1. How cute is it that “Pam” has a framed picture of “Jim” on her desk? So adorable!

  2. Love this video! But…

    In the second video, did Mindy say that Paul Lieberstein is the showrunner now? Is that because Greg Daniels is working on his other show? Is this permanent?

  3. The only way that report could have been better is if after they mentioned that the show needed an audience, that sites like OfficeTally helped the show’s popularity.

    Watching the clips in the report had me laughing out loud.

    Looking at the body language of the cast members, you can tell that they really are close.

    [from tanster: very sweet of you to say, zac!]

  4. I was afraid the segment wasn’t going to mention the documentary style….this was pretty funny, it gives off the show’s best moment. I totally agree with Jenna in wishing Jim/Pam hadn’t gotten together so fast.

  5. Yay! I love Behind-The-Scenes clips! Thanks for posting these Tanster…made my day!!

  6. Pam having a picture of Jim on her desk is really funny.
    He’s right there! That made me laugh

  7. Very cool x3
    Pam having a picture of Jim is so cute. By the way, in the premiere, if you zoom in when Jim visits her dorm, you can see the same photo in her room. =3

  8. So can we assume that Pam is back in Scranton now? I doubt Ryan would keep a picture of Jim at reception.

    Great segments, though! Angela doing her “disapproving look” was hilarous.

  9. It’s interesting because as of this past episode, Jim does not have a picture of Pam on his desk. I wonder when he adds it.

  10. I’m a bit surprised that Jenna admitted she thought it was too early for Jim/Pam to get together!

  11. I loved this! Thanks for posting. Jenna has mentioned several times that she doesn’t really want a fairytale ending for Jim and Pam.

    I love Mindy’s dress! I like that the visitor seems like he actually watches the show…

  12. Pam has to be back for future episodes–like was said before, Jim’s picture at the reception desk, and it was Pam’s puffy winter coat hanging on the coat stand. The interview was great!

  13. This is awesome. I do love that Pam has a picture of Jim behind her desk. I’ve been surprised in S5 that he doesn’t have one of her, while she’s gone. I wish Jenna would stop saying JAM should not have gotten together. Come on!

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