Your favorite banner — winner

Congratulations to Cara for being voted the overwhelming fan favorite in the OfficeTally Banner Contest!

You can see her winning entry right now, through the end of Tuesday, by clearing your browser cache and then clicking the Refresh button.

Cara will receive a Cast Photo Travel Tumbler courtesy of the NBC Universal Office Store!

[Poll no longer available]

1. Matt


2. Cara


3. Jules


4. Happy Smile Patrol


5. Tony


6. Sammie


7. Scott B


8. Farah


9. Anna


10. Nicky


11. Scott B


12. Danielle


13. Casey


14. Lauren


15. Sammie


16. Neal B


17. Pamcasso


18. Neal B


19. Fireguy


20. Geralyn



  1. These are all pretty good! I’m impressed everyone. Yay, I’m one of the first 3 to vote!

  2. This is daunting, is there anyway we can split it up into groups?

    We could have 5 groups of 4 randomally selected, and then the one people like the best from each group could face off in a battle of epic proportions. Also it provides a bracket like structure for college basketball fans who need that sort of thing in their lives at this moment.

    And then there can be more gambling! Which means everybody wins. Except for the people who lose of course.

  3. Okay… it’s definitely between Nicky (10) and Sammie (15) for me… Ahhh! I can’t choose…

  4. QUESTION: Is anyone else having trouble viewing the poll properly using Firefox? I can see the names and the radio buttons but no way to submit the vote. Yeah, I can use IE but if I do that then they win, and I won’t have any that!

  5. Sorry for the double post
    Tony im using Firefox as well and i can view the poll.

  6. Great job all you banner makers. My favorites were #1, 2, 6 and 15…it was a tough choice.

  7. It was between 2, 14, and 15 for me but I chose 14, Lauren. I thought it was a good representation of the show as a whole with the doves and the dwight bobblehead and the reception desk.

    Looks like #2 is ahead right now though. That’s a good one too! Jim leaning over the reception desk is always good :)

  8. My personal favorite is #6, but for some reason, Angela and the saxophone babies are cracking me up…and creeping me out!

  9. I gave them all a once-over, and the one that gave me the biggest reaction was Cara’s – Jim’s hand leaning on Pam’s desk! That’s who I voted for.

  10. These are all so pretty! I love Cara’s though. There is just something about seeing Jim leaning on the reception desk that just gets me. :)

  11. Thanks everyone for the input on Firefox. I figured out the problem and fixed it.

  12. This is so hard! They’re all so good! I think I’m going to go with Lauren’s(#14)… I think the illustration is a cool change!

  13. A) To 18|Ungrateful Beeyotch Hotline Operator: “That’s what she said.”

    B) I guess I have to vote for my own but all of them are great.

    C) Are we doing a “One vote per person/Honor system” type of thing. Or a “Vote early/Vote often” type of thing, ’cause I can stuff a box with the best of ’em. (Um, that’s what she said…or he said)

  14. Nothing made me realize what I missed in season 3 more than #2. I hope “leaning Jim” returns in season 4. :)

  15. i think Jules is the best…i love it for some odd reason and i wish more would vote for it. :(

  16. Cool. I made it. Those are some awesome banners. The Angela one is hilarious!

  17. I’m loving the quotes from past seasons. Good times.

  18. guys come on…Fire Guy…sweet and simple. the show is about so much more than JAM or any one character…

  19. Wow! these are so cool!!! Good job everyone! I realy like the dwight in Geralyns, i really,really like Caras and Neal B’s

    Great job everyone!

  20. I love the “reception” one for more than just Jam reasons. The word alone has so many levels of meaning. Let’s go ridiculously deep here. The reception of the show was not good at first, but now it’s great. Everyone greets guests to the office in different ways. (Pam nicely, Dwight slaps security badges on or pepper sprays, Michael asks very inappropriate questions.) Reception; it’s the place to be! I’ll stop there. But that’s why I chose that one, although I really did struggle like everyone else.

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