1. * Kelly gets a great goodbye episode
    * Michael comes back for at least one episode (hopefully a wedding episode)

  2. I agree with Novak becoming the showrunner, he’s great at his job.

    -Nellie being written as a good character instead of a manipulative woman who will do anything to keep her job. This season tried to throw in some redeeming qualities but after taking the job of our main character and not paying for it at all, it leaves a bad taste.

    -Dwight achieving things in his career. One thing I did like about this season was that they showed Dwight actually attempting to move up in his career. When Michael was the manager, Dwight was obedient to him. Over the years Dwight began to want to further his own career more and more, accumulating with him getting Michael’s job and failing. This season we saw him actually going to Sabre headquarters looking for a promotion, trying to get one from Robert, and it worked when he got to assemble a team for the Sabre Store project, and actually became the V.P. of the project. I want to see more of this next season, more of Dwight giving reason to why he is a credible character.

    -I want to see more of Jim and Pam actually doing something. Obviously the first few seasons were focused around their romance, and then their marriage and kids and now that that is done they fell flat this season. They attempted to write the Cathy storyline with Jim however that went nowhere and was finished after a few episodes, with no aftermath from it either.

  3. A return to the tone the series maintained through the first few seasons. Any sense of reality has disappeared and the program has become more of a cartoon.

  4. 1) It’s the final season.
    2) Less Andy, way less Andy/Erin
    3) More Jim/Pam, give Jim something to do besides prank Dwight.
    4) Less wackiness, more reality.

  5. Michael Scott comes back!
    Creed is highlighted in a whole episode, if not more.
    The annoying British boss lady does not come back at all.
    Dwight finds love that is not Angela,but Angela wants him back.

  6. – that the writers realize that andy doesn’t work as the boss at all
    – that season 9 is the last season, and give the characters a decent ending.

  7. -WAY more Jim and Pam
    -WAY less Andy and Erin (As a couple and separately, we got way too much of them this season.)
    -No more Nellie (Her character wastes screentime that could go to other actors)
    -For Dwight and Angela to get back together
    -For Philip Lipton to be Philip Schrute and for Dwight to propose some sort of Philip vs. Philip baby fight (wherein they just sit and look adorable)
    -More plausible storylines, getting back to subtleties
    -More from minor characters

    [ from tanster: “Philip vs. Philip baby fight” — lol! ]

  8. B.J Novak or Greg Daniels as showrunner

    Would love to have Greg Daniels/Michael Schur/Jennifer Celotta write an episode or two

    -More Jim/Pam

    -Andy Buckley/David Wallace return full time

    -I didn’t mind Nellie at all but it seems a lot of the fans do so maybe have her appear here and there.

    -Also didn’t mind Andy but would love to see more of pre-anger management andy make a return

    [ from tanster: agree with return of Michael Schur and Jen Celotta. miss them! ]

  9. To be honest, all I really want is Dwangela action. Don’t really care about the rest. I would wish for there to be less Andy, but that’s not realistic.

  10. • Michael Scott returns in Season 9
    • David Wallace hires Mose as VP of Public Relations… or as part of the warehouse crew

  11. I want to see simpler plots where the humor is based more on situations than slapstick humor, or Dwight pulling his pants down. I would love to see more of David Wallace.
    And side note, I want Toby back. I don’t know how else to put it. His character has been terrible this whole season, some of my favorite moments from the show are the Michael- Toby story lines.
    But, I did enjoy this season and I am looking forward to great things.

  12. 1. Either BJ Novak replaces Paul Lieberstein as showrunner or Greg Daniels returns to “reboot” the series.
    2. Ditto on David Wallace. He should be a regular – if you look back, it’s surprising he wasn’t a regular in Seasons 5 and 6.
    3. No more Nellie.
    4. A Steve Carell return appearance, especially if this is the final season, although the 22-episode order doesn’t bring them up to 200, so I’m guessing there will be a 10th season.
    5. Rainn Wilson stays in the office for most of the season, and the spinoff starts up in March/April, like the Office did.
    6. Like we were initially promised for Season 8, more focus on secondary characters, such as episodes centric to secondary characters (ie series regulars who are listed after the opening sequence, such as Stanley and Kevin).

  13. 1. BJ novak showrunner
    2. Michael Holly Wedding
    3. Less Caricature Kevin
    4. No oscar and gay senator storyline
    5. Dwangela
    6. David Wallace
    7. If there is a series finale i want an hour long episode with all the characters ie(michael, jan, carol, holly)

  14. All I really want is for Dwight and Angela to get back together…to have more babies and to get married and live happily ever after at Schrute Farms. =)

  15. Episode with Michael Scott….wedding episode!

    David Wallace opens a Colorado branch and Michael Scott manages it.

    Super Prank by Dwight on Jim…..his last episode!

  16. First off, great idea Tanster.
    1. Yes to BJ or GD as showrunner.
    2. Love to have any of the original writers come back for some episodes. A 100% agreement for Mike and Jen.
    3. Lots more Jim and Pam with some realistic advanced stories for me. They will always be the heart of the show.
    4. Way less Andy (and Andy/Erin), they tried with him more in the spotlight and didn’t work for me.
    5. Tone the show down of crazy, sitcom comedy. Go back to the normalacy of office life.
    This show has all the components to still be the best sitcom on tv. Let’s hope season 9 can bring it.

