All-Time Fan Favorite Poll, 2009

The OfficeUPDATE: here are the results and prizewinners of our first annual All-Time Fan Favorite Poll, where you picked your favorite single episode of The Office from the past five seasons!

This poll was held September 1-3, 2009.
Over 1,300 Office fans voted!


    Episode Votes   Percentage
1   2.12 The Injury 326   24.04%
2   2.22 Casino Night 218   16.08%
3   2.01 The Dundies 113   8.33%
4   1.02 Diversity Day 59   4.35%
5   3.24-25 The Job 50   3.69%
6   4.13 Dinner Party 48   3.54%
7   2.11 Booze Cruise 37   2.73%
8   2.20 Drug Testing 32   2.36%
9   3.14 The Return 31   2.29%
9   5.14-15 Stress Relief 31   2.29%
10   3.23 Beach Games 29   2.14%
11   2.03 Office Olympics 28   2.06%
12   5.27 Cafe Disco 27   1.99%
13   2.04 The Fire 24   1.77%
13   2.07 The Client 24   1.77%
13   2.10 Christmas Party 24   1.77%
14   3.10-11 A Benihana Christmas 22   1.62%
14   4.07-08 Money 22   1.62%
14   4.18-19 Goodbye Toby 22   1.62%
15   4.01-02 Fun Run 18   1.33%
16   3.01 Gay Witch Hunt 16   1.18%
17   1.03 Health Care 14   1.03%
17   3.13 Traveling Salesmen 14   1.03%
18   2.09 Email Surveillance 12   0.88%
18   2.13 The Secret 12   0.88%
19   5.25 Broke 11   0.81%
20   1.04 The Alliance 10   0.74%
20   3.22 Women’s Appreciation 10   0.74%
20   5.28 Company Picnic 10   0.74%
21   5.01-02 Weight Loss 8   0.59%
22   3.17 Business School 7   0.52%
23   2.21 Conflict Resolution 6   0.44%
24   3.08 The Merger 4   0.29%
25   1.05 Basketball 3   0.22%
25   2.17 Dwight’s Speech 3   0.22%
25   3.07 Branch Closing 3   0.22%
25   3.20 Safety Training 3   0.22%
25   3.21 Product Recall 3   0.22%
25   4.14 Chair Model 3   0.22%
26   2.02 Sexual Harassment 2   0.15%
26   2.19 Michael’s Birthday 2   0.15%
26   3.09 The Convict 2   0.15%
26   3.12 Back From Vacation 2   0.15%
26   5.23 Michael Scott Paper Company  2   0.15%
27   2.14 The Carpet 1   0.07%
27   3.17 Business School 1   0.07%
27   4.05-06 Launch Party 1   0.07%
27   4.09 Local Ad 1   0.07%
27   4.10 Branch Wars 1   0.07%
27   5.07 Customer Survey 1   0.07%
27   5.10 The Surplus 1   0.07%
27   5.16 Lecture Circuit, Pt. 1 1   0.07%
27   5.24 Heavy Competition 1   0.07%
    TOTAL 1,356   100%


Congratulations to Johnny (96), Stile4aly (99), and Matt (139) — you will each receive a Target goodie box. Watch your inbox for an email from me soon!

Thank you

Thanks to all who participated, and a special thanks to Matt Collins for our shiny cool graphic!

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  1. After all this time, it’s still “The Injury.” I’ve watched every single episode many, many times, and “The Injury” is the one that STILL makes me laugh to the point of tears. Vietnam sounds, Dwight “Danger” Schrute, huggy-hugs…absolute genius.

  2. This was probably one of the funniest episodes in a long time. The tease of Jim and Pam getting married was great too!

  3. I agree with Christy – The Injury is still my favorite after five seasons. Jim randomly scooping up that squirt bottle from the plant and then using it to keep Dwight and Michael in check is hilarious.

  4. I picked Goodbye Toby because:
    1) It had a surprise ending.
    2) New characters were introduced (Holly!).
    3) Michael Scott’s “Goodbye Toby” song!
    4) “Suck on this.”
    5) Kevin being a “special” person!
    6) It was just absolutely hilarious!!

