Got a ‘Niagara’ question for Mindy Kaling?

Do you have a question about last night’s wedding episode of The Office?

I am excited that producer/writer/actor Mindy Kaling has agreed to answer your questions about the episode! Mindy co-wrote ‘Niagara’ with The Office executive producer Greg Daniels.

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Remember, non-spoilerish questions about ‘Niagara’ only. Thanks!


  1. Mindy! I heart you! Okay, I want to know how you guys went about picking and choosing what we would and wouldn’t see. In most shows, you’d see the vows and the reception, and this strayed from formula. What was your thought process?

  2. Did you write/film a version where we could hear Jim and Pam’s vows? On the commentary for season 5 they said that it was very up in the air as to whether or not we would hear the proposal.

  3. Dear Mindy,

    You rock.

    I’m curious about the decision not to include the dialogue of the vows. Did you not think you could write the perfect ones or did you think there was already enough cuteness in the episode?

  4. Mindy-

    What was the reasoning behind Pam’s mom telling her “she didn’t have to do this?” to Pam before the wedding? It seemed to run counter to the tight bond they seem to have when talking on the phone in Casino Night in S2.

  5. I liked how you had Dwight putting Michael in his place in this episode. Dwight used to be so devoted to Michael. What was the “tipping point”?

  6. Hey Mindy! I’m curious about the use of the idea from the YouTube wedding dance video. Did you guys contact the original bride and groom? Also, were plans to film the reception ever in the script? Thanks!

  7. Did you have to practice the dancing scene, or did everyone just go out and improv dance moves?

  8. I’m wondering how many ties were sacrificed when John and Jenna were filming the scene in the back of the church?

  9. Mindy Kaling: You are awesome.

    I was wondering if Pam and Jim also danced down the aisle? :) And if they did, will we be seeing it as a deleted scene?

  10. Mindy Mindy Mindy. This episode was absofruitly fantastic! I loved every part of it. I’m just curious as to why none of the typical wedding-y things were shown, i.e. the vows and reception and whatnot.

  11. Mindy- GREAT job! This episode rocked my socks off.
    I was wondering if the woman that accompanied Stanley is his wife in real life? Did any of the characters have their family members in this episode? If I remember correctly, didn’t Phyllis have her real family in her wedding episode?

  12. What a fantastic episode, thank you so much!

    I was wondering if you could describe the reactions the cast had when they first read this script? Specifically Steve, John and Jenna. Did John and Jenna have any input in how they wanted “their” wedding to be? Was the final version you produced better than the cast had expected?


  13. Dear Mindy,
    How come no bachelor or bachelorette party episode for the lovely couple before the wedding episode?

  14. Man, that was a great episode! I was wondering, who wrote most of the romantic type of parts? Was that mostly you or Greg? I’m guessing you since it was totally stuff girls would appreciate (mental pictures, plans a, b, & c). Thanks! (P.S. I LOVE THE INJURY!)

  15. First off, thank you so much for such a wonderful, perfect episode. We could not ask for anything more! My question is how did the cast feel during the taping of the episode? Did you guys have fun filming the episode and was it amazing to see how far the characters have come in 6 years? Thanks!

  16. In this episode, it seems like Kelly and Erin are starting to be really good friends! When did they start to become friends? Also, will Andy ever get Erin?

  17. Hi Mindy,

    I was wondering how long ago this episode was written? Since part of this episode was based on a viral video, was the episode written after that video spread across the internet? Were there other ideas for the ending before that video came out?

    Loved the episode and cried at the montage! You are amazing!!!

  18. Mindy-

    What are the production logistics of getting several people to “vomit” all over the place? How do you do it? How many takes? :)

  19. Mindy, you are my absolute favorite writer—thanks so much for taking the time to do this!

    The episode was a wonderful culmination to the love story of a couple we’ve been rooting for since the beginning. Is there any chance a producer’s cut will be released? Or more wedding moments in the deleted scenes? I just can’t get enough! :)

  20. Hi Mindy,
    Just wanted to start by saying that the wedding episode was absolutely perfect…I laughed, cried, felt awkward in some moments haha which was fabulous :) I am also wondering how you came up with the idea to use the You Tube wedding dance video? and Also how you came up with the idea for jim and pam to have their own special vows for themselves on the “maid of the mist” boat tours!
    Thanks again for giving us such a brilliant episode…much love from Canada !! :)

  21. (#4: I’m SO glad you asked that question! Can I plug a vote for Mindy to answer it?)

