time. I got there early and had a front row seat for the show.

Except the Q&A, the entire show was him singing and playing his keyboard. He sang us a lot of fun songs and made us sing with him.

The guys sang a song to the girls about how much they respect and admire them, while the girls sang about how we are princesses and divas! We sang “Summer Loving” from Grease and then he gave the girls a solo on “I Will Survive.”

Craig yelled at us for not participating, then started “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics, saying “I know how to get everyone singing, especially white people!”

I asked him what his favorite episode to shoot so far was. He started laughing and talked about the Christmas episode that they shot last week. He didn’t say much except that when Michael came down the stairs singing it was impossible to hold it together.

He sang us the jingle from Local Ad, then someone asked him about Creed in real life. Craig said he is real cool, but he always has some Creed stuff up his sleeve.

Someone asked him to play the Office theme and someone else asked for a hug. He even sang Happy Birthday to someone in the audience.

He talked about his movies and upcoming projects. He said that he was coming out with a CD soon with his band the Nasty Delicious.

The show was about an hour long with a ton of audience participation! It was R-rated, but still a great time.

This was such a great experience, I highly recommend it.

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