The Really Late Weekend Tally

Sorry for the delay in posting The Weekend Tally — I had massive family reunion duties this weekend!

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Tipsters: Denise, Adam, Laura, sorano916, ShortBusDriver


  1. I heard about the Simpsonize me before. It’s pretty cool. And I miss the SWAG thing, and I knew all the answers too. Hopefully they will have another one soon.

  2. Ha ha ha. Why do I find that old cigarette ad of John Krasinski so funny. I’m not supposed to be laughing out loud. I’m at the library for heaven’s sake.

  3. Yay!!! I’m a Tipster!!! I would put my computer on my fridge but the magnet is too small.

  4. BlueJeanBaby…what cigarette ad? and sad, i submitted the usa article too, guess someone beat me to the punch. I WILL be a tipster, some day, mark my words!

  5. Jenna always chooses the 2 hour periods that I’m away from my computer to post her blogs. Darnit! I really wanted that perfume, too. :[

  6. Wow I almost got question 5 right and Jenna is still sending me something! God I love the cast soooo much!

  7. Nooo! They blocked Myspace at work, and I don’t have internet at my apartment yet. No SWAG for me :(

  8. If you haven’t read that Ed Helms interview, you should. It brightened my day!

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