Who will be boss on The Office?

UPDATE: here’s a second version of the video, with a slightly different ending. Does it reveal the new boss on The Office?

[Video no longer available]

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Here’s the original video posted by NBC.com.

James Spader, The Office Executive Producer Paul Lieberstein, and the cast weigh in on the search for the next Regional Manager.

[NBC.com video no longer available]


  1. “Jim struggles to be liked for the first time.” Gee, we haven’t ever seen that before. Except for when Charles Minor was boss and then again when Jim was co-manager. Way to go green and recycle stories guys!

  2. I agree with JedamFFD. I think Ed Helms was saying Andrew Bernard.

  3. Yeah, Ed’s mouth showed “Andrew Bernard.” And even if that is part of some misinformation campaign, They will still give Andy a big part, manager or not.

  4. @Roy’s Mugshot Right? So they’re just forgetting those storylines ever happened, or hoping that we do. I don’t mind seeing Jim struggle as long as he’s not made out to be a bumbling idiot again – Please none of that. But don’t make it seem like this is the 1st time it’s happened.

    The boss is Andy. That much is obvious.

  5. If you watch closely at the 4:01 mark, Ed Helms is saying “Meredith Palmer”. I think she will be the new boss.

  6. I will be hugely disappointed if Jim isn’t the boss.

    The entire series has been leading up to Jim taking over. He’s the only credible, somewhat smart character. I was recently watching season 3, and I cannot imagine someone as stupid as Andy being the boss. That, and everyone seems to be forgetting that Andy is the WORST salesman at Dunder Mifflin.

    I also didn’t like seeing Gabe in this video. I thought he was leaving? Gabe has been the least liked character in Office history.

  7. It sure looks like Andy is saying “Meredith Palmer” or “Pamela Halpert”. Probably has 5 syllables (but maybe 4 or 6): 2-3 syllables in the first name and 2-3 syllables in the last name. Of course, this fits for many other characters as well, like Angela, Oscar, Stanley, Andy, etc. I also noticed Robert pointed towards Darryl’s smaller office when he called out Darryl, so Darryl can be ruled out, although he was my bet.

  8. Based on this promo, the answer to the question “Who will be boss on The Office?” is clear: no one AND everyone!
    James Spader starts Episode 1 as boss, and by Ep 2, becomes CEO.
    Robert California then decides to ROTATE staff to the managers chair throughout the season, sort of like American Idol only for Regional Manager.
    Spader said so himself in the video, that “EVERYONE gets a chance to shine this year”.

  9. Kyle, #13, Paul said something different in an interview in May. If it’s changed, then cold open of Sept 22:

    Robert California calls everyone into Michael’s office and says, “Please welcome the new manager”. Everyone looks puzzled. Someone asks, “Who is it?” Robert answers inscrutably, “All of you!”
    Spader, in the promo, let the cat out of the bag.
    Watching Season 8’s “American Manager Idol” with Robert as Simon Cowell should be a hoot!

  10. @theJFKshow I agree with everything you said. And yet i know that’s not how it’s going to happen. Prepare to be disappointed because according to all current info, it doesn’t look like Jim will be the boss anytime soon. It’s unfortunate that they’ve pretty much dropped his story. Like you said, i recall Greg Daniels saying years ago that while Michael is the boss, the show is really about Jim’s journey.

  11. Helms definitely mouthed “Meredith Palmer.” There’s no doubt in my mind about that now after having watched in several times. But that last little clip there.. is that not Andy in the Manager’s office?? Surrounded by all his stuff? And the office appears to have been painted green, unless that’s just some color manipulation for the sake of the promo.

  12. The new boss is Andrew Bernard. I agree with JimisBigBird. THAT is what Andy mouthed to the cameras. And you can see him in Michael’s office at the very end. So yeah, the new and only regional manager of Dunder Mifflin/Sabre, Scranton is the Nard Dog himself.

  13. Oh God if it’s Andy …. I’d prefer Pam! Because then when she goes on maternity leave there’s another new boss! That way we get to see how they react to different bosses.

  14. Kinda knew they would go with Andy as the new boss. Though they might be going with someone similar to Michael’s personality, in a way. (Just need to see if Robert California has had an effect on him).

    It will be interesting to see how Andy deals with his co-workers, or even how his co-workers deal with him. Will they respect him enough to take his orders?

  15. “Jim has to struggle to be liked for the first time in his career”? Hasn’t Paul Lieberstein seen the episodes that feature Charles Minor as the regional manager? Or the one where Will Ferrell kicks Jim out of the Inner Circle?

  16. I’m wondering if they would be so obvious about it with Andy, though. Maybe they’re doing it to throw us off. When was the last time an NBC promotional video gave an accurate description of what’s actually going to happen on the show?

  17. BJ mentioned in an interview that whoever the new boss is it would not be a “head stratcher”. It’s going to take some explaining if Andy gets this position. He’s never shown any managing skills in the 5 years he’s been on.