  17. More JAM! I’d love to see a run-in between Jim and Pam and Karen and her new family…

  18. – Dwangela wedding…Pleeeease :)
    – And please let the baby be Dwight’s (I’m afraid there will be some weird twist where it’s not Dwight’s or the senator’s, but someone else’s all together :/)
    – less Andy, less Erin, less Andy & Erin
    – more subtle humor, less slapstick
    – for the writers to stop dumbing Kevin down to the extreme, we get it, he’s not that smart ;)
    – Guest appearance by Michael
    – Company retreat somewhere
    – A little bit more of the old Jim & Pam

    Overall though I have a feeling the next season will be much better than when season 8 started out.

  19. Michael/Holly Wedding Ep
    Nellie gets eaten by a bear
    More interesting JAM relationship
    More Cece/Philip Halpert
    More Creed lines
    BJ as showrunner
    Series finale w/ a perfect last episode ie. Goodbye Michael : (

  20. -BJ Novak as the show runner
    -Less silly plots, and more emotional/reactions from the characters
    -More Andy and Erin
    -Erin added to main title sequence
    -David as a regular
    -More Darryl and val
    -New characters that are normal, not weird
    -A fitting series finale

  21. – Story arcs. The first half of S8 didn’t have any sort of binding storyline, and as a result, felt directionless. The Tallahassee arc was awesome, but it was too little, too late
    – Storyline about Erin looking for her birth parents; I think this has the potential to be funny and great emotional material for Ellie
    – Career progression for Darryl. It seems to have been abandoned after “Lotto”.
    – Learning about the origins of Jim. I know this sounds stupid, but I’m an office GENIUS and I can’t seem to decisively say much about Jim’s life before Dunder-Mifflin. Pam had some growth during the MSPC arc, and Jim grew briefly as co-manager, but he hasn’t done much for the past two seasons…

  22. Holy crap @5. Emerson, “Ryan afraid of being fired by David Wallace” bringing back the tension between those two is a great idea.

    Please, please, make BJ show runner and write for/cast Andy Buckley as a series regular.

    Maybe making BJ Novak showrunner will give this show a return to its roots.

  23. *Ryan afraid of being fired by david wallace
    *Jim getting a promotion and taking more responsibility

  24. BJ Novak as the showrunner.
    Andy Buckley (David Wallace) as a regular.
    More Andy.
    More Erin.
    More Andy/Erin.
    Make Jim/Pam storylines more interesting rather than boring.
    Less crazy Dwight.
    More storylines focused on the secondary characters.

  25. – give Kelly a proper send off
    – let Dwight and Angela get together for real (and forever)
    – David Wallace back as boss
    – Oscar and the senator
    – more JAM
    – make it the final season, and let it be awesome
    – mention Michael and let us know he’s happy.

  26. – I would love to see BJ as showrunner!
    – Please, please more focus on Jim and Pam. More realistic, non-soapy, emotionally satisfying storylines about their relationship, being parents, working together, their dreams and goals, etc, but tempered with more fun – pranks, games and less bickering, more banter!
    – More focus generally on the regular cast as opposed to guest stars and new characters.
    – More realistic, relatable workplace situations and more subtle humour (they should have an episode with a motivational speaker – we had a lot of fun with that at my work!)
    – More group interactions and pointless conversations!
    – Plenty of David Wallace
    – Gabe to stay on at Dunder Mifflin
    – More Nate!

  27. My wishes — lots of Jim and Pam — no more documentary filming so they can show more of people’s lives outside The Office — David Wallace as boss — Jo (Kathy Bates) having a job at DM — Andy back in sales — announcement that Michael and Holly are having a baby — existing office romances ended, except for Dwight and Angela — Nellie goes away to run a Zen meditation camp. That’s it for me!

  28. Let’s be honest, the show has one or two seasons remaining, and I’d like it to go off properly:
    • some evolution and proper closure for Jim and Pam, maybe leaving Scranton
    • given that John, Jenna and Ed want to spend more time doing movies, that Mindy is gone, and Rainn has the spin-off, introduce (wisely) some new characters that can fresh up the dynamics with the current cast
    • less emphasis on convoluted romances (and no more rehashes of Jim-Pam or Michael-Holly), refocus on the daily life in the actual office
    • more consistency in the arcs and the characters, don’t make Erin or Kevin switch too often between wisdom and cluelessness in the same episode
    • some update on Michael (but maybe not a very special episode)
    • David Wallace should be the voice of reason, as he was in the early seasons
    • keep Toby as a character for a while
    • if you can’t give Andy some original material compared to Michael, keep him more in the background
    • make us feel that the show is going in some direction and that it’s building up to something

  29. * David Wallace is a regular character.
    * Michael Scott makes a cameo.
    * Creed, Stanley, Oscar, Kevin, Toby, Phyllis, and Meredith get a chance to really shine.
    * Angela dumps the (state) senator and finally marries Dwight.
    * Kelly marries the doctor and becomes a “Real Housewife of Scranton.”

