Vote for OfficeTally — only a few days left!

ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT IN VOTING! OfficeTally is now one of the top three contenders for the Blogger’s Choice Best Entertainment Blog award, and the final days of voting are blind. I would love your vote. Thank you! :)

Here’s how:

  1. Register at the BCA website. (If you don’t get a confirmation email, create a free GMail account and then re-register at BCA.)
  2. Go to the OfficeTally page and click the VOTE button.
  3. Vote ONCE PER IP ADDRESS. BCA will remove duplicate votes coming from the same IP address.

Previous news here.


  1. When I clicked on the vote button, it took me to a page that told me that 2007 voting was closed. Suggestions?

    [from tanster: hmmm, i’m not sure why that happened. maybe try logging out and logging back in again? thanks for your support!]

  2. BlgrChcAwrdSys – I think I am programmed to be your enemy. I think it is my job to destroy you when it comes to winning awards.

    Best of luck, tanster.

    [from tanster: *giggle*]

  3. A)My vote is in…#48.

    B)I don’t know what I was thinking when I registered last year to vote because when I had them email me my username and password, my username was “JuggyMcFeatherBottom”. Any ideas?

    C)Go tanster! Best of luck!

    [from tanster: i will gladly accept a vote from JuggyMcFeatherBottom. thanks!]

  4. Go tanster! :D This blog is definitely the best entertainment one out there, you have my vote!

    Best. Office. Site. Ever.

  5. Thanks to y’all, OfficeTally is now on the front page of the Entertainment Blogs listing — WOO!

    Let’s keep moving on up!

  6. Voted in all categories! I’m glad you’re already moved up to the first page. The TallyNation is loyal (meaning: obsessed) and strong!

  7. Just signed up for the site so I can vote! YAY! just waiting for the confirmation email now…

    Good luck Tanster!!!

  8. I signed up on the website over 6 hours ago but they still haven’t sent me the activation link… I did not make a mistake when typing my email address, I checked, and I sent them an e-mail telling them I never got the confirmation link. Then I signed up with a different e-mail address a half hour ago- still nothing. It’s kind of annoying, I really want to vote for Officetally!

  9. I just rocked the vote! Don’t forget to vote for a president too. That’s just as important.

  10. I’m having the same problem. I haven’t received a confirmation email after signing up about 45 minutes ago. I sent in the correct email address. =/ I emailed them about it but no news yet.

  11. Hope this comment is okay, but you can also vote for Jenna Fischer in Best Celebrity Blog and Mindy is also in a couple categories too like Best Shopping Blog and Best Blog About Stuff!

  12. Good luck, Tanster! I’ll tell people to vote for you. I was vote #72. TallyNation will pull through!

  13. Me 2, It’s been at least an hour and still no confirmation e-mail, and I double checked the address.

  14. Come on people! OT went from 2nd page to fourth in the span of a day…we can do this!

    [from tanster: thanks, lbms! we have a lonnnnnng road ahead to 1st place, but we can do it!]

  15. They need to do something about their confirmation system because they claim the email is sent minutes after sign-up but it’s taking forever to get to me.

    I’ve checked the spam constantly as well.

    Here’s hoping they fix it soon.

    [from tanster: thanks for staying with it! hope it’s fixed soon.]

  16. So even though I registered 10 hours ago, and emailed them about it, I received no confirmation email. Not even in the spam folder.

    And I tried to register with a different email address and have not received a confirmation email either. I think the site hates me. =( Sorry Tanster!

    So weird though, I wonder why it won’t work at all for some people. I’ll keep checking anyways, but I don’t know what else to try.

    [from tanster: thanks fishosaurus!]

  17. I have not gotten a confirmation either!

    It must be SABOTAGE.

    [from tanster: grrrr. i wish you guys could vote!]