  22. Mindy I love you so much! I was just wondering why we didn’t get to see Jim and Pam dance down the aisle because I feel like they would eventually give in to the cheese and dance with everyone else. Also this is now my favorite episode of the whole series! Thank you so much!

  23. Stanley bringing his mistress to a company attended wedding was an interesting turn of events.How did that idea come into play?

  24. Mindy, congrats on a fun Office wedding episode!

    In your imagination what happened at the reception that made Kevin call it the best wedding he’s ever been to?

  25. Mindy, I don’t have a question, but I want to commend you on being the greatest writer this show has ever had. You wrote all of my favorite episodes! :) This episode was done beautifully. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

  26. Mindy, you’re awesome! The episode was INCREDIBLE and very well written! I noticed Ryan and Kelly dancing together in the hotel, are they back on?? Also, thank you for the puking scene!

  27. Hey Mindy, GREAT episode. Classic.

    Was it a different actress playing Pam’s mom? Why wasn’t the woman who played her mom in season 2 available?

    Also, give Paul Feig a high five for me. The scenes on the boat were beautifully shot!

  28. did anyone actually hurt their scrotum in the process of shooting this episode? The office kicks ass at dancing!!

  29. How did Pam’s best friend, err non Jim friend, NOT know about Dwight? A cousin would have been more believable.

  30. While I enjoyed the episode, is it really realistic that Jim and Pam would allow the camera crew to film their wedding? In the past, both of them have been pretty guarded about what they show to the cameras about their relationship and I sort of felt that if we ever did see a wedding, the camera crew would need to hide in order to film it.

  31. Laughed. Cried. Well done.

    Now, if we beg enough, can we get a producer’s cut of this on the DVD? Was there a ton of stuff left on the cutting room floor? I’ve seen the pictures at, I know you guys are holding out on us ;-)


  32. Hey Mindy!!!
    Fantastic episode last night!! Absolutely wonderful! My question for you is if you decided to have Jim and Pam getting married on a boat to mirror the booze cruise?

  33. Did you realize during editing that during the scene when Erin and Andy walk down the aisle, Erin’s dress flies up and you can see her underwear? Did that get past you guys or was it left in on purpose?

  34. Just out of curiosity: was the dancing down the aisle scene the most fun to shoot?

    are there any bloopers or deleted scenes we can expect with this specific scene?


    ps PURPLE is sooo your color! :D

  35. Why didn’t someone call 911 when Andy was injured? And why couldn’t Pam wear the dress she originally wanted?

    (The Injury is my favorite!)

  36. Mindy! you did such a great job! I wish the episode could have been even longer though! I was just curious if any of the wedding/vow/boat scenes will be on the next episode? (kind of like the beginning of season 4 when it showed when jim and pam talked at the end of beach games. and in season 3 when it flashed back to jim and pam’s kiss scene from ‘Casino Night’?)

  37. Great episode, Mindy (and Greg)! I think the dancing at the end is just so sweet and joyful. My question is simple. How much trouble did Brian Baumgartner have dancing in those kleenex boxes?

    Please use whatever pull you have to put as much extra wedding stuff on the Season 6 DVD as possible!

  38. Did anyone actually feel like throwing up after filming the cold open? (because I totally would have…)

  39. I feel like the wedding dance sequence is a lot more gleeful than the one on YouTube. Phyllis’s excitement in particular when everyone is in the aisle just makes me smile. How much fun was it to tape the dance, and how long did it take to learn/rehearse?

  40. Great job Mindy. My question is what happened to the actress that originally played Pam’s mom? Was there a reason why she was played by a different actress in this, and the upcoming episodes? The Office is usually so dead on with continuity that I was rather shocked to see Pam’s mom played by someone else.

