1. well done Dalton… well done…

    btw. just so you know… you were probably the highlight of the faculty lounge’s lunch that day. lol

  2. Haha! Nice. If I showed that to my parents I think they would just start laughing. That is hilarious!

  3. Speaking from a middle school teacher’s POV, I would’ve written him up too. Sorry, it’s zero tolerance in my district. TWSS is not as prevalent as it was a couple of years ago. I used to hear TWSS at least once a period. I taught PE. If balls are involved TWSS followed. Of course I hear things that are much worse, but not a TWSS in the whole school year. It’s like TWSS is entering the “oldie but goody” category.


    You couldn’t have asked for a better setup for the joke. In fact, if my child came home from school and told me someone in his class got punished for a TWSS, I’d ground my kid for not making the joke first.

  5. Yeaaaa, if I ever have kids and one of em comes home with a detention slip because of that…kid’s gettin’ a high-five.

  6. Sorry, people, gotta side with leonora on this one.
    This happened in a school, not an office full of adults with an inappropriate boss. I wouldn’t have written the kid up, but I would have shut him down immediately and made him apologize.

    Oooh! New Office PSA!

    Michael: “Saying ‘That’s what she said’ may be totally hilarious in just about EVERY situation, but I have learned that there are a few times when it is not cool. Not around ministers. Not around kids. Not around your grandma. They wouldn’t get it anyway.”
    [Insert shooting star and “The More You Know” music]

    Or was that one already made? I forget. :-)

  7. This teacher has taken a life. The life of the party. Dalten, you get extra lunch time today in my book!

  8. Haha that’s hilarious! I’m in high school and say twss on a daily basis, but never get in trouble. I think it’s subtle to the point where you can pass it off to be in reference something else, but obvious enought to be funny. Nice job Dalton!

  9. I am a middle school teacher and my students say that quote all the time. I would never give them a detention for it. Have a sense of humor already! There are far worse things they can be saying and doing these days that would warrant a detention. Give me a break.

  10. That’s awesome! (I’m sorry, but if I were a teacher, unless the student was being extremely disruptive with it the WHOLE class time, I’d just laugh and let it slide. If I were the parent I’d have to laugh, too.

    Reminds me of when I got detention in 4th grade for singing “Little Bunny Foo Foo” with bunny-ear hand gestures over the bathroom stall to make my friend laugh. Teacher came in. Got detention. My mother tried SO hard not to laugh when I told her.

  11. Hahaha. I love seeing those things. But detention seems like the teacher was going way too far.

  12. So hilarious. I would never have had the guts to say something like that in middle school (and, to be honest, if someone had said it I probably wouldn’t have gotten it, because I was a loser).

    Detention was harsh, man. But at least it was just during lunch, and not after school.

  13. i watched the show for one weekend straight with the DVD’s that I had, and then i just started to do TWSS jokes in school. My teachers would even crack their own because of my good influence! And that was like a year ago. so this is pretty hilarious.

  14. If the kids are old enough to attend sex ed classes–in SC, they start at 5th grade/age 10–then it’s just par for the course that the kids make innuendos.

    I find it pretty funny that the teacher wrote “(innocent comment)”. How could you hear ‘you need to push it in further’ and not respond with TWSS?

  15. Is K. Krause related to Steve Krause? He was my Health teacher at Rose Hill Junior High.

  16. LOL! I’m a 6th grade teacher. This got me thinking about what I’d do if a kid replied with a “TWSS” in my class. I probably should write it up, but knowing me, I’d laugh. :)

  17. Yes, very good. Especially for junior high. When my friend was sleeping in class one time, the teacher asked him, “Why is your head down?” To which he replied, “That’s what she said.” He got suspended for two days.

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