  30. -Michael & Holly wedding episode
    -Mike Schur/Greg Daniels writing, even if just for 1 episode
    -no more Nellie & Gabe
    -Kelly sendoff
    -more fun Jim pranking Dwight

  31. – Make Jim and Pam interesting again
    – just Andy being Andy
    – more episodes in the Office
    – smaller group of writers (noticed an increase as show went along)
    – tone down Erin and Kevin, but not too much
    – gradual introduction and development of new characters
    – a Michael appearance

    Drop: Nellie, Darryl and Val, Oscar and Senator, Toby the Writer

  32. I would die for more Jim and Pam scenes…i really miss them… And i hope Michael comes back to marry Holly in Scranton and there is a wedding crazier than Jim and Pam’s wedding.

    Finally get closure on Michael.
    Definitely want David Wallace to stay… but i want Catherine to go.

    I’m so excited about next season!

  33. Awesome awesome.
    1. BJ as showrunner
    2. More David
    3. More focus on smaller characters like promised.
    4. More Nate
    5. More warehouse.
    6. More promotions
    7. Michael Scott episode
    8. Resolve Dwight owning building story.

  34. In addition to my list, I would like to see Pam try again with her art career. Although she’d have to juggle that w/ home life, and it might add some tension with Jim…

  35. More Jam. I don’t really want more drama but I would like to see them confront past relationships like Roy or Karen.

  36. -David Wallace in a regular or semi-regular role.
    -Andy/Erin is fine, but tone down Erin’s bizarre background/talked about antics and naive nature.
    -Michael Scott guest spot or two (and have Carrell win the Guest Actor Emmy ha).
    -Bring the heart back to the show that was in it in seasons 1-5. Parks and Rec has had that going for it the past two seasons. The Office needs it back.
    -Stop the every episode genital humor.
    -Stop the up to date mainstream pop culture references that appear so often.
    -A proper send off to the series this season.

  37. I would like to see a reboot, a super emotional exit for Jim and Pam mid-season (or whenever the actors are ready), and I would like to see Meredith’s son hired and made to sit across from his mom, where he can bond with Creed.

    I’d also love to see an episode where Erin thinks she should be an artist and is just terrible.

  38. -More JAM
    -If Kelly has to leave us, do it in a strange and hilarious way.
    -Erin’s creepy foster brother needs to cause some awkward problems for her and Andy. Hah!
    -just do small, simple, character stuff like in the good ol’ days. We don’t need big guest stars or over-the-top plots.

  39. *David Wallace hires Michael & Holly back & end the series with a Michael & Holly wedding..leaves open a possibility of The Office Movie
    *Bring back Isabel to throw a wrench in Dwangela
    *more Creed

  40. -I would love to see lots of Darryl and Val!
    -lots of screentime for David Wallace
    -amazing fairytale ending for Kelly (hope she is done with Ryan for good)
    -some little moments of just Jim and Pam
    -no more Nellie, please

  41. * No more big new characters.
    * Dwight stays. (I know, I know!)
    * BJ Novak as showrunner.
    * Don’t write Andy as if he’s Michael.
    * More Nate/warehouse.
    * Kelly gets a hilarious exit.
    * Michael is mentioned from time to time.
    * Do more with Creed and Meredith.
    * Stop writing Erin as dumb one episode and then sparky the next.

  42. Lots and lots of Jim and Pam moments, David Wallace, BJ as show-runner, Dwight and Angela together and exit to run Schrute Farms, and more Creed.

  43. I would love to see more of the characters we’ve gradually gotten to know over the years, like Angela, Kevin, Oscar, Phyllis, Meredith, & Creed. Also more Jim & Dwight team stuff. Less/none of James Spader & Catherine Tate.

  44. Since the show started, every supporting character has had an episode more or less centered around them. “Diwali” (Kelly), “Phyllis’ Wedding,” “Did I Stutter?” (Stanley) and many more I can’t think of off the top of my head, but they’re there. The only one we haven’t had is Creed. Give us a Creed episode.

  45. More Jim and Pam, and better Jim and Pam. More interaction and fun!
    More Jenna Fischer– she is super funny when given the opportunity. Which has been not much lately.
    More Creed.
    More Ryan on a white pony
    Less Erin/Andy
    Less Warehouse
    More Angela and her cats- how having a baby could impede on her relationship with her cats…
    I don’t mind Nellie. I think they could do good stuff with that character..

  46. My wishlist? Go into full reboot mood.

    You’ve had eight seasons and gotten every potential storyline out there. You’ve been through every conceivable storyline you can and explored nearly every relationship you can.

    So I’d say leave Scranton. Shut the door on Phyllis, Stanley, Creed, Kelly, Ryan, Erin, Gabe and Nellie.

    With the current storyline, have Jim, Andy and Darryl take high ranking spots in the company and establish a new branch somewhere. Give us a new group of paper salesmen to love.

    It would give a chance for some familiarity, but some freshness.

  47. This is what I think there should be this next season:

    – David Wallace is now a regular, and his new position as CEO must be forever.
    – More Andy and Erin.
    – Michael should make a guest appearance.
    – More Jim and Pam.
    – More of the Senator Lipton.
    – More of Pam’s father, because “Stress Relief”, “Niagara” and “Christening” are not good enough for him.
    – Jim’s brothers should return and appear more.
    – Todd Packer should appear once again, at least with a different role in his life.
    – I hope the old warehouse and the new warehouse get along.
    – Bob Vance returning.

    I’d wish I had more good ideas, but that’s all I’ve got.

