1. lol the show that brought NBC down. Oh Steve…You crack me up. Ed Helms…full frontal…priceless.

  2. WOW! At this point speculation can run amuck but I just have NO idea what to expect. I’m not gonna try to guess either because there are just too many possibilities. I’m sure I’ll be surprised no matter what!

    I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be one of the cast members right now and you can’t even tell your family what’s gonna happen- that would be so weird!!!

  3. I seriously cannot wait for more Angela/Phyllis tension. Pretty much any tension emanating from Phyllis is comedy gold, given her explosive personality.

  4. I thought they were doing 30 episodes in season 5. She asked Steve about doing 26. ???

  5. Can anyone catch if there is a ring on that finger?!??!? I tried to pause the feed multiple times, but my eye just isn’t that great!

  6. so here’s my thought. they said that a scene in the season finale was shot in front of a green screen. I read in an interview with greg daniels that they were going to start playing with the fact that the people in the office might actually see their documentary. what if jim proposes to pam using documentary footage??!?

  7. Leslie David Baker was great. “I’m going to rent me a womb”.

    #3 Jenna could have been hiding her fingers intentionally, it looked like that was the case on Tansters set visit photos.

  8. well when Steve was talking about next season he mentioned he and toby together which lend me to believe Toby is not really leavinng, then again it could me one big master scheme to throw us off lol

  9. I love that Jenna can’t NOT give up some information. Everybody else is just flat out lying, but she finds one thing she can tell.

    11–Isn’t it 30 half hours? So maybe that means four 1-hour episodes next year.

    3 & 13–I wouldn’t bother trying to ring spot. What’s easier than just taking OFF a ring while you’re taking a photo or doing an interview?

  10. Steve Carell is just so funny! I wonder if the Angela-Phyllis battle will be over party planning. Those are some of my favorite scenes when the girls plan the parties and Angela’s the boss of it. Maybe an engagement party for JAM???

  11. I think definitely that Toby will be back. Steve seems to just try to be funny in interviews…I don’t think he was worrying about spoiling the fact that Toby isn’t really the one leaving.
    I’m new to these forums…why are we looking for a ring on Jenna’s finger?

  12. 18 Aileen, I think we’re mostly looking for what’s on Pam’s finger…To see if Jim proposed!

    Everyone was hilarious. I actually wouldn’t mind 47 episodes of improvisation; that’d be great! I also wouldn’t mind joining Andy’s a-cappella-based cult.

  13. Steve Carell is the funniest person alive. LOVE him!

    I can’t remember ever being so pumped for a season finale. Just 10 more days until all our questions are answered! ;)

  14. I did not see a ring on Pam’s finger. So I think Dwight will pop the question to Angela. Or maybe Ryan will be so high that he asks Kelly to marry him.

  15. I was trying so hard not to watch this, but boredom at work won out! Phyllis and Leslie cracked me up. I can’t wait for the Angela/Phyllis fight – we haven’t seen these two really go at it since Launch Party. I’ll always remember Phyllis’ “I DON’T LIKE YOU,” in Conflict Resolution. Is it Thursday yet? Or next Thursday?

  16. I love how most of that is not true! Creed’s cubicle would be HILARIOUS!

  17. I would love 26 episodes, including 4 hour-long shows (so 30 half hours total), but isn’t the show scheduled to be an hour for the first month (like this season), until that SNL Thursday show takes over the 9:30 timeslot in Oct? If that’s the case, they HAVE to have more than 30 half hours, because I must have an hour Christmas episode AND finale!

  18. “Or maybe Ryan will be so high that he asks Kelly to marry him”
    #21 that would be HILARIOUS!

  19. #16-You’re absolutely right. I forgot about hour long shows. Thank you for clearing that up.

  20. I’m pretty sure that Angela and Phyllis will have their fight while organizing the goodbye party for Toby. : )

  21. I’m following Leslie’s advice and “rentin’ me a womb.”

  22. I did not spot a ring on her finger. But… if Pam does say yes to Jim, that could mean either one of two things. Either, she did that interview before the proposal scene was shot, or she did the proposal scene but took off the ring so she wouldn’t ruin the surprise.

  23. I thought Brian’s (Kevin) voice sounds a lot different than when he talks on the office, so strange haha



    Also, I am kind of excited for the Ed Helms full frontal. Oh god, did I just say that out loud?

  25. i agree with 14.

    two things:
    1) Greg Daniels: are you tasering your actors/visitors or something if they say something important?? seriously. creed looked frightened.
    2) leslie had the best comments in this video. hilarious-ness.

