Countdown to tonight’s finale

SPOILER WARNING! Content and comments posted here may contain spoilers.

How excited are we for tonight’s Season 4 finale of ‘The Office’? OMIGOD VERY.

Here’s a listing of finale-related posts.

Is your head going to explode? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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  1. My Predictions:
    -Jan is pregnant, with Hunter’s baby (maybe we’ll know it’s Hunter’s, maybe not)
    -Ryan is fired, perhaps due to sexual indiscretions, general job performance, or his drug use.
    -Jim is offered Ryan’s job in NYC.
    -Pam is stoked about this, as she would like to pursue graphic design school.
    -Jim and Pam are engaged or married by the end of the episode.
    -Toby makes a last-ditch effort at Pam before leaving. He will fail miserably.
    -Creed will act bewildered the entire episode.
    -Angela and Dwight will have a moment of passion that will be witnessed by many office workers.
    -Kelly will act like a total dope.
    -Kevin will bet on something.
    -Stanley will be sassy.
    -Oscar will still be gay at the end of the episode.

  2. Dawesome. Dawesome. Dawesome.

    I will be glued to my television!

    Oh, how will I survive the summer months without The Office??!?!?

  3. I am so excited! I cannot wait! We are having an Office Finale party at my house, complete with cupcakes. Tanster, this waiting game is torture! How can you not explode with all of the details of what you know? It is definitely a good thing that you are given these opportunities and not me because I would have probably broken by now! You rock and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on everything after it airs!

    [from tanster: i actually know very little about tonight’s episode, i’m just as excited as you are!]

  4. It feels like christmas eve when I was a kid, I am really looking forward to tonight. Is anyone going to any viewing parties?

  5. The Office starts an hour after what could be the final San Antonio Spurs game of the season. My husband and I are gonna get into it, I can feel it. I’m now regretting not having 2 TV’s……. Thank God we can watch the show here the next day, at our favorite Office website. Thanks Tanster!!

  6. I think that after the finale, it will take me at least two weeks to stop thinking about it! It sounds so good and I am SO excited!

    Tanster, when you visited the set did you have to sign a confidentiality agreement?

    [from tanster: absolutely i did. :) ]

  7. Oh man, it would just so happen that I’m the west coast this week visiting my dad. He has east coast direct tv on every station…but NBC. ahh!!! I don’t know how I’m going to handle it! I have a newfound respect for you West Coasters!

  8. Gah… what is happening to me…. oh my…

    *Head Explodes*

    I cannot wait ’till tonight!

  9. My prediction for Jim and Pam (and they’re never right) is that Jim will plan the proposal and we will all see this. He’ll call her parents, etc. Pam towards the end will then tell Jim that she wants to go to Philly or New York to pursue graphic design for the summer. He then realizes that it’s not the time to propose and cancels it. So basically, they’ll still be on ‘The Office’ next season in Scranton and they won’t break up.

    And I definitely think Toby will try one last time for Pam. And I hope Kelly is pregnant with Darryl’s baby…that would be perfect. Maybe Ryan tries to fight him…

  10. Maybe we’ll get a spin-off introduction. I’m betting that it’ll be a great cross-over comedy where Toby goes to work HR for Gobias Industries.

  11. I never even thought about the chance that Kelly could be pregnant. That is much less predictable than Jan being pregnant. Oh this is going to be good.

  12. I like Krista’s predictions in the first post. But, if Jim & Pam move to NYC, what’ll happen with the show?

  13. i have some painting to do at my new house and told my boyfriend that we have to be out of there by 8. he said ‘why? is the office on early tonight?’ my reply was no, but that i would like to get home in enough time to mentally prepare for the event. he laughed at me but i knew you all would understand.

  14. I don’t think a breakup is in the cards for Jim and Pam. Why would her wanting to pursue graphic design school be a deal-breaker? He has always encouraged her in that regard.

    Now, as for what would happen to the show and the Scranton office, I don’t know! I don’t think it would be a good move for Jim and Pam to headline the spinoff, and I’m not sure they would do another season where half of the action happens in another city…Hmmmmmm…

  15. EEEK! I woke up this morning with butterflies in my stomach, I’m so excited! Only nine more hours to go!

  16. OMG you guys, my head IS going to explode. I can’t even think about it anymore or I’m never going to get through the day. As much as I can’t wait, I’m also wanting to prolong the suspense since after tonight we have many long months ahead until the new season. And I have a feeling that it won’t be an easy wait after the plot twists of this evening are revealed. Oh, and we’re having a Margarita finale party!

  17. #17 Jenn: I would LOVE to see a Darryl-Ryan fight! Omg, Kelly being pregnant would be hilarious. Although I do kind of want Jan to be pregnant so Michael can finally have a kid.