  48. *Yes with more Andy Buckley and BJ Novak as show runner! And more Nate! And bring back Harry (Chris Bauer aka Frank Sobotka) – he’s such a great meat and potatoes pissed off character.

    *Creativity within the limitations – there are still so many treasures and moments of hilarious beauty to be found in a boring, soul sucking day stuck in a cubicle in an office. Hearing stories about even something as seemingly mundane as the absurd dishes co-workers found appropriate to bring to a lunch pot luck has been tear inducingly funny in my experience.

    *Funny, brave, poignant, awkward humor – doesn’t need to be laugh-a-second – just small, beautiful gems of humor, little stories that don’t always tie up into perfect bows.

    * Would love to see that awesome core ensemble used to the max – no need for big fancy guest stars.

    *(I think Jim and Pam have been handled beautifully – do not mess up or mess with my favorite TV couple!)

  49. I hope they keep Nellie. In the final episodes it seemed like the writers began to understand how to deal with her character better. I also think BJ should be the showrunner and would like to see Michael and Holly back for at least an episode. I love this show and think it’s the best written show on TV so I’m just going to sit back and enjoy Season 9!

  50. Jim and Dwight Frienemy stuff is gold.

    More high quality stuff like the last three seasons were in the middle. Seasons six and 8 both started a little slow, has several really strong episodes in the middle (Season Six was really good Secret Santa-Happy Hour, except for The Banker. Season 8 was really good Jury Duty- Last Day in Florida. It was great to see little to no Robert California), then turned to crap toward the end. Maybe it should only be renewed for 1/2 a season like 30 Rock and Community, then they can produce all quality episodes and less filler.
    And I don’t want them to try to attract viewers with “Star Power” and signing “Stars” on for so many episodes. They seemed to be trying to figure out what to do with Catherine Tate and James Spader after a couple episodes and it just caused things to suck. Val and the other goofy new warehouse guys are much better Characters than Robert or Nellie (Robert and Nellie should have been bounced out on their sorry butts for all the destruction they caused to Sabre with their selfish actions).

  51. -Get a new deadpan actor (Jason Sudeikis or Jason Bateman) to become a full time for the final season
    -Kill off Nellie
    -Make Andy less depressed and desperate
    -Michael Scott cameo
    -More Jim prank wars with Dwight

  52. -David Wallace back is a great one.
    -Michael Scott to have at least one appearance.
    -Find out why they are still filming the documentary.
    -JAM moments, but not the crap that happened with Cathy. Sweet moments, real life moments. Not “will they break up/cheat?” instance.
    -Oscar and the STATE senator to hook up. Take that one Angela!
    -WAAAY less Andy/Erin moments.
    -David Wallace to fire Ryan. After all, it’s David’s money now.
    -More current event stuff and not weird plot lines.

  53. (Name change…saw someone else w/ same name)

    Coming up with ideas aren’t so easy after all.

    – More cohesive storyline (S8 was just a jumbled mess)
    – Gabe gets a regular role
    – Andy is toned down, reverts back to ensemble role with a nod to his angry side
    – Less gimmicks, more reality
    – David Wallace
    – Erin needs to chill. No more boiling Gatorade.
    – Play out the Dwight/Angela/baby storyline. It was here, then it left, and now it’s back again. Keep it relevant.
    – Darryl back in the warehouse. He was golden down there.
    – Now that Harry’s Law is canned, maybe a return of Jo Bennett.
    – If Dwight owns the building, let that storyline play out properly. Had so much potential.

  54. -Last season!
    -Michael, Jan, Holly back for a farewell.
    -less Erin
    -less dumb Kevin
    -better definition of Andy as manager
    -more Dwight & Jim
    -give Stanley, Phyllis, Meredith, and Creed something to do
    -good married-people story lines involving Jim & Pam that don’t threaten their relationship
    -less emphasis on romantic relationships in general

  55. Like most, I want to see Michael and Holly’s wedding for the series finale.

    I also want some mentions of Michael during the season since we haven’t really gotten that at all. Maybe he sends a joke e-mail to the whole office in one episode, calls Pam in another, etc.

    Finally, get serious about what some of these characters (like Jim and Pam) will be doing after they leave DM.

  56. Ditch Nellie. The Office is one of my favorite programs on television, but the Nellie character is driving me away. I absolutely cringed when I realized Andy was offering the character a job. I don’t know about the actress, but the character is NOT funny. I don’t know about the actress, but the character is VERY annoying. I’ve watched The Office from episode one, but if she’s back next season I’m afraid I’ve got to bail. Too annoying.

  57. * Way more Erin
    * More Andy/Erin
    * Less “big shot” new character stuff

  58. -no more new big bosses
    -Meredith, creed, Oscar, Angela side stories like old times!
    -lose Nellie and Gabe
    -return of romance for Jim and Pam
    -return of Dwight pranks
    -Please let the baby be Dwight’s!!!!!
    -return to the more simple office we used to love
    -more consistency in storylines. season 8 was at times messy and not funny at all.

  59. (1) David Wallace as a regular
    (2) No more Nellie
    (3) Kevin needs to lose his “dumbness” – not funny
    (4) Writers need to study the early seasons (1 – 4)
    (5) Andy needs to go back to sales
    (6) More cohesive story lines

  60. My list:

    – Way less Andy as a main character. I used to love the character of Andy… now, he just bugs.

