Today is the day

The Office’s Jim and Pam get married in a one-hour episode tonight 9/8c on NBC.

To get you in the mood, here’s a retrospective of Jim and Pam’s entire relationship through the end of Season 5.

What are you doing? How are you feeling?

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  1. must not squee, must not squee, must not squee….

    screw it.


  2. Tanster!!! OMG thanks for putting this video up and to djcprod thanks for making the video. I seriously got choked up with the clips, voice audio and one of my fav Coldplay songs ever! I LOVE IT!!! omg im sooo excited for tonight!, the highlight of my day!!!

    JAM 4-EVER <3

  3. WOW! That gave me chills. What a brilliant video! Now I REALLY can’t wait for tonight!!!!

  4. I’m so frickin excited I think my head’s going to explode! Since I’m sort of alone in my obsessive Office world (no one around me gets it like I do)I will be enjoying this episode on my own with a bottle of wine to celebrate. My boyfriend doesn’t get why I want absolute silence tonight, no phone calls please! Haha.

  5. Thank you for that great video! What a journey they have been on. I can’t describe how excited I am for this wedding tonight. It’s like Christmas morning, your own wedding and the birth of your child all roll into one.

  6. The Champagne is chilling; I pick up the baby wedding cakes at 5; and I sit myself down in front of my friend’s big fancy TV at 7:45 p.m. (central).

    My feelings? This will be the best. The absolute best. Can’t wait.

  7. That’s a great video! I love how they inserted some deleted scenes, especially the simultaneous yawn. I’m really excited for tonight! I can’t wait!

  8. I baked a cake last night and we are hosting a reception! Can’t wait to post photos from our party!

  9. Oh, I simply ADORE this video! I’m home sick with H1N1 today, so any emotion is hard to muster, but this video has gotten me so excited for tonight, it never fails to make me tear up!

    Wow…I can’t believe it! TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!! And then they can sail off into a sea of marital bliss. Though I know a baby is supposed to be a bigger deal, I think I’m more excited for tonight than for the February special…

  10. *sigh* amazing, I’m sitting here bawling my eyes out and I have another class to go to. I cannot wait until tonight.

  11. I am so excited! Thanks for putting this up Tanster!!

    We fans have been waiting for this day for so long, and now October 8th will forever be one of the best days of the year!

    My inner fangirl is having a field day…haha :)

  12. I cried. That video was perfect and I’m so happy Jim and Pam are getting married.

  13. That video was sooo well done. I seriously didn’t think I could be more excited about tonight, and yet I visit Officetally and find myself reaching new levels of excitement.

    One of the comments on YouTube was:
    “…Yours is the prettiest video of all videos ;)…”
    Loved that!

  14. This is going to sound bizarre, but…

    The thing I loved most about that montage? How (relatively) realistic their relationship has been (also the fact that neither of them stared out of a rain-streaked window while “With Or Without You” played in the background). Even the most dramatic JAM moments (Roy’s attacking Jim, etc.) were all things that could feasibly take place in real life.

    So tonight, even though it’s all technically fictional, let those of us who have already found our Jim or Pam remind ourselves just how wonderful that feels, and let those who are still looking take heart from two “ordinary” characters who are together because of extraordinary patience, humor, and love.

  15. Can’t wait til friday!(I’m living in Norway and don’t get to see the episode until the day after) Have been waiting for many long years to see the wedding, and FINALLY it will happen! Have been following Pam and Jim since day 1. To say it in Norwegian: Gratulerer med bryllupsdagen (Happy weddingday)

  16. Oh man, I love this video. It’s on my iPod. Haha.

    And I’m so upset! I don’t get to watch the wedding live, and I didn’t find this out until yesterday! I’ll have to watch it an hour late, but, I guess that’s okay. As long as it is still in October 8th land. I’m so excited and happy for them!

  17. I started watching this show during season 2 because I loved Jim and Pam’s chemistry and I haven’t missed an episode since. I feel like 2 of my good friends are getting married tonight and I couldn’t be more excited for them. I’ve got my tissues ready!