  18. i didn’t get my confirmation email from my registration early this morning either. then i tried to re-sign up using the same email and they told me i couldn’t because it was “already taken” (by me of course).
    so i just signed up again using a different email and it went straight through.
    my vote for OT is is!! waooo!
    good luck tanster. :)

  19. Angela & Jenna are nominated for Best Celebrity Blogger too :)

    Considering what the cast set out to do by getting online and how much they accomplished by signing up to MySpace, I think they could use some votes. It’s rare for a cast to be so open and sharing with the fans. They deserve some love ;)

    And good luck, Tanster! You passed the 150 mark :D

  20. Mmmm…I love the smell of third place in the morning.

    We’re a ways off from first, but we can do it. A celebrity gossip blog on livejournal? They ain’t got nothing on OT. And a poker blog? Is that still popular? Tallyheads, unite!

    PS: tanster? Um, I am officially more excited about this right now then the presidential election. K bye.

    [from tanster: third place — woo!!! i’m pretty excited, too! thanks for your vote!]

  21. Second place! Whoo!

    Watch out “Oh no they didn’t!”…OT is comin’ for ya!

    [from tanster: and now our very long journey begins … please vote if you haven’t yet. we can do this! :) ]

  22. Note to those who were having trouble with confirmation emails too:
    I had emailed them regarding it, and checking back this morning they told me they had manually confirmed my account. So I’ve been out voting! woohoo! =) Glad our votes will count now.

  23. SECOND PLACE!!! woooh! I wish there was more I could do! everyone: participate in Dwight’s olympic sport (part of the centathelon): voting! haha

  24. we reached 200!!!! only 300 more for the win!

    [from tanster: wooo! i love you guys. thank you SO MUCH for voting! unfortunately, we have many more votes to go. more than 300. in fact, i’m betting we’ll need about 1,000 votes before this contest is over. please tell all your friends and family to VOTE FOR OFFICETALLY! :) ]

  25. I hate signing up for things but I did because I want the greatest blog of all time to win win win.

    [from tanster: i realize the BCA signup process is a PITA, so thank you for going through it. :) ]

  26. Oh dear — I’m still waiting for that confirmation email!! And I signed up yesterday…. I will keep trying though, Tanster!

  27. With 213 votes we are currently in second place even though I have not been able to vote myself because my confirmation email still has not arrived!

    [from tanster: thanks for hanging in there! we still need your vote!]

  28. Finally got the confirmation email. I’m vote number 214!!!!!one vote closer to number 1

  29. You got my vote again this year….like I would vote for another blog…blah!

  30. UGH! I signed up TWO days ago and still have not gotten a confirmation email!

    Keep telling people to vote!!! I know Officetally can get to #1

    [from tanster: thanks for your help! and remember, only vote once per person. BCA will occasionally do a sweep and delete duplicate votes. ]

  31. Wow. OT has jumped about 100 votes in the time the current first place has moved up 2. I’m liking these ratios.

  32. After waiting for so long for a confirmation email, i used another email and got that one instantly.

    Vote number 245!!

    This is so exciting! haha

    The first place site hasn’t really gone up much in the past few days, so this looks plausible.

  33. SO frustrating, we signed up on Tuesday night, it’s Friday and still no confirmation email! How do we contact them to get our accounts activated manually?

  34. I am Vote #251!!! I mean I’m not bragging or anything, I just voted, but, I’m feeling pretty good about OT and the chances here….

    “Packer? Of course it was you. Packster….you have to have an advanced sense of humour to get this”
    Michael Scott, “The Carpet” One of my favorites.

  35. You’re up to 269, tanster! I just voted. Good luck, I hope you win again.

    [from tanster: thank you so much! :) ]

  36. i just voted! now it’s up to 288! I wish I could vote more than once! Because you DEFINITELY deserve to win Tanster! Go Officetally!

  37. Hey tanster!! I signed up for a BCA login about two days ago and am still waiting for the confirmation email. But I had a question…I know I am missing this somewhere, but when is the deadline for all the votes?