  18. Ok, here is my prediction. Pam tells Jim about the graphic design opportunity in Philly or New York, Jim is excited for her(hence the scene with them hugging in the break room on the promo) Jim thinks about leaving Dunder Mifflin and moving to Philly with Pam..remember “Philly Jim”? And then he proposes to her and they live happily ever after lol I’m probably wrong but that’s what my guess is..I CAN’T WAIT TIL 9!!!!:)

  19. ALSO i don’t think that Jim or Pam will be on the spin off they are too big to leave the show, I think Andy might leave for the spin off but that would be sad because i’m FINALLY starting to like him lol

  20. I think Michael makes an inappropriate comment and/or pass at the new HR rep (Amy Ryan) and gets fired. You heard it here first.

  21. Can’t wait!! And I think Jan is preggers. It would be a great new angle for the show.

  22. I bet it’s going to be Jan that’s going to be pregnant. I mean, it logically makes the most sense and it sure would be a GREAT storyline. AHH I’m so excited! What if… right at the end, Jim gets down on one knee, and is like “Pam?” and them boom. Over. That would be insane! It sure would give people a lot to think about, though!

  23. we are having a “lunch party” (it’s supposed to be LAUNCH party!) to celebrate.
    i am going on the record now. jim and pam are not going anywhere. i think the idea that she will do a summer internship somewhere is a reasonable one. she would leave scranton for the summer and be back in september when the show premieres (on sept 25 i predict).
    i totally get the need to settle down and get ready before it starts, i am the exact same way otherwise i am literally too excited to engage with it! my husband thinks i am a total dork!

  24. yes, my head is exploding Tanster! I keep checking back every half hour to see the latest updates for the finale. I should be working…
    I just know there’s going to be some crazy curve balls thrown at us tonight!
    I’m sure you’ve got a long night ahead of you tanster! Good luck!

    [from tanster: thank you! i’m really excited!]

  25. Okay here’s my prediction:

    Angela Kinsey goes into labor 5 min. before the season finale starts!

    : )

  26. Michael makes a pass at the new HR girl within the first 5 minutes of meeting her, or I give you my next paycheck.

    Oh and my head exploded the minute I woke up this morning and the first thought I had was “It’s Office Finale Day!!!” Oh and then these cartoon birds came and flew around my room singing while I got ready for work. It was really strange and exciting all at the same time… hehehe

    Maybe someone spotted this already, but in looking at Tanster’s office set photos, (thank you Tanster!!!) her pix of the close up of Jim’s desk…the guy in the photo of the 3 guys looks VERY MUCH like the graphic design guy!!! Woohoo! Now, does anyone know if those pix have ever been ID’d???

    I know, I need a life. But not until after tonight’s episode! :) Happy viewing all!

  28. After reading Kate’s blog (they go out with a BANG!) I don’t think Jan is pregnant. I think she comes back and shoots someone. But we won’t know who until next season. Ha! ;)

  29. Okay nevermind-I’m special! Angela already had her baby?!

    Where was I….?

  30. 20/B – I totally understand. I don’t like to be rushed before The Office either. I have a Medieval Spaghetti Dinner and Magic Show to go to tonight and it better be over by 8:00! (And no, I’m not making that up.)

  31. Kelly is pregnant with Ryan’s baby. lol THAT would be amazing. (and it would explain the “betrayal” speculation.)

    Also, Maybe Jim and Pam ARE the ones who will be leaving to headline the spin-off. I kind of hope that’s the case. The JAM storyline on The Office is starting to annoy me b/c it’s becoming the main focus. Don’t get me wrong, I love them both… but I if they had their own show, you KNOW it would do well. And then “The Office” can finally focus on other storylines, etc. I know I posted this prediction once already, but now I’m actually starting to believe it might be a possibility.

  32. Excited doesn’t begin to describe how I feel. Me and my BF are texting each other random quotes to each other, every hour, on the hour. Very fun. And Kate said that they already did the commentaries. SQUEE!!! That alone proves just how much I’m geeked out about tonight.

    The pressure makes me swell… with happiness!

  33. #33 – The graphic design guy and Jim/John Krasinski have nothing to do with one another :-)

  34. Oh man today I officially realised I was obssesed. I came home early from school so that I could get all my homework done so that I can for sure watch it tonight…I would not miss it for anything! OH so exciting!!!!!!! and now I actually have to do my homework…

  35. My head might explode. I just hope it doesn’t before 10:00 EST ;)

    I really don’t think JAM is the spin-off. They aren’t zany enough. I pretty much think it won’t star any of the current cast, and even if it does, tonight won’t be the setup for the spin-off. The spin-off doesn’t start until February, which is a long way away.