  18. Ok, that’s it. I was doing fine until I saw this. Now I am taking the rest of the day off and watching this video until 8 tonight!

    One of my best friends is getting married in January and I am more excited about the JAM wedding. I told her so too. That’s okay though, I think she is too!

  19. People seem to be way more excited for this wedding than I am. I feel like I should be too, since I have watched the show almost religiously since the beginning and always loved Jim and Pam’s chemistry. That’s just one of many aspects I loved though and that was further down the list. I don’t know, though, it just isn’t exciting me that much.

  20. Definitely teared up watching this video! I cannot wait for tonight…my heart soars with the eagle’s nest!

  21. BEAUTIFUL video!

    #4: I’m so jealous your dorm is having a party! Now I’m all nostalgic for my college days.
    #15: Nothing cures the swine flu like some JAM. :)
    #22: What sweet things you wrote! Well said.

    I’ve been so excited for this episode, it feels really weird that it’s actually happening tonight. If anyone breathes too loudly or chews their food too loudly or points out my emotional rash (I often get a rash instead of crying, isn’t that weird?) I will THROW DOWN! NO ONE best interrupt THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF MY LIFE! ;)

  22. That was the most beautiful video, it made me cry. I can’t wait for tonight. Thanks, Tanster, for putting that video up. I may watch it several times before the big event. My heart feels full!

  23. {sigh} I’ll have to wait until I get home from work to watch it, and I have to wait until I get some from school to watch the actual episode, but I’ve been excited all day. I don’t know about you guys but the radio stations ranging form “indie rock” to “top 40” have been playing commercials for the wedding episode all day. It’s the part of Jim’s speech, which I now know by heart :) I’m all giddy.

    Oh man … Meg @15 feel better hunny!!!

  24. Well that just made me all teary eyed! Thanks for posting that, Tanster! Can’t wait for tonight!

  25. I’m so excited for tonight! I can’t wait until 9:00. Can you believe that as of 10:00, Pam Beesly will be Pam Halpert?

    I started watching during season three, and never thought JAM would end up married with a baby on the way.

  26. I think this wedding might be the greatest thing to happen to Office fandom since WW-II.

    It is a very happy time in the ItsOnlyMeredith household. Tonight is the JAM wedding. Tomorrow is my birthday and also Mr. ItsOnlyMeredith’s birthday. My celebration request? That we curl up on the couch and watch “Niagara” for what will likely be the 3rd time in 24 hours. His celebration request? That we NOT do that. Hmm…I wonder who will win *rubs chin*. I think this might be a “tie goes to the girlfriend (wife)” situation.

  27. My best friend and I have over-the-phone Office Thursdays, where we both watch the episode “together”. In honor of Jam’s Nuptials, he is coming to my house in Alabama from his house in Florida just so we can watch Jim and Pam get married together in person! This is quite possibly the best Thursday I have ever had… :)

    Oh! Also in honor of today, I am playing the Season 5 DVD’s at work all day (just listening), instead of my usual Train CD.

  28. *sigh*

    I love them. I love the writers for handling them so perfectly. I love the love, luv and wuv.

  29. I AM VERY WORRIED ABOUT THE WEDDING EPISODE!!! I am going to my friend’s house tonight to watch this 1 hour extravaganza on an HD sick tv, but I have a problem. I am a guy. One that would like to consider himself as macho as the next, and not a little sissy boy. I DON’T KNOW IF I WILL BE ABLE TO NOT CRY, in front of my friend and look like a total mushy panzy watching this wedding! LOL The Office is the funniest, greatest show ever, and I hope they mix some/alot of real serious Jam moments, with of course the debauchery of comedy that only the rest of the Office can bring. CAN’T WAIT FOR 9!

  30. I cannot wait!!! I’ve getting a haircut just for this moment!! I know it’s a show, but I have to look my best! If I don’t cry I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me!

    Watching that vid totally got me prepared for what will be happening tonight. It got me worked up emotionally.