    Thanks so much for all that you do!! You deserve to win! :)

    [from tanster: thanks, Kiki! i would suggest trying a different email address. remember that BCA seems to count only one vote per IP address. so theoretically, you could vote once from your personal email address and once from your work address, so long as you vote on DIFFERENT PHYSICAL COMPUTER LOCATIONS for each vote. BCA hasn’t announced the deadline for this year, but last year, i think it was sometime in Nov.]

  38. we’re past 300 votes!!!!! question: how long does this go on for? aka how long do we have to get into first place?

    [from tanster: to be on the safe side, i think we need to get to at least 1,000 votes (we ended up at something like 957 votes last year). bca will subtract duplicate votes from our vote total, so we need as many unique votes as we can get!]

  39. We can only vote once, come on fellow OT comrades, Rock This Vote!

    [from tanster: thanks for your vote! actually, you can vote once PER IP ADDRESS. so if you vote from your work computer and work email address, and then your home computer with your personal email address, they should both count!]

  40. It won’t let me register!!! I’ve tried a few times. I’ll try again tomorrow. But if it won’t, know that I did try.

    [from tanster: what happens when you try to register? can you provide more details? thanks!]

  41. when I registered, I never received an email to confirm the registration. I have been looking and looking (and it’s not in the junk mail either). I tried re-registering, and it said it was already taken. I think it’s probably user error … haha.

    [from tanster: try a different email address!]

  42. I tried to vote too, and the site will not let me put in my password. I tried over and over. Something is not right, maybe I’ll try later too.

  43. I’m glad I’m not the only one having issues — I’ve registered (successfully, according the site) three times in the last week, with three different email addresses, and have yet to receive a single confirmation email with an activation link. When I try to sign in with any of those addresses, it says my account is waiting activation/verification; and when I request I have my password emailed to me it says it’s on it’s way, but never arrives…

    [from tanster: this is really bumming me out! all i can suggest is to contact BCA and let them know of the problem. thanks, and i hope you guys get through!]

  44. I tried to register 2 days ago but I still haven’t gotten my confirmation; I emailing them but never heard back :(

    They obviously do not have anyone as organized as Tanster running their site. They have the opposite of Tanster.

    [from tanster: i emailed BCA and let them know of the problems you guys are seeing. haven’t heard back yet … ]

  45. Well I tried again today and still cannot vote. I will keep trying because you deserve to win Tanster!!

  46. 349!

    Thanks for the email Tanster, it went straight through on gmail (boo hotmail!). Now I just have to vote once more from uni and i’ll have done my bit:)

    [from tanster: yay! thank you so much!]

  47. Yeah- guys- its really really easy. I just registered an account and voted within 3 minutes. If you check this site on a regular basis (or like me, multiple times a day) you are obligated to vote!!!

    come on everyone!

    [from tanster: thanks mike!]

  48. I was finally able to vote too! When I get home I’ll vote off of my home computer- Gooo Officetally! =)

    [from tanster: yay, i’m soooo glad all you guys are able to vote now! thanks so much! :) ]

  49. Don’t forget to vote for Officetally in the other three categories it’s nominated for!!!

  50. I finally voted! I registered like 3000 times and never got the e-mail. Thanks for the tip tanster, and best of luck! Keep voting everyone! :D

  51. Yay I finally got to vote! I had to get them to manually confirm my account but it’s all good! I love Officetally!

  52. yeah!!! I voted :) The GMail thing helped. Best of luck to you Tanster, you deserve it!

  53. Yay for GMail!! It was driving me crazy that I wasn’t able to register and cast my vote. Great tip Tanster! For all those having trouble registering, try a GMail account. It was quick and easy to set up.

    Go OfficeTally!

  54. Voted. Now it’s at 391. :D

    [from tanster: omg, i’m soooo excited! might we hit 400 tonight?!]

  55. This is awesome, my second account just got manually confirmed, and since I go back to school in a few days, new IP = another vote!

    It’s a good thing the first place site people are slacking, while we just get a boost from the gmail discovery.

    Voting ends in a few weeks (two from October 1st) guys, so stay tuned!

  56. 405 :)

    i ended up creating a gmail account just for this because (like many others) i never got a confirmation email through my other account.

    good luck tanster!