    – Andy and Erin need to have fewer storylines. They have no chemistry.

    – David Wallace!!!

    – BJ Novak as showrunner

    – More Jim and Pam. They haven’t had a storyline in 2 years. I miss them and want to see more of them as leads. Writers… if you need married people inspiration… watch Eric and Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights! Successful interesting married couple, right there!

  61. Look at seasons two and three. Heck, even season one. The humor is different. The characters are different. Just do that. I don’t even care if the characters all suddenly revert back to how they were pre-caricature in the sake of continuity. I just want some solid deadpan humor. Get another full-time character in there, but not someone who has a huge personality or has crazy quality, but just a deadpan character (kind of like season 1-3 Jim). I watch this show still because of my commitment to it, as I’m sure a lot people do, but man is it hard to do sometimes over the past few seasons. Especially because there are sporadic moments of brilliance (Tallahassee and Goodbye Michael being the main ones in the past two seasons).

  62. *consistency

    This last season, it was hit or miss – you never knew what you were going to get regarding storyline and the characters. As a long-time fan, this was a bit annoying. (I can’t believe it took so many episodes to finally get back to the Dwight/Angela baby storyline, but we spent like 5 episodes on Andy/Erin, blech.) Let’s not bother with 15 new stars/guest stars. As others have mentioned, focus on the ‘real cast’ and the original comedic spirit of the show.

    And for reals, can Michael Gary Scott…who made the show and the office what it is…get a shout out or a cameo?!

  63. Michael Scott.
    More Jim and Pam — A LOT more Jim and Pam
    Less Andy… I like Andy, but what happened to Season 8 being the ensemble season?
    David Wallace.
    Writers, please re-watch seasons 2-5. We need a bit more of that… I get that The Office is different now, and it’s not terrible or anything, but look at almost any episode from 2-5. Those episodes made you laugh a lot, even after re-watching them a million times, AND they made you feel some sort of emotional connection to the characters/show. That’s what we’re really missing now…
    GET RID OF NELLIE. I don’t care how; they can have her be abducted by aliens or move to Singapore or whatever, but she needs to be gone. She just isn’t funny, and I don’t like her.

  64. I think it would be hilarious if they turned the Dwight/Angela/Baby/Senator/Oscar situation into a Jerry Springer scenario. Bring them on some kind of talk show and they show the results of the baby belonging to Dwight and the Senator revealing he was gay and dating co-worker Oscar. This whole situation really is something you would see on Jerry Springer. Other than that, I would like to see:

    1. Get rid of Nellie. Sorry I just wasn’t a fan of her.
    2. I think it’d be nice to see David Wallace as a regular cast member.
    3. Bring back Charles Miner for an episode or two.
    4. Don’t make Kevin too stupid.
    5. Same goes for Erin. They should be somewhat realistic characters that can be a little slow.
    6. Jim pranking Dwight a lot more. It’s best when Dwight gets pranked by Jim and not Dwight pranking Jim.
    7. The Jim/Dwight frienemy dynamic.

  65. @28 Marie & @71 Josh – Took the words right out of my mouth. And all the comments were along the same thoughts I’ve been having. Study what made Seasons 1-4 so great and bring back the magic for a final season! The potential is there – that’s why I’ve come back the last 4 seasons.

  66. Tanster, thanks for asking for our wish lists…it’s heartening to see how many people are in line with my thinking of what Season 9 should be! You have a good relationship with the crew – maybe the writers will be sneaking a peak at this forum???

  67. MICHAEL. SCOTT’S. RETURN. I would love to see the wedding episode of Michael and Holly! Or maybe just a small cameo!
    David Wallace as a series regular.
    Character caricature- While I do admit, over time, a character/person becomes more developed due to aspects and the world they live in, the Office was funny because they had characters you knew in your everyday life. Some still have those traits, but others are just becoming shells of their former. They need to revert back to just being an office that runs solely on the stupidity of its workers.
    More Jim and Pam; they’re the heart of the show; please stop pushing Erin/Andy in our face. (But show more Darryl and Val! I like them!)
    The lighting is different. It was brighter in the first few seasons than it is in the last few.
    Nellie in a smaller role. Now that she lost her job as manager, she doesn’t really have a place to go; so just demote her character slightly.
    Overall, just make the Office more fun and not dumb. Enough with the random showing of Dwight’s underwear. Go back to saying quippy one-liners and scenes revolving around the cast as a whole!

  68. More, better Jim and Pam. Try to find something interesting to somehow revive their old spark.
    More Erin, as a more central character, but tone down the unbelievable stupidity and weirdness a little more like she used to be.
    And Andy & Erin still together.
    More Jim and Dwight. Maybe Dwight as boss. Maybe.
    No Nellie. Just say no.
    Stay closer to reality. Try to tone down the really wacky unbelievable stuff a little.
    Maybe Darryl back in the warehouse. He has no job or purpose.
    A less moronic Kevin.
    More Erin.
    Don’t flood the place with new characters. It’s coming to an end – I’d rather see more of the characters we know before it goes.

    Just… consistency.

  69. My desires for the ninth season are simple:

    A showrunner who has a consistent vision for the season.

    New writers who perhaps can return the show to the goings on of office life, and can create new characters that are interesting, but not totally off the wall.