  41. Why didn’t Kelly wear white to the wedding? Just one more thing for Jim and Pam to get annoyed with?

  42. Hi Mindy! Am i right in assuming it was your idea for Ryan and Kelly to do the old-school Sprinkler dance move down the aisle? (great choice!) Also, will we be able to see more of the Niagara falls footage with Jim and Pam somewhere? It was beautifully shot and I wanted much more! Thanks!

  43. Mindy – Thank you thank you thank you so much for a great wedding episode! It must have been a thrill to be the co-writer of this episode. I’m wondering when and how you decided to imitate the Youtube video in the wedding procession? It was such perfect timing that the video came out just a few months ago, and totally something Michael would ask everyone to do. It was oddly touching to see everyone dancing together and Jim and Pam looking at each other from opposite ends of the aisle.

    Thanks again!

  44. Mindy! Congratulations on writing a fantastic, fantastic, fantastic episode! Thank you so much for it! And thanks for taking time to answer our questions!

    My question is how did the responsibility of writing ‘Niagara’ come to you? Did you say you wanted to do it or did the other writers feel you would be the best at it?

    Also, my fiance says you are invited to come to our wedding! If you come you can totally dance down the aisles. And you are welcome to bring as many of your co-workers as you want! We don’t mind – really!

  45. The episode was the glass of milk to a delicious PB and J sandwich!

    Did you always know that when Jim and Pam finally got married they would have their own private ceremony? After Cafe Disco the thought didn’t even cross my mind, but it was so much more romantic and intimate that way, and I am so happy you guys chose to do that. Congratulations to you, Greg and the entire cast and crew! The episode was fantastic, and it’s safe to say you touched the heart of every JAM fan out there!

  46. Mindy,

    Great episode! My question is: who actually painted the picture that Michael gave to Jim and Pam?

  47. Hey Mindy –

    Perfect episode – I laughed, I cried, I cringed. Just curious – was the boat captain who married Jim and Pam was an actor or a genuine Maid of the Mist captain? Also,did you contact the orginal You Tube wedding couple about your plan to adapt their idea?

    Thanks for a great episode,

  48. Hi Mindy, there was an awesome moment towards the end of the show where Michael smiles very genuinely at Pam and Jim. Steve is a great actor, and I never see Steve Carell when I see Michael on the show. This was the only time I’ve ever seen Steve in Michael. What was intended for this shot in terms of script and direction?

  49. Hi Mindy! Just because I’m a total dork and like to know all the details, I was wondering who was who in the bridal party/immediate family. We obviously know Isabel, Penny, and Jim’s brothers, but who was the other bridesmaid? Jim’s sister Larissa? Or was Larissa the actress sitting in between Jim’s parents in the front row? And was the flower girl supposed to be Jim’s niece? Also, I second the request for footage of Jim and Pam dancing down the aisle–from the photos on their wedding site, it looks like it was filmed. Pretty please? :) Thanks so much!

  50. Don’t know if I’m allowed to ask a second question, but this just occurred to me–what song do you imagine Jim and Pam would have chosen for their first dance as a married couple? I’m actually kind of dying to know this! Thanks!

  51. First, Mindy you are an awesome blossom, extra awesome. Now for the question: Were there any specific things that you all knew just *had* to be included in the wedding episode, and are there any little details put in that wouldn’t be picked up on at first?

  52. First off, great episode!

    Who wrote the cold open? I thought it was a great way for Pam to sort of get Dwight back.

  53. Hi Mindy, this episode was amazing. Congrats to you and everyone.

    Was the YouTube inspired dance down the aisle rehearsed or improv ?

  54. How much of an influence was “Cafe Disco” and “Booze Cruise” to you and Greg when you wrote the ep- given all the dancing and Jim and Pam’s decision not to elope in “Disco”, and the fact Jim and Pam’s second time on a boat went so much better than the 27 seconds of silence.

  55. Thanks for an amazing episode. I was especially glad Pam and Jim’s wedding didn’t feel like all the other cheesy TV weddings we’ve seen. It was sweet and unique and real. And Michael’s face during the ceremony summed it all up. I’m wondering if you chose Niagara as a location for the wedding simply because there was a romantic boat close by… It’s such a clever callback to Booze Cruise.