  31. The anticipation of this episode is the only thing that has kept me going this week. I’m as so excited. I’ve already warned my family that I will cry [for my ‘pretend’ friends, yes]. I am soo excited and ready for this.
    Woohoo! It’s finally here fellow Tallyheads. =]

  32. I can’t see that video here at work, but I’m pretty sure I know which one it is, and it made me bawl. Beautiful.

    It’s hard to believe that this day has finally arrived! Some people may think it’s pretty pathetic how deeply this affects me on a personal level, but I know you guys understand. :) I know it’s just a TV show, but I can’t help it – I’ve put a lot of time and energy into rooting for these two for almost five years now! I’ve got my wedding cookies and a full box of Kleenex ready. Cannot wait.

  33. OH MY GOSH… i can’t FREAKIN WAIT for tonight!

    I’m watching with a friend at her house, she made fun of me when I suggested having a little cake to celebrate them! She likes the office but isn’t as obsessed as I am. And while I’m watching my friend 5 hours from me will be on the phone with me :)

    ps, nice video – like I needed more tears!

  34. I have no words. And that’s not a quote from the show, I literally don’t know what to say. All I can muster is Can’t. Wait.

  35. 43. Laura – Oh man, I thought I was gonna be alone in getting a hair cut for this episode. haha!

    This video was awesome! Can’t wait til tonight!

  36. Today is our day Jammers!!
    It’s JAM day!

    I’m not from US, so I’ll only watch it on Sunday, but you guys must represent all of us from the rest of the world ok??

    Have a great night!!

  37. Tonight in honor of Jim and Pam, I am making chicken soup with the bones of a rotisserie chicken. Nature!

  38. Great video. I am so excited!! I can’t wait until 9:00. I just really hope that the writers did a good job. I have faith in them. (I think) :)

  39. I can’t believe the day is finally here. Jim and Pam getting married? Whaaaatt? No way. But yup, it’s happening and I’m still in denial. I don’t want them to get married or have a baby. Mainly because once they become a couple and have the baby, I think the show will be very close to the end. I don’t think The Office will be The Office that we’re use to. It feels like the writers are now wanting closure of all the main stories, so when the show does end, it doesn’t have any open story line gaps. I’m Scared!! lol

  40. All I have to say about tonight is, I’m making sure to take out my contacts and wash off my makeup BEFORE the show starts…

  41. Tears. Perfect choice in “Sparks” by Coldplay. I got engaged this year as well. My fiance’s and my story is almost parallel to Jim and Pam’s. I am as excited about this wedding as I am my own. I CANNOT wait for tonight! But then, I don’t want 10 o’clock to come either! JAM!

  42. I was doing fine with waiting up until a half hour ago. Now I’m completely antsy and hyper. I wonder what changed since this morning.

    Still can’t wait to see Jim and Pam get married.

  43. Okay, they’re continuously airing a promo on the radio here at work and I’m in a constant state of flustered joyache.

    [from tanster: joyache. excellent word.]

  44. Haha my productivity level at work is dropping steadily as it gets closer to 9pm.

    Also I didn’t bring my Season 5 DVD’s to work like MeLinda, but I have been listening to all the Jim and Pam clips on Hulu in the background all day; now along with this video and the preview clip from last week’s episode!

  45. Okay, I’m 3.5 months pregnant, and I’m not sure I can handle this emotion. I’ve been crying all day just *thinking* about the wedding.

  46. Great video, I can’t wait! Is this the biggest day in “The Office” history?

  47. Totally sitting in my kitchen crying right now haha
    and LOL 43, my mom is out getting her hair cut right now, she said it was a waste because she’s not going anywhere, I then, of course, reminded her she had a wedding to go to :)

  48. (waves hand madly) I know! I know! Chicken or fish refers to the leftovers Roy and Pam had to eat for weeks when they canceled their wedding.

    Mindy, how about the most expensive thing on the menu? Unless it’s ribs.


    [from tanster: man you guys are good. :) ]

  49. I think the world needs to reconigize this day as a national holiday: National JAM Day.
    I saw that video for the first time a few days ago on accident and I cried, it’s one of the greatest montages I’ve ever seen.
    Been quite on-the-edge today…I’ve had butterflies in my stomach all day and it’s not a fun feeling. Is anyone nervous? I am(except I’m always nervous for good things), because I want it to be as good as we all hope it is. :)

  50. Whoever made this is amazing. That made me cry. Especially the part with the teapot – “I made the right choice”… and all the Season 3 stuff, soooo cute.