    33: It was confirmed that it wasn’t John Krasinski, nor was there supposed to be any connection between Jim and the graphic design booth guy.

  36. i’m going into tonight’s season finale with no speculations or any expectations because i know any expectation i have will be far surpassed since this show is so unbelievable. i haven’t been this excited for a show since the season finale of season 3 of 24 and since seinfeld was on. office fans it’s an awesome time so let’s enjoy it because not being able to watch new episodes over the summer hiatus is going to be long and hard.
    that’s what she said ;)

  37. What a bittersweet day! I’m very excited about the finale and sad knowing that I have to wait 4 months ’til i see a new ep of the best show on TV. At least I know that you’ll keep us Tallyheads entertained through the break, Tanster! =)

  38. The good thing about living in the Central Time Zone? The Office starts at 8. But I’ve been thinking about it nonstop since I got up at 5:30. So I’m so glad Tanster is feeding my hunger with all of these Countdown morsels.

  39. I have trust in this ep. I’ve heard on the commentary how much Paul loves JAM, and it’s evident in the other episodes he’s written (I think “Money” is evidence enough!). So yeah, keep your shirt on all you JAMfans… I think we’re good to go (;


  40. Well I’m off to work now..4-10! FOUR TO TEN!! Yea and I have no TiVo…uhh I’ll be watching it tomorrow. I’m trying to pretend today is Wednesday but I’m about to explode. This is the ultimate test of strength haha!

  41. I cannot believe that I have to work late tonight and I’m going to have to wait until 10:30ish to watch it. They haven’t scheduled me to work on Thursday since forever and TODAY they choose to do that. It’s a conspiracy.

  42. SQUEE 7 HOURS! But it sucks I’m a west-coaster! My boss understands my obsession, though. He’s letting me sit at my computer for the next hour, instead of putting a crown on an old man. Ah, I don’t know what I’m going to do!

  43. Yes, Tanster, I think my head might explode. I’ve been trying to ignore how excited I am all day long and it’s not working well. Thank God though, I’m an east-coaster so I only have 4 hours left! I am so pumped about this episode. I have 100% faith in the writers that no matter what happens, it will be completely dawesome. YAY!

  44. i seriously don’t know if i can wait another 4 hours…i need to watch it NOW!

  45. The two season finales have both had happy endings and I have a feeling the writers like it that way. I don’t think they will end it with anything awful like some of you are suggesting.

    Also, there is no way that Jim is doing the spin-off.

  46. I get the feeling from Brian’s blog that there is going to be a HUGE cliffhanger… Okay, my head just exploded… Counting down the minutes!!!

  47. Ok- I’m starting to feel beyond obsessed and I may have taken a turn into fanatacism (sp?) territory- I am checking this site like every half hour because I am soooooooo excited for tonight! At least I know I’m not the only one!

  48. From Melora Hardin’s TV guide interview “Jan’s not going away.” – that says it all. Jan’s the one who’s pregnant. Maybe i’m reading too much into it, but if she wasn’t pregnant and she and Michael had called it quits – why else would she not be “going away”???

  49. Well if it’s anything like the past two brilliant season finales, this is what is going to happen.

    1. A lot of stuff will happen with the plot and everything. Drama, people.

    2. Some big JAM moment.

    3. Cliffhanger that leaves fans either speechless or jaw-dropped.

    4. Lots of classic humor.

    Here’s to a hopefully great finale.

  50. Omg, the antic–ipation is killing me! I can’t believe the finale is here already?!

  51. Man oh man! It’s still HOURS from the finale… I am so glad you guys understand my obsession… my friends think I’m crazy! lol

  52. Thank heavens I’m not the only obsessed fan out here. My husband thinks I’m nuts. Three hours until the finale…I’ve been a wreck all day.

  53. Form I sentences can’t complete.

    I. have gone completely spoiler-free for the last three weeks, and now it’s actually HAPPENING. My mind is mush.

    I’m afraid a tractor might drive into my house and I won’t be able to watch it. I really am.

  54. Whoa, did any one catch this from Kristin’s blog, it is in the text below the new Steve video:
    Oh, and a little more scoop on the spinoff: I’m hearing that it has been decided who it’ll be, that Greg Daniels and actor/producer Mike Schur (Mose) are helming it and that tonight’s episode will pave the way for what it will be.

    Pumped for the finale! Less than 3 hours on the east coast!

  55. Hooray! I’ve never been a tipster before. It feels strangely satisfying. (TWSS).

    I love living in the Central Time Zone. The finale is just 2 1/2 hours away! I feel sorry for you westcoasters. I grew up in SoCal – I feel your pain.

