Viva Don Bernardo

Loved The Office homage to ‘The Godfather’ during last night’s episode, Roy’s Wedding!

Viva Don Bernardo

Homage to ‘The Godfather’

The scene in which Darryl describes his new “assistant regional manager” position pays homage to the final scene of the film ‘The Godfather’ with Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) and his wife, Kay (Diane Keaton).

The Office homage to The Godfather

Darryl: Andy made me his consigliere, which means assistant regional manager. I guess he thought I’d be into The Godfather because I’m black. Wrong! I’m into The Godfather ’cause I’m a cinephile. I like Scarface ’cause I’m black.


  1. Love it! I figured that shot of Erin through the door had to mean something cuz it seemed so random.

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