1. That be such an awesome charm bracelet!! But I think that they’re for monopoly, which I am totally buying!

  2. Looks more like pieces of CLUE!! haha an office “who-done-it” It was Kevin, in the breakroom, with a dundie

  3. Looks more like CLUE!!!! an office “who-done-it” it was kevin, in the break room, with the dundie

  4. By the way, can anyone tell what the piece on the very left is supposed to be? I can easily identify all the others. Is it some type of tool that Dwight uses on the beet farm, maybe?

  5. Personally I think The Office Clue makes more sense. All of those can be used as weapons, and she did use the word Clue in the tease.

  6. :::squee:::::




    I shall buy two – one for the game and one to create a charm bracelet out of. “why is there a bat and a ream of paper on your wrist” um cause it’s awesome that’s why.

  7. To Jodi-

    I think that’s supposed to be a George Foreman Grill (“The Injury”).

    Whether it be for a Monopoly or Clue game, they still look awesome!

  8. I think I have an idea…and it’s totally awesome! And it seems I’m not the only one who is guessing it!


    Already can’t wait!!

  9. Totally Office Clue, right!?!?

    Look at all the weapons!

    It was Dwight Schrute in the warehouse with the George Foreman Grill!

  10. #21 dave – you are on the money!

    It is totally Clue.

    My two favourite things in the whole world, The Office and Clue.

    My fandoms colliding, I don’ think I can take it :)

  11. I’m guessing Officeopoly, which would kinda suck because I hate Monopoly. I like your idea about the charm bracelet, though, Joanna!

  12. OMG, they look like Monopoly pieces!!! Please please let this be true!!!

  13. It’s gotta be Clue…I’m buying it if it is! I thought Monopoly first, but have reconsidered.

  14. The Office Monopoly?! Awesome!!!!! I am totally purchasing this when it is for sale. <3 the office!!!!!

  15. everybody totally said what i was thinking!
    … either monopoly pieces or charms for a charm bracelet!
    …. how awesomeeee!!

  16. I call the dundee! LOL I really hope those are monopoly pieces. I would look really bad in a charm bracelet.

  17. I hope it’s Clue and not Monopoly!! I will buy it immediately if it’s Clue!!!! :-)

  18. 1) sadly i cannot take credit for the charm bracelet idea as many others before me had mentioned it. but it will happen. lol oh yes. it will happen.

    2)I don’t care if it’s Clue or Monopoly – it’ll be a game that non-office fans will play with me! (no one i know seems to want to play the dvd game with me. apparently i know too much so it’s “not fair” to the team i’m not on. :::rolls eyes::: )

  19. My first thought was that it was Office Clue, but then everyone confused me by saying it was Office Monopoly. To me, those look way more like Clue pieces than Monopoly pieces.

  20. @ 38. Maybe someone makes them eat a poisoned pretzel perhaps? Or make it very salty?

    I think I screwed up on that question from Jodi, so it might be the nunchucks.

  21. My very first thought was Monopoly so I’m sticking with it, but Clue would be cool too.

  22. Office Monopoly.
    I would love Clue though.
    But for Officeopoly, there could be Schrute Bucks instead of Monopoly money!!!!!!! :)

  23. i think it’s


    YAY. that would be way more exciting than office monopoly. well to me anyway

  24. @Joanna….I never bought the office game because I’d have the same problem, nobody would play it because I have some unfair advantage…haha

    @Katie…I didn’t even think about Scene it, that would be just as awesome as Monopoly (I’d actually play scene it!)

  25. My first thought was Monopoly. It would be just as flipping amazing if it was Clue. I’m so excited!! :]

  26. “Clues” coming soon? Um yeah, let’s try Stanley at Reception with the Pretzel.

  27. CLUE scenario: “Michael killed Meredith in the parking lot with his car . . . “

  28. omg! This is going to be a lot of fun. I did a quick search on Google… and I found out what game it is! My wife will be very excited… and, it looks like we might not have to wait very long to get it either! Woohoo!

  29. I’m going with the Monopoly – which would be AWESOME! Is there going to be jail or maybe “the annex”? And all the places in Scranton…
    Yep – I’m buying it based only on seeing the game pieces.

  30. Wow, I got WAY too excited when I saw these. haha Whether it’s Clue or Monopoly, I know I’ll be happy. Office board games? Yes please! (But an Office version of Clue would be AMAZING.)

  31. Angie – you can poison the pretzel…or make them choke on it (like George W. Bush nearly did). As for the coffee mug, either poison coffee or smash someone over the head with it. Gee, what fun!

  32. It is so office monopoly! But if it is Office clue my guess is Dwight schrute in the warehouse with the spud gun.

  33. I think they look like monopoly pieces. Perfect, perfect monopoly pieces that belong on my coffee table.

  34. Oooh, we could really go on and on for some time about this. I hope there are some beets involved somewhere!

  35. Office Clue would be soooo much better than Office Monopoly. Themed Monopoly of any kind is sort of lame.
    Not that regular Monopoly is a party, either.

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