A.A.R.M. Q&A with David Rogers

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 | 33 comments


David: Casey Dean was just a pal for Andy, a kindred spirit that he could have fun with and share the experience. No scenes of Andy and Casey or Andy and Erin were cut.

diahern: When Jim said he had to break the rules and ask for a favor, whose voice was it that responded to him? Who was credited for the documentary guy’s voice?

David: That was the same voice as the doc director/producer who spoke to Pam and Jim in the beginning of New Guys when they ask why the doc crew is still filming them. That sexy, mysterious, somewhat nasal voice belongs to… me. :)

I had recorded it as temp originally for New Guys and Greg Daniels re-recorded it with his own voice, which seemed fitting, but then he ended up liking mine better and we kept it in. When this line came up in A.A.R.M., he asked me to do it again since I had already been established.

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  1. 33. Liz  

    Did erin end up with plop?

  2. 32. Stephanie  

    I thought the misspellings of Pam’s last name were addressed in a commentary from one of the Niagara episodes. They said that at the rehearsal dinner, on the sign outside of the door, beesley was spelled wrong on purpose.listen to commentary though

  3. 31. DelegateFromIceland  

    Amazing! Thank you!

  4. 30. Val  

    Great Q&A, thanks for this!

    Question though: from which episode is the deleted scene Tyson refers to in his question – with Jim talking about his best first date with Pam?

  5. 29. Dwigt  

    Thank you David, it was a very informative and moving Q&A. Glad you contributed to the show.

    Some things, like the card from Jim to Pam, are better left unexplained. And I’m glad they never addressed that.
    The common guess for Toby is that, Toby being HR, he didn’t answer to Michael Scott, wasn’t compelled to take part in his charades and may have transmitted over the years reports and complaints to the headquarters, as he was supposed to do.
    Anyway, Dwight did fire Toby in the finale, something Michael could never do. Either David Wallace changed the rules, or he approved first Dwight’s request for undisclosed reasons (Toby not reporting that Andy was missing?)
    And it still made it more effective that Michael’s hatred for Toby is so irrational. If there had been a concrete reason for it, we would have linked Michael’s behavior with the original incident. Without explanation, it was even more childish and effective.

  6. 28. Joe Camel  

    I wonder if that means that LDB technically has the most screen time of any actor on the show. I hope that reflects in his syndication royalties! :)

  7. 27. ash  

    the only unanswered question – why did Michael hate Toby so much? Greg Daniels mentioned he might do a backstory on that but never did…I would love to know!

  8. 26. kate  

    What will we do now? Now that the Office is officially over? Will the characters watch themselves now?

  9. 25. Grumpy Walrus  

    Wow. Great Q&A! Thanks so much for answering my question. I actually forgot that Dwight had used a dirty diaper for the DNA test. I’m also glad that the content of the card won’t be revealed…it’s much better that way.

  10. 24. Meghan  

    I’m still confused about the Beesly/Beesley thing. Didn’t Jim’s video say Beesley?

  11. 23. Mercer  

    Really great Q&A. This was awesome of David.

  12. 22. Kell  

    Wow, just wow. I read this right after seeing the video “The Faces of Jim.” I miss them already!

  13. 21. Kelsey  

    Thank you so much for the awesome insight, David! And thanks for the organization of this Q and A, Tanster! You’re both so great. And as always, even more obsessed with JAM after reading about this private card. Can they get any more perfect?!

  14. 20. Taryn  

    Great Q&A! I really enjoyed reading it :)

  15. 19. Alan  

    Jan got an anonymous donation from a donor bank. The only way to know if Kevin was the father would be to do a genetic test with him….but why would Jan ever do that?! It wouldn’t make any sense to reveal a father.

  16. 18. JMJE  

    Awesome Q&A. Love this stuff.

  17. 17. Brett Dale  

    Wow that was an amazing Q and A, as someone has already
    said, thanks to David for answering and Tanster for asking them.

  18. 16. A.A.A.R.M.  

    The one unanswered question I still have and don’t really expect to be resolved is whether Kevin is really the biological father of Astrid…

  19. 15. GKCfan  

    Thank you so much for this!

  20. 14. T  

    The information about the card made me happy. It’s like the hug and the “Thank you” was not only between Jim and Pam, but a genuine moment between John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer, which just makes it awesome.

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