  56. Hi Mindy! The episode was amazing and one of my favorite Office episodes ever! My question is: How long did it take everyone to learn the choreography for the church scene and how many takes did it take?

  57. You are awesome! I have now watched this episode more than 10 times. Will we be seeing more of Kevin with a hairpiece? PS: I am never using hotel ice again!

  58. Hi Mindy! I have 2 questions:

    Which part was filmed first, the Niagara scenes or the church scenes in Van Nuys (I read that was where it was filmed)?

    Secondly, how did you integrate the scenes so well, given they were filmed in 2 locations? I also read that no one had planned on John & Jenna getting that wet from the falls, and I presume that’s why her hair went from being down before they left for the falls, to being up when she got back from the falls. Or did it just work out that way?

  59. Hello! Great episode! I love you Mindy! Will there be a deleted scene/revised scene with the sound included for the ceremony that was on the boat on the DVD?

  60. Excellent episode. I’m curious to hear about Brian Baumgartner’s reaction when he found out that he would be wearing a toupee (which I think looked surprisingly good).

    And please tell me that you threw out that ice used in the final shot. I may bring my own ice the next time I go to a hotel.

  61. Mindy, you’re the best. I have to say that Kelly is slowly becoming my favorite character. I love her and Ryan, and how now she and Erin are becoming friends!

    I loved the idea of Jim drinking with Michael and Dwight the night before, but that part was too short! Was there more?

  62. What did Kelly give as a wedding present? And what would Kelly have been listening to through those headphones in Andy’s car?

  63. Was there a reason you decided not to show Pam dancing down the aisle? I think it would’ve been a nice emotional button to the dance and show her shedding all worry and control over wedding since she was already married her way. In the orig wedding aisle dance video, it’s a really nice moment when the bride comes down by herself.

  64. Mindy:

    Love you, Loved the episode! Did any of the writers get in contact with the real-life YouTube video couple prior to shooting? Do you know if they are fans of The Office? It must be such a thrill for them.

  65. Just throwing in a vote for comment #18 to be answered because that’s what I planned on asking too! :)

    FANTASTIC Episode!

  66. I loved the episode last night Mindy. It was really well done, sweet and funny.

    I’m assuming a lot of stuff had to be cut for time purposes and everything
    I was curious to know if there is going to be a producers cut of the episode on the DVD or anything special?

  67. Hi Mindy. Was the misspelling of “Halpert” intentional on the display in the hotel that indicated the Beesley and “Halpret” wedding party? Thanks!

  68. Mindy,

    First of all, great job writing the episode with Greg. It was the Office version of the sitcom wedding episode, which means that it wasn’t anything like it at all.

    Whose idea was it to have Kevin walking around in Kleenex boxes? Yours, Greg’s, Brian’s or the director’s?

  69. Tell us about fancy new mama Beesley, and how the women closest to Pam came to be so delusionally desperate :P

    Also, how weird is it that both JAM actors are engaged irl?

  70. Ok, one more.

    The idea to have Michael tie cans to his own car rather than to the getaway car was funny, but to have those cans be full of soda and then burst as he drove away was genius. Tell us how that idea evolved and when you knew you had it.

  71. Hi Mindy! Fantastic episode!!!! I loved every minute of it!

    This episode focused a lot less on Jim and Pam than I expected, and I loved it! How did you and Greg Daniels decide to make this momentous episode focus on everyone, rather than just the bride and groom? Was it a tough call, or was it something you’d always planned on?


  72. I thought it was an awesome idea to not have dialogue during the vows – much more powerful. What was the decision process for that particular editing choice?

  73. Who choreographed the wedding dance? Did everyone watch and rewatch the YouTube video? I hope Brian is ok after taking the fall when Oscar shoved him!

