1. i think that bj often times comes off as a bit arrogant in interviews. i know he’s annoyed with getting asked the same questions and that he has a dry sense of humor, but he’s the only star on the show who, in my opinion, doesn’t come off well in interviews.

  2. Love BJ. Love that he doesn’t really seem to care what he says. I think it’s refreshing.

  3. I think BJ is great and such a nice guy! At Paley, after everything was over BJ was one of the very few actors to come out to the lobby and talk to the few fans that were still hanging around. We lucked out because we were waiting for our ride and a lot of the people had already left so we were able to just talk to him without all of the commotion. He was really funny and sweet.

  4. Thanks for sharing that very nice anecdote, lemonade! I think it’s just the way these entertainment interviews are set up. It’s inane and awkward for both interviewee and interviewer. I really admire how Angela and Brian can be so savvy about it, but I really felt for Ed Helms and BJ…I mean, one doesn’t really know the *right* way to go about this…you try your best to be cool and funny and play along, but sometimes it doesn’t work out. In the end, everyone just wants to be done with it and get on with their Harry Potter reading :)

  5. I just saw BJ in the film Reign Over Me. I didn’t even think he was acting in it when I watched. It just seemed like they put BJ in a suit and he acted like himeself. IMHO, I think it’s just a front. At one point, he made a conscious decision to be “the smart-A guy.” :D

  6. I don’t think BJ was being a jerk or anything. I think it was just a REALLY stupid question and he called her on it. As soon as she rephrased it, he was nice and answered it. I think he was just teasing her a little bit.

  7. BJ was fine, he was just teasing her. In general he’s one of the very best interview subjects because he tends to speak analytically and honestly about the way characters and ideas are created on the show.

  8. Yes, it was a stupidly-worded question, but BJ knew exactly what she was asking and was only taking advantage of the opportunity to have fun at her expense. After all, she needed a few seconds with him but he didn’t need anything from her, so she wasn’t really in a position to stand up for herself. I just think it wasn’t a very considerate thing to do.

    It seems like BJ is a guy with very high standards, especially when it comes to being precise with language. I’m sure that is a quality that is encouraged in the writer’s room, where everyone else is like that too…but to expect that out of an entertainment journalist in a red-carpet quickie interview is not fair.

    Sorry, tanster, about the word-limit issue on my last post.

  9. It seemed to me like BJ was just making a joke but it came off harsh. He was nice to her after so I don’t think he meant to make her feel stupid.

    Either that or he is an ass. Can I say “ass” on here?

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