John Krasinski and Alec Baldwin: baseball rivals

New Era Cap says: “Alec Baldwin is a die-hard Yankees fan. John Krasinski pledges his allegiance to Red Sox Nation. Whose side are you on?”

Clip 1: The Trash Talking Begins

Clip 2: One Hitter

Clip 3: Behind the Rivalry
[Video no longer available]

Clip 4: Dog

Clip 5: JumboTron John

Clip 6: 912

Clip 7: The Odd Couple


  1. OK, I hate baseball, but I LOVED that! Love hearing John with the smack talk. Or was that trash talk? Better check with Kelly.

  2. That’s right Cliff Lee came back to Philly where he belongs! Loved this! Yeah I’m from Philly and I love my Phillies.

  3. That just made my day! @Jamnicity, that was officially trash talk (on Krasinski’s part at least).

  4. “That’s right Cliff Lee came back to Philly where he belongs! Loved this! Yeah I’m from Philly and I love my Phillies.”


  5. Actually, Cliff Lee should’ve come back to Cleveland, where he really belongs. Cleveland, who incidentally, swept John’s Red Sox this week!

    I know it won’t last, the Tribe will probably end the season in last place, but you have to give me this brief period of time to enjoy sweeping Boston…

  6. Oh man, LOVE this. Yep, that’s straight up trash talk. I’ve got John’s hat as well, and wear it proudly!

  7. No, no, no. Alec has it all wrong. Philly is a real sports town. I know about a couple hundred thousand Philly fans that beg to differ. As for Cliff coming back to Philly, are we really surprised? :D

  8. Um, best commercial of all time? John in a beloved Sox hat? Talking truth? Love it. And go Sox!

  9. Tanster, did you see that now you can VOTE on who’s winning this rivalry??? Let’s help John cream Alec :)

    Here’s the link

  10. Impossible to love these commercials any more than i do.

    Get him back next time, John.

  11. I love Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski, but I only have one baseball love! Go Yankees!!

  12. I love, love, love these commercials. Has anyone found the picture John was talking about of himself? Is it even real?

  13. I have been diligently googling the internet for the photos of JKras holding a sign at the Red Sox game. I haven’t found any yet. Curses!

  14. These are the best commercials out of all the commercials. I could never get tired of him.

    @13 I’m sure it’s real, though i’ve never seen it.

  15. I’m not a baseball fan, but I will gladly watch these ads 50 times a day. Simply hilarious!

  16. While I enjoyed all the vids, I was puzzled why certain crew members in video #3 had their faces blurred out while others didn’t. I wonder how that works? :)

  17. JKras and Charlie Grandy from TO actually co-wrote these ads. Mike Schur wrote the One Hitter one.

  18. I’m not a fan of stunt-casting on The Office, nor am I a fan of 30 Rock, nor am I even a baseball fan…but those commercials make me want to see Alec Baldwin do a guest appearance on The Office, or even Krasinski guesting on 30 Rock.

  19. GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!! Love John Krasinski and The Office.
    I do have to say Alec was funny in these as well.

  20. These just keep getting funnier and funnier! Great mixture of Alec and John’s sense of humor.

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