A.A.R.M. Q&A with David Rogers

David: Casey Dean was just a pal for Andy, a kindred spirit that he could have fun with and share the experience. No scenes of Andy and Casey or Andy and Erin were cut.

diahern: When Jim said he had to break the rules and ask for a favor, whose voice was it that responded to him? Who was credited for the documentary guy’s voice?

David: That was the same voice as the doc director/producer who spoke to Pam and Jim in the beginning of New Guys when they ask why the doc crew is still filming them. That sexy, mysterious, somewhat nasal voice belongs to… me. :)

I had recorded it as temp originally for New Guys and Greg Daniels re-recorded it with his own voice, which seemed fitting, but then he ended up liking mine better and we kept it in. When this line came up in A.A.R.M., he asked me to do it again since I had already been established.


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