  57. My vote: #416. Great job, tanster!! I also had to create a Gmail account; when I did, I received my confirmation email within a fraction of a second. Thanks for that tip! =)

    Anyway, tanster, I wish you the best of luck! I will get my friends to vote as well, because you truly deserve to win.

    Officetally for the win!!!

    [from tanster: thank you so much! i’m really hoping we can pull out a win!]

  58. Now tanster I voted for OfficeTally and it wasn’t that hard (TWSS), but not gonna lie, I really enjoy the current #1 site as well.

    I hope you win though!

  59. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but we’re up to 435 votes and the first place site is still at 504. Pretty cool!

  60. Vote #438! Let’s make it win!!!

    Good idea: go to your local library and sign in on each internet computer and vote ;) hahaha

    [from tanster: thanks for your vote! actually, all the computers at the library would probably have the same IP address, so that wouldn’t work. :) ]

  61. Checking the BCA website in order to determine OfficeTally’s current numbers has become more exciting than checking the spoiler page! :)

    [from tanster: lol! we’re doing well! let’s keep it going!]

  62. lol, I just messaged my brother to vote from hospital (he’s a doctor)… every IP address counts, right?:)
    Officetally for a come-from-behind (twss…ohs?) win!

    [from tanster: yes, every IP address counts. thank your brother for me. :) ]

  63. 42 more to tie for first!!!!! WE CAN DO IT!! this will be the sweetest coming-from-behind win EVER when we win it!! yay tanster, you’re the best!

    [from tanster: keep in mind, we’ll need a lot more than 42 votes. just to be safe. :) ]

  64. YAY! I was vote 468!

    It took like 2 seconds to create the gmail account – so people who couldn’t get through should do that. :)

  65. I surely hope that I voted in the right place. I was #483, please someone let me know if I voted the right way. I tried for 3 days and I did register a gmail account. I am kinda new at this computer stuff, I hope that my vote counted because this is my favorite site!!

  66. 510 for Office Tally! Officially in 1st place! Congrats. I guess Jenna’s blog helped put you over the edge! :o)

    [from tanster: WOO!!! and yes, Jenna is Ms. Awesome. :) ]

  67. 512. Awesome. When does the contest end?

    [from tanster: i think it ends next month. we need a substantial lead, just to be safe. :) ]

  68. I don’t know of any other fan blog with so much support from the people they are fans of. That is why Officetally rocks. It’s really.. incalclcable.

    [from tanster: me either. we are really lucky. :) ]

  69. Should we… take over the other categories now?

    “Best Food Blog”

    (We do love our Italian.)

    [from tanster: funniest comment today. :) ]

  70. Whoa…I stop watching the vote count for one day and it explodes!

    Congrats, tanster!

    [from tanster: thanks! ms. jenna had something to do with it … ]

  71. 542-510 WOW. I don’t look at the count for a few days and it goes crazy. I just saw Jenna’s blog, too, so hopefully people see it and start voting. I’m going to a few friend’s places this week, so I’ll be sure to make them vote. :)

    [from tanster: thank you! :) ]

  72. Question: are invalid (ie duplicate) votes thrown out after the competition closes, or on an ongoing basis throughout the voting period?

    Kids, this is what keeps me up at night.

    But I voted! GO OFFICETALLY YAY.

    [from tanster: last year, BCA did a couple of ‘sweeps’ where they removed duplicate votes. so all of a sudden one day out of nowhere, you’d see a smaller vote total. kind of jarring. i don’t think they’ve done any sweeps yet for this year.]

  73. Go OfficeTally! My sister, husband and I have voted from home and work. Also, thank you to Ms. Jenna for her support of this fantastic web site! We have been biting our nails since. Jennnie/Tanster/TanMonster is #1!!!

  74. Dark UFO (the Lost Blog) is trying to take over Officetally. I like Lost but I love the Office more. Go officetally!

  75. 4:37PM PST …
    Office Tally – 583
    2nd Place – 510

    How cool! Way to go everyone and thanks for a great site, Tanster!

