1. That be such an awesome charm bracelet!! But I think that they’re for monopoly, which I am totally buying!

  2. Looks more like pieces of CLUE!! haha an office “who-done-it” It was Kevin, in the breakroom, with a dundie

  3. Looks more like CLUE!!!! an office “who-done-it” it was kevin, in the break room, with the dundie

  4. By the way, can anyone tell what the piece on the very left is supposed to be? I can easily identify all the others. Is it some type of tool that Dwight uses on the beet farm, maybe?

  5. Personally I think The Office Clue makes more sense. All of those can be used as weapons, and she did use the word Clue in the tease.

  6. :::squee:::::




    I shall buy two – one for the game and one to create a charm bracelet out of. “why is there a bat and a ream of paper on your wrist” um cause it’s awesome that’s why.

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