Been to the OT Links Page lately?

Despite the show’s summer hiatus, the Office fansite community continues to expand and thrive.

Which is great, because the more our community grows, the more support we can give our favorite show!

Among the newest additions:

  • The Office Forum
  • The Office Quote Battle
  • Lastly, did you know you can buy a glossy 11" x 17" poster version of the photo below? Head on over to MovieGoods.
the office

For a complete list, click the Links Page link (also at the bottom of the sidebar).

Please check out the links and support the entire Office fansite community! :)


  1. Cool! Thanks for the plug Jennie =)

    Thanks to the Office community as well! The response to Quote Battle has been extremely positive and I’m really happy everyone is enjoying it.

    The page only launched a couple days before Casino Night aired and there is already over 180 quotes!

    Also, great timing with the plug because I just added a simple Search tool to Quote Battle. You can now list quotes by episode.

    Thanks again everyone!

    P.S. I have more ideas for Office related pages so I’ll be creating new things and updating my current pages.

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