  76. 594 and second place is still at 510.

    [from tanster: woo! but it’s not second place i’m worried about currently …]

  77. tanster- i tried to register but it never sent me the email and won’t let me log in and so I tried to re-do it but it says my email is taken! help?

    [from tanster: did you follow the tip on this post? :) ]

  78. holy cow I didn’t even see that! thanks! I did not like my old email anyway. I will vote now! :)

    [from tanster: thanks for your vote! :) ]

  79. That Lost blog is going nowhere fast. We Office fans dominate!

    [from tanster: i never underestimate the competition. (translation: i’m a worrier.) :) ]

  80. Wow! I wasn’t sure if OfficeTally could get to 1st for a while, but…Wow! I’m going to vote again at work, and I’ve sent emails to my friends to vote.

    One question: Does BCA delete votes based on just IP’s? Could I vote at work on my current BCA account (I know the answer is probably no, but I can’t find anything about that…)?

    [from tanster: roscoet, i believe you can only vote once per BCA account. thanks so much for your support! :) ]

  81. Woo hoo, I just voted you for all categories. I know you’re a worrier, but there are just too many satisfied Office flans out there to let any other blog win. You have such great support from The Office cast and you have lots of exclusives. You also have the biggest one I know of. That’s what she said.

    [from tanster: shannon, thank you. the support of office flans like you means everything to me. :) ]

  82. I voted! :) This is by far the greatest fansite I know. What other website actually has the cast read it on a regular basis? I just love being so connected to it and finding out every bit of information possible about my favorite show. Also, when does voting end?

  83. I just realized that the second place site is ONTD, which is like my internet family. I really love the office a whole bunch I guess, because I really want officetally to win this!

  84. Remember to also vote for Jenna Fischer’s myspace blog under Best Celebrity Blogger. does anyone know if angela kinsey’s myspace page is on there or mindy kaling’s blog? we should vote for them too!!!!

  85. 700 plus here we come! I am so happy for you tanster. You really deserve to win. Everyone wants you to win. This site is awesome!

  86. How long does the voting go on for? BTW, I already voted. :)

    [from tanster: thanks jess! i think we still have like a month to go.]

  87. # 144

    Yep, Angela is nominated for Best Celebrity Blogger


    Mindy is up for Best Blog About Stuff and Best Shopping Blog

  88. I voted i was 737 and i’m never ever going to use that google acount again but you deserve it !

    [from tanster: you can use that google account for when we do this again next year. ;) thanks for your vote!]

  89. Voted! Woot! Uhm… I would say which vote I was, but I forgot. Hehe.
    -chants- Off-ice tal-ly! Off-ice tal-ly! Good luck!

  90. OT leads by 200! WOOHOO!

    Oh, and I noticed that Jenna is nominated for best Celebrity Blogger…and since a lot of Tallyheads have already registered, why not vote for her too?

  91. Vote #811 Tanster, from The University of Auckland, New Zealand:)
    Tallyheads around the world, unite!

    [from tanster: thank you, delegate from new zealand! :) ]

  92. Does anyone know when voting ends?

    [from tanster: i think it ends in a few weeks! we need to keep going!]

  93. I freaked out for a second because OT was in third place…but then I saw the question marks where the numbers should be. It must crunch time…vote Tallyheads, vote!

  94. With it being blind, does the voting start with a clean slate? I hope not, because OfficeTally was ahead by like 350 or something.

  95. Wait, did I miss something?! Is Officetally not winning anymore?? Did another site take the lead?!

    I’d better get to an internet cafe!

  96. To Lee and Gene,

    I noticed in “Weight Loss” during Michael Klump’s speech there was a Stay Puft Marshmallow man on the wall. Is this a bit of subtle bragging for ‘Ghostbusters III?’

    Jennifer Tampa, FL

  97. WE WON!!! congrats tanster, you deserve it. I’ve already started on next year, vote number 1!!

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