  18. Well if it cannot be pam, I am glad it’s andy. I noticed what looked like a breast cancer (awareness?) card or something framed in the bosses office during the emmy skit and I thought maybe that meant it was a woman, but then again andy is okay with wearing pink and purple, and breast cancer affects everyone, of course it could also just be a random item that has been in that office for a long time and I just never noticed it. I have a hard time believing nbc would spill the beans like this though.

  19. I do think he’s probably saying “Meredith Palmer”–in other words, naming someone who definitely won’t be the manager. I think it’s just a gag. Hard to guess whether it’s significant that he’s the last person in the promo, or if it’s just because he was one of the main speakers throughout. He’s my best guess regardless. John K has already indicated it won’t be Jim, Dwight has already crashed and burned, and Darryl…well, bless his heart.

  20. Yeah, I’ve thought all along that Andy would be the boss – and I’m good with that. Ed Helms has a terrific career going and having someone screwy like Andy running things gives the writers a lot of leeway. Jim and Darryl are fantastic, but just too normal. It’s them playing off a crazy boss that makes the show work. P.S. I love Gabe and I’m thrilled he’s back. He creeps the heck out of me and that’s why I watch The Office.

  21. At the final frame with Andy sipping coffee in Michael’s old office, there’s some sort of nautical object on his desk (Andy loves yachts) as well as what looks like a photo taken in an academia setting (Cornell? Here Comes Treble?) This could foreshadow Andy is manager as his stuff is moved into the manager’s office.

  22. Don’t discount this idea right away. What if Kevin is the new boss? We see him a lot in the promos, and in a spoiler it says California thinks Kevin is a genius. It is possible, and it would be hilarious.

  23. Well i think that the Andy Bernard thing is just the writers jabbing at us. I think the boss’ll be Todd Packer. Like DeAngelo, Todd will help out Jo and she’ll hire him. That’s What She Said Podcast originated the theory, but I support it!

  24. I am so glad it’s Andy. And, in all honesty everybody, it really does make sense to show this now with approx. 1 day until the season premiere airs. Not everybody will have seen this within the next 24 hours.

  25. I can see where some would think Ed mouths “Meredith Palmer”… however, in the last shot, there’s a little gnome that looks an awful lot like this guy

  26. Strong hints at the end that it’s Andy… and it makes sense–think about it… He saved the situation with that big client by ‘forgetting his bag’ after Deangelo messed it up… and he’s not good at sales, so perhaps he’d be a better Manager.
    However, Pam has also proved that she can manage the office as Office Administrator… And maybe Jo wants a woman heading up Scranton?
    So excited to see who it’s gonna be!

  27. @Tim,

    No, James Spader is the new CEO of Sabre (I.E: Jo’s job). The regional manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton is Andy Bernard.

  28. I think this is a red herring. My money is on Melora Hardin (Jan Levinson) will be manager. It would be awesome.

  29. It’s Andy, not that I needed this promo vid to figure it out. Look at it like this

    -In “Search Committee”, Jo looks at Andy’s resume and is happy with it
    -In “Goodbye, Michael”, Andy was the one who got Michael’s leads
    -Andy’s family is coming to the show for an episode… Which would make sense if he’s the boss
    -Obviously, the grabs from this promo
    -If the OfficeTally poll was taken into consideration, the Nard Dog was the winner.
    -Ed Helms is arguably the biggest actor on the show left, and is very popular with a mainstream audience because of The Hangover and others.
    -In a later episode, “Lotto”, Daryl and Andy are searching for new warehouse employees.

  30. Come on, people. You really think Ed Helms was actually saying a character’s name in that bleep? I’m sure he was just saying something randomly silly without giving anything away (and long to make the beep longer). The final shot of him in the manager’s office gives more away than whatever his mouth said.

  31. “Jim struggling to be liked for the first time.” Ummm… What? No. Charles Miner anybody? Hope it’s a fresh take!

  32. I figured the new manager would be Andy awhile back ago after reading some spoilers. I’m not so thrilled about it because I find it very hard to believe they would choose Andy out of everyone else. He’s the worst salesman and has never really shown any leadership skills. I hope they give a good explanation as to why he was chosen. I think Andy’s hilarious, but I just don’t like the idea of him being manager. I guess I’ll see how it goes. I really wanted to see Dwight or Jim become manager:(.

  33. Yay! It’s totally going to be Andy and I absolutely couldn’t be happier. Perfect birthday present too :-)

    I really hope it isn’t a rotating manager thing. That would be absolutely terrible.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a TV show to return.

  34. @ bad idea jeans

    If you look close you can see an engagement ring and a wedding band – I wonder if it’s hers or her character’s?

  35. I think it’s going to be a rotation thing. Wild (and probably wrong) guess here, but i think what Ed said was ‘no one and everyone’, it might just fit…. Hmmmm… But whatever. I’ll find out in three hours anyhow:)
    SEASON 8!!!!

  36. Can I just say at the beginning of that new boss video I cried a little. Man, I realllly miss Michael. No one will ever come close to him. Ever.

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