  74. Hi,
    Something I got really confused on last night (great episode though!!) was 2 things- One, when Pam and Angela have a little dispute in the hall (the “bar” scene) was Pam really going to the bar, or to see Jim? And also, at the end, to be vague- the boat, the dance, and the marriage, which happens first? Did they get married twice? Thanks

  75. Hi Mindy!
    Just wondering about the whole Pam and Andy scene. We don’t get to see those two interact much but during that scene you could feel some real chemistry as they bounced off one another. Why haven’t Andy and Pam interacted more, and was that in mind when you wrote the scene?
    Thank you for your time!

  76. best episode ever! kudos to all

    I have seen a pam/Jim figures wedding cake topper. I would love to buy that. Any chance NBC will start to sell them?

  77. Mindy, just a swell episode. Stellar. A swellar episode. Thank you!

    I can’t handle waiting until a DVD commentary to know this. Was the shot of Jim and Pam HALPERT on the boat towards the end, with Pam’s head on Jim’s shoulder, supposed to be a call back to that incredible moment from Diversity Day? That’s just immediately what struck me so hard about it. (That’s what she said.)

    If so who’s idea was that, was it an image you had always wanted to work towards? It must’ve been amazing for John and Jenna to go back to that emotional place. (P.S. Does Paul Feig eat Feig Newtons?)

  78. Ok, one more, for real this time.

    Four words: Three Moon Wolf Shirt.

    Who pitched that one, and how many people in the writers room were unaware of the magic of the shirt?

  79. Hi Mindy, my “name” is Jimothy and I am a spoiler whore.

    Having stated my affliction, I was wondering how much of the Maid of the Mist stuff got cut or you had to work around since John and Jenna got unexpectedly soaking wet? I heard something about a long kiss on the boat. Could the Internet be lying to me or was it cut from the episode.

    Thanks to you and GD and the rest of the cast and crew for giving us such a wonderful episode.

  80. Hi Mindy! I loved the episode last night. I bawled my eyes out during the end… :)

    Who came up with the Cold Open? And did any of the actors actually get nauseous during filming? I’m curious about that, since it actually seemed so realistic, and I got nauseated just watching it!


  81. Great episode, my question is: has this been the initial wedding concept in mind? How long did it take to write and fully conceptualize with Greg? Do you and Greg plan on writing more together? I love both yours and his writing style the best.

  82. Hi Mindy! How many ties did Krasinski cut during filming? Also, what’s going on with Ryan and Kelly? :) And how in the world did they get Angela to walk briskly down the aisle? Thanks!

  83. My wife thought the boat wedding alluded to the booze cruise, where the captain offered to marry Roy and Pam on the boat. Was that intentional?

    The cold open with everyone throwing up was GENIUS. No question, just wanted to say that.

    Also, I love Dwight The Playa! (We saw it before in Launch Party.) Is that inspired at all by shows like The Pick-Up Artist? (Where guys get girls with weird tactics like insulting them and acting uninterested…) In any case, please tell me we get more in the future! :)

  84. Awesomeness!!

    1. What other songs were on Jim and Pam’s “do not play” list? lol

    2. The scene where they’re doing their vows on the boat ended with a cheek kiss and a hug. Why wasn’t there a big lip-lock at that moment?

  85. Hello! i loved the episode last night. :) my only question is did you guys have to pay the people who did the original “forever” dance?

  86. When you decided you were going to replicate the youtube wedding video, did you need to get permission from the couple in the real video or even contact them letting them know you were doing it?

  87. Did you ever consider showing the reception as well as the ceremony, a la Phyllis’ wedding?

  88. Thanks for such a great episode. Two questions, if that’s okay.

    -Other than getting approval for the song, did you have to get any sort of approval from the original bride and groom of the JK Wedding Vid? What was their reaction to it if you did?

    -Is it too soon to request 2 commentaries for this ep a la the Pilot commentary in S1? I’d totally love to hear a just Mindy, Greg and Paul one and then a separate one with just John and Jenna.