  70. My wishes for Season 9:
    More Jim and Pam. We hardly see them anymore! Married people with kids still have fun, flirt and grin at each other. Their eyes say it all. Jim is cool again. Since he’s the natural leader, it makes sense for him to be manager. He doesn’t have to be boring or inept! Pam is still his ‘buddy’; does her art, not graphics.
    Love Andy, but not as manager. He’s not childlike, so he can’t carry off Michael’s inappropriate-ness. ‘Michael’ was unique; you can’t bring that back. Andy went to Cornell after all. That’s funny.
    The sex stuff has become gratuitous; subtle, clever, double-entendre would appeal more to the Office viewers, who are fairly sophisticated.
    Don’t need to hire new people: put Gabe and Ryan to work (Kelly’s gone.)
    Need David Wallace as the adult and Kevin to get his brain back. Where’s Isabell? Use this great ensemble cast.
    Be watchful for continuity.
    Need writers who at least understand marriage, so they can write a soul-satisfying Jim and Pam.
    Thanks for this opportunity to comment.

  71. I agree with many of the previous comments saying more “real” plot lines, and less “crazy”/”unrealistic” stuff. There was so much emotional pull during the first 6-7 seasons, I’d like more of that. I feel like for 6-7 seasons, the characters were like real friends and aquaintances we got to know. Now, they are almost backtracking, and becoming strangers. I want to “know” more of what the characters are feeling. More empathetic moments, as well as celebratory ones. Also, it seems like in season 8, most of the episodes have been either about solving an absurd crisis, or seeking revenge on a co-worker once considered a friend. The Jim/Pam storyline pulled at our heart strings and kept us coming back for more. We need something else that does that now, but I don’t think it’s an Andy/Erin love story… Not sure what it would be, but I’ll put it in the hands of the talented writers.

  72. One wish just came true: This site just said that Greg Daniels is expected to come back to the Office with a hands-on role. THANK YOU!

  73. I think that there are a lot of things to improve in season nine. First, the writing of the show needs to get back its organization and coherence it had in season 3 and 4. In the first half of season eight, it’s like each episode was so unrelated to the next that you could just watch them in random order. I hope Nellie stays, and that if she can’t be manager, it would be either Jim or David Wallace so the show can be more ensemble-oriented. There should be more Jam and less Andrin. It feels like they’re putting too many sub-plots into this show as well.

  74. 1) Season 9 definitely needs a reunion show with Michael and Holly, in any situation.
    2) More old school character plots, Dwight and Angela, Dwight and Jim, DEFINITELY more Jim and Pam, and Creed is totally underused.
    3) NO Nellie or Robert California, a new boss is OK, just not anymore of them.
    4) I agree with every one here, more continuity, and more”Office”like scenes, lighting,angles, etc.

    This can be really great season, just stick with what hardcore, “The Office to the bone” fans want.

  75. -No Nellie. Please take her off the show.
    -Feature more of the supporting cast. Where have Meredith, Creed, Phyllis, and Stanley been?
    -Jim and Pam love
    -David Wallace
    -Plot continuation

  76. – More Ed/Andy (but not in geeky, bowtie, red trousers mode)
    – More David
    – Nellie and Gabe to take a hike
    – Wedding episode (unlikely but I can live in hope)

  77. 1) Get rid of Nellie
    2) Better writers
    3) Tone down Erin and Kevin
    4) More storylines involving the original group of characters
    5) Episodes inside the Office
    6) Introduce new characters slowly, with a backstory, nothing too crazy or wild like Robert and Nellie
    7) Darryl back in warehouse and drop Darryl and Val
    8) Andy being Andy again (felt like he tried too hard to be Michael at times)

  78. I would like the director/executive producer of “House”, Greg Yaitanes, to direct new episodes for the show.

  79. No Nellie
    David Wallace as a regular
    Don’t lose any normal cast members (Dwight, Toby, etc. They don’t need a spinoff that will surely fail)
    Jim and Dwight back to old times

  80. – Michael and Holly get married in Scranton (or just visit).
    – Fire Andy (always hated him)
    – Nellie dresses up in her regular clothes in the Halloween episode because she does not understand the holiday.

  81. Need a return from Michael Scott for sure. Have him come to the office and forget he’s not regional manager. Whatever, get Steve Carell for a guest spot.

    Also, I would suggest hiring Harry from the competing branch played by Frank Sobotka. He was very funny and real, and would add some spice to the Office.

    Finally, a Creed centered episode. He only had one, with the prom invite screwup from season 3. More Creed Please!!

  82. 1. Reunite Dwangela. They’re my favorite TO couple. 2. Relegate Erin to a 2nd tier character, I found her much more entertaining in previous seasons. Less is more. 3. Keep Andy as RM, but scale back his screen time (doesn’t need to be MS 2.0.) 4. More JAM, less Erin/Andy (or break up E/A, they have zero chemistry) 5. Give Creed a storyline 6. Bring Jan Back 7. Make it an ensemble series, NOT the E/A show 8.Series finale, bring Michael and Holly back

  83. Am I seriously the only one that just loves how Kevin is? He’s hilarious and my favorite. Through any season, he’s just great.

    Well, *I* sure want more Kevin!

