Win a set visit to ‘The Office’!

The Office Golden Ticket

As you may know from following The Office Season 5 DVD Buying Guide, you could win a set visit to ‘The Office’ if your DVD package contains the “golden tickets.”

But did you know that you don’t need to buy a DVD package in order to win? Nope!

Get all the details at The Office Season 5 DVD Golden Ticket page. And please let OfficeTally know if you win!

Link: The Office Season 5 Golden Ticket Page

(I’ve also posted a copy of the rules on the next page.)


  1. still, you have to mail in to get a game piece, which could still say you aren’t a winner. My dvd slip said sorry, no winner. Oh well.

  2. No Canadians allowed?? I’m crushed :(…. I’d KILL to be able to visit the set of The Office!!!!!

  3. Quick, everybody, mail in your SASE! We have so much time and so little to do!

    Wait, strike that, reverse it. Thank you.

  4. So my DVD had the piece of paper that had the “Sorry you did not win” or whatever and it had instructions on how to mail it to still be eligible…but my dad accidentally threw it away. I’m actually going to go out and buy another DVD so I can send in that little split of paper….it’ll be nice to have two copies of the DVD…in case I lose one. LOL

  5. Luna –

    I bet that gold ticket makes the DVDs play terrible.

    Back in the day (now I feel old) we used to play this movie constantly at the Blockbuster I worked at. I think I’ve got most of it memorized.

  6. The DVDs in the Best Buy Limited Edition pack don’t have the golden ticket stickers. :(

  7. Sorry, I’m a little confused here. Which DVD box set comes with a game piece and which one potentially comes with a golden ticket?

  8. I still don’t understand how there is no purchase necessary when it says in the “how to enter” section that you need to purchase a dvd set.

  9. I’m confused as to what it means by “write a request” if you aren’t buying the DVD set to enter.

    Just write a little note saying “Send me a game piece” with your SASE?

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