    Stay awesome! :)

  89. Mindy,
    Why did the writers decide to change the personality of Pam’s mom? In season two, Pam talks about how much she loves her mom, and her mom seems nice and normal. You can tell that she tells her a lot about her workplace (when her mom visits in “Sexual Harrassment” she asks “which one is Jim?”). They also seem really close, since Pam calls her mom in Casino Night right after Jim confesses that he loves her, and she’s really confused and upset. But in the wedding episode they didn’t seem that close, and it seemed out of character, from what we’ve seen, for Pam’s mom to hook up with someone Pam must have talked a lot about, and probably not in a good way. But anyways, I loved the scenes on the boat, and the wedding dance was really great :)

  90. I feel like an episode like this would have a ton of scenes where people constantly break. Which was the hardest scene to get through without anyone laughing?

  91. Thank you for such a amazing, great, perfect wedding episode! I loved it!

    I would like to hear the reasoning about Pam’s mom personality change. In “Sexual Harassment” she was sweet, motherly, someone Pam confided in. In the wedding episode, she was…well…more like my mom.


  92. Hi Mindy! Superb job writing this episode! It was fabulous!

    Anyway, my question is was that the original ending, to have the entire office break out into dance? Was it planned to have everything go that way and since Pam and Jim would already be married they wouldn’t care? Or did you have an alternative ending where we could hear the vows and they got married in the church?

    Thank you!

  93. This may be explained in a deleted scene that will be released later, or I could have missed it in the episode, but I MUST know!

    Why was Jim’s dad wearing a kilt?


  94. What was the hardest part about writing the episode?

    I would also like to know why Pam’s mom was so different in this episode…


  95. When Jim and Pam were saying their vows on the boat, were there actual lines that they said under the music? Any hints as to what their vows sounded like?

  96. First off, your episodes are usually my favorite so I knew this was going to be a-mazing. Congrats to you and Greg on an amazing episode.

    I don’t know if this has been asked yet but, whose idea was it to have Stanley bring “the other woman”?

  97. Hey Mindy! The episode was fantastic, so kudos to you and Greg!

    Did you always know that there would be a boat wedding AND a church wedding? Or was that something that just came out in the writing process?

  98. Hi Mindy!
    Excellent episode! I loved it from beginning to end. It had just the right amount of funny and sentimental moments that any fan could enjoy. I read in EW that some of the intimate moments were ad-libbed. Can you reveal which ones were?
    Thank you!

  99. I live in Niagara Falls, so it was pretty awesome to see it featured on my favorite show.

    How much did you guys shoot during your time there and how did you enjoy your stay?

  100. Hi Mindy –

    Great episode! Loved the question about the difference between Filene’s / Filene’s Basement. As a lifelong Boston resident, I know well that there is a huge difference. Was this an inside joke for the Boston-centric cast?


  101. Wonderful, epic episode–I loved it! Great work!

    Dwight sportin’ a sweet Three Wolf Moon shirt was awesome. What was the inspiration for that? (Also, I like that in this episode and in Night Out, attractive women outside of work find him kinda hot, and he’s a love-em and leave-em ladies man. Hilarious!)

  102. How did you choose who got to write this episode? Did Greg want to do it since it was such a big episode?

  103. Hey Mindy from Andy Bernard’s alma mater! (About that by the way…) This was such a fantastic episode–thank you for completely fulfilling five seasons of anticipation.

    So my question is: while this wedding was completely different, how careful were you to not repeat elements (awkward moments etc.) from the Phyllis/Bob wedding? Was it difficult to make the Jim/Pam wedding unique?

    I just saw part two again and noticed how the closing clip focuses on Jim and his exceptionally satisfied smile–to waiting indeed!

  104. Hi!

    More of a technical question: How much footage did you guys shoot for this episode?

    Also, what was the hardest thing to cut out of the final version of the show?

  105. That Bruno line was hilarious. Please tell me you were one of the lucky ones who didn’t get to see it.

    Poor Memaw!

  106. Very awesome episode. I liked it a lot. Great job for everyone at “The Office.”

    There’s been tons of questions already so this probably won’t get answered but I’ll put it out there anyways:

    The character of Larisa has been a mystery to fans ever since Season 2. So, while it was nice for her to be clarified as Jim’s sister, why only a small mention from the Halpert brothers? Was there more of her in the episode but it was cut out?