  51. I can’t wait until 9 PM West Coast time–celebration time! I haven’t been looking at the spoiler clips which is akin to not partaking in a plate of homemade brownies at work and it’s making me suffer! That video was so well done, so sweet and made me all teary eyed. I’m so happy we get to see the wedding and all the funny, crazy, sweet stuff that will surely surround it.

  52. I’m not much for fan made videos, I’ve seen a bit, but this is single-handily the best I’ve ever seen.

  53. Tissues (check)
    Bubbly (check)
    Reminder set (check)
    Now only 5 hrs to go

    I wanted to do a party so bad, but none of my friends near me watch The Office. So I’ll start a party in the OTCR haha.

    For dinner should I make chicken or fish?

    [from tanster: lol! tallyheads, what does ‘chicken or fish’ refer to?]

  54. Half of makes today special is, duh, the wedding, finally!!

    The other half is all the like-minded people sitting on their couches across the US and elsewhere, crying and drinking champagne.

    Thank you so much, Office writers and actors and crew, for giving us an amazing event we all care about maybe TOO much!

  55. My sinuses really don’t need any kind of irritation right now, but I’m totally going to be blubbering tonight.

    The video above is definitely the best I’ve seen, but for something more upbeat, this one seems to do the trick as well (for getting into the mood)…it was my first “favorite.” When I discovered it, I didn’t work for two days. I watched it so many times…


  56. Chicken and fish = what Pam and Roy were to have served at their wedding. When Pam canceled, it was too late to get a refund on the food, so they froze it. In “Gay Witch Hunt,” Roy came into the office with two dishes and asked her, “Chicken or fish?” (she chose chicken) Pam commented in a talking head that she had “lunch for the next five weeks.”

    That was probably far more detail than you were looking for. Haha.

    [from tanster: lolol! no worries. you’re safe here.]

  57. We’ve been waiting five years for this. Here’s to the tears we’re all going to cry tonight, fellow tallyheads! <3

  58. I don’t think I have ever been so excited for an episode of the Office like I am tonight. I get really pumped for the season premieres but this is way more than anything like that. I have been in such a great mood all day and I am ready to shed lots of tears and laugh so much!

    Oh and tanster, I love the banner you made for today!

    [from tanster: thank you! courtesy of allison :) ]

  59. The work day is finally over and now I have to fill nearly 3 hours until the big event. I’m thinking of a marathon of some of my favorite JAM eps. There are so many…and I have a feeling that tonight’s will be the best one of all. Sigh. Sniff.

    Almost there!

  60. We’re pretending we’re at the wedding via satellite.

    Here are the flyers that are posted around the dorms



    This is the cake my friend made for the reception. lol


    We still haven’t decided if we want to put our Sunday best on to watch it or not.

    I’m soooo excited.

    [from tanster: that’s awesome!]

  61. Well I woke up and literally first thought was “today’s the wedding”

    every second I had a down moment today at work I thought “today’s the wedding”

    within the last hour I’ve been jumping around saying “today’s the wedding”

    I cannot wait… I’ve been playing Jim’s speech from the commercial in my head all day too…. it’s gonna be aweeeesssommmmeeee

    :::dances away::::

  62. Wow! So looking forward to tonight’s episode. I will echo what many others have said – have the tissue box ready!

    It truly is the culmination of years in the making. I’m sure many people can relate to the feelings that surround an office romance – Glad this one has a happy ending!!

    Tanster – thanks for the website and all my office friends that post.

  63. There are no words for that fanvid. Well, other than PERFECT!

    I’ve only been a fan for a year but I still feel as if I’ve been there from the beginning rooting them on! Tonight’s show is going to be one of the most EPIC episodes in television history!

    I know I’m gonna cry my eyes out! I know it!

  64. So that video made me tear up.


    I got hooked on The Office this summer and watched all the seasons and got caught up and immediately fell in love with Jam. I couldn’t be more thrilled for tonight!!