  84. Simply that the show get back to being funny and smart. The characters have gotten much too cartoon-like. The Office was best when the situations were real and the characters relatable.

  85. Cancel the show. I was the biggest fan and it’s embarrassing how this show has fallen. I just want them to go out in style. One last great episode and make it feel more like season 2. It’s amazing, the show has disgustingly low ratings and if it was on CBS it would be canceled ASAP. Even Rob raked in better ratings, and got the can…

  86. Less of : Andy, Erin, Nellie, Gabe, Oscar.

    More of everyone else in their original glory.

    Only bring back MAJOR characters (Michael and Holly, Karen, and David Wallace of course.) Smaller characters don’t deserve the space they would occupy in the final season.. or they’d still be around.

    Dwangela wedding, in the tradition of their first wedding with the German Mennonite Minister!

    Much less toilet and sex humor, but lots more That’s What She Said!!!

  87. My wish is already granted with Greg Daniels back. And I do think it needs to be a comedy about people in an Office (they don’t have to stay in the actual office, but they do need to spend at least some part of their day actual conducting office work – there’s so much smart, political humour that comes out of an office place).

  88. This would really only apply if Season 9 were the last season. But I always thought a clever way to work Michael and Holly back into the show(just once) would be if the employees were all having a wrap party and reuniting to finally watch they reality series they have been filmed and interviewed for over the years.

  89. Um, #94, Tyler, we do have Hallowe’en in the UK, you know. It’s not as big a deal as it is in America, or Ireland, where I come from, but everybody knows what it is. Just like everybody knows what a taco is, Office writers…

  90. 1) MICHAEL SCOTT. In the Series-Finale.
    2) Some more Creed and Hank- they should give each a storyline or two this season.
    3) Some great Jim/Dwight pranks.
    4) David Wallace in a regular role.

    -Love the fact Greg Daniels is back

    -For the S9 Finale (probably the series finale), I really think it has to end with the documentary finally being released. I mean, this is what the series was all about. They keep acknowledging the crew (eg. Goodbye Michael), and I think all the fans deserve to see this. Maybe run that as a second storyline to whatever Michael is doing (provided they can get Carell back for one more episode).

  91. I want:

    1. Dwight/Jim/Pam pranks that hint at the loyalty and affection they have underneath
    2. follow through on the Dwight/Angela storyline AND
    drop the Andy/Erin storyline — you’ve run it into the ground by now
    3. get rid of Nellie and Robert completely, put Gabe on the back burner
    4. Give more great one liners to Stanley, Creed, Meredith, Phyllis, Oscar and Kevin.
    5. Focus on the office – geographically and topically.
    6. Bring back Michael Scott and Holly for the series finale, please.

  92. Michael Scott comes back!

    Michael Scott and Robert California in a room together…

    Epic Jim and Dwight pranks.

    More Phyllis, Meredith, Stanley, Creed, etc.. Less Ryan.

  93. Personally, I think that Andy/Erin storyline was cute, it was like they were trying to recreate JAM, but you really couldn’t do it. More JAM isn’t necessarily a good thing re:Season 4-6. What made JAM great was the little moments within the show. That’s what all the couples in the Office should have at times.
    DON’T try to recreate Michael. That’s what M*A*S*H did with success, is try to create characters different than the ones they replaced.
    Show Michael/Holly’s wedding, series finale should be the showing of the documentary.

  94. Get the show back to being less of a cartoon more about the office. Less inanely dumb characters behaving ridiculously, less bedbug hunt/gatorade type silliness. Dial back on outlandish gay senator-Dwight baby style stories and get back to more believable things.
    Dwight as boss. Andy back in sales. Make Erin more of the PA and give her more to do than just romcom subplots. I’d like to see more Pam & Erin interactions.

    Quit with the bland nothing characters like Jessica,Cathy, & Val who add no value in their own right. What happened to recurring characters like David,Jan,Karen etc who brought something to the role and had personalities?
    Also Nellie is a bad fit for this style of show and should go.

  95. I love the fact that David Wallace is back although he is only one of the many things that need to change to get this show back to how it was before. It needs to go back to the show that was not afraid to poke fun of how idiotic people can be. Go back to the simple office, which is probably impossible by now. I don’t care for Andy as the Boss of the show. Maybe he could grow on me, but it seems to be too forced. We know we aren’t getting Michael back. But how about Jan? Could you imagine Jan and David Wallace working together again?

  96. I used to be the biggest advocate of this show, bringing in friends and family to watch. Why? It was the best show in television and had huge heart and misunderstood substance. I hate putting up wishlists, b/c it makes me realize how far off-track its gotten:
    1) Stop with the ideas so outlandish that they’d result in immediate termination in any capacity, fiction or otherwise.
    2) Get characters back to being relate-able- not mere caricatures.
    3) Don’t fall into patterns. Try new things. More Pam and Erin time, for example.
    4) Maybe…I don’t know… build toward a finale that is the highlight of the season and shows some care.
    5) Get rid of characters who add nothing just to force an episode together. Make DECISIONS COUNT.
    6) Andy as boss doesn’t work b/c it is Michael light, and with no “straight characters” that we care about anymore it doesn’t work.