  107. Not sure if this question was already posted as there are too many to go back through but:

    How long did you and the rest of the cast spend prepping for the awesome wedding dance entrance? Did you try to practice a lot and make it as coordinated as the real Youtube one? Or did you more or less wing it? Did it take several takes to shoot with everyone doing actions and moves all together?

  108. Was there a scene filmed with audio where Jim and Pam exchanged vows? Did they say “Absolutely I do”?

  109. Why was the entire office staff at the rehearsal dinner? Seemed a bit strange since neither Pam or Jim really wanted them at the wedding, much less the rehearsal dinner.

    Loved the episode, by the way!

  110. Hi!! Was there any significance to Jim and Pam getting married on a boat by the ship’s captain when Pam and Roy almost got married on a boat by the ship’s captain in Booze Cruise? Or was that just a quick way for them to get hitched?
    Also, was it in the script that Dwight kicks the bridesmaid in the face or was that decided on later? High-larious!!
    Thanks for taking the time to answer these!

  111. I’m not sure if anyone asked yet and I liked the episode a lot but was that the same mom Pam had as in “Sexual Harassment”?

  112. Hi Mindy!
    I noticed Ryan and Kelly seemed closer in this episode. I loved the looks they gave each other while dancing in Andy’s Hotel Scrotum Party. Are we going to get more Ryan/Kelly scenes in future episodes?

    BTW I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ryan and Kelly’s twitter feuds =)

  113. What a terrific episode. A masterful balance of the dark comedy (Jim spilling the beans) and lighter moments, like the Youtube dance. Could you share any ideas that were discarded because they were too dark or too fluffy?

  114. Did the employees of The Office know about in advance (and therefore practice) the wedding dance down the aisle? Or was it supposed to be impromptu?

  115. Loved the episode the only thing that I was confused about was Stanley’s love interest, what happened to his old wife and who was this new woman?

  116. Hey, Mindy! You’re one of my fave writers for the show and last night’s episode only gave me another reason as to why I feel this way. You and Greg knocked it out the park! Having said that:

    How did the “test” scene with Dwight and Michael come along? I thought that was very clever and Rainn and Steve did a great job with that scene.

    Also, was that scene with Michael crying after Jim and Pam got married planned? It seemed more like a Steve move than a Michael one and it was such a sweet moment.


  117. Was the wedding dance scene (in all its hilarious entirety) mostly choreographed, or did the actors improv the moves?

  118. Hi! Thanks for taking the time to answer all these questions! I can’t wait to read all of your answers! Here is my question:
    During Michael’s ‘toast’ at the rehersal dinner and he was talking about Smart Cars, was Jim’s brother Tom supposed to be laughing? Or did the actor think he wasn’t in the shot or something?

    Also: In the dance down the aisle, when Andy and Erin are dancing together, did you guys know that Erin’s dress flies up and you can see her whole backside? Anyway, the episode was my all time favorite! It was awesome!

  119. Hi!
    I was wondering if there was more to the Jim/Michael/Dwight-out-drinking-before-the-wedding-day scene that got cut out. Thought it was hilarious but I am kind of curious about how Jim ended up spending his wedding-eve night with them and what else they talked about.

  120. Will the DVD include full scenes of both the boat and church vows? Also, please tell me you, John and Jenna will be doing commentary!

  121. Hello! the opening was one of the funniest ones of all time. i was wondering if it was difficult to shoot? with all the vomit in trash cans, on the floor, through Angela’s hands, did the actors have fun shooting it, any inside info about the scene? (you are awesome by the way)

  122. This was definitely the funniest episode of the season so far. I couldn’t stop laughing when Jim spilled the beans about Pam’s pregnancy, it was so awkward! Anyway, awesome job, Mindy, I hope you write for more episodes! I also loved Kevin telling Oscar that he’d be honored to be his boyfriend. :) My question: How did that girl know about Gil? Oscar and Gil aren’t together anymore, right?

  123. Was there any worry that doing a version of the JK Wedding Dance was going to be too cliche?

  124. Mindy, the mash-up at the end of the episode with the aisle dancing and the boat was so brilliant- I was wondering if that was an image you and Greg had early on while writing the script, or if it evolved in the editing room?

