The Weekend Tally

Tidbits about ‘The Office’ show, cast, and staff for the week ending October 19.

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  1. Ahahahhaha, that is great! I got the same look from my boss when I Jell-o’ed his staple remover, and he’s a fan of the show.

  2. That sound article was very interesting! Very techy (a lot went over my head!) but sound wasn’t something I had thought much about for The Office. Next time I watch The Office I’ll be listening for air conditioning noise! :)

  3. Wow, that’s awesome! If any of my students were that creative I’d probably go get them lunch from wherever they want!

  4. Thanks for the article on the audio/sound side of The Office. Radio-TV is my major, I love this stuff!!!

  5. “Well, we just opened up the offices for the other show this week and I’ve been going there in the mornings, then going over to do The Office at lunchtime.”

    that’s what she said ;)

  6. Let’s see: Jenna lusts after burgers and I lust after Jenna. Any chance the two can meet? :)

    I read the article on the sound and while some of the stuff went over my head, it was an interesting read. I’m glad that the guys have better equipment to use. TWSS!

    I wonder if I could get away with putting something of my boss’ in jello? Probably.

  7. What a wonderful weekend tally! I wish somebody was cool enough to do that to my office fan English teacher…

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