  5. Email Surveillance

    This episode has the perfect Office Trilogy of Awesome: a real situation in the office, unbelievably awkward humor, and, of course, Jammy Goodness. All in all, an episode I can easily rewatch over and over.

  6. Definitely The Injury! No doubt about it! I could (and have) watch that episode a million times! I almost know it by heart now. There are just so many priceless parts. And they all just act it so well. I LOVE THE INJURY!

  7. 3.13 Traveling Salesmen

    We usually see everyone goofing around in the office but this episode showed why the D-M Scranton sales team is awesome! The Jim/Dwight pairing is hilarious, Stan letting Ryan do the sale is classic, Phyllis’s sales tactic was pure genius, and it is always a pleasure when we get to see Michael do what he actually does best – sales.

  8. Dinner Party is one of my favorite Season 4 Episodes, I loved the idea of everyone getting together at Michael and Jan’s place to have a dinner party. I also loved the part with jim and pam in the candle closet and Jim smelling a candle and making a funny face about it.

  9. I picked The Injury (even though Cafe Disco is WAY up there too) because we see Dwight like we never see him!

    I love when he sits at his desk and types his name over and over, and when he calls Pam “Pan” like its nothing, and the scene in the van makes me laugh every time.

    Dwight: “Where are we going?”
    Jim: “We’re going to Chuck E. Cheese”
    Michael: “Ugh I’m so sick of Chuck E. Cheese”
    Jim: “We’re going to the hospital, Michael”

    I also love when Dwight says “You can’t fire me, I don’t work in this van!”

    Oh and lastly, when the doctor at the hospital says “Does the skin look red or swollen” Dwight says “That’s what she said” and his face when he looks at the camera is hilarious!

  10. Mine would have to be “Diversity Day!”

    This was the episode that made “The Office” what it is today IMO. The writing was awesome, the actors were funny, and it was just overall fantastic, to the point that I can’t describe it in words alone! It has many classic scenes, such as Michael doing Chris Rock, “try my googie-googie”, and Pam resting her head on Jim’s shoulder, resulting in him saying that line that got us JAMmers excited, “Not a bad day”.

  11. I voted for one not listed – “Basketball” This episode has so many hilarious one liners while they’re playing basketball. Every time I watch it I notice a hilarious line that I never heard before.
    Ryan – “Same team Dwight”
    Michael -“What is WRONG with me today?!”
    Michael – “Who’s got Roy?!?!?!” Jim – “You”

  12. Not really a tough choice for me … I’m a sucker for Jim & Pam and “Casino Night” was perfection for those two even though it doesn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. The last 2-3 minutes of that episode are among the best scenes in all of TV.

  13. The Dundies!
    Very hard choice but it’s the episode that made me a permanent Office watcher. Love drunk Pam and Jim/Pam interactions. Plus the whole office is there. Also I still occasionally find myself walking around singing “you have won a tiny dundie” to the tune of Tiny Dancer.

  14. Booze Cruise is a brilliant example of what makes The Office my favorite TV show. The writing was as close to perfect as you can get. If I did a retrospective of every scene in every episode, Michael’s dance solo, “I’m King of the World” and the painful silence between Jim and Pam would be part of my top 10. To film on a boat in the middle of the night really demonstrates the passion the writers, cast and crew have for this show. Finally, did you know everyone in the engine room drowned?

  15. I picked Casino Night because it finally gave some sort of closure to JAM fans everywhere! It was 2 seasons of gripping romantic tension that culminated into one night of flirtatious stares, a profession of love, and a magical kiss. Even though the repercussions after that night were unfavorable, that episode will live in infamy!

  16. 03.01
    This episode is my favorite because it was Michael being *classic Michael* saying things that make us all cringe. It tugged at our heartstrings for Pam and Jim to be reunited and I LOVE the conference room scene at the end with the kissing scene & everyone’s shocked look on their faces–come to find out later that part was all improvised=BRILLANT!!

  17. I picked Fun Run. There are just so many memorable quotes and happenings in that episode.

    Myth: 3 people die each year from Rabies. Fact: 4 people die each year from Rabies!

    I think I’ll pull the season 4 dvd out tonight to pass the time until season 5 comes out!

  18. Diversity Day! Of course I love them all, but I became an instant fan after watching this episode. Plus, Jim’s face at the end, “not a bad day.” Love it.

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