  56. I’m seriously dying. How I will wait another six hours in addition to having to hold out coming on here after it airs on the east coast to see what happens? But, I am determined not to be spoiled. I want to inhale every bit of goodness from this finale.

  57. I am so excited for the finale!! This is why I love this site – similarly obsessed people all gathered in one happy place. (PS – for the record – I think Angela’s having Dwight’s baby. I know, it’s a long shot, but that’s what I think.)

  58. Toby’s “last days” shirt is made in Honduras? Why not Costa Rica? ;)

  59. I took standardized testing in school today I swear all I could think about was The Office. 2 hrs 20 minutes!!!!!

  60. Tonight, tonight, hot damn tonight!! (Think “the old man” in the movie A Christmas Story)

    Loved the interview with Melora, especially her take on Jan:

    “I think she’s flawed and I think she’s lost and I think she’s searching and really doing the best that she can. And she struggles and falls and trips and sometimes splats on the pavement, but I don’t think she’s full of malice. I think she’s really doing the best that she can. And I think she does love Michael, and is very confused about all of that.”

    I was so very glad she said that Jan’s not going away! Because I love Jan, she’s so complex and such an interesting character. I truly believe Melora has deserved many Emmy’s for her portrayal. I can’t wait to see her again tonight (as I’m convinced I will)!

  61. Did anyone read the shirt description? Does someone want to tell NBC it’s the fourth season and not the third?

  62. Yes tanster, my head IS going to explode. DDD:

    Hopefully after I’ve watched the ep.

    And I’m on the West coast too!! * cries *

  63. I’m really glad that the spoilers have been pretty vague. I have no will-power whatsoever, and I appreciate the effort that the cast and crew have taken to make sure that I don’t have the opportunity to totally ruin this episode for myself haha.

  64. I’m uber excited for this. But so sad, because I’ll be at work :-(.

    Does NBC have live streaming or whatever? I doubt it, but I thought I’d ask.

  65. Omg! Jenna and Kate’s comments about the finale made me scream! I don’t know if I can handle waiting a couple more hours! :D AH!

  66. Does ‘Kev’ really think we don’t know tonite’s the finale?? Modesty becomes him!

  67. 2 or 3 cliffhangers?!? Thankfully I have a busy summer to keep me occupied until season 5!!!

  68. Ah, this is killing me! A half hour of work left and I’ve resorted to sneaking to the receptionist’s computer. 3 hours and 28 minutes left!

  69. Big cliffhangers? Bigger than “The Kiss”? Bigger than “It’s a date” and Ryan getting a corporate job?
    We’ll be the judge of that.

  70. Oh, Jenna! Why’d you have to go and say that??? Ugh, less than an hour and a half.

  71. This is one of those times I HATE being a west-coaster. I vow to stay off this site from 6:00 on!

  72. I’m about to pee in my pants I’m so excited!!! 45 minutes east-coasters!!! HUZZAH!

  73. Is it normal to not be able to focus on ANYTHING ? I have so much schoolwork and work-work to do but all I can think is: 4.5 more hours to goooooooooooooooooo!!
    I hope everyone else feels the same way :)
    oh, have I told you guys how much I love!

  74. 38 minutes! I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for an Office episode before.

  75. OMG!!! Cliffhangers??? I’m going to want the summer to be over VERY quickly!!!

  76. Living in Chicago has it’s perks… Able to win walk-on roles… seeing the Office with the Eastern time zone… other stuff that really doesn’t matter right now because the Office is less than 15 minutes away!!!

    Living in Chicago rocks!!!

  77. AHHH I can’t believe I almost forgot that the finale’s today! Thanks Tanster for this post, because I would have missed it! 10 minutes left! Whew…just in time!

  78. Thanks for all the tidbits. I’m so excited for the finale–I’ve got ants in my pants and I need to dance! Three hours and ten minutes to go (here in Seattle). It’s sunny and beautiful here for a change and my husband wants me to go sailing with him tonight. But I’m whining that we may risk not being back in time for the start of the Office finale. Now he thinks I’m nuts.

  79. I woke up this morning and felt like i was going to pass out i was that excited! lol

  80. Oh dear God. Ten more minutes, y’all. My heart is racing. My hands are shaking! I’m freaking out over here!!

    I am WAY too into this show. But thank goodness for OfficeTally, the one place where my crazy obsession actually seems normal!

  81. This was not a good episode. Everything fell apart! Now I’m bummed out and will be all summer.

  82. That ‘Toby’s Last Day’ T-shirt is kind of crazy because today was MY last day, too! Maybe I should get it just for the symbolism, eh? Funny.

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