  97. First of all season 8 started slow( awkward post- Michael transition) and a very strong finish( David Wallace comeback coupled with an end to the Robert California train wreck). So I just have a couple suggestions for this next(last?) season. 1. Show us the camera crew! 8 seasons of these people making a “documentary” is getting a little old spice it up. 2. Give Ryan his due. His character seems to get more obsolete each season. 3. Finally, if this really is the last season, you have to bring back Michael, the show isn’t the same without his witty comedy and we need him back for at least one last hoorah!

  98. 1: Simpler, more realistic, plot lines with the purpose of exposing more of a character’s personality and values as well as feelings for another character. such as what we used to see with Jim, Pam, Michael, Dwight, Angela, etc..
    (Passionate fans, which made this show BTW, fell in love with the core characters because of the intimate moments that we could relate to and believe in. The audience has to believe in what’s happening on screen or we just won’t care. This is why we didn’t give a [email protected] about DeAngelo, or Nellie, and are losing interest in main characters who have been becoming less believable, and lovable, cough,Andy,cough.)

    2: Speaking of Andy, he was necessary in the Stamford episodes due to the lack of Jim/Dwight interaction. We all needed our fix each week and he gave Jim someone to play with. He had potential with the whole Dwight rivalry thing but once they became friends his character morphed into the unbelievable, and unlikable, dork he is today. He could be toned down and very usable as a secondary character like he was but this Michael Scott wanabe/rehash/light version is a disgrace to Michael Scott’s memory.

  99. 1. No more Robert California…EVER!
    2. No more Nellie…EVER!
    3. Michael’s and Holly’s wedding episode
    4. One last decent Jim and Pam storyline.
    5. Please PLEASE less Andy and Erin, I feel like they were shoved down our throats from the beginning.
    6. More episodes that showcase all of the veterans of the office (Stanley, Creed, Meredith, Phyllis et al) before we have more new characters involved.
    7. More of Mose and David Wallace
    8. Did I mention a Michael and Holly wedding? How fabulous would that be for everyone to be invited to their wedding as a series finale?

  100. One last wish item: More development for Jim’s character. We got to see some with Pam when she went to art school and when her parents divorced but I always felt like we were a little cheated back in Season 4 with his second life “Philly Jim” character. We caught some glimpses of what real life Jim wanted to do and thanks to the writer’s strike that year, nothing really came of it. I’d really REALLY like to see some facets of his character that we haven’t seen yet.

  101. Thank you Coalition FR. It’s rather late now for getting to know Jim, I suppose, but we should still have more focus on the core cast rather than adding new characters. Not saying there can’t be a new one or two but I’d prefer getting back to what made us love these people and the show. More Creed please.

  102. I think I am mostly in agreement with most of the fans, based on what I have read. I say stick with Wallace, Jim and Pam, Jim and Pam and Dwight (pranks etc.), Reel in Andy making him more like S3 Andy and relieve him of his command after a major blunder, putting him back to a support role where he belongs. Catherine? I can take or leave her. Just tone her down as well and don’t make her the STAR like Michael was. If Novak wants out of in front of the camera, I read that somewhere, that’s easy enough given his history. In the meantime, fertile ground for Wallace and Ryan conflict. Ryan did state he planned a come-back to the top with a black list and all. Perhaps he could make such a move for the RM slot or more. Maybe he could go to work for Sabre after the sell of DM to David, if he is to leave completely.

  103. Michael needs to at least make a cameo, preferably more.

    The series finale should consist of the viewing of the documentary as so many have stated. That leads me to another thought. Perhaps someone in the show could buyout the production company shooting the documentary possibly even giving ground for a spin-off or re-boot, whatever that actually means.

    BTW, could someone please explain “reboot” to me?

  104. What about Andy and Erin learning that she got pregnant! And later towards the end of the episode, Andy proposes to her and wants her in his entire life! The episode for season 9 should be called “The Biggest News”! Please make an episode about that!

  105. make Nate the warehouse guy a regular!! he was one of the funniest characters last season.

    also hoping for a michael/holly wedding

  106. Michael Scott should just appear in the parking lot or in the building on the finale and reveal to us the mocumentary crew are good friends of his or people he hired so that he could remember the people he worked with. They should go as if they are letting the camera people stop filming them to end the show. Let the characters talk more about when they first started at DM and have something be found in the office from a long time ago or something just to create a story.

  107. 1. Michael Scott NEEDS to come back (to have lunch with Jim, and other reasons)
    2. More Creed, David Wallace
    4.Bring back older characters like Jan
    5.More episodes like Stress Relief
    6.Wedding episode for Michael and Holly

  108. FIRST OFF if they actually do read this listen to the FANS! GET STEVE CARELL BACK! If this is the last season we deserve something to go out on! If its not the last season seeing MICHAEL SCOTT MORE WOULD BE GREAT! I know he said in an interview that sometimes things people wish for they don’t really want to come true but I think we all want him back! Michael added a zing to the show that I personally feel it now lacks! Now it is just over silliness! Michael Scott is why I tuned into the show and now with Dwight leaving I don’t know how long the show is going to last?

  109. I just really want a Michael and Holly wedding, if you could do that one thing then I would be the happiest person alive, I mean. . . Every little boy dreams about his fairy tail wedding right?

  110. Michael and Holly’s wedding needs to be seen, minimum. Possibly a snippit of Michael with a family, kids etc. Michael’s search for love was such a huge part of the story that we need to see it finally all come together for him.

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