  125. How long have you known you were going to use “Forever” during the wedding? I imagined you knew the moment you saw the video on YouTube.

  126. Hi Mindy! Oscar’s “Vogue” down the aisle was amazing! Did Oscar Nunez know how to do that already, or did he have to practice?

  127. Is there going to be any more Ryan and Michael moments? I adore the pairing so much, and I see so little of them!

  128. Hi, Mindy! Loved the episode! How did you and Greg split up writing the episode? Did you write it all together? Split it in half?

    Looking forward to your next episode!

  129. Hey Mindy. Was the Halpert sister that was in the restroom Larissa? I thought we would finally get to see who Jim’s emergency contact was.

  130. Were the scenes on the Maid in the Mist a reference to Booze Cruise, specifically Jim’s non-conversation with Pam and Michael’s “Never Give Up” speech?

  131. Was it always your intent to do a montage with the footage of both weddings? From photos in the gallery at it looks like a lot more was filmed in the church wedding that didn’t make the episode. Is there any hope we’ll see that as deleted scenes or a producer’s cut online or on DVD?

  132. Using tissue boxes for Kevin’s makeshift shoes made me crack up every time. Were there any other options thrown around for his footwear? Loved the episode!

  133. Was there any consideration of keeping Kevin’s girlfriend Lynn in the picture for this episode.

    The cold-open seemed very similar (and hilarious) to the cold open of Stress Relief, the last “high profile” episode of The Office. Was there a concerted effort to make the cold open accessible to casual viewers?

  134. I loved the episode! So great and totally perfect for Jim and Pam, but it was just not long enough! Why didn’t you guys choose to include the reception and post-ceremony festivities?

  135. Are there plans/hopes to include an extended version of this episode on the DVD? There must be a lot of good stuff that didn’t make it in!

  136. Who on The Office calls their grandmother “Memaw”, or however it’s spelled, in real life? It’s just one of those names that sounds so… indescribable.

  137. Mindy, I absolutely LOVED this episode. Was there any reason the song stayed the same or was it easier to go directly off of the YouTube video?

  138. Will we be able to see any extended wedding footage, as a producer’s cut or deleted scenes?

  139. Can you talk about the cold open in the context of the entire episode? Was it a conscious way of saying that this will not be the typical overly sentimental wedding episode?

  140. I loved the effort that was made to make the finale not just about Jim and Pam, but allowed the entire cast of characters to show what makes them unique while showcasing the entire cast. How did you decide on the best way to accomplish this?

  141. Hi Mindy!
    Loved the episode! How early on did you decide to do the double-wedding montage, and what inspired you? PS: You looked so pretty in the episode!

  142. Hi, Mindy. I loved the episode last night.

    I’m going to repeat a question. When Jim/Pam got married on the boat, what was the reasoning for having them kiss on the cheek instead of the lips?

  143. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions about the episode, Mindy, I love your writing and I’m a big fan of your Things I Bought That I Love blog- what I’d like to know is: How long was the original cut of the episode? Were there any scenes in particular that you were heartbroken to see go? Will those cut scenes turn up online or on the DVD?

  144. Why didn’t we see Pam dance down the aisle?

    Also, what was the deal with the kilt?

  145. Mindy,
    How was it decided you would be a lead writer for this episode? The way writers for episodes is decided is really something I’ve always been curious about, because I know a lot of stuff takes place at the roundtable, with script rewrites and the like.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer us. Bring your stand-up routine to Ohio University!

  146. Loved the episode. Just wanted to echo the many pleas I have seen here to somehow (DVD or website extra) let us hear the vows that were exchanged – both on the boat and in the church.

    Also – was the dip and kiss seen in pictures cut for time?

  147. Mindy – did anyone, particularly at the network, try to hold this episode back until sweeps week? I know that you guys probably wanted to do it before Pam was too pregnant (which I totally agree with), but I’m just wondering how difficult it was to arrange the timing.

    Big thanks to you, Greg, and everyone involved for an incredible episode! It was well worth the wait. :)

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