  65. that video is absolutely incredible.

    I AM GIDDY WAITING FOR TONIGHTTTTTTTTT this is going to be the happiest day of my (our) live(s)

  66. 1 1/2 hours to tee time, and the high winds in Western New York have blown our antenna slightly off, which is causing NBC to pixillate like crazy.

    So I either have to send hubby out onto the roof in the cold to tweak the antenna…or watch Niagara with all kinds of blurps and bleeps tonight and catch the better footage tomorrow on

    I just couldn’t send my husband to possible injury or death just for the JAM wedding…could I?

    *sigh* Nah…I’ll spare him. If he dies, who’s going to kill the spiders at our house?

    [from tanster: rofl!]

  67. This is the only thing so far to make my eyes well up. i also watched many parts of this over and over. great fanvid. it’s amazing how two fictional characters that two years ago i didn’t care about have crept into my life and become a part of who i am. thinking about the office has gotten me through an infinite amount of boring math classes, let me tell you. thank you so much the office. an hour and a half left here!!!

  68. Ah! I die. *tear* they paired up two of my faves: Coldplay and Office. Good Stuff!
    I’m happy.

  69. I have been waiting for tonight’s episode for the last 4 years that I’ve been an Office fan. I’m so excited! This video was perfect, I didn’t really like the background music, but I liked the echo for the voices and multiple scenes per screen. Very well done, and only 4 hours 19 minutes to go!

  70. I’m at the point where I can’t sit still any longer waiting for it to start! I’m looking forward to laughs, tears and JAM-filled goodness. I already feel like I should write a “thank you” letter to the cast and crew to express how happy this episode has made me, even before it’s aired :)


    i’m keeping myself occupied by reading jim/pam smut over at more than that. heeee…

    @jif08(78) i love the posters in your dorm, but beesly is spelled wrong. sorry, i’m a spelling nazi.

  72. I became an office fan b/c I fell SO IN LOVE with this couple…they are SO REAL and have such amazing chemistry!!! ;) I can not even explain my EXCITEMENT for this wedding…I pray it will NOT disappoint!!! :)

  73. I was insanely excited last week. This week, I got really busy and was kind of overwhelmed and sort of pushed it to the back of my mind. It didn’t really hit me until I got home tonight and popped in the pilot… the beginning of a 3-hour marathon. Now that it’s mere minutes away, I can’t do anything. That video made me cry (and I swear, I don’t usually cry!), so I’m wondering what kind of waterworks await me during the actual episode. :) Having been with these two for years, I almost can’t comprehend that this is happening.

  74. Um. Wow. Just… wow.

    I have to mention the fact that COLDPLAY are my absolute favourite band, in the WHOLE, ENTIRE world, so using “Sparks” only just adds to this video!

    This was kind of amazing! Loved that deleted scenes were used; there are obviously a whole heap of Jim/Pam scenes and kisses that I haven’t seen yet because of the Australian DVD release delay!

    I wasn’t THAT excited for today; I mean, I was, but after watching this…

    …yeah, I can’t wait!

  75. I’m about to go watch it now- and that video has me way too emotional already. I love looking back at their season 1-3 moments of just-friends and denial and heartbreak and thinking “wow, they end up MARRIED.” I can’t wait to see this.

  76. Wow. I didn’t know it was possible to have a goofy lovestruck smile on your face for over five minutes without pain, but know I know that it is possible…thanks, youtube.

    Jim and Pam! Congratulations!!!!!!

  77. Does anyone remember the ep that has the clip from 1:43 with Pam letting her hair down? Adorable moment. Thanks!

  78. Gosh, that video was so awesome. I watched the wedding episode last night when it aired. So, after seeing what happened at the wedding and then watching this video, it made me feel quite emotional. The video was very well done. Even better that Coldplay’s “Sparks” was the song choice. They’re my favorite band, so yay! So yeah, I cried some happy tears at the end of the video. I’m so happy for Jim and Pam!

  79. Ok wow! I watched this video like a hundred times on youtube! I am so happy it was recognized on Officetally the greatest website ever!! Great video bravo to whoever made it!

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