  26. 31 Redmond–That’s the first thing I thought too! Kevin does have a really strange voice on the show though. It somehow makes the most dullest lines sound hilarious.

  27. There should be an episode where everyone comes in one day to find that Creed has erected a cubicle around his desk.

    Mung Bean season?!?!?!

    You be the judge.

  28. Is it just me or does Kristin seem to have a major crush on ‘Creed’ I think she really liked it when he spoke French!!!

  29. hahah “which one is Pam?” killed me. Just as it does every time in “The Secret.”

  30. I definitely don’t trust Jenna’s opinion on The Office after she said Dinner Party was the best episode they’ve ever done.

  31. He is secretive.We don’t know if he’s dating anyone. I just have to say Creed + “Marybeth” = Love.

  32. Creed is a modern day Kramer. NBC should develop some webisodes with Creed as the focal point. The webisodes would probably be mostly about stealing or flashbacks to the 70’s.

  33. I definitely trust Jenna’s opinion on The Office after she said Dinner Party was the funniest episode they’ve ever done.

  34. Creed cracks me up! He is so deadpan. I’m trying hard not to LOL here at the library while I’m watching these videos.

  35. creed! i love that he kept going “creed might be like this, creed might do that” when according to everyone creed is just basically playing himself!

    also loved “we weep blood” and “it was a living. but not for the other guy” makes me wonder what other gems we have missed!!

  36. omg I love Creed everytime i see more of him in these off set interviews and adventures with angela and all that stuff. he seems like he was a major hippie back in the day. i love his random, secretive humor! “when Pam gets Michael’s old chair I get Pam’s old chair. then i’ll have 2 chairs. one to go.” like, what does that even mean!? lol. and steve carell, hilarious as always. as much as i’d like to hear a scoop, i’d much rather just wait until Thursday!

  37. Creed Creed Creed! I am not sure Kristin is as regular as a fan as we think. I think she had no clue that line was from The Secret.

  38. “Much will be unanswered”.

    Love that line. Can’t wait for Thrusday!

  39. Ahahaha! Back when we first got the info that Pam has a ‘quirk’ some friends and I took bets on what it might be and mine was that Pam is actually a man. Of course, I lost. But glad I wasn’t the only weirdo who was thinking of it!

  40. Jenna Fischer doesn’t look too enthused with Kristin at the beginning of the interview, she has a little glance at the camera that says “Are you serious?? Crazy lady!”. Haha I love her!

  41. Love Jenna! Her theory of the plot against her is hilarious.

    I want Ed’s socks! They’re awesome.

  42. Oh, Jenna…haven’t you learned that Benadryl is the devil? I swear by Claritin or Zyrtec, but you have to alternate them from year to year or you build up an immunity.

  43. I love Jenna. She is the most adorable celebrity! She is always sleepy, but always wonderful! Thanks, Tanster for posting this! Now I just have to make it one more day…

  44. I love all of Jenna’s interviews – she’s such a good sport!

    The entire Phyllis vs. Angela battle will be amazing to say the least.

    For some reason, I find Kristin to be one of the more tolerable interviewers – but I admit she is a bit over the top.

  45. Great interview with Jenna! My first thought, though, was, “Pam’s in pants!” Then I thought, “I wonder if those are Jenna’s sweats and she’s just about to shoot Pam-behind-reception scenes?”

    Yep, that’s what I was thinking in between laughing. :-)

  46. Another quirk to be learned about Pam or was Jenna talking about the glasses?

  47. To anyone saying there isn’t a ring on Jenna’s finger, if Jim does propose in the finale they aren’t about to let that slip out to the public.

  48. I actually thought Kristin was funny in the Jenna video. Her answer as to what Pam’s “quirk” might be had me laughing out loud.

  49. i think this might sort of support the idea that toby isn’t actually leaving. steve says next season they’ll throw together michael and toby (i know he was kidding but he still said toby’s name)…..

    whatever hope i can find, i’ll pick at. I just want toby to stay!

  50. When Steve said “here i baked cookies for you”, and “shut up i hate you”, i nearly had a heart attack i was laughing so hard.

  51. Maybe he said Toby’s name just to throw us off…So we don’t solidly suspect anything from the episode title! Oh, Steve, you’re so clever.
    And yeah, Phyllis never baked me cookies, but I get the feeling that if she did, I would hate her too.

    Seriously though, I can’t wait for tonight…I don’t have TiVo, so I actually bought a blank VHS so I can have it on tape. Sure, I can watch it online, but where’s the fun in that?

  52. I wonder if Kristin has HER lines fed to her. Because how can one woman watch that much TV?

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